Marjoram – The Oil of Contented Union

hello I'm Adam barrel eight and welcome to his earth connections video who are exploring the essential oil of marjoram marjoram is best known as a cooking term but in fact it's said to be one of the oldest essential oils hasn't been used for centuries and centuries its name comes from the Latin word meaning Mountain joy and when one finds that in the mountains a joyous feeling definitely overwhelmed – it's beautiful pinky purple flowers are said to be a playground for butterflies and that's what really helps to bring that joyous energy into our lives in fact it's a very calming and soothing essential oil and helps us to kind of find that peace in this erratic world that we live in and so when your life is a little bit stressful marjoram is an oil that may be calling to you right now you can take advantage of margins real coming and warming effects by just applying a bit to the back of the neck that really helps to support the nervous system and the immune system could be a really nice thing to do if you've got headaches you can apply it elsewhere on the body topically to help relieve that pain because that warming effect that Barham has it'll be really nice if it's like tight muscles or joints it's really nice to arthritis or rheumatism it's just a sprain or Australian or anything like that it's we really support it now if you're feeling some pain or discomfort in the stomach whether it be digestive issues intestinal issues or even PMT related things then applying it to the stomach can really help as well but measurements are the best known for its real calming and almost knock you out kind of features well it's really nice to just put in a diffuser when you're trying to fall or sleep at night especially if what's keeping it up is upset or worried in the mind kind of going a bit too much it's really good to apply to children's feet is they're a bit fuzzy and once I have their naps as well now if you really need to knock yourself out put three drops in your hand and breathe in really briefly and you'll find it will knock you out really quickly and because if you've got to be careful using marjoram during the day because we can knock you out definitely not one you want to have in a car diffuser or anything like that if you're drawn to a marjoram essential oil at this time it suggests that any answers you're seeking will not come from thinking hard about it but rather relaxing and allowing marjoram allows you to let go of any criticism and judgment of others and of yourself and open up your heart to think clearly and to kind of really look into things and look deeper than you may look before marjoram assures you that it's okay for the mind to think about things that you know you may not feel comfortable contemplating and it won't harm you or anyone else in that time marjoram essential oil really supports you in letting go of any fears and phobias as well as any addictions and obsessions it's really nice and supporting you when you're having a bit of a panic attack and it combines really well just inhaling a little bit of it with a bit of Rescue Remedy which is a back flower remedy it's also really good for depression if you're feeling a bit blue also grief what I recommend doing is popping a little bit in bathwater it took the milk first and then will multiply and spread throughout the water a lot better while you're in that warm bath allow yourself to relax with the marjoram and the warm water and allow water which is the emotional realm to draw out any ill emotions you don't want to keep them carry anymore and see them going into the water then when you pull the plug it's ceremoniously allowing that to be drawn away from you once and for all spiritually marjoram is sacred to the god hymen who was the son of Aphrodite and he was the God of sacred unions and happy marriages in fact our ancestors used to wear wreaths of marjoram to bless the couple and to make sure that their relationship was fulfilled with love luck and good times it is great whenever you're going into any kind of marriage these days or any handfasting it's a really sacred herb to have around at that time now if you're looking at attracting love try wearing a little medicine bag a bit of marjoram with your favorite love attracting crystal or if you're making a crystal power grid put in some marjoram around that will really learn its power to that that only does it allow you to connect with love it allows you to connect with your ancestors and putting a little bit of marjoram essential oil in a spritzer and spritzing that around before you do any medium work or if you just want to contact or connect with someone who you've lost or feel their presence around that can be really nice as well marjoram has also been sacred to the goddess Gaia mother earth so by working with marjoram by inhaling it especially when you're sitting outside in a beautiful place in nature like this it really helps you to connect with the ground mother earth and also those elemental beings and energies that may be around you it's really nice and has a bit of a link to connecting with lantus as well so if you're drawn to Atlantis or want to do any kind of Atlantean work or Atlantean meditations make sure it definitely got some the center and the aroma of marjoram essential oil around you in fact this is a really nice one to inhale whenever you're going to do any spiritual ritual right healing practice meditation or anything like that not only does it help us connect with everything out there allows us to connect with our own soul and our own sense of spirituality so whenever you need to form a deeper connection with anyone or including yourself marjoram essential oil is a great one to support that if you do a bit of research you'll see that there's a bit of a division about the sexual effects of marjoram essential oil some say it's a real aphrodisiac words as I say it's an aphrodisiac which is actually quelled our sexual appetite when I found or by looking at from researching and working with marjoram essential oil because it's relaxing calming effect it can actually help those with a really over zealous sexual appetite to calm that down and those that feel get nervous about sex are a bit frigid to feel a bit more comfortable when it comes to lovemaking my conclusion is when it comes to mushroom and your sexuality it allows you to relax into it more it allows you to enjoy the pleasure and turn sex into or lovemaking because it's an essential oil that really enhances connections now Souter you know change from just being a pleasure seeking activity into something that really helps you connect with that other person one of the really special properties of marjoram essential oil is allows you to connect with different angels inhaling marjoram essential oil will help you connect with Oriole and this is an angel that supports you and letting go of worrisome thoughts concerns and any negative kind of patterns that you may have he also encourages you to see the bigger picture and can have that broad perspective as marjoram essential oil allows you to relax more it lets your inner beauty shine and the angel Jophiel can really support you in this marjoram essential oil can also be used as a protective agent put some couple of drops in a spritz bottle with some water and spritz that around your front door or around your home to get rid of any dark energies or dispel anything you don't want there on an energetic or spiritual level you can also call on Archangel Michael or Julia who are protective angels are now working how many ways your marjoram to make sure that you feel safe secure and only love and light enters into your space and into your life when it comes to working with the chakras marjoram essential oil works really nicely with a heart chakra it is that oil of connection so it really helps to balance out any kind of lopsided perceptions you have around love it's really good for obsession so if you're obsessing about someone or kind of to possessive about someone working a management can really help you to calm that down but because it allows you to relax it also can help you for a bit fearful about love if you feel nervous or if you feel not good enough and you don't want to take a risk in love then working with marjoram essential oil can really help in that way and works with marjoram essential oil either inhalant and visualizing that nice green sphere here or even anointing it onto the heart and saying some beautiful heart chakra affirmations it can really help you to open up so that love you feel happy giving it easily and effortlessly but also allow it to come into your life in an equal amount as well marjoram essential oil can be combined with lots of different oils to make your own blends but play around and have fun in that way I love to blend it with my favorite heart chakra ones I'll blend it with a ylang ylang if I want to have kind of has that effect to be and feel a bit more romantic and awaken that level within and not be fearful of taking a risk in love it can be really nice to blend with tea tree if you need a really healing common blend especially if you're getting a bit obsessive about love or manipulative in love this can be a really nice combination if you've been a bit hurt in the past and have problems or don't feel comfortable trusting everyone maybe something happened to you and your and/or as a child maybe parent relationship wasn't that good and try of mixing marjoram with a bit of geranium and the geranium is really an oil of trust and allows you to open up again and to see the goodness in all people around you if you're excited about working with marjoram essential oils and bring in some other things that have really similar energies and they'll enhance whatever you're doing now I love crystals and the crystals that I call upon when I work on mushroom is one called rhodochrosite this beautiful pink crystal paint found mainly in South America now the Aztecs and the Incas believe it was formed from the blood of their ancestors that way you get a different line and so this is really a crystal that helps you connect with those in your bloodline with your children with your parents with your partner it helps bring spark back into relationships and make those relationships more fulfilling not only is it good when they're alive but it can really support relationships when or that connection with those of the past so as I said before marjoram and rhodochrosite can really help with connecting to that your ancestors and those who have passed on when it comes to animal guides I love to work with any of the pink parents the pink and gray gal are the birth parents or any pink bird because that expression of love marjoram helps you relax into love and kind of be more open to life in that type of way so get a drop of merchant essential oil rub it in your hands inhale that close your eyes if you hold your rhodochrosite and visualize that pink bird that pink parrot sitting before you and maybe sharing with you how to open your heart and be a bit more joyous in that way a cuckoo gorillas are trying to get into it as well now when is it a great 200 work with marjoram there's a couple of great times first of all it's really good to work with around Beltane this is the festival of love which celebrates the sacred union between a man and a woman and so this being in the springtime is a really nice time to work with marjoram now marjoram is sacred to Venus and also Ceres and Venus of course rules the day Friday so this is a great time to work with your marjoram as well especially if you're doing a needle of writes about bringing love in or enhancing love in your life astrologically because it's Venus it really helps with torian's and helps with liberals Torian doesn't allow them to write to not be so stubborn and fixed in their ways and to open up to that pleasure in life and religion it can really help them to relax and not think too much and be a bit too stressful as I try and please everyone but this doesn't mean that only torrents and liberals can work with marjoram everyone can because we need all need to allow our of to float easily and effortlessly at and into a love in that equal flow now mushroom doesn't always get the attention it deserves have you worked for marjoram essential oil please share with our earth loving community and to leave a comment in the section below you'll also find somewhere down here there's a little button that subscribe click on that can you get notifications when I pop up my next video please remember that all essential oils are not created the same and one that you might find really cheaply in a little local department store is very different to a high-grade therapeutic one if you'd like to know more about why I work with doTERRA essential oils and why I really love them I popped off a video just recently on my channel about that and I'm looking for people who would love to spread the beauty and the news about working with essential oils working on crystals and all those different things so please if you're interested in working with me no matter where you are in the world contact me via the my other contacts below thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video I'm Adam barrel a blessed be you

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  • I just have to say I love your videos so much. And it's not just for your sultry accent 🙂 lol But I love your earthy nature and how well you articulate the amazing content you share. I love learning more and more about natural remedies and you offer the emotional and spiritual aspects which I ADORE and appreciate most! Thanks for including the woo woo! I will never complain lol All the best! Blessings be for 2018! xo

  • I just got this herbs 3 days ago beautiful green flowers the aroma its just divine gorgeous, I'm about to watch your video and can't wait to hear what you have to tell us about it.đź’źđź’źđź’ź

  • Very interesting! I had no idea of the benefits of Marjoram. I have the spice and use it in soups and stews. Thank you for the essential oil information. So useful!!!

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