Mapping Freedom 2019

For me, freedom is to live freely in every country. Every person has the right to live free. Freedom for me is life without limitations I mean it’s when a person is free to speak and think. For me, freedom means to be able to gather in any place in the world such as we do here in Georgia, and see people being happy in their own way and not being biased against anyone, no matter where they are from. For me, Freedom is something good. The world in peace, seeing children happy Freedom is always good. We are very thankful to Georgia Here the government is taking care of us. And we live free here, we feel the freedom. Freedom is living up to your full potential without any constrains from other word but just the natural flow of things. So, it starts in the mind, because your mind should be in flow with the natural things to be free. Freedom is peace. Peace is the most important thing When we are in peace, everything else comes. Peace is the main thing. There is nothing without peace. we don`t need War. Freedom is when we can express our rights. Freedom is of course not when a person does whatever he/she wants, but when a person does what he/she wants in a certains limit. Our freedom ends where other’s freedom starts. Each person shall enjoy freedom within frames. We shouldn’t bother people’s freedom with our desires. In Georgia the word freedom comes from the word [Thavisuphali]-“Lord of yourself”. So it’s this feeling of being the Lord of yourself and to having the liberty of choice. For me and my music band it is mostly in art, especially in music. Because it breaks all limits that exists in whole world between people. Our music band called “Alien Place” and it is a place for aliens sometimes people are very different and they seems like aliens for each other so music is freedom for all of us. For me Freedom is everything. For me freedom is peace. For me freedom is love, freedom is color. Today I am free, being free is my job. When i go to school no one bothers me, i play outside and no one bothers me. I protect the environment ! this is my job! Yo! you can feel yourself free when your children everyone and your family around you feels good but nowadays I don`t know if there is anyone except some people we don`t feel no Freedom and no kindness we don`t see it around us form me Freedom is the ability to stay in situations where you are not forced to do something here on this Festival we have three different Countries who are especially here From Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia and also many other people from Iran also and form Germany there are also some People I like how people are interacting here and how thing go on and how everyone is like a big family, and this is a lot of freedom for me

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