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Hello and welcome to another edition of Freedom Fighters I’m Nathan Mortgage Adviser here at MMF and today’s episode We will be talking about an upcoming event Which is very dear to the My Mortgage Freedom team the annual March with me helped by the Love me Love you foundation. Today we’ll have myself Abbey and Sean speaking a little bit about the foundation and how it all came about for us. So enjoy Love Me Love You is a nonprofit organization that educates our youth around mental health they’ve got education programs that run through schools to teach our kids that it’s Okay to not feel so good all the time and where to go for help…. Love Me Love You foundation is a not for profit organization that attends community clubs schools workplaces now and sports clubs they go in and I’ve seen the firsthand educating that the people on Trying to remove the stigma around mental health and making people feel comfortable to speak Foundation was established back in 2013 by Lance Picioane Former AFL star who suffered his own battles with mental health off the field. I heard about Love Me Love You because Lance used to be one of my coaches at my local football club So I was really stoked that when I first joined MMF I found out that the company supported the cause too…. Mental health for me, having had my own struggles in my early twenties and overcoming them I can understand how much it can set a person back So being involved in something like this and being able to do something Every year to raise awareness and raise money to go to foundations like Love Me Love You is super important I think it’ll be good If more people could get access to these groups and the only way do that is basically to succeed in what they do. Everyone in some shape or form has been affected by mental illness whether it’s yourself personally or someone around you It’s just so common these days I think education around this topic so important with organizations like Love Me Love you We collectively together are breaking the stigma around the mental health illness Mental health is slowly being talked about more and more these days and it’s actually okay or not feel so good and talk up and tell people how you’re feeling…. Mental health and well-being is out and out now the most important thing in people’s lives It directly affects people’s motivation overall happiness and ability to live a fulfilling life which is what everybody wants and of course everybody deserves. For me personally I’m quite a stress head at heart and being a mortgage broker sometimes is like putting fuel to the fire So, Mental Health’s top of my priority and it’s something that I work on on a daily basis…. Having a healthy routine of exercise and keeping up with my social life doing things that make me happy like being at a job, I love and surrounding myself with supportive and positive people…. I know a lot of people say they take a break and for me taking a break, in the general sense of going and relaxing like sitting on the Beach doesn’t really work for me So I stay active. I think it’s probably the most important thing, shitloads of exercise is definitely up there for good mental health… A short walk on the beach going to gym catching up with friends Especially moving my body every day, otherwise Mrs. Anxiety peers her head and it’s not good company for anyone And also I think it’s important not to sweat the small stuff and when I’m starting to have negative thoughts I stop Breathe and think, is it really that bad to try and not let small things get to me because life is much and more important than that! Even things like diet and well-being and just paying attention to what your body’s telling you your body’s always gonna let you know if you if you’re not doing well and you should take that seriously and not let it be uncomfortable for a long period of time because it’ll continue to fester until It sort of implodes. This will be my third March with me I joined forces the first I heard about the organization. For me in my late teens I had a few of my friends end their life as they were not able to speak up or get the help that they needed and as the years gone have gone on unfortunately, its multiplying… I’ve done the walk twice now, so in 2017, it was 54kms. And then last year 2018 was 60kms and 2018 was easily the hardest, mentally and physically because you walked a 30km track and then had to turn around and do the whole thing again… This is my 4th March with Me, so I did the first one with a couple of mates and it was the 116km one Lance said it was about 100, so those extra 16 were extremely painful…. Well the walk, it’s never easy, let me tell you 60K’s of just flat-out walking over one full day We walk consistently for about 12 hours or so and your feet are literally swollen by the end of it Each step is just grueling and then especially the last 15kms You need to mentally prepare yourself for each step, but that’s the whole point the team have created it so it’s not easy because otherwise everyone would do it and they want us to feel the pain and understand what it’s like to have a mental illness and it’s only just one day We know a lot of people out there are taking on a battle every single day that we have no idea about…. But what I and the team had to go through on that day was only miniscule compared to what people suffering from mental health illnesses have to go through on a daily basis and that just forms a big part of why we do the walk every year we do it for those who physically and mentally Can’t do it The first one was probably the hardest because I didn’t realize how difficult it was to walk for 13 hours two days in a row the second one I did with my mum and her mate and another couple of mates joined in and obviously the entire company came along for that one. That one was probably the most enjoyable Because we had such good crew such good sort of support there with us And the most difficult thing is definitely not only the physical challenge But the mental challenge goes with that last five kilometers coming in to St Kilda is fu#@ing awful So that was probably the most difficult point there. So now you know a little bit more about the Love Me Love You Foundation and MMF is getting behind this great cause and we would love for you all to jump on and support us too Click on the link below and donate every dollar helps get us across the finish line and Remember no one travels their journey alone and you are loved!

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