Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 – Walkthrough Part 6 – Defenders (Nintendo Switch Gameplay)

Dhiru guys welcome back to a brand new episode of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 here on the Blitz wearing our youtube-channel of course thank you guys so very much for tuning in thank you guys so very much for your support I really do definitely want to thank you guys for that and of course guys don't forget if you can please hit that like button down below on this video and as far as the question of the day I want you guys just to simply go on ahead and out of the heroes that we have not played as yet name the one whom you like best because on the next episode we are actually gonna go on ahead and switch up our team again cuz I tried to basically play as the same four characters for about two episodes or so and then we mix it up just so that we're keeping it fresh and we try out all the different characters so let me know down in the comment section below alright so with that in mind let's get rockin rolling shall we so we step out onto the helipad and there he is finally man it's been so much work trying to catch up to Green Goblin finally have which is awesome wait here's an infinity stone he's got the time stone what the heck dr. strange how did you give that up right what's up with that yeah that's a pretty big problem okay defeat the Green Goblin and reclaim the time stone got it can we throw these I don't think I actually do any damage to him on fortunately oh there we go there we are okay I'm missing a lot aren't I there we go he's stunned let's go damage okay we did all right there backup Hulk okay we gotta watch out there it goes I got him half darn it I legitimately thought we had him there there we go he's stunned we should be able to lay the smack it down here okay there he goes I was gonna jolt away which is fine because at this point we can sort of know how to dodge get away I do not want to take damage there okay so we knocked half of his health bar we do also have charge up attacks right now ready to rock and roll which is great where'd he go Oh No just use the time stone wow that took down half my health okay that is kind of crazy there we go so this is where we're gonna do some crazy damage oh no where's yet okay we need to block this is pretty chaotic oh wow that actually did 6900 damage – that was pretty good alright so far so good he's gonna jolt away from there we know that much Oh No look at that literally halfway through about hitting him ok did end up dodging that so for what it's worth I'll come on here solo we just have to hit him one more time there we go whoo that was a tough fight but we did it we got a rare item acquired I also need to revive spider-man there we go whoo what's up you've been defeated Goblin but he still has the stone that was backwards wait he's he's talking like an infinite loop I think he's stuck in a loop yeah they're pretty Clarkin okay the problem here was that I thought we won we had retrieved at least one of the Infinity stones guess that didn't happen what is this this is gonna lead to Thanos there he is No Stannis on the Blackwater and all the heroes were defeated as you might have seen there what this green guy I'm gonna work with the Alliance there's the infinity stone one down five to go right who's talking the ones that were mind-controlled better just so terrified slobbering I almost expected to be like agent venom to be included because that would have made a bit more sense I think you know it's up to us to track the rest down before Thanos can I'd like to say this isn't your fight but you know I so the Alliance has been assembling it is kind of weird to see star-lord in the in the role of like the main hero sorta awkward hey Jones awkward hey Danny and Matt referring to daredevil an iron fist some of the other defenders well I guess on the bright side this completes all the tasks at the raft correct I think so at least let's see let's talk to all the other folks here so usually like the role that star-lord had there is like Captain America most of the time or Iron Man would have that role of like you know riling up the troops so to speak but okay a rallying up sorry the troops what seems to be the problem I think we just saw the future and it didn't look good she wasn't here before was she okay sounds like a good plan to what is camp have to say um prison breaks Infinity stones even with all of these heroes together it still seems like too much to handle I like that attitude cap I like it good attitude thank you for the confidence boost if the Infinity stones can alter time in space why can't we use them to stop Thanos right now Oh got it yeah so what are we supposed to do with them then I like it good good strategy and let's see what the God of Thunder has to say think you could call an extra help from Asgard but isn't this just matters of the entire universe because Thanos is going after everyone got it okay so do you want to check if we can actually grab another upgrade I don't know how many coins we've collected I don't think that many in this episode so far okay so we can definitely grab something like the durability increase I guess there's pretty good idea so let's do that okay so now we talked to Nick Fury who should probably take us on to the next task right well I think we're done at the raft no looks like Thanos isn't reloading his quest for the Infinity stones what the Nova Corps SiC got it if they get the stones well I guess we just saw what happens how to rent that horrible future we've secured two of them already so that's a good yeah we're a third of the way there I agree so what's our next step very cool alpha flight in Canada okay so you sure we can do this Nick I mean we already have a pretty impressive alliance he's right about that okay so we've completed that task and I think that means we get to now leave the raft because everything at the raft seems to be under control now knock on wood which means that our heroes can now proceed to I don't know it almost seemed like several different routes one would be to head towards the Nova Corps to help them and then the other one would be to of course just head where Luke Cage got the phone call from Jessica Jones where he says that he's sorry that she has located the next infinity stone that's on earth so maybe that's the way to go I guess time will tell here in just one moment as we get through this like these little descriptors here strength points affects the hero's physical attack power increasing damage that's a pretty good variable okay here we go we're on earth very cool so looks like we're gonna help out Jessica Jones first okay hello Jessica Jones how's it going there okay did you really look at one of the Infinity stones yep that sounds a continuous tone sure sounds like it the kingpin okay good description where's camping hidin stone oh I remember the Shadowlands store aligned with daredevil going evil somewhat great work Jessica yeah that sounds very authentic she's like she just sounds so annoyed she's like yes I just kind of have to help you guys okay so let's see where we are headed come in distress maybe four coins at least okay well that was a quick transition oh here we go we've got the hand ninjas no you didn't but that's okay I like that we have a new enemy type to battle in this case it's the hand okay can we assure this no we cannot okay so far so good Hulk is pretty ridiculously powerful which I guess it's not anything new wow that looks so epic the Shadowland background that looks fantastic I mean it's not a surprise that Hulk is powerful but I'm just saying that he's pretty redonkulous the old P all those it moves do so much Splash Damage so mix them just incredibly incredibly all wokes viable I did a lot of damage trust in it they defeat this guy there we go hey let me grab that orb nice okay I love that background I also know how the camera angle has now changed to almost make the game into a side scroller for by most accounts here okay it's interesting that you can actually charge up the Hulk's jump attack as well yeah got it to do to do to do to do to do to do looking good right now okay that was kind of as a little scary for a moment because I wasn't sure which pattern of movement that searchlight their hat okay how far does this one go okay I guess we just follow suit hide here for a second then we go oh there's a hidden oh okay what did we need for that one that's probably spider-man and the blue one okay what is that that's not Hulk Wolverine I think Laurie no Spidey could work here move Oh No I'm sorry switch back to the Hulk watch charge up 3000 damage yes Venom's level 10 wait it's venom or highest level coverage I've been out of this team at least sorry there we are okay I'm sort of hoping we'd be able to pull that off just don't think we have the right characters unfortunately okay that's a punch attack that's what I was saying and then Wolverine has the right yeah so what in the heck this is so confusing okay there we go I just went the other way you don't have to do them in the order that they're pictured there so you can go Wolverine first dance spider-man go for his attack whoo okay okay so I'm guessing there probably would've been maybe another Searchlight there but because we've made it through the first one we're fine how did you get here yeah I wish you would have told us how did the kingpins ninjas knew we were coming got it fair enough you don't really seem like the super team type or don't see that's a good point how do we get into shadow and I like that okay cool so she's got another plan and so far her first plan has worked out fantastically yeah I don't know about calling that a plan but hey if it works it works and there you go ladies and gents we're ready to jump into the Shadowland building in order to take down kingpin and retrieve the next infinity stone

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