Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 The Black Order Review Nintendo Switch

Marvel Ultimate Alliance three the black order is an unexpected collaboration between Marvel Nintendo and Co attack most team ninja that properly handles a new entry in the series after being idle for ten years the story of revolves around the heroes desperate chase of the all-powerful Infinity stones through iconic Marlborough locales you start out as the guardians of the galaxy in space and quickly transition to find yourself on earth ready to be introduced to the Earth's Mightiest Heroes the game does an impressive job introducing characters almost at max speed to quickly let you play with your favorites the 34 character roster is fleshed out from all corners of the Marvel Universe with some iconic war recognized characters and some lesser-known ones sprinkled within but you want just beginning brawlers characters offer several differences from one another for example some will focus on ranged attacks while others will be more aerial based manoeuvrability is also dependent on the hero some will get a double jump while others fly and some even hover added to this or team bonuses where every character can be classified as several typing like members of the Avengers or spider-verse when choosing characters with the same traits will allow you to dish out even more powerful synergy attacks combat is pretty straightforward you have light and heavy attacks that combo into each other as special + extreme attacks special and extremes rely on bars filling up as you dish out damage with your light and heavies then they can be both chained together with your three other party members for spectacle synergy attacks new special attacks unlock after every few levels starting from level 5 so while you may start out with just one special you'll quickly see a full arsenal at your disposal making leveling and game difficulty progression and even one while playing and solo you can take control of any of the four party members with just a press of the d-pad or you can invite others to join you in a quick drop in and drop out co-op each hero levels up individually so if you choose to stick with just one character in your playthrough there will be much more powerful for it or you can slowly level them up equally and test them out as you find your favorites each chapter mostly consists of going through large areas or corridors to your next objective while taking down waves of enemies with some light puzzle elements that must be solved as a team bosses definitely changed your approach to the basic button mashing and require much more of a focus and effort they have two parts so you have to constantly be mindful of their health and stagger bar that must be depleted to stand them in the shower massive damage this is coupled with bosses having several stages that you have to go through to finish them all each of them feels varied and introduces new challenges that you have to constantly watch out for speaking of challenges infinity trials add an even tougher challenges for those looking forward they are level based and require a bit of know-how and a properly level team rewards range from boosters to even custom character skins to unlock and are definitely aimed for those looking for endgame contact you become more powerful by making use of isolate this equippable items let you customize eros to your liking each of these can be boosted significantly to net you dozens of passive buffs like more damage to specials health regen lasts stagger and things like that there's also a massive grid you can fill out that will boost everyone equally not just one character and for those wondering you can remove the color outline of your hero and the options if we're able to see through the crazy action just fine the camera is an interesting thing to touch on since this will end up being something that I expect to be more divisive there are times that it allows you to freely maneuver that will while others are shifts to a more fixed location to give you a better view you even get a small symbol on the lower left corner telling you that the camera can be moved in the specific room or boss battle for me personally this wasn't much of an issue since the hero cam focuses more on you instead of the team but this is not an option when playing with friends on one screen Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 the black order is a fun experience that takes advantage of the consul's easy co-op features and lets you have fun with anyone the story is highly entertaining and never taken itself too seriously while also staying true to what comic book fans already know and love the roster is massive and that'll get even more loved when the DLC characters start to drop performance is excellent and I never noticed issues when playing alone and I can imagine it'd be much more different when playing with three others since you're already using the same screen real gaming as Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 on switch and 8.5 out of 10 thank you so much for watching see ya

34 thoughts on “Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 The Black Order Review Nintendo Switch

  • Great video man! Only thing was background music was a tad distracting but the info was top notch 👍

  • Thank you for your review. I've been looking all over for a review, but it seems like alot of people are late in doing one. I'm use to Nintendo games being reviewed a few days prior to release. I'm glad you were able to do so.

  • If all chatacters level up independently, does that mean they only gain XP when Im controlling them? Im the weirdo who likes to play MUA games solo, and would prefer to max out each character on my own.

    Gonna use Iron Man as much as possible for the story mode may he rest in peace 🙏

  • Amazing review. I only wish to learn more about the length and replay value and over all depth of the game.
    No matter i have already preordered it to make my w8 for fire emblem more bearable 🙂

  • ok so the deluxe edition roster of 50 should get dem a 9. Im assumin there is no level cap 99 cause they obv need to rehaul skill trees I thought maybe season pass 2 if the cap rn is 60 levels 60-100 could aloot 4 new skills nitpick no movespeed castin stat 100% to mastery sphere grind melee light heavy 100% increse femme xmen avenger martial women of web warrior also still dont kno if the aoe ground poun if the 4th skill no1s used widow yet. Rollin grendades twin glocks thrust hopefully aoe is just her jumpin bash attack haha combofiend its good but graphically behind a gen ps3 should b 4k ps5 Marvel vs might do in house amped up next dimensions will c back in 2010 if u can get over shoulda got dis in 2010 sure graphics arent everything but on an 80 inch 1080 should b fine even onna 60. Ppl learn slow ai control can I right bump assign auto power I want to synergy with the a.i. I mean ppl reviewing do auto point spend stupid and ya die alot and still going for pop up combos uhmmmm xxxooxxooo thrust a.i assist synergy stagger. Biggest flaw is u guys arent each buys a copy going online heroic camero yo own console so thats on u wit yo wonk cam dont worry if Im on yo online squad youll love da game my run through first spike difficulty so i the layout run iso boxes etc lil less climatic but nonetheless follow n dont die if some1 quits ill reload the 2 with a newcomer voicechat enabled right? 8 powers per hero were gonna add passive telekinetic combat adaptoid I like to see striking energy stat base point drop return, raids look fine, and ya ps4 graphically all shit the sequel. Whos gettin dropped as long as its not Widow or Psylocke. Elsa/Wasp/Elektra/Gamora/Spider-Gwen/Kamela/Crystal 2 should b fo sure She-Hulk/Spider-Woman/Jean Grey few mo X-woman some priority nice c Psylocke Kitty Modern Mirage Wolfsbane/Emma Frost/Rogue disney plus jessica Jones hah Elektra counts the bonus and rather have n got Elektra. Marvel KNights Voted Blade Moonknight ppl saying Cloak and Dagger sure, f4 if u get 6 Doom and Surfer Invisible woman u basically know wat your gonna get Gamoras select animation choppy block stiff 360 animations celestial godslay looks dinky y graphically matters b current gen but watever the Avengers Project hate Widow looks fine gear her a well animated bob

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