Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Walkthrough Part 2 VENOM Escapes The RAFT! (co-op)

hey what's happening gamers welcome back to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 the black order this is episode 2 ye check out our first episode for contest giveaway options or features or whatever you want to call it and yeah so in our last episode we were introduced to our alliance team of Hulk and Thor and Spidey and all kinds of people so as with tradition of other Ultimate Alliance games we're gonna talk to our new team and pick who's gonna go on the mission with us let's start with Spidey awesome what can you tell us about the raft for super-powered villains hero like yours truly feels at home well I guess I should have read her line some time ago more or it doesn't matter how I'll be Peter it's not like we're really voice acting Oh technically the earth is part of the galaxies oh that's true is the one that seems to be under attack most frequently really you know a lot all the planets in the galaxy Mew canalized how long they get under attack Oh Oh Nick agreed let's talk to Hulk [Laughter] you know that's actually a good question another one Hulk but I'm just saying like the other planets get attacked by Thanos and everyone all the time so that's actually incorrect oh look it's an inhuman how exactly does lockjaw teleport like that looks fun Wow so locked on is a pretty smart dog we've seen lock John the other Marvel Ultimate Alliance games but just so you guys know this game is not connected to the previous two outings this series was canceled after Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 which was Civil War this one is a Marvel game it's kind of like a soft reboot but it takes place in a totally different Marvel Universe oh ok not so fast fury we call our own shot [Laughter] yeah we might know something about that for missions of universal this about that how'd you manage to get everyone to the raft so quickly Canyon lockjaw his teleportation abilities help me assemble this unit and those powers of here should come in handy if we need to call in more backup with the stones and play that's more than likely I guess stopping a supervillain Prison Break is going to be the easiest part of our day huh the raft is just the start we track the strongest readings here but the other Infinity stones are scattered across the city oh so all the Infinity stones ended up in New York City I was hoping they'd go all over the world like some of the previous games but this apart where you bark orders at us actually we already were inside okay either that's really stimulant or that's an incredibly awesome impersonator who makes this voice very fun incredibly awesome impersonator all week can we talk to Locke Joe we were trying to talk to Locke John not you yeah how does locked out teleport okay so they just repeat the same stuff all right let's go to shield yeah all right unlocking the shield menu shield menus now available several actions are available from the shield menu hero select change team members oh yes all right let's change our team members okay so these are the heroes that we have available you can use a screen to change which heroes are part of your active team okay so our team is going to be mmm I kind of want to get rid of the rest of the Guardians for now okay we're gonna go with spider-man and mmm Wolverine I think that's Steve – and let's go no not lockjaw why I'm bringing lockjaw let's go with a one of the most opaque Eric ters Scarlet Witch Wow she's an Opie character mm-hmm cool okay there we go so and I guess we'll keep star-lord in but for now now for now we'll make him think he's a leader and then we'll switch him out a little bit yeah totally and we'll use will be swapping in and out for our team so what was cool about some of the previous games is when you would have a team of heroes that work together would say things like The Avengers or spider-friends or the Guardians or I don't know if they're gonna do that in this version that would be cool if they're all part of the same team yeah no telling the damage that maybe I could do if he gains access to the rat security system that guy is having so much fun doing uh Nick Fury's voice oh yeah so this is gonna bring our team and also guys I'm contemplating about doing a stream one of these days because there is another option you can do when playing by yourself if you go to the camera you could do heroic mode which heroic mode basically gives you like a more zoomed in look you see the models and you know things like that right the camera doesn't follow you quite as well as it does like the traditional Ultimate Alliance stuff but you can see the renders and they look pretty awesome so we're actually gonna go co-op bring amber in yeah I can't remember if we played up lion play there we go and it's gonna go to the default camera which is this so you can be whatever character you want let's roll okay mr. Cole with Peter Wolverine oh I'm fast why wouldn't you be fast you're Wolverine so I'm guessing each character has their own strengths because oh yeah always I feel like Wolverine is already fast food I'll be done woopsie infinity rips you may come across strange fissures at certain points in stages these are known as infinity rifts why we keep repeating everything we can see with it it says at the beginning I would have they connect to other dimensions you can take on challenges by interacting with these rifts I'm sorry okay infinity trials are different from the main story most of the trials have special rules that must be followed in order to win yeah we're not going to do that if it gives the a button along with rewards for completing trials there are also rewards that can be earned by fulfilling special conditions okay so hit back please yeah we're not gonna do that well I mean you know spider-man is radioactive so I mean ain't no thing spider-man spider-man radioactive again radioactive combat is so fun oh my gosh I love how you're swinging I think that wasn't the other Marvel all this place so much better than the other Marvel ultimate alliances that game was so laggy it's true I mean it looked pretty don't get me wrong the visuals were pretty it was fun all of them have been fun yeah but this one I mean people been knockin the switch version for looking all cartoony the graphics yeah they're a little cartoon Kombat is so fluid yeah it is so much fun like it's been a while since I've literally said out loud while we're sitting here playing a game like I'm having so much fun playing this I am having so much fun playing this is the kind of game that I love to play well hack and slash games are super fun this is the kind of game that our channel was kind of started with with you and I playing together technically Skylanders was a hack-and-slash game so yeah I want to pick one of these up so I can throw it at a bad guy yeah also just like the other Ultimate Alliance games there will be costumes ok get past the rap defense system I think I could web sling over it sweet you're gonna have to throw that sweetie in order to jump over those oh there you go nice job ok I wonder if ring into a role praise you oh how do we you can you can order people around hey there my spider-sense wasn't working how do we Oh what aha winning now you got to do it all over again oh whatever um I don't know how to go back down to the ground nevermind probably this well yep we're going inside here now come on camera angles work we can't see okay that didn't mean we need to be able to see no it almost it almost did it almost almost moved in yeah okay wait what what is this to him oh I got it okay we're gonna have to use this to get past the lasers watch yep Oh bye oh well that's not fun Oh can't break that hope you're playing a Scarlet Witch so nice yeah I thought I would trade her out she's pretty cool spider-man spider-man lasers there we go oh my gosh oh come on oh really Peter you can take damage Spidey Cameron why don't you just switch the wolverine okay there I'm good okay now go back to Spidey good job prison riot oh yeah and as you continue to play the game your characters will get new abilities as well as cool team-up moves thanks [Applause] yep now I'm chatty it's part of my charm yeah you weren't spider-man after all I like playing Spidey you're the friendly neighborhood spider just quick heads up guys probably gonna be playing with spider-man and Wolverine like the rest of this game and then just swapping out our other two because Wolverine in spy you're kind of our favorites unless the mission profiles otherwise I like to play this back to the miracle yeah our main team and Ultimate Alliance I'm pretty sure with spider-man Wolverine cap and either Thor or well it wasn't strong part of yes yep storm I like playing a storm she's cool mistress of the element up we had selecting lightning strike saver from storm okay yes so what were you saying we're mainly gonna play with the Wolverine in spider-man and then yeah maybe some other people that I am not playing as Captain Marvel unless they forced me to it's not a fan of Kevlar I don't think you'll be forced to play as anyone you don't wanna go ahead now some of the older games would make you pick your team like they would be like okay so I'm sending this team to this remote area like a jungle or something oh Spidey's the trouble wait is there a block button there is a roll there's a roll where am i oh no that's okay I'm gonna revive them he's fine Spidey's good fast revive works um the role is uh the tele with fun it's this one right here okay down super quick revive yeah two of us are reviving Saul right in time I was playing as Wolverine and I got he's supposed to have a healing factor tonight probably does Wolverine should build to revive himself and guys this game can actually be played online with four people so can play with people from different locations and play on yeah and if you have more controllers on the switch you could also play four players locally so this would be a couch play game with up to four players which is what the I believe the original Ultimate Alliance games were like that as well I don't remember I never really played online with any of those oh yeah we always just play with yeah we do coach couch co-chairs know what yeah Co couch co-op couch couch co-op this looks like it's gonna be huh and now am I supposed to do oh oh you would you got through okay cool so we need this one to go through yeah wait where are we supposed to go oh we're supposed to go this way no we have wait I think we have to get out here yes oh wow good job ever yeah teamwork we've gotten a little boosters on and guys we'll figure out how to do costumes later usually you have to complete certain objectives to get the many different costumes that are in the Ultimate Alliance games but we did look at a bunch of them in our previous playthroughs and if you're looking for what the original games look like check out our description of this video because we have links to the original Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2 games you can see the entire playthroughs just keep in mind those are very long games and the story was a little bit darker than probably this one is gonna be that day oh yeah there we go oh the old ones were a little bit darker oh yeah the ps3 ones well I have to say that I've even noticed that Wolverine has toned down his language in this Marvel Ultimate Alliance game well I mean Disney yeah where he used to just say a few things that were not that bad but you know I always preferred you egg-sucking gutter trash yeah we would make up catch-free no no no that was from he really said yeah that was from the Wolverine cartoon in the 90s because they couldn't have Wolverine use profane language so they had to go up the unique ways of making him sound tough yeah I think I remember yeah I think yeah I remember you talking about different things well actually his insults are pretty medium oh why do you level up whoa Wolverine is kind of an angry guy well bit just spider-man oh yes I have to say Wolverine is one of the most fun characters if not the most fun character to play yes you forgot how to roll yet or no this little button up here and just so you guys know the DLC for this game comes out in the fall so that's when we'll be looking at the x-men and what we tend to do on this channel if you're new we do look at DLC for games even if they've been you know finished for a while because we do like revisiting a lot of the games that we cover so yeah except for that Mario Tennis game which was a disappointment disappointed disappointed yeah all right let's upgrade our characters a little bit and you do that by going to the team yeah we are all X no no we're not all x-men no two of us are x-men – well technically Scarlet Witch isn't really an x-man Oh technically all right so I'm just gonna level these guys up real quick oh yeah she was in the MCU like movies Wolverine looks cool I don't see where they would have liked there oh that's that's how you do that hero traits I don't know where their costume menu would be but I'm sure it's wrong I do like the character model of Scarlet Witch in this she looks super cute yeah I like her costume it's pretty awesome all right so we're gonna do these guys and we're gonna switch to Scarlet Witch bring her up she looks like a magician with a cape get it kind of as a tana feel with her let's announce the end and star-lord you can stay in for a while just because you know your team kind of messed this up this is your fault he started like make up for his actions oh we don't have enough okay but that is our spider friend team all right let's go for it let's go for it right swing into action spider-friends I really know if I get too far in Copland hurls exploding pumpkins no I mean like you looks weird looks cool hmm oh whoa oh my gosh that um sinister symbiote who's this guy electro I'm shocked you don't know who that is Electra sorry oh boy dag team of these boys huh oh boy I thought an Electra was quote man whose defeat the deadly duo venom in electro all right so we're gonna have to take them on one at a time it's like a Dragonball Z episode I'm shocked that he would have done that to us all right well watch it everyone took away Somalia did you just say we're not too bright that was right hold still wait I should probably avoid that nice job team he's just so nice Spidey's for my friendly neighborhood spider-man all right you know venom with your can I climb walls nope oh my gosh is this the game where if you get in the venom then you'll turn into a symbiote or is that something uh that was spider-man Friend or Foe sweetie I mean that was another beat'em up game we did so many like cool beetle games yes we do oops utterly land I mean ideally never mind I was spelling which and I was flying and I could have it readily hikes that electronica electro tornado is not cool whoa oops let's go team oh that was quite painful I feel like Scarlet Witch is almost like cheating playing as her because she can do all these long-range attacks he's pretty awesome he's not having to be anywhere near the battle whoa I did not find that very electrifying at all get mr. sparkly mr. sparkles once we beat him we have to deal with I mean I guess venom is growing on me at first I always thought he was really gross and disgusting but he's really gross into but I'm just gonna we've seen Dunham so much that it's like I'm getting used to him mm-hmm he's like my friendly neighborhood okay almost got him keep the pressure on there we go now Venom's probably gonna jump in oh snap he is yeah that's new and different well something new and different every day hahahaha Squealer it's beans if one of us lives through this spoiler it's me that's funny I know right how do we do that how would we possibly do that I know they gave us a hint put in prison alarm system is kind of messed up Wow you see anything we can click on interact with you do we have to get on the to get on one of these like things that's like like nah commandos knocking into one of those zabi things yeah I mean it's worth a try or maybe get maybe like be bait have them come over here get over here that was painful I mean we are hurting him it just it would take a long time to see if he comes over here yeah Wolverines healing I just I saw his healing factor in action just from way back here he's on this one right here bill goes down oh no Spidey's down oh my gosh Oh return to the fray return to the fray now yeah I mean we are weakening him why don't we get to be alarmist I'm trying to get him to walk to where I am I mean I already got him to walk over here when he didn't it didn't do it didn't do anything I'm flying I'm dead wow that was a bit overkill there and that's why you run away sorry for my Wolverines toes oh we can't revive him anymore I think maybe he's reviving himself that would be interesting this is hunts come on ugly oh okay maybe calling you ugly was it stretching it I mean you can still beat him anyway I mean yes it'd be great if we could figure out how to use the alarm system but apparently nobody here does any technical skills they all went to a community college oh oh great somehow that worked and Boise oh that was gonna work with Wolverine well you get back in the fight please so when he does his electro jump attack you have to make sure it's on that yeah come get some gotcha there we go it's Jonathan are there any way to shoot web shooters like oh nevermind I didn't look like a shoot never mind it doesn't have like a long-range attack like by default you can kind of go into his jump and then yeah Lorraine how long are you gonna be down for the count there bud oh yes everybody leveled up at Wolverine not good will V get up it doesn't feel so good I know my pal Eddie here looks like a bad death metal cover band version of me but under all that rippling xenomorph ik protoplasm is a guy who wants to do what's best usually he may seem lethal but when the world really needs him he always chooses to protect it no so it's one soldier news I'll take what I can get not gonna spit out electro yeah already a double true that was funny Wolverine was having a rough day hey I'm so sorry Wolverine leave let's talk to yeah you kind of ate somebody how do we know you're really on our side does that really make sense okay wait spider-man's the guilty yeah ooh Black Widow do you think we have enough power on our team this stuff vanos always find a way I just hope we manage to do so before too many of us price okay okay that was deep conversation let's go I like how black whatta looks on us hmm um should we upgrade our people or you can upgrade at any time by going to the team menu oh okay never mind then but I don't think we have enough total do it we'll do it later then it's fine see how that right there we only have like one superpower at the moment like this is unlocked at level 15 this is unlocked at level 10 level 20 and then you get like different power-ups and also you know you can make it a little bit stronger but we don't have enough AP points oh yeah really can't and Wolverine was the weakest link his healing factor need to find a way to make his healing factor stronger but other than that yeah that's what we ship are you ready let's go webs Oh more people to talk to you cool Falcon what clued you in Falcon I can sense it it's almost like the whole city is pulsing with strange energy we got to get out of here and track it down yeah hmm oh yeah here the jerseys were gonna be important yeah we're in New York do you think we can trust someone as deadly as venom I was the deadliest woman in the galaxy I earned that title and ward with pride if he steps out of line it is venom who should fear being on a team with me okay okay I'm kind of afraid yeah yeah I like then uh I like goblins purple hat he's rocking that I mean should we get rid of Peter and just have venom on our team or yes okay sorry Pete we can bring Pete back at another time I don't know maybe we'll bring it venom though that's a good idea I just I think then it makes them oh yeah I think he wants leaves at him all right let's go to hero select yeah gonna get rid of his venom you Peter and and we will probably show off all the characters to be honest I mean most of them most of them yeah most of them I do want to see how Falcon plays – I am excited about that I think it would be cool to have Captain America and Falcon play together it's something yep cuz they really best buds are indeed let's go bud Luke Cage Luke Cage bulletproof skin Hero for Hire man this guy's personality for days oh yeah Brad impression of Mark Hamill is obvious yeah well you know he played the Hobgoblin and the original spider-man animated series right like Mark did I didn't know that yeah both the Green Goblin and Hobgoblin were in the spider-man animated series but you guys are nothing more than cheap imitation with those claws wait where'd I go my dad I can't see where I am bad imitation of Hobgoblin bad imitation of Wolverine I mean it's kind of cool that these people like have the Wolverines oh hey it's not that choice oh my gosh it's fun to slice and dice the Wolverines claws but yeah these prisoners are one of evil green people all right guys we clean about oh now we clean about what about a fourth time whoa okay yeah all right should we get rid of Scarlet Witch or just foot location later nah we'll keep Scarlet Witch all right we'll put location later then what are you doing on the raft anyway try to do the right thing ended up trapped in jail okay well thanks for your life story let's go team yes this way I was gonna do impressions not this again I can say never make getting out of prison easy well one of us will find a way out of here eventually Oh baby mmm I feel like we're gonna have to go back around and bend this way or something oh man I feel like we have sir okay no Louise aha there we go all right I'll make a progress now nope not making progress um okay I'm gonna go over here so we're think we have to split up Isis that's the best course of action okay so you got a yeah okay okay all right go go go okay you can keep going oh okay uh-huh what am i doing what's not yours not letting you go let's go here maybe we both have to be out here later that same evening you have to live that amount check it out now yeah I could get out nope no I can't there it is I know just go run through the door don't worry about me oh no it has to be one of those just find a way to open em I'm going there we go wait what Emily very much top-down view son yeah it's cool like seamlessly transitions though between top view in the other one level often I just like this game because it's a lot of fun I don't really not really into worrying about like all the things that people do I mean they're just really not a lot you could do would beat him up game so I mean they're just a lot of fun checkpoint reached my beam as long as Wolverine is like kind of like ornery and everyone has their cool personality I'm good oh my ins Miles Morales MS Marvel o3 those are terrible odds when this is over remind me to never hang out in your dimension again Myles spider-gwen cool did they just seriously attack us why are they attacking us that's weird I know why are they attacking I guess we'll find out after we bring the smackdown did you want to play a spider-man are you okay okay well we took one down then yeah I'm going after spider-gwen next one oh well you guys wait something's not right here the mist has any of this real whatever is happening we can beat it keep fighting Mysterio Oh Mysterio special effects wizard cool he sounds cool well Mysterio is about to be really cool that's what I've been hearing okay so we have to free the kids somehow I think we just have to beat them up dogs good chumps they think they're fighting a bunch of thugs yeah Oh oh I'm sorry were you looking for a beat-down Oh denims getting his butt kicked by spider-gwen up there she go yeah it's on there fish bull's head yeah oh yeah Wow okay maybe that didn't go according to plan Venom's down yeah benhams em alright Wolverine time or not seriously its Mysterio Wow there's poison I can't move stupid view in fact Wow don't worry buddy I got you even though we're both in a poison cloud I mean that's something you really like playing Spidey don't you I think he's really good we're all about to be the dead being beaten by Mysterio that's that's a new one one healing fact we do your thing up not the real Mysterio down everybody oh ouch yeah that wasn't smarted I'm a cut above the rest that you are come on you oh I'm so sorry no I don't think you will you're doomed hey sorry to – yeah you're like two monologues seriously I'm venom oh that's gonna leave a mark I can't even see where your way down there I can't oh good i revived him Oh your venom now did you bring Spidey back I don't know I brought I brought Scarlet Witch back okay good I'm gonna lay this fool up well it'd help if I hit him is somebody else down yeah boots down again get – I kind of can't see camera angles all right I see him know I'm coming Wolverine eventually all right I got it nope and well let me revive them maybe it only lets you revive players I don't I feel like it maybe only will to revive people like three times oh and then after that like that's the last person you get to revive or something like that well that's a problem we share lines so every time we revise them up like they use one of their fire projectiles it's alright Mysterio's toast y-yeah yeah we're gonna let the kids out maybe I swear we'll make it up to you if you can never find a way to trust us again yeah I guess I guess so yeah I guess that means we're cool miles realize all right and spread Oakland and other girl that they always forget yep Center we guys the gals that is gonna do it for today's episode of Marvel's Ultimate Alliance three on Kate wings let's blaze join us next time as we take some spider kids for a spin so like comment subscribe all that good stuff and we'll see you with more Marvel Ultimate Alliance on Caitlin's Let's Plays god bless and every gaming

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