Malarndirri Mccarthy: Freedom Day Festival, Kalakaringi

Yo, thank you double R. And I just want to
pay my respects to all the elders and the Gurindji people for your invitation here from
all of us really and certainly on behalf of my colleagues as well, Warren Snowdon and
Luke Gosling in the Northern Territory members of the Federal Parliament we just want to
acknowledge how important it is the gathering of everyone here. Can I just also pay my respects
also to the mayor, our Bunji, BP. Us mob really proud of you and your families and the work
that you do in this region. I would like to also acknowledge the member
for Namitjira, Chansey Paech, and also the chair of the Northern Land Council, bunji
Sammy. And also to the Central Land Council and Barb. And to all the representatives who
may have come from the other land councils. I also want to say a very special welcome
to the member for Nhulunbuy, Mark, wonderful to have you here so thank you for being with
us on this really significant event Yo. Listening to the song, the song reminds us
when we hear Sara singing: power and privilege does not move a people when they stand strong
in the law. Power and privilege does not move a people
when they stand strong in the law. To all of you especially our young ones: you
stay strong in what you believe in that is best for you, your families, your country.
That’s what coming together here on Gurindji country is about.
Being strong, staying strong, remembering the example of the Gurindji and the resilience
of the families here who every year we come together to share in freedom day. Freedom
day. Think about that. Freedom day, freedom from tyranny. Freedom from oppression, freedom
from inequality. This is why you are here. We are still fighting for freedom, for fairness,
for equality in the workplace, fighting for our homes, our health, our housing and the
needs of our country. To First Nations people across Australia this
gathering means everything. To First Nations people across Australia, the freedom day festival
is a constant reminder that the battle is not over for those things that we fight for
as a people. So enjoy your time together, stay safe but
hold onto those words: power and people does not move a people when they stand strong in
the law. Yo.

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