Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 – Walkthrough Part 12 – X-Men (Nintendo Switch Gameplay)

all right so before we carry on here I guess one thing we could do is actually go to the lab real quick to see if we can get some upgrades so we're done with all the nodes here which soon as we can continue on to the next ones I don't know increases the critical chance for basic attacks by tempers 10% unlock conditions require all nodes on this hexagon what do we get for this and you I so 8 slot got it well what's the other rewards here in 10 second intervals recover 1% HP per in capacity team member unlock conditions acquire okay so far I like the top one best just is expedient but 10% oh that would be really good too because leveling up is huge and makes your characters we're more powerful so I probably would favor that one had some percent chance to stun staggered enemies unlock conditions that's also really good man there's a lot of good upgrades here and then the Christians damage that one's not that great what about this staggering age ok I think I'm gonna do the experience one for now we'll build that one up and then as we continue hopefully we'll be able to get the stagger one as well because that would be pretty sick how many points do we have we have 11 I don't think we can afford any of these other ones yeah because they require a lot more points than we currently have you can modify or deconstruct ISO 800 really know what it means by modify like okay it's just select so if I select this and select look let's another one so the point here is I guess let's say let's say we've selected all of these and then we deconstruct okay all right but what's the I guess my question is that what's the point of having all that ISO that we currently have hopefully we'll get an explanation on that okay hero selection time so I do want to switch up a little bit even though again I said I was gonna stick to a certain team I feel like we'll keep Hawkeye cuz we just unlocked him I also feel like having Wolverine on the team is kind of appropriate considering we're at the x-mansion so I think we should add him let's add some of the other characters we haven't played as yet like Krystal and let's put I guess come orange team we're gonna get clapped honestly you know what I'm gonna keep one character that's high level like spider-man on the team or else we're gonna get destroyed because I just can't imagine us going through this with level like 9 and 8 characters it's gonna be unbelievably tough so I think that's the swap we have to make there okay protect the Xavier Institute from these sentinels we will certainly try to do exactly that oK we've landed our stuns so they do become a lot weaker as soon as you've got the stuns going what are they dropping huh interesting search for survivors defeat oh I already did that no oh we've gotten u infinity trials unlocked sick that's awesome can't wait for that okay here we go rescue mission wait did we unlock vision I didn't see vision I'd love to see vision on the team that would be awesome here we go Bob that's rock and roll Wolverine oh we that's how you take down the Sentinels I almost feel like they were gonna do a fastball moment with Wolverine and Colossus teaming up oh nightcrawler sick teleporting mutant swashbuckling adventure and psylocke as well I don't know telepathic ninja reading your mind right now okay that's creepy okay so looks like we've got a fight on our hands we gotta focus on trying to land a stunned almost got him there we go there's so much damage that did that's what I said as soon as you defeat them or get them stunned it really really makes a huge difference there's a lot of leveling up probably gonna be happening here considering we have such low level characters right now it's also a bit of an unfair fight for these sentinels because there's no way that four sentinels can defeat like eight different heroes it's a good luck to you back up grab that use that to stun let's go for it so we have to defeat 13 of them actually which is pretty substantial okay another one bites the dust and luckily every time you defeat one they drop one of these like powerup nodes which you can then use the Fito next one that comes up after that and it's an instant stun which does seem a little bit broken I think that this seemed a little bit Opie Opie oh that's when you Sentinel type gots defeat that one first just so we're not overwhelmed by enemy attacks there we are okay chaos complete chaos web them up with him up he's been stunned come on you can do this you can do this nice GG Wow okay that did a lot of damage to us okay let's go for the ultimate extreme Tebow oh okay so that was 13 different sentinels defeated Psylocke joins the alliance six oh we got a new character and Nightcrawler joins the Alliance as well so based on that I really do feel like I want holy crystal has fire powers I didn't even know that ha but I do want to put the x-men on the team so I want to see like what an x-men team sort of would be like especially with like boosts and things like that okay so we'd swap out Hawkeye for Psylocke we'd swap out Crystal for Nightcrawler is there a fourth x-men I'm trying to look I don't see anyone right so we only have these three as x-men right now right cuz that's why I'm just missing uh ability info okay I think we're good I'm gonna keep again spider-man on the team for now just so actually Scarlet Witch right I mean I don't know if she is an x-men but put her on the team just to see women of Marvel and we get a bonus we didn't get an x-men bonus okay so I guess she's not considered to be an x-men even though to me I feel like she should be like an x-men related character but okay I regards let's see what the folks around here have to say this wasn't exactly the battle we expected what is happening it looks like Nightcrawler stabbed Colossus there it's like what is it going on there we'll be right here by your side okay fair enough at least we've got one giant metal man on our side I like the attitude Colossus I like the attitude what's up okay so what what is there time for their problem Cyclops gated network what's a single unit identifies them you can target it alerts all others in the area okay then there really are more sentinels coming won't you guys need help I guess the Wolverine II was right okay got it Don't Tell Wolverines and he was right um let's see was there anybody else that we were supposed to talk to there I don't think there was okay so we can't go that way obviously because that's all barricaded off so by process of elimination we got to go this way or I guess we could check maybe we're nope can't go that way either okay so I'm curious to see what nightcrawlers abilities are gonna be like I'm actually looking forward to finding out okay here we go okay so this is now twice that this has happened to me have you guys run into this issue please let me out down in the comments section below okay guys so I've got everything a reset and we seem to be back in the swing of things so hopefully we don't run into the same issue again and see or should be able to test out Oh pedo key move move move move move oh I love that nightcrawlers dodge is always like a disappearing move that's actually smart I mean surly so it should be okay son fortunately we don't really do all that much damage now we're doing much better but of course the main thing is that a lot of our characters are really under leveled right now more specifically Wolverine and Scarlet Witch those two are quite behind ice and what I hear Deadpool I heard where is he I swear I can hear him singing top coat taco nine weights gotta eat while the x-men fight oh there he is that's awesome I didn't imagine that I was like I'm pretty sure I could hear Deadpool okay so we have a brand new rift here unlocked which is awesome so looking forward to trying that on this one is a defeat Elektra no team members and capacity two or fewer teammates incapacitation okay so that sounds actually pretty easy especially because reward number two and three on those stars basically the same thing for the most part okay so I think we're supposed to head this way right and let's see what we can't go this way I'm just checking for basically like hidden things cuz maybe there's like a treasure area you're supposed to access but I don't see anything so I think we're supposed to go to the x-jet and oh it's beast what's up I wish she was wearing the glasses that would have been a cool design bounding a blue biologist using big words got it oh it might be taco night oh yes another infinity stone sweet that's number four we're getting there we're close to completion now with the Infinity stones I guess we just talked to him right I like tacos how did you locate the Infiniti some B Oh he got the infinity stone that was at the Hellfire Club yeah he stole the stone from your fellow mutants also was the one that they had cool okay can we add your stone to our collection the animation of him pretty the hands on the head if we don't find them all the entire universe must pay or sorry may pay the price okay that's a lot of alliteration bro and I thought I was bad at doing that uh-oh move it Beast watch out yep you've just been saved by Wolverine oh no please don't tell me that the Sentinel ha no way darn it okay The Sentinel now has the Infinity stone that's trouble that's real trouble because they were tough before now they're gonna be really really really freaking tough huh no wait did it absorb it infinity Sentinel normal mutant hunting robot what okay I didn't get a chance to read all of that started all the mutants and since our team is composed of all mutants this is gonna be a tough fight Oh Colossus and Cyclops have arrived to help as well I guess yes okay so we have a big giant behemoth to deal with I just think it's a good idea to defeat the other two first okay sweet Wolverine leveled up darn it I I don't even know if like is there gonna be any point at which these guys are gonna stop spawning to give us an opportunity to like yikes move there we are yes now I understand what we need to do so when he does that absorption ability that's what we're supposed to poll leave we just did so much damage to the Infinity Sentinel so basically have this with us for the most part darn it basically can't afford to get hit though walk the other way oh man yeah that definitely messes us up here we are darn it come on pick that up yes got him who those tough man having this like lower ranked team makes things so difficult it's crazy well then we better try to grab that infinity stone before it's able to mr. regenerating already I think it's already regenerate oh maybe not haha couldn't handle the power of the Infinity stone I think oh never mind there he is magneto mystique and of course the one and only juggernaut and there's magneto master of magnetism self-proclaimed Savior I love that the narrations almost look like they were written by Deadpool because he's always like poking fun at all the characters and such so does he have the Infinity stone I can't quite understand where did the Infinity stone go bar Road oh no dang the voice for magneto is awesome like the voice acting and there goes Cyclops and Colossus only to be returned in DLC as playable characters wait and we're gonna have to fight magneto right after we are wow that's crazy persuade magneto to join the alliance aka fight magneto and mystique and juggernaut he's almost stunned should be able to do Wow I'm like I should be able to do good damage there only to do basically no damage back up me neither just wiped the floor with us I just feel like for some reason we did so little damage was bizarre I guess we were very underpowered but I don't know maybe it's supposed to be like that run heroes run ok Psylocke good work there he is the man of the hour the man with the power that's a whole lot of tacos dang that actually looks pretty good okay that looked pretty good I should have used past tense how dare he does he join the alliance Merc with a mouth regenerating degenerate great great alliteration there or a great description there I should say Deadpool seems to join us finally

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