Marcus Lattrell | Lone Survivor | 2106 Republican National Convention

Yeah. I love coming down here.
Thank you. [Music.]
>>These are the champions. (applause continues) .
>>Thank you.>>Chanting: USA! USA! USA!
>>>>MARCUS LUTTRELL: All right.
(chanting continues) .
All right. Thank you.
Thank you again for having me back.
For those of you I’ve before in the past I’ll do it again for
those of you I haven’t stood in front of, thank you for the
privilege to do that, real fry the bottom of my heart.
[CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] I was born into a patriotic
family. Taught me to love history and
the people who make her up. Die for any woman and fight
beside any man without hesitation or hopes of
individual achievement. That’s the way I was raised and
that’s the way I still walk my life.
For generations, men and women in my family have served this
country proudly both at home and abroad.
My father served in Vietnam. And although he was ashamed of
his uniform, it only solidified his resolve to raise his boys,
me and my twin brother, to be patriotic and love his country
and its people more than we loved ourselves.
[CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] The past 10 years of my favey
seal career, the first person combat, the next part traveling
around the country. State to state, city to city,
town to town, armed only with the memories of your brave, how
hard they fight to protect our way of life.
Because I was willing to completely open up my life and
speak about the worst week of it it, I was blessed with meeting
and seeing one of the greatest people America had to offer.
And I think it’s important to say that we got to make sure
that the home the veterans come home to is not a hell to come
Okay? That’s what was promised us and
deserved. It also speaks volumes about my
generation and I love my generation, generation X, the X
Xmen. It was was an honor to fight
alongside of you. The system doesn’t take care of
our business boys. To start foundations and
programs to help the wounded and the families of the fallen.
So from the bottom of my heart, please know that I every day on
my knees thank God for y’all and what you do and how you help my
generation of veterans coming home.
[Applause.] I got a chance so you know me,
you know I talk about stuff that I’ve experienceed being on the
worst side and best side of it. Well, I had a chance to actually
spend some time with Mr. Trump and I know he understands what
it’s going to take to fix this. The only way we’re going to keep
us safe is to have an let military, all right? [Applause.]
Made up of warriors, by the toughest training that we have
to offer, the best equipment and backed up by the nation that
puts those people in harm’s way. Every one of us has to step up
in some way. We need our leaders to lead by
example. Excuse me.
To lead by example. And to show the American public
that each and every life under the flag should be family and
treated accordingly. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] I’m sorry.
I’m so used to speaking from the heart when I have to read this,
it goes wrong so I’m just going to go.
Are you ready? [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] Not only do the leaders have to
step up and support us but the family, those of us in here,
we’re all family, we step up and we back them up, too.
Not only that we hold them accountable to every position
and office that they hold. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] Look, either way, the only way
we survive is not apart. In order for life to matter, we
all have to matter. You understand?
[CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] To my generation, I wish for
y’all, to the next generation, this is for you.
Your war is here. You don’t have to search for it.
Your people are afraid. I stand among the walking, I
walked with Giants and now we’re looking for the next generation
of Giants. Who among you will love
something more than you love yourself?
Who among you are going to step up and take the fight to ten e
my because it’s — to the enemy because it’s here.
[Applause.] I challenge all of you to fight
for this country each and every one of us.
Let the world outside of our borders, our place, America’s
the light. And her people are the goodness
that grows from that. She’ll always be worth fighting
for and it was my greatest honor to fight for her every day of my
adult life, all right? [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] I wanted to come up here and
thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for
allowing me to serve certain you for 20 years, and I swear to God
, I’m going to spend the next 20
paying you back.

13 thoughts on “Marcus Lattrell | Lone Survivor | 2106 Republican National Convention

  • I know veteran's don't like to talk about their experiences in war but I think Marcus and others like him, who have shed light on the hell they went through for this country, have reminded America that they are willing to sacrifice their lives for us and all they ask is our support. These men and women are our true heroes. The lives of our men and women in camo matter, be they actively serving or veteran. Thank you Marcus, not just for your service, but your continued bravery in fighting for this country by speaking out. Ignorant Americans today, unfortunately need to be told what our military goes through and reminded what they're fighting for.

  • 5:00 Damn Right Marcus, Speak From The Heart Brother.
    Our States, Founding Blood Baptized Texan, David Crockett Said That…
    "Thanks be to God that all those sufferings endured by our Soldiers for the sake of others Bear The Direct Reflection of The Very Author of Sacrifice Himself."
    -Former Sgt. 82nd Abn. 1/504 Inf. Div. 71-74 said that…
    "A Heavenly Valor… Of which no man can steal." reckon i said that too. -gilpin 7-19-16

  • I am beyond blessed to be able to call Marcus friend! He speaks only one way and that is from the heart. I hope Trump knows how lucky he is to have Marcus on board.

  • I am so grateful for our countrymen who put their lives on the line for our freedom! Thank you for your service and most of all thank you for your sacrifice!!! God bless you and yours!!!

  • Looks like he's an alcoholic as he's not groomed and fidgets in his speech. I wonder if this senseless war did that to him.

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