alright guys welcome back to more Marvel Ultimate Alliance you guys are awesome we're only on the girl part 5 if I'm not mistaken I've been kind of just taking my time with this game I haven't played it since last video like I mean obviously that's that's how it works bread isn't it I don't know I said that um I last time right before I got off the video I went ahead I actually bought the season pass alright and I unlocked Deadpool I'm gonna use Deadpool in this video here's the crazy thing I was gonna change out Captain America everybody's levels kinda low you know 6 to 9 spider-man's 11 and then Deadpool for some reason I guess just starts at 21 so I might be using him for the foreseeable future so anyways you guys are awesome thank you so much all the likes if you enjoy this game just keep it up and let's do this guess that I've been looking forward to playing this game again it's been a while we think we've talked so extra allies in the it was yeah I'm pretty sure we already talked to him on the last video let me get past this alright search for the temple the mysterious crystal yep okay I thought mess around with some Deadpool man right out room and there are no other doors unless we find a way to open this gate our journey ends here I thought they were attack acceptor for a minute hold on it's kind of odd why would Wolverine be just like slicing and dicing and who can forget the good old black turtle of the noise hold on it's gonna be simple I'm gonna guess it's just right actually that's green if that's right it's weird cuz hope keeps like attacking this one is the white tiger of the West Classic let me go downstairs now so cut off guard unless you're lucky the enemy nearby I said there has to be right red that's already on there easy clap yeah but I've kind of been warning to play this game more and I was like I'm gonna play it regardless for make videos of it you guys you know been Deadpool already seems good I wasn't funny they actually sent me the game after I started the series so I don't know what to really do I might give away the he says make a deal with daredevil hold on with the daredevil I don't know if it is deer don't look yo check out the oh man it's kind of like Nightcrawler just a little bit are you oh my god yeah like dodging yeah we got all his children that is so sick the fact that he comes like leveled up opens excuse me hi obviously higher than anything else I have hold on he's already done we're good yeah we're good I probably won't be struggling with a boss anytime soon hopefully I mean I say that yeah there's double you're welcome to follow me but watch your step my radar sense gives me an advantage letting me sense where their triggers are oh no oops what I was wearing this trap me or another teammate who can't act danger lead the way yeah let's see he'll when he walked him no see that yeah how did they not trigger anything yeah Oh almost like Hulk's just running right through he doesn't care at all man oh no well here is the boss time coming most like any of those things oh yeah Daredevils so good I don't know if this is like a thing I wish I could give it like an honest I guess attempt because the fact that he's so high level I like him because he's just a take right now in the game I'm not even that far in this game but if I can use him to carry my teams to victory why not I was looking to review surprise this game gets pretty good reviews I wasn't sure how it would actually be but I like this game a lot ever since the first Iron Man movie hell even the old spider-man movies you know those puzzling the first ones I used to watch the x-men movies like Halle Halle Berry storm swap around I really need to this time going in right now all right yurt oh man I feel like I should use him always level is right now let me let me see what he says we can't stop now there's no telling what the kingpin has in store whatever he's protecting must be important the hand is everywhere how do we fight them with everything we've got don't worry about holding back hand Warriors are cursed so they can't ever really die they always come back time and time again no wonder their armies seemed so endless can we wait do you hear that some sort of chanting sounds almost like a ritual and that smell something or someone strangely familiar could I do something okay I've sunder with the Infinity stone let's find out appreciate that all right daredevil I feel like they read that Netflix show with him I feel like he needs like a proper movie I don't think that Ben Affleck wouldn't actually counts like I wouldn't I don't know let me see what let me see what his level is he's level 10 I don't really know what abilities he would have honestly I kind of want to put actually I think I might get about it spider-man daredevil and Deadpool all kind of had the similar look and then you got Hulk man alright let me back up some I think what I'll try let me go to the lab really quick I don't know if I have enough to upgrade I shouldn't see what I got oh I got a lot good gracious alright resilience is the last thing I well scan I do here shrink by 40 energy I feel like energy might be a big thing because using the abilities a lot remember they just do more damage over time I really don't know vitality czar definitely a must staying alive is huge so if I have one for ten what is this HP recovery that's gonna be a nice passive trait let's go for another energy slut or resilience by 20 I like let's do that one stayin alive I think is key in this game my team's good I guess we look at it just really quick ability info the fact that he's so high already I have a lot of points I wanted to max out spider-man so let's see what we got spider drone um I need a lot more AP points I'm like hurting on that so but for him I have a lot I like that's it's all separated so slice and dice eat lead I do like make it rain so I'm a oh man if I increase that all the way that's gonna be nasty I don't know I won't be the best slice and dice also seems like it'd be good I could just increase all of them like a little bit you know cuz I could do I'll do this one slice and dice eat I'll just make all of them a little bit like they don't cost as much basically I'll do a nice mixture because I'm gonna be using all four and the fact that you can just use all four I think I have enough to make one which I want to make make it rain the one there we go nice let me check hold on Hulk smash that can be a little bit higher and then I I you know what I just like it just dawned on me that like it's all split up like that what's that move called hold on I gotta see that again this see okay I thought I said Billy Ray Cyrus Freeman and I was like caught off guard alright we're good alright nice let's do this Oh whatever evil the hand is invoking can stay in hell I'll send you there to greet it instead it is too late assassin the beast is coffee and you shall be its vessel oh boy I got a she's basically being controlled so oh man how much use no Lane there's all different abilities stop mystics now every time I switch to Hulk I think he's like closer than he actually is that's funny let's do it daredevil has now he seems I guess he's got the dagger like it does a lot of damage that is some damage no way those other guys survived done I don't know maybe I don't know if it'd be better just like being tethered off the other enemies is to try to take them out first explosion so much damage Hulk is a little underwhelming he does do a lot of damage but I've always wanted to update speak in the comics when I was taking Hulk Fox hold on Hulk fault he called juggernaut and I was reading where they like fought like three straight days and just read an entire like city bottom up that's like told me or not sounds made-up but a comic this I played this game just hits hits all the spots a beat-em-up type game that I like without overdoing it having Deadpool man's gonna make oh it's just gonna make things a lot easier but I mean he just seems to just be taking every look at the health part I mean I don't know he's like your abilities do a lot of damage daredevil yeah he's definitely a close-range character I feel like I need to mix it up Joe to watch benders every I don't know why dodge out of the way oh yeah Oh wasted it that was about it to do so much to hit the hand will pay for what they've done in blood help me if you like but stand in my way and I promise that your fate will be the same as theirs alright nice uh you know what I think I'm gonna change daredevil I feel like I'm just even though he's he's awesome and he's new to my squad already you know I just felt like I'm not a hundred percent on him yet uh everybody else is solo I need some I might put miles in there just somebody else that can do a lot of damage I kind of missed Luke Cage I don't know why but Wolverine III might stick with this squad for now I thought about using venom again problem with venom is he's very nice I didn't have good range at all I mean even though Wolverines kind of obsessed I feel like this team I have right now is not bad so one thing I do hold on let me just check one thing really quick with Wolverine hero selects I bet they go to a team not hero select I always get these two confused alright let me go to ability info yeah I just need to get one more level and he can get a new ability you should never have come here shouldn't you be thanking me from freeing you from what was that it again anyways deals in arcane magic that dates back to the dawn of civilization they worship a primordial beast that wishes to drag the world back to those darker days and that ancient beast it possessed you the hands mystics restored me to life once long ago that process must have made me an ideal vessel for their enchantment if only I had killed those mystics sooner a mistake I won't make again why were you here in the first place for the same reason as you to stop the kingpin from crushing the city beneath his best our goals are aligned even if our methods are not you can say that again I believe I've already said enough all right access the upper levels I'm not gonna talk to him coz there's never reason so you really I got the next objective from her I want to max out spider-man I'm gonna keep daredevil on the team cool on the team for a while let's go of excitement spider-man it's so much fun to use all right a couple ten nice check for secret passages I feel like not only I can't grab that yeah I feel like not only is Deadpool a really good character I felt like he's a great like balance come to my ability what popped up nice let's go Hawk level 10 – he's got a new one let's get it man alright it says to go this way but yeah that's kind of weird got to combine the right – nice all right we got it nice little secret I don't think I'm supposed to go this way but this just seems like a hidden area alright same to kind of go like over here so alright here we go oh yeah Deadpool is he has to teleport he has the guns he has the the AoE with the bombs I just feel like he's overall a really good character as far as like the type he is you know like Hulk is all chrome close range you know nice actually now that I think the Hulk just got a new move so I think a little clap thing he did think he's probably gonna be like Wolverine other one is a mysterious cube a time okay still kind of close to petticoat I don't mind it all I was actually kind of cool oh I must have to go through here then go around that's fine other you can basically break everything I'm too synapse if you break this glass that's all you get all that for nothing these boxes actually keep you a good bitch that is a lot so good gracious these weapons could prove quite useful in the right hands that was just a warning leave now or learn why they say bullseye never misses man bullseye you think I've ever really heard much about him all knows about to go in it's not steady chance she's sorry buddy I knew it was gonna be something is helpful is going down too fast for me to hold on I'm curious what this does Oh No got something up his sleeve hold on do you ever minds me of jam bit as far as that the card stuff goes all the clapping yeah I can see that kind of being nice this just goes about looks like a tornado bitch then it comes back down a hit every hard yeah now what was Deadpool doing all the way over here it's been a pretty interesting time for gaming right now like this summer I thought III was pretty like chilling up in bags where we got announcer anything like that and then you had this fall obviously a lot of stuff coming up but this summer's been like like nothing being kind of funny but then you had like smaller games come on again that's on this game is vexy kinda nice I wasn't sure how I was gonna be since it's only on switch but hey my first time playing is switching with my channel next time of Mario games almost like that stuff all the time of my spare time anyways get the actual term for it yeah that's a nice little rage attack knock this fool up there we go let's look at the damage 160,000 gracious man the big man gets done with you you're gonna wish you let me put you out of your misery something tells me that kingpin didn't put his latest acquisition on display if we want the stone we'll have to find him first let's go kind of pointless to even grab these you get all the health back anyways but whatever let me see what I got so I think I can lab a little bit maybe one thing I've been collecting a lot so you have up to 42,000 mastery vitality let me increase vitality a little bit more that's 220 thousands are there we go a hundred for that then ten for this and then mastery I want to get all these maxed out energy there we go nice I liked it I mean this whole entire things to be filled out it's not even gonna stop here if you look on the bottom left hand corner you can see how far we got to go to get to the end I do want to beat the story I'll kind of leave it up to you guys if you'd like me to play the full game or not like on the extra channel I was that fun with it let's go this way oh boy I was reading where I think is on reddit somebody said that the bullseye camera angles and his fight was the worst in the game I wasn't that bad yeah some of the close-quarter stuff since there's so much going on it can be kind of don't look at me iron fist nice oh just blue to blue that one's easy fighting stuff in the middle of all this all there is something I'm thinking about using I don't know if I have any on me hold on let me see some that's the wrong date wait what did I have I kept thinking access it from here capture ticket yeah nothing else really worry okay yeah I'm not gonna worry about it essentially there's like an XP booster and stuff you can get I just hate you can't really access anything it's fine all I know is hope goes in men I know this is my favorite team so far like I I think the only thing I would change is maybe Hulk and Luke Cage kind of swapping them out a little bit Wolverine is still I'm still trying to like that will be so devastating it's a multiple thing here we go Mena's so nice you got spider-man is all around my favorite I kind of one of my all-time favorite game spike for my childhood there's maximum carnage and I played the mess out of the game as back you could get all the way in the game and then you know look how far away is I can barely like see it if I don't have my glasses on I would be like struggling video all right it's just color coded this game I feel like it has it was made for like a younger audience because like the puzzles obviously you're pretty easy well some of them are much better sung shui once what the doors are actually kind of tough I kind of struggled so I don't know what that says about me but are you smarter than a 5th grader I guess this levels been pretty cool so far at least I like where it kind of takes place we have been here a while though oh this is funny they're not anybody else do my best fighting in hallways I guess it's the moon a red movie Deadpool days so I don't I just thought i kind of wish I'd got him at a lower levels that way I could like really fill it out you know I'll be good all right I think oh here we go here we go all right something I don't want to check out what his system hold on Thanks just like saving let me save my game it's a bit a little bit let's not play this game was well well it hasn't been eight days man that doesn't seem right a lab hero I think we're good hero select publics gonna stick with his team for right now as far as team goes though let me check out I could use this that does that's a really good move spider-man still good I don't have enough to do anything there Deadpool's the same he's probably not gonna level up for a very long time since he's so high right now I can make thunderclap a little bit better about it else we got trades use XP cube this is what I was thinking about I don't know if I think I have to buy one right it's like the number of XP cubes to use that would just bring him up I wish there was a way I don't know if I'll even want to use that yet I felt like I want to make spider-man have that but I don't I don't really know if it's if it's even necessary honestly I mean I might as well right but I feel like the longer you go without using it I don't the max level is I would think that it would be more beneficial down the road because if you think about it hold on something's right here that I'm supposed to interact with how is these doors this is probably about to be a boss fight so all rights go you know it would have been far easier to just make an appointment a shame that the only currency your kind seems to understand his power fortunately I recently obtained a surplus shall we get down to business

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