Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Walkthrough Part 15 Battle of Knowhere! (co-op)

what is happening marvelous marvelous welcome back to Marvel's Ultimate Alliance three on Kaling's let's blaze and we've brought in Iron Man and MS marvel who probably won't look long but they're in so we tried to put in at least some of the characters that have been requested but we can't put all of them in nope for Hawkeye Hawkeye oh that's right we talked her already oh we didn't speak to the horrid horrid is forever in your debt my friends yeah no probs just help us beat that house and we'll call it even ah just because my realm is secured does not mean the peril has ended I will travel with you to the edge of the galaxy if I must based on how things have gone so far that sounds like a real possibility or so fun all right he is funnest I fear the time for idle chatter has passed Hey oops we forgot a chest oh well are you all right Odin oops weakened from my recent travails defeating an army of frost giants single-handedly is a tall order even for a king hmm will you be able to recover your strength is endless but it does require time to restore should I expend much more I may have to enter the odinsleep hmm I think we could all use a good nap you may rest only when the Infinity stones have been recovered but how we've already failed once even the gods stole my child but true heroes always find a way to rise again what we're gonna recover them again I guess hopefully nowhere Oh creepy skull thing Nova Corps oh yeah Green Lantern it's of marble bucket head yep possible puppy it is about time you're getting here God there is universe to be saved duh oh you Cosmo telepathic Russian space dog okay journey into mystery let's speak with Kozma oh that's what doesn't have anything okay so the nova corps is trying to deal with this threat it makes sense that they would be called in yeah all right miss marvel yeah she basically is Plastic Man yep or elongated man I mean yeah that's right elongated I mean she was kind of brought in when the Fantastic Four comics weren't really around anymore so her powers were kind of similar to it was like mr. fantastic well Marvel got rid of because of Fox they stopped really doing x-men books and you know fantastic for books or fantastic they killed Johnny Storm they killed Wolverine which bunch of stuff but now that everything's in house you know oh I knew she would fight it subdue you Iron Man wait I did it oh my gosh I did yeah you switched man so I even equipped the powers to her new ISO eights and I upgraded our skill tree as best I could let's rule that's good I'm surprised they don't have any Nova characters as playable oh I know right I mean we're gonna find out who the x-men DLC is gonna be I'm hoping for gambit rogue and beasts and maybe juggernaut because I'd like to get some bad guys in there but I have a feeling it's gonna be gambit Rhodes mystique and juggernaut will be the characters okay that's my guess that's your guest Holly well because mystique we've already seen her moves as a boss character so when it makes sense to make her playable yeah I think yeah definitely and Magneto's unlock to playing the Infinity mode anyway hey Spidey go if the character models made and stuff exactly Wow iron man still around cool that unibeam is pretty powerful yeah I know sorry don't spaced out we're in a war I know I know I know okay I'm not seeing okay there's some guys over here whipped how many are there okay areas it's hard to see them because they look like alien bugs yeah yes you probably have to beat all these guys and then Cosmo tell us what to do next that's what I'm guessing yep do we have any super abilities no not good yeah this is not good this is not good he died Oh Iron Man's gone yeah the storm why don't you come down here and fight all these enemies yeah all right Spidey is having a difficult time down here he's doing the best he can but could use some time oh yeah Here I am back here and storms dead oops sorry sorry about that I thought the wood antenna was you for a second why would you be spider-man no I just I guess I'll try to bring back storm and this is why and Iron Man's gone Iron Man's gone everybody go there's no reason to press buttons yeah there is because storms here but yeah it's a lot of people well I mean because we played with characters that we knew we weren't gonna do very well this is the end result yes yeah I know that's what that's what happens when we try to bring in characters that we hold up from the beginning try using your lightning strike ability the whirlwinds nut what eight is strong is their lightning ability there's that their ice ability would you're dead amber okay sorry like I said hey attention all right Cosmo right behind you oh you can open the door what little buddy no great just leave old webhead to deal with all these fools that's great I blame one love head for everything mMmmm I blame somebody but it's not webhead I never did learn to mind your surroundings William bugs gross there we go there's no way to revive you guys you're all dead I'm gonna get through your vibes I'm sorry come on Spidey get to the next checkpoint yes this is kinda crazy come on you can do it go storm storm is coming wait I mean I you know I can I'm sorry I got your suit confuse because you're like all like shiny I like my shiny color it would make sense that spider-man would dawn like a strong armor to deal with all these guys yeah I'm sorry I thought you were strong for a second I can see clearly that you're Spidey well that's good yeah watch ring and lose fighting this one guy whoa easy storm Mon Spidey Nova Corps do something reals ah good job hmm what weird space dog said great to finally see some familiar faces all the way out here what up Buckethead good to see you too Nova how's the battle going I'd love to say the Nova Corps has things under control but I've never been good at lying when Captain America is around we're in trouble now we got your back rich you just tell us where we needed so well the outriders are ripping nowhere to shreds the Black Order has taken over the collector's gallery now what does the collector keep in there now you know just the rarest most valuable and most powerful items and creatures in the known universe no biggie the black order already have the Infinity stones what more could they want okay this is everything else and they'll get it too if you don't stop them soon well you do that I'll take a team to blast their ship and all of the outriders on it right out of the sky deal okay oh oh swarm yeah you're all still dead dead dead until I get to a checkpoint oh we're counting on you Spidey what's that supposed to mean they don't know that pound on the couch please Zelda stop now I'm not seeing a checkpoint so that means you guys are all dead that's not good Hey okay good they're all back to life yeah yeah it's time to get rid of one of them yeah we should probably get rid of both Iron Man it well we can keep Iron Man just get rid of his morale all right so you guys saw Miss marvel will try to show her some other time we kept Iron Man in but we brought him Wolverine for some extra muscle yeah sure puppy are you ready to help us take down the Black Order well the cortex what's that you're right we can't let them use it we'll call in more reinforcements but will you be okay without us you're just one dog oh that's fair thanks for the help Gosnell you're a good boy thank you puppy yeah yeah whatever you say Danvers okay Carol Danvers the first of the Black Order all the lords yeah Voldemort with a few words I could twist your fragile minds to obey my every whim but why stop there what's the creepiest sauce instead oh wait why are you using the you're not supposed to be using the infinity gems be test before we possess the stones you stand amazed now we'll see about that we're actually hurting you so one it's not gonna do much every why don't you switch the Wolverine is more swiping Swiper no ID user she's a lot more powerful than give me credit for amber oops sorry your blues I mean oh okay whoa that could have been painful so we're gonna have to plate all the black order probably before we get to Santos yeah can't wait I'm boss rush my card he's behind us and he's doing that all right amber move up and then use your super move on him now there you go he had to flee cause you were kicking his foot that's right stay out all right he's half dead alright let's take this sucker down we're working on it thanks for the running commentary T'Challa okay watch out for those portals underneath you Oh No yeah yeah where you go it's norm security yeah almost got him keep it up the rings of the best characters in the students he is when he's powered up dose ready go almost got him Oh No that's a pain in the neck yeah but he's gone first black water guy toast whoa wait first black order guy yep take the blasted stone I have a little use for such a bubble's leave a little use for it not when I have a far greater prize within my grasp what's that supposed to mean okay let's keep going at what will grant where you going to follow you we'll see if we can find them cab all right let's bring in someone else strong all right so I brought in some more strong characters and hopefully this will help out we're gonna keep Spidey in for a little bit longer okay but ghost riders in now and the boss rush mode continues block its away in a cage like a trophy that is no way to live do not worry dear creature if I put them out of their misery I promise you shall follow okay so she's using another gem she wasn't an EMC supergiant chick that's exactly what you got to do cuz Wolverine I gave him some enhanced gems that will make his claw powers much more lethal oh great you summon sentinels that's fun no how can will green summon sentinels I'm gonna go up and I'm gonna use my super honor oh you move lady like she moves oh that's frustrating what's up well I can see she's got like some type of thought hang on you got the right idea though and you're definitely hurting her your issue let's see how you like some Ghost Rider action bound and round we go boom I'm trying to stay clear it's not really our target though she is she's basically summoning all these monsters all right half her health is gone okay try this bring this on for size I don't did some damage that storm see how you're like power of lightning oh yes being strong Oh we're okay that wasn't fun yeah whose idea was it to do a possum or anyway um I was like do it he's like because I do oh oh so quickly boss hurts but in the game okay I was with the tune into thing hey whether Wolverine you almost got her try this keep it no no longer than I don't oh I see that spell over your head makes you dizzy I get it now I go start affinity for yours come on Ghost Rider I don't know if we got her or not nope I did damage some signals so YT moments and say you're always spectacular we're storm this one's almost gone there we go nice job but it does not take our minds reader that you are too weak to finish the job you just kicked your butt kind of collect them all uh-huh oh yeah Wolverine oh yeah no seriously we've been fighting for hours without eating or taking a body they can't be the only one who's gonna go right I'm gonna try to level up our characters a little bit more okay all right time to go after the next black order member yeah so far we're doing pretty good this team is actually working out pretty well is a lovely speaking voice yeah oh that's not fair what I'm just gonna say it because I know people want to power acts because he put the power in the axe well Hulk we benched you so sorry everybody oh they want to sit to a rocks Adam gimmick rock style oh well that didn't go well watch out for the power actually good job amber don't get cocky wait what he's an angry elf it looks like it now looks like a cross between the thing and I don't know something that's been sitting in the fridge a while oh that looks like that hurt yes fire hurt you like that like fire thing that looked like it's smarted well he's almost down to half health that's something I guess what am i doing I'm gonna light him up with storm here we go whoa okay wait are you so nimble for somebody so big oh my goodness gracious I think you're the dead oh okay come on Ghost Rider I'm beckoning party Wow oh wow no no no let's not turn up the power that's not how this works oh don't do that grow it ever good job ha ha how do you like that power boy ok you didn't like it yes all right sorry just whoa okay that's new movie since have a timer and throw yeah oh you move you cretin there are lots of stuff to throw at him oh that hurt keep them busy I'm on my way with a special delivery ah what's happening you got a big rock thrown in your face that's what's happening oh gosh guys way too strong Cruz oh good nobody has any cool loose it's gonna spin Eastern spin again man dudes are just way too strong yikes Oh No No oh I see he brings the house down so that makes sense get him steamed yeah not that funny can maybe a little ah up jumping around a kid get a good bearing on you to throw a rock at your face like Josh there's just no end of this dude I can't understand your crazy alien language all I know is I'm throwing rocks at your face oh you're laughing at me aren't you I feel like you're laughing no we do not it's just us against him you kind of caught it yeah how do you like that good job almost got him oh it's close I'm risking it Muraki rocket let's rock it you stop jumping around this isn't bleep sake where yeah there we go oh great he's a sore loser yep ah gravity let's go shielded us from the blast and protected the power stone as well everyone stay close to the station surface nowheres artificial gravity and atmosphere don't extend far beyond its outer shell Roger finally they say the only thing colder than the depths of space is the icy grip of death itself oh that's gonna make certain you experienced balls this day oh okay and then we just have that one crazy lady left Smurfette no you're fine you're fine I don't know which one ye can multiply himself I suppose that's fun not various found you how the good it did me so he's got the reality stone light him up favor oh okay normal light them up I don't need to run and I'm sure you will but I'm gonna have your lightning my lightning on your face right next lifebar that's what it takes to defeat me well beat this how do you like that oh I'm sorry did that hurt keep it up team he's almost at half health Oh somebody died oh he's a meanie oh wow whoa whoa whoa whoa let's calm down there yeah well keep your mom oh you are like Gilardi I was trying to revive them alright he's less than a bad with math but it's a sliver or not it's liver it's oh jeez not a fan of this oh he's in the middle okay yeah i exclus warned that would be bad she's our powerhouse alright never mind I take that back I take it back I take it back wait off literally all right he's gonna do something new you surrender sorry but I gotta fly ping down here oh yeah didn't even think I was doing funds I think I said was being pretty funny mother feel my out a my dry cleaning he's reached out for among Spidy then she would stop delivering the pain you didn't even ask me no I didn't actually no it's getting really annoying I mean his patterns not hard to read though he just does the same thing over and over and over Oh somebody died I think it's someone died by the owl gosh feisty let's storm whitey no no you do fine you might get him oh forget it we got it we got it we got him chill I welcome the voids dark embrace Julie awake the billions of souls that Thanos will send to join me by okay then I think Smurfette's gonna be oh my goodness these dudes are not nice hey sorry I didn't push the button you doing great thanks thank you all right who's next Smurfette yo this is even more powerful than we anticipated but as long as one of the black order still stands no three sunsets pretty I showed you mercy once never again hey that was mercy sending us to the nut fun place okay we would seize her powers her oh she's actually easier to hit once you get past her a little minion Army that's the case we're storm Oh storms getting punched in the face yeah she doesn't like lightning okay you want to play with lightning let's play oh she is right there she's getting a real charge out of my tax though when I hit her yeah that's from above you got to watch that kkoma scattered a half health now stone was destined to be just worried about where that stone has been al miss what are this alright got her in half oh nice just gonna do the yep surprise attack thing again oh she's doing like a weird teleport hurting thing are you coming after me what'd I do to you since you know striking with lightning lots and lots of lightning only if you hit her like y'all ghostwriters like oh my I mean it's a party and everyone's invited yeah get down with that team well I bring is like Spidey and storm for the Finnish Air Force but ghost writer for Miss the first person to ignite laughing fire people no time for monologues lady time for you to join your hubby in space and start a sitcom my husband's face this is too good all everybody say that after I'm not electrocuted yikes oh no ghostwriter all people got that oh boy let's not get crazy got storm great galloping galaxies not anymore we got your visor did no wow the teleport movers is not that one so close keep it up we'll be okay she's gonna do her ow the circuit barrage that's where motor vs. Capcom cool give it up lady your combined efforts are most impressive but you forget I have powerful allies of my own wait what what oh come on she's that routine order unites death always prevails yeah I mean no I don't know no wait that's not good ah dice here today they may be merciless killers but thankfully the black order saw the value in me that my father never did hmm and I see value in them as well just imagine what we could all do together and Alliance powerful enough to bring even Thanos himself to his knees and to bring a new order to the universe uh-oh what I think the sun's gonna get you oh my gosh all mine oh come on and you never will school boys there is only one hmm danos mad Titan Oh oh my gosh from this day right I did not see that coming I kind of did all right guys the gals that is going to do it for this episode join us next time for the finale as we save the universe from the mad Titan Thanos the finale of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is tomorrow on ke wings Let's Plays don't miss it thanks for watching

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