Mandela Long Walk to Freedom Trailer (HD) (English & French Subtitles)

Subtitle: My name is Nelson Mandela. Amandla! You are Winnie Madikizela. The first black social worker
they’ve ever had. And you’re the most beautiful girl
I’ve ever seen. I heard you have
a lot of girlfriends. I’m different. This is your final warning! They’re not breaking any laws. Something has to change. For fifty hours we have been talking
peace and nonviolence. Not anymore. Aluminum powder mixed with an acid catalyzes. And you’ve got… If the Blacks take over,
our country is finished. What is it that you personally want? I have beautiful children
and a beautiful wife. I want them to walk free
on their own land. The situation on the streets
is out of control. Somebody want me. The accused are responsible
for acts of sabotage with the intention
of overthrowing the government. Nelson Mandela, do you plead guilty, or not guilty? My Lord, it is not I but the government
that should plead guilty. You’ll never leave here. You’ll never
touch a woman or a child again. It’s a pity they didn’t hang you. I’m going to make sure
you wish they had. The more they oppress us,
the harder we fight. Freedom. It is an ideal for which I am prepared to die. Shall we begin?

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