Marquette Savings Bank Mortgage Testimonial

My wife Kathleen and I got married a few
years ago and you know it’s been our dream to get a house, we’ve been
renting ever since. My mortgage was going to be a little bit different than other
ones just because I had started a business about a year ago so I didn’t
have two years of earned income, but now when I needed a bank actually to step
out and you know take a chance on me, Marquette was the right one for me. My
own bank would not help me out. I did the online application, which is very
user-friendly. The application is very straightforward. At that time, when I was
done with the application, you can choose which loan officer you wanted and I
specifically chose Rida Wood. The next day, after completing the application,
actually I received a phone call from Rita to come on down and meet with her
and I went down to the office on Sterrettania to meet with her and she was
she was amazing to work with. I know the process was going to be very easy, that’s what I’ve heard about Marquette, very easy to work with. Another nice thing with Marquette, I really really really
like service and Marquette has phenomenal service. Mike Longo was my loan officer
that I was dealing with after Rita, and every single day when I had a question
it got answered immediately, if he needed anything from me he contacted me via email via you know via phone whatever is easiest, whatever way I wanted to
deal with Mike and it was it was a very seamless process. I know because I for work, deal with
homeowners all the time and this can be a very stressful time. There was actually
no stress to be honest with you, it definitely was important to work with
the local bank. I don’t like when I’m dealing with the 1-800 number of different
person every single time. I like to know that I can actually go and walk into the
bank and deal with a person so that was important when I was selecting you know
what company I wanted to do my mortgage with. If I ever have any questions, I can
call Marquette, not a third-party. It’s very nice, and I can talk to them anytime I
have a question. I moved over all my accounts over there, whether personal
and business accounts, just because I’ve been happy with with Marquette. They’ve
been awesome to work with. I would recommend them to all my friends and I
actually have friends that I have been recommending them too.

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