Manifesto of the Communist Party by Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels Audiobook [English] (1/5)

this audio book is in the public domain you can find the text version of this audio book at wwm access org workers of the world unite manifesto of the Communist Party by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels preamble a Spectre is haunting Europe the specter of communism all the powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this Specter Pope and saw Matt Nick and quizzer French radicals and German police spies where is the party in opposition that has not been decried as communistic by its opponents in power where is the opposition that has not hold back their branding reproach of communism against the more advanced opposition parties as well as against its reactionary adversaries two things result from this fact one communism is already acknowledged by all European powers to be itself a power too it is high time that communists should openly in the face of the whole world publish their views their aims their tendencies and meet this nursery tale of the specter of communism with a manifesto of the party itself to this end communists of various nationalities have assembled in London and sketched the following manifesto to be published in the English French German Italian Flemish and Danish languages

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