Martin Frk 13 october 2017

Hi, welcome to Las Vegas, how would you evaluate your performance in this game? Well, that’s hard, it was a regular game for me, I didn’t show anything special, and then towards the end I didn’t play as much, I was just sitting on the bench and cheer the guys on. This is the first time you made the main roster, how did you feel when you found out? It was a surprise, I was very happy, Immediately, I texted my parents and my girlfriend, I was very happy and I’m grateful for it. You have a really good start to the season, what do you ascribe your success to? Probably, only how long I’ve waited for this chance and what I’ve been through, who supported me, my parents, girlfriend, many people, I don’t want to forget anyone and I’d like to thank them all and I’m very happy I’m here now. On your birthday you scored your first NHL goal can you describe your feelings afterwards? At first I didn’t even believe that I scored, but I got a good pass from Mantha and I just shot, I didn’t even aim, I just put it on net, and it went through between the legs, so it was a very nice day. Did you keep that puck? Yeah, Detroit, they framed it for me with the stick, so I should get it any day. What are your goals for this season? So, for sure stay here as long as I can, play, play in the first three lines and be as helpful as possible for the team. Thank you

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