Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 – Walkthrough Part 5 – Miles Morales (Nintendo Switch Gameplay)

guys so we've got our brand new squad assembled and ready to take on whatever might be ahead we've got the team of spider-man the dancing venom cuz I've obviously been sitting here I'm like looking at it like venom straight-up doing the Harlem shake then we've got bull Verena and of course the Hulk so pretty redonkulous Lee powerful team also I want to ask you guys a quick question of the day which will be why is it significant to evolve erine and the Hulk on the same team I will just say it has something to do with being first so let me know down in the comment section below what it is that I'm referring to and of course guys don't forget to also hit that like button thank you guys so very much for the support it is that spider oh it is spider-gwen and moths mirela spider-man and Kamala Khan MS Marvel tons Maz morales next-generation world carl oh wow she's really kept track she's a fan girl total champion and inhuman something or another I didn't see the second board then we have spider-gwen got it and she's a cross-dimensional spider woman ready to rock that's because she plays the drum set if you didn't know so that's what that's a reference to okay so I don't know if we unlock them probably wait what the heck why are we fighting them okay I'm actually curious okay come on think I gotta create a bit of separation you know what else I got to do I got to actually unlock okay I'm getting kind of short can I pause whoo okay Spidey so here's where I've gone wrong is that I don't remember that I upgraded where is it okay there it is webspinner yeah I kind of forgot about that didn't I can't afford the second upgrade but it would be a good idea to at least upgrade that I think that's an excellent plan let's hit gr sorry venom Fang upgrade then we're gonna back out upgrade Wolverines klaustreich as well and then back out to Hulk upgrade his ability oh okay yeah and I took so much damage there that is not good that miles Oh we've defeated miles already come on come on get the stun attack I think we got it who the heck is that what is oh okay that's what I was confused I was like why are they attacking us oh no oh it's Mysterio sake Oh special effects wizard reality is his plaything of course after far from home Mysterio is such a hyped up villain and deservedly so he's always been terrific and now he's just actually like properly popular oh no and okay I've defended most of the damage or sort of thought I did come on Oh No we've kind of like been pinned down move move better move okay I dodged almost everything we got miles really really really low okay oh no a miles putting up a clinic what are you aiming at Wolverine they're all so low I think we got him there's Locke John Thank You Locke John is here reviving him sweet Wolverine who okay who got a rare experience whore that was a tough fight man okay so they were being manipulated by material but we don't see actually Mysterio anywhere so this makes things very intense uh-oh we've got some trouble Wow right from one fight to another the main issue here is that I okay this is kind of a terrible camera angle because I can't see where I'm fighting there should be able to oh you can't touch the poisonous gas you know what paying that gas is horrific to deal with okay that gave us enough time to revive Spidey at least by using the stun attacks okay move okay good stuff we're definitely doing a lot better as far as there's like disengaging and then re-engaging when it makes a lot more sense oh can we hit it with the power oh I can't because I'm not switched into the right character all right let's get venom then across I just have to sort of wait until he shells out okay we almost have a stunned one more yes there we go hit him with the specials which should do insane amounts of damage brilliant brilliant okay we're doing really well what's he up to Oh Oh splash attack okay so that's a pretty easy pattern of attack I just have to basically wait until the mist kind of clears out a little bit or else he does do a lot of damage to us yeah it kind of sucks because the more he's surrounded by that smoke the less we can actually do disengage okay we sort of had to is he gonna do that split attack again and now we can deal a bunch of damage again it's super crucial in this game to to go for those stun attacks because if you don't it's like I wish you luck I feel like you're gonna have a very very tough time winning oh okay we're putting together a good performance I mean we just got into the game in instantly for boss fights basically which was kind of insane oh yeah yeah that would be great we just rather have you guys join the team join the alliance instead of having to fight you guys because that was not what I was looking forward to we walked in I'm like oh wait like Miles Morales that's awesome spider-gwen Mr marvel but then nope got to fight him and in two different stages to kinda she's like yeah yes so that's awesome alright so we did quite well there are all things considered so we got Miles Morales to join the Alliance which is awesome spider-man joins the Alliance which is brilliant and MS Marvel joins the Alliance so three brand new characters have just joined the Alliance let's see what they have to say about their mischievous ways before oh you know you guys should maybe not be undermined control yeah exactly okay where do you have to say spiderweb yeah the whole classic mind control thing has happened plenty of times did you say you were from an alternate dimension fair enough yeah sure and miles I mean look at madam he's always dancing what are you doing on the raft got it fair enough okay so one thing I want to do before we continue is actually take a look at how many I don't understand why is the venom level 8 and then these guys are level 6 I thought it would just uniformly keep the characters at level 10 but I guess you have to single handily like level them up which is not ideal honestly but there's what it is I guess so let's say if we wanted to level up Hulk we have few cubes oh wait we don't have any cubes how didn't we even collect one from this oh no it wasn't a cube using the orb that we got this time okay well I guess we're gonna have to do a lot of saving in order to level up these characters cuz yeah I'm not sure if I like that mechanic of where you have to individually level up every character it would have been cooler if it just kind of like level the four characters or the four character spots individuals so that basically it doesn't matter which character you put into the spot it would be that level do you know what I mean I hope that me venom attack I will say venomous insanely opie now to be fair he is level 8 so he's by far the strongest character on this team I also have not really played as the Hulk I'm on it I could imagine that he would be pretty redonkulous Lee powerful and deservedly so of course okay so it's like a ground pound attack what is this other buddy whoa splashdown okay there goes the Hulk leveling up okay we're sort of pinned there okay we've got the stun move it's almost like using the heavy attack when the enemy stunned is not really that worth it because although it does do a lot of damage it takes such a long time to like wind up that attack that based on that I'm just not sure if it's like the most efficient way of getting a victory okay how did he not takes Splash Damage from that okay we got to back off here let's go get some of these orbs there we are I think that's a good idea honestly considering how much damage we've absorbed there did that really do 54 damage like you see this 5,000 but I feel like we could have done three different punches that would have done like more cumulatively speaking then yeah like the triple punch combo does I think like seven or eight thousand damage so I think that it's more efficient to just go for the light attacks once you have the stun and again that will probably differ depending on which character you're playing like I'm sure that for some characters it would probably make more sense to actually go for the other moves oh we can't go up there got it okay I don't know if it just looked like it was accessible there so that's why I was like let's go check out what's over there all right let's get some loot collected we can't go there here okay got it fair enough I guess her heroes can continue this way okay so I've got another checkpoint here which is awesome so we'd be able to either save or of course if we want we could head over to the lab and see if those orbs that we've collected nice we have 103 enhancement points that's pretty cool um what do we increase that's the key here it seems like credits is really the thing we're like low on I guess we could increase that because I think increase in vitality by 200 is a pretty good idea and then I think I want to either increase resilience or durability you think we'll increase can we increase durability can we afford it we can't afford either one of these so let's increase that just because I feel like honestly damage wise we do quite decent but where we do seem to have some problems in my opinion is with health like we do run low on health so because of that I want to try to work on that by increasing our defenses meaning that our health hopefully will go down slower and then I think resilience is another key thing that we need to consider so it'll be a resilience defense and health those are the three variables I want to upgrade first will upgrade attack and such as well but not at this very moment because I don't think it's as crucial to our success okay oh it's Doctor Octopus I think it's octopus maybe we're divorcing him I was gonna say this is your typical elevator level because there's always like an elevator level for some reason in a beat em up game and here we go we got another iconic Spidey villain that we're gonna battle it is dr. Otto Octavius well you're gonna have to try so good luck with that dude you're definitely gonna need it okay proof superior in battle to Doctor Octopus fair enough so what we want to do is almost at first I kind of would like to learn his move streak so he does a ground pound attack okay I was gonna just make a statement about the fact that I feel like he moves relatively slow which did insane amount of damage to him and sent him into another stunned okay so I'm just gonna kind of almost done got him Wow okay I don't know how he shielded so much damage okay that's his new move he did drop a bunch of health orbs Wow okay so he kind of like pulls you into that charge attack which is awfully annoying so it means basically at that point you're best off to just not even try to compete with that okay back up back up back up there he goes with his charge attack I really do think that he's pretty slow as far as like rotations if you can get behind the character you can kind of mess them up pretty easily Wow okay yeah that doesn't do a lot of damage okay that seemed to have like a much bigger arc of attack we're just gonna keep trying to get the stun and once we have way to feed him wood again relative ease that wasn't where's he off to what are you talking about you were just defeated that's that doesn't matter if it was brute force or not in fact we actually did use our intellect because we were smart to predict your moves so that allows us to have completed that challenge and so upwards and onwards our heroes shall go China I guess chase down dr. Otto Octavius okay okay I was gonna say like this did seem almost too easy okay I don't know how to predict which I should have jumped there that was the way to dodge that I don't know how to dodge that I guess maybe if I jump at the same time I'd be able to avoid the damage there he goes okay he's been stunned we're gonna hit him with the ultimate extreme move which me pretty sickly drops him down to like a sliver of Health and we got him so there you go that's what's called defeating your opponent intellectually dark hawk take some notes bro take some notes and he's off man this raft is ginormous considering he can just keep going all the time yeah

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