Managing Your Mortgage at PennyMac

At PennyMac, we make it convenient to
manage your loan, wherever you are, whenever you want, from your PC, tablet or mobile device. Just register and log in at
and experience the easy, secure, no-fuss way to manage your loan online. If you are not registered on our website
yet, you’ll need your loan number, the last four digits of your social security number, and zip code. Our mobile-friendly website makes it easy
to update your contact information including your phone numbers, email address and mailing
address. You can also opt-in to a variety of loan notifications. We will send you an email or text
message when an event has occurred on your loan based on your message center alert notification
preferences. These may include a receipt of payment, payment
reminder or notification when your monthly statement is available and ready to view online. To manage your preferences, click on the
Account Settings link on the top right corner of every page, once you are logged in. PennyPaperless is a fast convenient way
for you to enroll in paperless statements. This enables you to get your statements electronically
as soon as they’re available. It also reduces the risk of identity theft. Your Monthly and Year End Loan Statements will always be available online, where you can view, print or download the PDF. If you’d like to reinstate
paper statements sent by US mail, you can always turn the service back on. Everything will still be online and just a click away. At PennyMac, Monthly Statements are
generated three times a month based on the date your payment is processed. Year End Statements are always mailed
by January 31st. Go paperless and receive an email as soon
as the statement is ready, so you don’t have to wait for it to come in the mail. Visit your Account Settings,
click on Paperless Preferences and in just one easy click, you will be enrolled in this convenient paperless option. If your loan also requires an Escrow or
Adjustable Rate Mortgage statement, those are processed based on the specific timing
required for your loan. Those statements provide the new payment amount,
the effective date of the change and an explanation on how the new payment was calculated. Due to regulatory requirements, you will still
receive Escrow or Adjustable Rate Mortgage statements in the mail but they are also
online for you to view at any time. Your escrow statements will provide important
information including when your last analysis was completed, your escrow account balance,
changes in your taxes and insurance and many other important details. Your adjustable rate mortgage statement will
provide interest rate change information and other terms of your ARM loan. If you would like to request a document,
you can go to the Statements & Documents section and click “Request a Document” to get
your loan documents online. If a document you would like is not listed,
please go to the Message Center and select Loan Documents as the subject and let us know which document you would like us to provide. As soon as we complete your request, you will
be notified in your Message Center. Other features of our website include
One-Time Payment scheduling and PennyMac AutoPay. At PennyMac we have many different ways that
you can make a payment, whether you make a payment online or by mailing a check. Watch our Payment Video for more information on all of the ways you can
make a payment at PennyMac. Would you like to know when your taxes
and insurance are due? It’s simple! All you need to do is visit the Escrow Information
section of this website and you will be able to view your most recent Escrow account information. If your mortgage has an escrow account, you
can opt-in to receive notifications when taxes and insurance premiums have been paid. There are many other features available
to you once you’re registered and logged in. In addition to being able to view your
most recent loan activity, you can use your Message Center to see
personalized information about your loan or to send us a message if you need help. As we mentioned earlier, you can make
changes to your contact information, 2-factor authentication preferences and other personal information
by visiting the Account Settings. When you ensure your notification preferences
are up to date, you won’t have to worry about missing any messages from us. PennyMac offers several mortgage relief programs with the goal of keeping people in their homes. Whether you are impacted by a natural disaster, incurred damage to your home or are faced with a financial hardship, we are here to help. Visit
to see what options we have for you. We strive to provide our customers with
the best service possible, which is why we think you will find the
PennyMac customer website easy to use and helpful for all your account management needs. PennyMac, the lender you can call home.

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