Markus Rothkranz talks about Prosperity Secret on Hugh Reilly show

the prosperity secret this is different yeah in the secret a lot of people are stuck on the secret or familiar with the secret the secret didn't really make a lot of sense to people is kind of too esoteric it's a power of Attraction all that this is I write this so a six-year-old can understand it I get I've been getting emails every day from people all over the world saying oh my god I've only read ten pages and my life's already changed it's that easy a six-year-old can get it and it's common sense everything that I say is common sense and and it's just how you explain it to people and they go oh I get it now yeah oh my god I wish I did this forty years ago it's just so many people going through life unhappy they're not there they're just not there they're not doing the job they want they don't have the relationship they want they feel like they're a prisoner of everything and and I said you got to be able to let that go it's kind of related to to this the free living 101 and which is kind of a came out of litters the next step for the last time you're here right medicine said this is actually interesting because I grew up on a farm a lot like we said not far from here and most people don't realize that the weeds that we cut down the UH the the the stuff that we don't think is useful for ending is some of the most powerful medicine and free food on the planet and that's why I made the free food and medicine documentary and it was such a success I made this free living 101 which actually takes it one step further there's a guy that lives not far from here in a Toronto suburb Etobicoke Etobicoke who lives in a suburb yeah and he has a house he has an internet his cell phone and everything and he doesn't have it he doesn't need a job he doesn't need to go to the grocery store he only eats what grows wild within a mile where he lives and this show is how he can live this way without having to be a slave to the modern system well and its really really inspirational and the whole point is that once you realize you don't need anything anybody else to live to exist and have a normal life with you know house computer and car and everything else once you realize that you don't need anything that's when you get are able to receive everything and that's where the prosperity seeker comes in and that is everything I've done the most exciting book I've ever written I've traveled all over interviewing filming the most successful people out there I'm talking people who are like friends with Elton John and royalty that hung out with Princess died they they all have their own private jets then standby and then and they all say the same thing it's it's amazing so that's where this came from and that the other cool thing is they started with nothing mm-hmm they don't have any skills they don't have any special abilities they don't know anything any different than we do but they are highly successful so what's the difference returning them and a normal person that's what this is about and it shows how easy it is and it's just a little bit of reprogramming we have to do in our head and the other thing that it blows a lot of myths people think like rich people are bad evil people who suck the money from the poor people and if you think like that you're never gonna become successful and successful successful prosperity is not really about money that's a side effect you don't go after the money to go after the money we'll chase it away but if you start being a certain way that stuff just naturally comes to you and your job is to share with the world and help others okay so that's interesting being a certain way Dan just to just hold the thought where we're going with what you will explain and I just want to carry through to nullify the people that I thought you were related to in the same in terms of their their quests the chapter broke Think and Grow Rich back in the 70s there was a whole bunch of these guru I would not say that your honor but I mean other people they were leading people a new way of thinking but the whole idea was the quest to become rich but you do all these other things I suppose this is not what this is about at all know that and it's the same thing when I wrote heal yourself 101 which is how to heal yourself of anything and all the other things that it's all self empowerment stuff and really anytime you go after something you're gonna chase it away you go chasing after a girl you're gonna chase her away you go after money you're gonna chase it away you have to not need it anymore and it's just the irony of life when you stop needing it that's when it comes to being handed to his silver bladder and more than you could ever handle even if even if like you see these could it's at this point in a good way I guess the game of poker where it's become more of the competition than the money country where you see these guys of very cool there's on TV than the top ochre players in the world in Vegas I suppose they come to Vegas and you can sense this is for the competition nerd like they're playing for the for the like how Sherlock Holmes to say the game is on like they're there for the game not for the win it's not because maybe that's why they're so good that's not because of the competition it's because they enjoy that's what a game that's what I thought because the competition cuz as me that that's that's a different mentality yeah and one of the people in the video actually says that it's it's not the cards you're dealt it's how you play the cards you have you don't need the best cards you don't need to have skills I have a lot of skill and talent but that's not what made me wealthy and successful right it was something I mean I tried that I try all the obvious stuff I got to be smart gotta be town I got to go to school I got to Bob none of that made me successful yeah it's not who I knew I work in Hollywood and there's I mean it's it was so is when I gave up everything yeah and it was so easy it came to me it's like when you realize how simple it really is to be successful it blows your mind and arere you realized oh my god anybody can do this anybody and all the people that I interviewed they all started with never like a bag boy at a grocery store and they're living their dreams and it's amazing and it has nothing to do with sucking and resources from the economy and it's nothing to do with being you know sucking dry the money from other people that that's just the wrong way of thinking life will give you everything you need beyond your wildest dreams if you start letting go and not eating things in life and that's kind of the irony of the whole situation okay so did that happen to you oh yeah Marcus so I remember the last time you were here told the story about how you kind of went into the desert I went in desert took my clothes off had my 40 days and I had nothing I had nothing well I really did that you guys into the dead with nothing I gave up everything I had I mean I actually to the point that I said I don't even know if I'm gonna come back alive I don't care because what I was doing wasn't really working I wasn't happy and I was in Hollywood I was doing stuff you know and when I gave up everything and I said that's it you know I'm willing to give up my own life unless I find the truth I came back within 90 days I was driving a Ferrari I went from naked in the desert you're driving a Ferrari within 90 days but I didn't have an attachment to the material stuff right I enjoyed it I was like I was being loaned this stuff from life and once you start seeing things as it's not mine I don't own it because once you feel feeling you own something and you have this fear of losing it yeah once you get over that then you you can play the game of life like a poker player and say this is fun give it all you know and in in life rewards you because we're here to celebrate life we're here to be fully alive it's all about experiencing how wonderful life can be and the more uptight we are the more worried we are about really living the less we live yeah so that's interesting so like for people watching this right now and they're going okay I don't quite yeah they're hearing the words but they're not quite getting it right and and it seems like it's almost it's almost like you you have to jump off the abyss yeah right yeah and you actually went into desert took your clothes off and that you didn't even know you're coming back so you really gave it all that once you realize that weeds are edible and that you'll never starve it kind of I'm starting from that from that thing it's like it once you realize like what's the worst that can people go on I'm gonna lose everything I'm losing my house losing my car losing my job losing my relationship you know once you realize you will never really die you'll never you're always taken care of in some way once you realize that you have a base from which to grow once you have some strength some kind of security from which the security comes from inside knowing that you're okay if you're naked out there in the desert with nothing and you can come back and do anything you want well where did that come from nobody loaned you money nobody gave you something you got it from inside yourself in it you have to give up in order to receive so that's got to be really empowering to understand to really get it at a gut level that you will be provided for now you're free you're totally free and you don't owe anybody anything you nobody owns you you don't own them and just the freedom that comes with that is so amazing and this is not some new-age fluff this is this isn't like power of Attraction and all that this is real I mean I interviewed actual billionaires who literally can do anything they want one of these guys he rented Richard Branson's Island for a week just so we could have Thanksgiving with his family that's the kind of stuff they do well when you got the money right but no but you don't go after the money the money comes to you it's almost like you have an unlimited account to do anything you want it's not your money and that's the thing of people to understand once they get some money they hold on to it they put on a bank account it's mine and that's when it's Pink's tickets taken away but once you realize it's like it's like life it's fluid it's like water and your job is to keep it moving and give it to people that's when you're given more because you're creating a vacuum when you suck when you give money away you're creating a vacuum and get more in money's just a side effect is you're actually dealing with energy not money's just forget the money part so how do people I mean some people are really struggling they got they got bills to pay they don't have enough money coming in and they go how am I supposed to let that go now you went through that process I don't I grew up here in Canada writing people everybody I grew up around here was cold in the winter and they slush and snow and mud and people say well they all dream of going down where the palm trees are yeah and the beaches and I'm going well why don't you go there you know I did I just went to Florida no and I said this is I don't know there's too many old people here it's kind of expensive and humid so I went to California and then I went to Hawaii then now I'm in Vegas I'm living where I want and I'm going why don't you people do that oh well I have it I have kids I have a wife I had they have to go to school I have a mortgage I go well you get you can get all that down there too you know what are you here well I have a million reasons yeah and if you really break it down you realize you're a prisoner of your own choices you can do that anywhere it's actually if you go like the dream place like Bali and Tahiti and Fiji it costs less to live there than it does here if you have this lifestyle yeah down there you could live like a king for the rest of your life with the money making one year here Wow people don't realize this you know got me thinking Marcus it's all perspective you want to lie on a beach and drink coconuts and not wear anything do it what's stopping you okay all right so okay yeah you go looking at just for it just the for a little adventure at similar parallels to what you're doing not saying like anything away from you but who what you think are the individuals or groups that are on the same quest as you I'm not too here to promote that much it's you but just for example Burning Man festival I know whoever organizes that and people go and they have to bring your own water they bring whatever they can or people share with each other it's a city for five days out on the salt flats or something in the summer yeah you've heard that yeah it's right by where I live I mean I'm in Vegas it's not far from yeah but it's similar those people are on a well it's a few things you're either on a quest which I'm not okay yeah all artists or they're just to let go and have fun which which they feel like a life they feel like a prisoner of society and they just want to have fun and be have this hedonistic break from society it's a great what it is you're just letting go you don't you want you being free you know and and yeah the freedom part I am all about but the point is I don't when you really let go you're not on a quest anymore you just are okay with yourself in the moment no I don't need anything and when you don't need anything you're okay with the moment you're okay with dying whatever it is that's when you get life that's when you're given the goods and it's not your job to hold on to it your job is to share it with people and once you start giving that good energy to other people and making them feel good and you're lighting up their lives it makes you more powerful and feeling good without now you're here for a reason now you're here to help rise raise the world up yeah and and people will pay you for that mm-hmm and that's just a side effect I'm gonna say don't go after the money because that's just that's the wrong reason yeah but like you know you'll want a Ferrari fine you don't need the money some people get that like you ever notice the rich people they go to a restaurant and they don't have to pay for anything they're given that like here please sit down we want you on our restaurant because it's gonna draw people in the more successful you are the less you pay the people at the tops of companies they don't work the ones you do all the work or down below making hardly anything so that that's the whole point is the more successful you are as a as an energetic being the less you work the more you make the more successful you are the happier and more productive and it doesn't in that ironic the ones that work is not coveting what you're making no you don't their job to no help give to the rest of the world yeah and and the people that work the hardest so the ones that are most miserable yeah this isn't this isn't about hard work this is about actually doing the opposite it's finding the truth inside you and being totally free to be okay with who you are and not living someone else's life not being their slave and it starts with the relationship you're in at home it starts with your job it starts with everything and it's so simple I mean it really is it's it's it you can you can change your life literally within seconds it's just a realization inside you and it once it clicks and reading this book hopefully it's doing it for a lot of people but once that switches in you and you realize oh I am so free and people see that in you and your use is unstoppable at that point so if people read this book right here that's there's a good chance that's gonna happen they're gonna be able to have that switch oh yeah example there's people like 10 pages in there already like BAM my life's changed instantly and what's better Marcus the DVD the set of DVDs or the book the book talks about it the DVD interviews the people that are living it okay actually you can actually hear them talk about it you see their lives and in and they're all different they're all different walks of life and you'll notice after you see like six of them oh my god they're all saying the same thing and and you and these are all normal people like you and me if you saw these people walking down the street you would not know they were like super wealthy because they're normal people like you and me they started like you and me they look like you and me they are you and me they don't have special skills or anything but yet they can do anything they want anywhere at any time for the rest of their life I never have to worry again alright now you're here for the whole total health show which is on this weekend people I'm assuming can get oh yeah this is part of health over the yes it's your health is your freedom your life and they and they can get this one to the free living one a living which is part of this whole prosperity thing letting you know I realize right that the universe is supporting you right well that's all connected and by the way this is a guy in Etobicoke people yeah who survives here in Canada in the city yeah all winter long just deal with the local stuff so I know you got to get going Marcus because you got CTV waiting for you down at the total house show but thanks for coming in – it's been a pleasure and people can go to the total house we'll see you speak are you gonna be speaking as well on these subjects oh yeah I'll be I'll to to talk Sandow is there you can go to prosperity secret calm or you know anyway on one of my websites okay so prosperity secret calm and what are some of the other websites were platted touch markets products calm with a K or free-living okay great awesome thank you Marcus thank you today and good luck at the total health show and I'm looking forward to reading the book so thank you so much Adam pleasure he'll anytime I love being on your show alright man thank you just thank you bear with us for a second we got the Jimmy riggers are in from Montreal we're gonna take a little break play one of their tracks right now and come back with the band that's like with lunch continues we'll be right back you

29 thoughts on “Markus Rothkranz talks about Prosperity Secret on Hugh Reilly show

  • I get ur point and it's a great message. But not everybody can just get money. I live in a so called third world country and there are some limits 2 what u say. That's my point.

  • Haha yeah, I’ve never understood why people think dandelions are so bad, a weed, and hate them!!! Wtf? Lol I also think dandelions look pretty too! Screw those conditioned condensers with their toxic Monsanto weed killers!!

  • I need this book. I was doing well financially and then started rescuing animals and started a non profit and now I actually make less money than before. I don't understand what happened. 😭

  • Energy and money,why my business parter called her digital coin 'Qibuck'.'Qi for Energy,'Buck' for the money.Doing good for two years now.

  • He's right people my husband in left us myself a 6 month old baby boy born down Syndrome another young son took money joint account food in pantry I fell to knees first time in life and praised for food roof bed sons. Soon inspired created own job from home called Verizon nation wide service in one week money phoned from home creating leads for established companies walked to restaurant to meet clients sold coats with fur and diamond in one month had a car. No family called christian helped or assisted. Spirit led guess I had stopped going to Church 20 yrs before when first husband left I knew guess not suppose to be married. I married any way in beginning because thought suppose to I didn't want do. I followed society thoughts not mine. I follow mine .

  • Thank you Markus for making a positive difference in people's lives every single day – including me 🙂   I totally believe and GET your message!  Our energy is SO powerful – here are a few examples: EVERY time my mom flies on an airplane, she says negative things like "Hopefully my flight won't be delayed" or "I hope I make it home today" and 80% of the time, her flight cancels or is delayed! I NEVER worry about it and 90% of the time, my flights are fine.  Last week I said, out loud "Money will come to me freely and easily, and the very next day I got THREE new clients (I make and deliver raw food), which will be an additional $528 per month! 🙂  I GIVE a lot of my food to people to try for free, but it always comes back to me 🙂  Now I'm working on projecting out to the Universe, (now that I'm ready, and at peace with myself), a man similar to you and your beautiful, positive, energy, and generous spirit! Much love to you and Cara!

  • when you stop needing it, then it will come to you…Powerful concept. This is where true power lies. This is the place where no one can manipulate you. Because where there is no need, you are you just doing what you want.

  • We're on the same page. I'm 26 yo,single mom and i can't wait to see my wonderful future and make a change in this world.
    Keep it up!

  • yes, "i have a ferrari, but i dont care actually, driving one is nice, but not driving one is ok also" … its that thing about unconditional love, loving life, no matter what is going on. even  if i am dying, i am loving life and myself anyway ….

  • Hey Markus , I am 58 years young and maybe two years ago I started growing my own food and eating the weeds that are in nature already and I want to tell my health situation is taken a turn for the better 200%, I just started watching your videos maybe last week but I have to agree with what you say here. If you want to do something to change your own life then do it and live, why stay the way the whole planet is and die, it makes no sense to go along with the masses. Thank you for the wisdom here!

  • hi Markus i really believe on you!!! you are the unswear i always need to hear since i was a kids, everything you say or do is so real and you are so cute!! i would listen to you all day and be amazed with everything you say,

  • Iv been doing this type of thing for years with no money . I send 6 months in Thailand and 6 months in Australia do some work while in Australia and live like a king in Thailand for 6 months . It does work but the hardest thing is to get started and let go of everything. The secret is to let go totally? Now that is easyer said than done ?????

  • This is a process for me because I was brought up this way. I need to pray and ask the Lord for forgiveness. Thanks

  • I love you, Markus. You're a wonderful person and we're glad you are in the world to remind us of ourselves. 🙂 Peace.

  • The contrast between you, Markus, and these guys is astounding! You shine! Also I love your motivated yet casual approach and attitude. You are the best!

  • I do not agree, because Heidemarie became a lot of good things and luxury places to live at…and I think she had the advantage of her profession that she was able to exchange her work with people. Well if you stop needing things you will still be happy to live in a nice place have it warm and wear clothes that you like and so on….and what he sais is that they will come to you….because you let go and this is what they did I think

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