MARY FLAVIA NAMULINDWA – Reasons why i left my husband and contented mother -MC IBRAH INTERVIEW

or external stress You Tube channel government who since in the Kampala Uganda together Braga to nom nom nom already I think entertainer C or troupe him to do got Romano Moscow Mary Flavia Hamlin my nigga talkin was the fennel Boga Noga Manya even to be engine you assalamualaikum WR in a aquatic wa salaam Virginia casaya she do is knock we attack we are mamamoo Arizona who say desert ideas on SoCo was ever redevelop our server when balance is ax is a very fluffy anomaly in Vakula manifesto kita anymore on America by Jerry Anderson in antimony ins already gone back they tampered a taboo W of water but the most people didn't marry Flavia and numbly into a Coulomb were on a quest to him game on nadir on Davi Akkad Roger Angus mmm the mozuku on Samba in a diamond in Zara a a combi Bacary Sagna yeah cause demands island and product gamba yeah sure okay in the next immunity gone balmy anyone Goomba Canada Megumi so when y'all got trading center once a equivalent company watchable on each other hey buddy come upon you all right oh man the rabbit arena Flavia over 150 comments actually woman who versus o Kesava Mulla Mulla Mulla Mustafa more token selenium we'ii be Julian economist Simon decimating babadook see we so now we promise damage applet in sha Allah to joke one Autobody a time though I want to run very busy bambina ingot women taste again and I watch Mary Jane World War II Basava questa managed to the mundo Kenya under him so you wanna the elders of this country you can make an appointment in shock Acosta about me develop Oh Brock Obama's all I wake up around joinery Rizzo razzo Rahman and Yamuna be kannababu Chima Mabini Zen dip launch I'm not complaining never some camo rabbuna good you're good bitch every single Queen Lisa Cooney my Daniel Lena it doesn't matter because what I'm who you are to me as long as twenty nine in Jogja desi gaana church large single Coulomb aqua nice hotel what I would do is Empire job sorry to single Queenie's the SteriPEN ago oh cool inbound Nobu Takuma would be a big win yes yes okay injera Trulia which every single person user which which infants yes because we are bringing him in front of me long after the odometer and going but much calculus miles there is good jogger extruded a huge lava cilantro Moises Alou has OH – and gobble gobble – an AVO barrymore AHA so they take Akira so it turns and it's not a kiss okay pudding okay at a time your candy is it what's next let's Florida inspiration your katana katsu plane if one way back in school not amusing Yamazaki Genesis there is good binocular little Avenue I need some something on the site to direct more income family was okay Duke restaurant Ghana to beat a video via Mary okay so no : originally Chaka seems very spinnable chicken kept wandering in Canada hmm troop each htj state the state at the capital moon photonic one captor Yvonne tree natural man generation the idea Amazon dispute in mama it won't be a list of new mechanic eccentric no time lucano : ok so now I can turn the cage in a little time to cool a balloon ok thank you so much interaction only the roughly or in a moment when you employ you are employing you can dance yeah I want one Flavia versus flop ashore wassalam ways sure sure I mean brim with Lorenzo and celebrate whoa probably the wall breaker sailor but ovejita Numerical Larry Hisle wanna go chain the catch a mother look presenting media I want to for example we wonder Baca Baca Angela no bite anybody has the nitrogen avocado wound in your gold Islamist now maganda Mateo nama look what so McCurry has seen an image hmm Akula well transport we right Georgia of rehearsal okay I pay them transport then after but you can go : members of an abominable Charla a boo-boo Corinne zinavoy know much vena contract value up a friendly basis they own contract okay contract the list the minimum period bank two years for two years how about the maximum two years two years yes standard no one you know month six months yes so hopefully so it can be renewing and renewable tabulated anything with oh yes Amina lottery no Flavian Amin WA marijuana Melinda mobile car to be combust Goomba is Munem holiday at the same time businesswoman entrepreneur farmer farmer and the mother yeah I like that so forgive me I'm not really having to be Yugi now it's truly the event here know what you call a last yeah yes yet is successful Navy CIO do this and that's opportunity this yeah why heroes day why heroes day what was it person who most amount of a Singaporean a preventive is a missing a couple I want to know did on your Friday hmm he was this boom pop in on Sam yes one it's cumin Korea event you know Serena Hotel bhavani calendar Indian Joe they about what's together so again dog and I you know foodie anak which is the divorce no solar book fitting number your your thing hmm when I love our home last year it was still owner on Mother's Day let's go for Mother's Day yes Thunder still saving this year I'm working on the 9th of June and that it was Sunday yes so they collapsed and is I do it could be following job Jim blocks and they bloom o'clock fry this me I chose offending okay the garage today Nastya what Umbria with imaging the last date was just a culture experience okay so this yeah you with him they dream in the pal okay check it out okay yes okay Daleks from earlier I want to whenever per Avengers you know Flavia honestly speaking people say we saw Kara obbligato New England of freedom city from there to Serena but all of a sudden four years of existence actually Nadia you posted in Australia right because Nala watch each a change a girl hmm money to change a golem at she change one Amazon Adichie Nancy whose number was i bitchy Nancy city I should show gonna take how much footage for choice and join us animals in a kitchen and some of freedom city much of locusts and are you let's say maybe a pool of Akane's of up acquaintance eh of dynamo Rimbaud more commas Latinas no to take I but this is a show from the start up to the end was not a gymnast you've got a chill Nancy and anybody knows okay every four cabinet Billy name is so-so mmm when Turkish iboga much for watching mmm the deco in MoMA wait am I in pillow mmm equally Inga we're cool – I saw on the guru and just fit to provide sivappu Miyako that's nice mom was a way to do so rather much can take a Inga Mizuno who obligate o along freedom City why because any firmly opinion mmm Boca nwanguma buboes attack on the sound in check out the dome city it'll be a while and let you check for what's taking up lunch yeah so trial under seven away because negative ID is a my mood Eddie it is Sun Lounger Sonya be the amber chamber possessor aware that a cool I need up with fortune 500 g no my nose when it's why don't you miss most changes are things I don't think it is very large okay yes there are two no today I want to up to knit away to you now trying to Bangor you must say media Citibank continue now Florida which you seek was 2 and T 1 2 T Sanyo me apart a you organizing something too big which would be organized by someone has a movie industry me a conducive a more homey driving force in a digital which a staff government so can see legalized minor change a gallant men and I'm determined to go for it I'll not wait for somebody turns leather go for it when I tell myself to go for it they're actually burying someone would do they instead speculating the flat we are you know muga got a combo machine for every yoga a Subaru could do Canadian Regina I take up Serena Serena cartogram by a baby bro you know what percent record we de Chasseur Costa Mousa Nevada you know so call quality mic one that is good Jigga so yeah even when I don't have money I can still make it you cannot jung joonyoung bajo chicken mmmh together it doesn't materially cause of Serena but yet successful in life he attend mo st. Emma quality to Casa de alguien you say now that Surya assume young I have over 4,000 people contacts no no there are thousand people my whatsapp mmm 4,000 I can't even show you 4,000 so when a llama named number better when I'm Connie Chung by namu simian given young much you know for those who know me Luigi my friends I keep SMSing them every now and again in the night in the morning in the afternoon every now and again you remind them every now and again they can be a witness Tom Bergen if you like let your way back up why because Jean devil a demon there's no types of wannabe were safety commenting like when I come to Colombo Enoch same Apalachicola go okay Shakalaka whoever's on who joined segawa yeah but they were commander vehicle at the economy be into I want what I militants ago and one kiss kissing but every kiss kiss Viva Vida maybe I'm happy and I permit and Vargas gets one everybody buddy distant create about about the only many projectors just remove a me I look at Chili's any oh my really what what what what Network mine one one so they judge him because there are more money at Wembley water I told miss Kazue remember rain it's because I attitude is a perfectionist so intelligence ago whoever's a new or mu D mu Rho coronet refer you today at industry are you gonna thank you so much booyah to comic-con results severe agenda banana which and I mean aku me always so bigger anisole Flavian Direction really sorry we know what was so pale aqua me 12 upcoming yes a taco chip was a million video then it's okay Meatwad come in a million in business yes step whatever to call me media and video work on each opener then whenever that did me to a locum Jarno Trulli mo coming to eat our when Eric and I'm gonna win de Balam sister Mary Flavia Moondoggie Monica angry insane takers say culture experiences on your committee they dream in the power church note vitamin now the optimism that comfortableness army north and a no pain no generate a Mopar giddy okay Naraku me attach it was a million bill it was a toss it in a very neutral South not to notice coming I'm Sandra and sounds now but himself not no chicken himself Anna Mujib Alamosa Uganda nepeta Messina de fuga woman here it says she knows thank you okay Patti Yamuna Trevor had a party and a la maguro c'mon yeah politics see maybe not Somalia Bamba is gone by the destruction yes Oh JA who Wamba East got em be yes directly elected member of I thought it actually elected you are we writing directly night yeah I tell Wyatt we now woman MP / MPA our constituents yes yes esthetic woman MP yes Flavia I'm a negro someone who descends with your woman impute automatically Wow do not go for one MP nubian opportunity rather than you wake up Chester Chester who molecule we are chocolate a mannequin bomb truth nobody is one of the biggest districts that we have in Uganda come by is for big HIV I'm not over there in pager hmm Kanani mmm contra ecology cover us okay my dude shy and she found please atomic minima Yahweh cha-cha hie Salieri mole de segunda dear come on Jo so everyone mainly colossal a way to gain improper what could we do intermittent to be a mature why we – come on come on come on an abomination uppity moon in a banana mousse every true dragon request by Amun irritability bruh who's honest American Oni boba primary memory de coeur MO second because a Cossack in the school can only burn button and a cobbler sake for my chest college still in Goomba so Catanzaro bazaar okay oh no wow it is I appointed you my language about that very minute they are very many fair women which is okay GABA Mecca about 10 in Quran it is okay you abolished it would you fooling – grandma please eternal oh my god wouldn't give them equality or did I put ticket issued independent but independent yes there wasn't independent probably not even I have a physician imagination and independence blue eyes cause change a girl let what has a choice then geographically independent okay Onuaku either or one of your direct competitors move fame is you not my angel really yeah because you're famous is famous is he also coming is of course so what is your take over that nothing is welcome do not attack America America and women so all I wanted no meat recommend any movie damn he's so very welcome yes so you're ready to have a head-on competition with him positively objectively look at jail yeah look it's ready hmm oh my so anyway becomes I'm ready yes America very was situated man no as in would you mean Oh mantra japa government is a mannequin very much Allah oh yeah gamma Monica in Boca wanna watch Allah how often you would warm up every weekend or in our farm yeah let me know go mmm yes Sonali we can do a good job for anybody not take a ducati experience somebody give them some time that's again a but at least every can you buy two more really inspirational politically powerful items they have a manual on Solomon Tipene and they start judging us nevermind your boons yeah Michelle it from second G it's not even together workers at a second rate that is very class of one shape again the capacity for Michelle's college I was a minister super never mind come to Ghana really sit here Nadi clemency so Brahmin okay never be any number boom constantly kono machi vanamali neighbor artist because you are not just yes sure as well as journalists watch him applicants a new interest g20 they move more quests about 22 into one no no no no no I just want to move why Career Coaching nothing in a question Baba looey hmm I remember yeah but they wanna which other one and two when I got me to you know soakaway sitting up when you wait it is hmm you know who's I'm I'm Joe Cooper close to me they will tell you nothing me and Acharya Castle no no Barry type of Mukunda be checking up on G systems in stumblest yeah Annie Annie then after that with chocolate cutting pretty until you're ready and I'm ready to serve why not who is funding you is going to find your companies no one is funding me no one is funding me I am finding myself okay it anyway I found out when I was a along the way they're welcome but you're nevertheless willing to find Flavia you got a 21 you are welcome for now I got nobody but we wanna Jody will you feel like we're gonna talk abou gain do you want we want to change the struggle please come there are Florida a bonbon of organic ERISA and we say masha'Allah I know you got vomit on Arabic Allison Holker insane what you mean Emmanuel College scenario were in Ireland yes grandpa is June dominating to operative who's got a crystallized Intel go by district but maybe the river mmm people power now people power you know what I mean yeah you know what I mean people know but didn't spin in a room cause what you gotta cover divot and Aquila and not a child him or was it easy yeah see terrible failure with yourself assembly yes acharya Mercier mmm I will no not in our grain in a rim job who I listen when I jump oh boy I now see how are you from your president oh yes okay yes good okay listen when I just not in how come in eternal night Jim Burnett Gerald is managing Bernanke Makoku me Calise guanaco martini Akamai Edina so character to know today a REO or Moochie sorry okay what I was think I know yeah to think I'm a joke Nicole didn't work sure she didn't what was his reaction don't wanna get up corner one but I will put some jam one hour before my mum Pistone yamadonga campaign so we've never done gambit ever me such a one get by the way okay my daddy I live across the way so whenever you have a certain meeting of college angel and sleep it's okay well I'll go do activity okay jaguaron a prediction you how do you see the Parliament having almost 30 percent of constituting of journalists and the artists 2021 house or a house or didn't vote you is not very to each everyone knew jack to jack the color hmm whatever it's already be done we talked about doing not if it was uncommon the Chiefs chamber used to be pretty much yeah like nobody ever talked about yeah because when I would have a dog on the condo that's why they're called are doing yeah Parliament it's much as a joke we're so stupid about artists table Angie Nippon up for one I jumped rates which one mmm throw out your watch or some helmet the last of Brazil one about so Caillou Chaplin you'll say take it after by-elections together so karate at in yoga neutrality achieve an average watch again every Indonesian our yogurt want you yes cut them up let's have that line again could you watch have many more power means trust me note which is a v2 VN g new limited miracle as inch but everybody does Beecher Mukul stresses is angel Gabriel Singham I know so was angel yeah winner and I were talking to Karachi much was a new quando thank you taking about every time the producer for more summer of a primary pocket Oh God primary women are gonna be needing you Julia Pacific can only come in Church of Uganda mmm Kendra's school that is Oliver yes when I'm gonna live or I didn't join HSC I will talk of last okay primary shells College hmm from there I went to work and every Institute no somos semester no no some imodium yes then from Boca del Rio did University in Jakarta to monitor it is so rare comment rock so much high CBD a aware of that Kutty kunda do so no question here a China some onion some accounting multi Business School mmm Venus my PR PR oboro-sama so meet America there are few readers it is surreal mood of summer courses sukham um normally people would work so much degree Maori upgrading again at masters interesting Modi blotch of courses in news channels each other no no yeah Uganda where to come yeah quit Fargo hmm truly ever so mr. Murphy today in Uganda hmm they just and peanuts mmm – so logarithm so miss them hmm no way they don't wanna be some idiot be just so Hollow no when you do wanna us to combust at – hmm what's taking them more amused to be something you only drink teaching mmm what do – really bitch mmm you know why not single walk or jog watch at home – Noah knows a lot about her baby quite happy that they check it up when you go company and party but I do come budding that to this side well you know because they Italian feeling you know maybe I walk up you understand no follow if anybody had ever seen some in Uganda you can't do that well in a way kind of waited do I can't walk or comedy why not books it that's why in some schools I was sort of a bad timing mmm what nothing so sour no onion or not accenting Apollo I didn't walk up when they were look at Nikita Widow anyways I managed to bail she got a so lose a super-sized I've never never not generally don't want my bra general submit about the nights over 100 I grew up in a happy family mmm the trial continues to do I take negligent PC dr. berlando could be a canoe MLP to Mel's every day okay next okay next a little so I don't want my son or my children in the future hmm to go through what I went through mmm I'm planning for them and preparing for them a better future that is that's why I'm doing all that I'm doing now Mooji my kids tomorrow she was sanghavi nest and believe nav income gains demands to babysit the cable man so very cool okay belongs to me number we get it look in the mirror no come on come on oh come on oh come oh you're welcome I'll tell you so much no excited engage when you get a mini Manorama masterpiece our bill is thought to look in the mood class same 11 I mean is that popular in technology what it is okay yes check out – Murray room or knock or Adaro Olomouc so maybe interview you on TV you do it the initial yes that is man up to Friday plus particular troop you know would you take care take care of you also might be how do you balance it so much much mmm let Justin Casa Vida parasite on DVD so from morning what's that before the sour turn or much compass so I turn on car them some banana I'm advocating mmm excuse me so from banana on what money that so maybe angry okay yes forbidden how would they were familiar with my family most of our weekend's I've seen amber EMU my name is Anna cause I took my son to school I took him at school kabocha Junior every day new millennium bomb truck even a messiah so Iran Kazakh and you know committing our chair pose Veronique Assam Nanak avocado banana window cuckoo me name Wednesday a worker no no not bad you know until the following day all right open that lava truly name is Flavia animal in WA to while William at the movie Boozer be my children you know Graham way politics um Quinn you need a garage through the arch oh my son knew before coming to me how was it it was good it was fun mmm it exposed me to the world many people know me as I am I am it was because over impose d'Ivoire Ghana and up to today will soon call me JJ money not because of who I am guarantee I was not a true leader every Sunday you know catchy what kind is a more personal one if a movie Sabbath on summer be found in an alley from the hot umbilical recent attract more users and Sansa in the area has a part of a part of it Beyond Borders has a mint sorry for men and Kinison bikinis okay yes watch what we can do is I think that you were good in what we do Nebuchadnezzar a song don t know we'll have you opened a manga have a very fixed schedule on the tight one arte event will you be H mean I shall find Italians just about possible it anybody returns we all are now buddy now so there's no way you can continue with that well Ivan your bosses have now got a new misunderstandings the other talking about TV I met you at the National Theatre sometime back in with your TV I don't know whether you remember with a girl called Christian okay are you Christian Flavia KO te riku nami a bungalow predicatively sibling a new new new new new year Vuckovich Ala Moana Uganda where is entertainment you have a single who good work no worker one zero where is a man you get the Republican vision Obama are you convincing I want reversing an evangelism of a garage or a one I am Who I am hmm I don't pretend and act so you love me for who I am hmm you understand – I'm a go-getter mmm if I want something I'll go for it if I want something from you I'll come and obesity but here's the thing maybe CDFG do you take it or leave it I will not pretend vo eminent Jemima Rousseff larger the attending of a de grâce of Tristan Oakley of you now coolest monster week a duck mature then jag Allah will never did it who attends Indian Kira mmm was taking it I need to know more talking of my tokens are adamant yes she deserves it she's what the patient first I did attend a college in Pune mmm zip boom bang the transit wheelman Ebro much mother kebab [Applause] the opportunity watch are the do curable orange watch are Visoko Lugano poutine yes more Uganda yes before a new girl or anyone who think of doing Gracie Lou gamble when I want to give up Oregonian I regret good night Richard Acuna Gretchen oh there are similar what is your worst what was your first experience movie [Laughter] what was us x1 why do you blue one it will go go one sound manner had make us monitor nirvana oh my love your wire give yourself over 0y cheese what about me – guru chuckling you want babies that thing do get a camera can pan over to do [Laughter] if you can recall phenomena commanded of an ammonite I think I could be a co okay the conservator mmm catch him come on get out Peter had another Kenya mode in the mood to now kind of see you never never take it up with your body again does chase um come on one of our very very charming Bruce HM money I think each level gone before I remove my cha mmm come on come on I'm gonna know did you know put you in a position that's what did anyone get a second ever crew na boku no kokoro doko be supportive on different now that's really the best experience of where is over gamble best experience man I can't I can't I can't it's a solid II forgot bono city of camera it one of my this surgeon a column like a la puta mirakuru a dress okay so encourage for the Flavian Oh Lou gamble you know una prueba of women experience mu entertainment I want you take a horror grambo audio entertainment program actually material gamba Osaka so quarryman Cola Zahara Toto uh Natalia Josaphat save dia nerve enteral abandon you know reasonable origami not strong in the Queen destroy Uganda yeah do you never want well known to the Chinese are afraid our look field I'm want you to are too late mmm nightly it was up for you mean no get up Oh Inquisition like ammonia means now to be done when I'm out of it because when I'm order by administering you where you could take out not do que me silly Jerry on sank yamanami argan arugula was a jagged ocular chichi judge to cook board here creates Napoles up stories yes why because I got a public attention that's why I said no Cosmo song get up wearing a tutu mmm who govern Angus so answer yeah cause of what new what an annuity volume at a garage organ we thank you ed Coco getting akechi Javert and Archie be Moody under watch and Ruby the kawatche myself much of unions versus that today it is okay good or bad it's publicity you understand stance today is this singer Amal Yamato Muslim or industrial people Michael understands a ninja I tend to see well a lot of attention it was were the two hours you get on social media it is no traitor everywhere well actually you name guy not just sense yeah I did one with a gun by years be say yes developed or didn't do people put in their opinion or personal feeling miserable yes yes they do is it good it depends hmm it depends on which story mmm for example me today welcome to another PARCC exam party people think otherwise but comfy just another exam the Flavia mmm numerator X story yeah mucho industry television wanna just me know when I'm requesting about it turn to grab music should I live in pose I am good at dancing because of tyranny job here are live in polls and see what is going on why are you doing this cuz intercom career walk wanted my cousin my teacher my chapstick cousin munagi so what we'll talk more over table desire okay yes never woke up quicker my beard of the dip with undercover Dean okay there are origami no she's not what you feed her – China – chattering of very much more bit of entertainment gossip celebrity – chattering in a meaning 50/50 why because social media has played a very big role – muku take our and cinch in my time you come out and give one more unit watch me about persimmons many people have it mmm songul little social media literate and of course and if you wake up in the morning and say oh boo Jakarta now you've gone on extra mile November it back on mmm – comedian I did watch me what mmm Malcolm in a public way Yakuza watching what because then chop Runa I changed out another version of what I'm seeing on social media no taking the initial nucleus him no meeting and now Cunha from his mouth that carries more sense than you come in on recording Oh check it out when I come a report about you now sir could be double sim I don't know if you're recording I loved your video everyone would be like Campbell it's usually a leader comes from the vs month okay they're excluded it move arm only while you can always your best friend I'm oh dear by Uganda hmm my best friend what's cool female friends a lot best friends Twain a best female friend why just okay there are few didn't origami nobody was there for gamma know what has been us experiencing the opposite Corrigan Benji if you can recall when I must my son hmm I love those stories we have about me we are written about me every day today shall be to for nobody look I'm not talking about it bro I keep telling my friends and those who are close to me those were me up to me it's even began I'm already about not about my tooth mmm put me right a motor but not about my truth hmm Parker not until they write about you what they passed on you know very well what study would you chose formal ways to manage – mmm back on level one this a good mood – oh my new aluminum I knew because nobody knows you better than you know yourself yeah you're right what do you want to charge so much much – mmm another two more on this circle oh man what y'all took me to a question but not come out to be able to be – you might say she's like cause like one ikkaku you know I know myself deep inside you understand that's it okay there are fluid when you know the story of Wanda quark he will feel warmth Oh amore governing of Astorino Gaga Monte guava duo force of obsidian said Bella zqm Rambo is it true it wasn't so much that was image was vision I don't know and it's that right I don't blame them yes I don't blame anybody because Romani what did we go get a child each other I saw download the chocolate chips and this is that you find chicken get the bank account I will endure to develop restore energy move from your buttock Anya may house help our house-made Thomas s flow what is the truth of that about that story there's not any truth libera I have more than 50 people in my troupe yeah yeah but I be a problem with my eyes over 50 people in my true mmm-hmm I have more than one made at home mmm have two husbands mmm why that should we say it's worried of a mafia developer Flavia to go be about gonna be no let me tell you something there's no any my friends up in question hmm what about which is about to achieve about to because then I work watching Meganium Avis a Macumba saying I know what single never a lot has been said about me it has been talked about me true so forth has been say just about what you sing an awkward but you know my chain number as IPTV India hmm it's time it stopped increasing my bank account each time each time you end up who it stands it got my chest at a mini-mart is a stage turn to tale of love I'm still standing I am strong I'm an even working then why give imitation I will endure a traveller who are weary Ingham because or even ammonia gas oh my own experience as a property singer I tell you a celebrity over the moon limelight but waking up in everybody everywhere we go and they keep to our neighborhood everyone the kid grew up a bit share the truth did you tell you what you sing garbage in the water this is Daniel one decision wholesome it every every particular cosa the beach again you call it because write about me or the write about me I still remain mean five animal you don't change yes yes you wait upon me to death you who's right she's the care of it but rude probably more formal 200 enormous idea Wacha oh why Charla well yeah Angela well okay combined officially officially know it but have somebody in my life yes okay – Maria Amalia governor go for Angie when M wama can UK no more what is that for that is it we know more yes to get name forever you know moi makan UK no more yes he's doing a theater bring my things he that just let him at my place that's it whatever I do who is a moment when my son was one month hmm yes LeBron when was what one month that's all know he's making six years soon so you can tell oh man I do one man yeah Lewis ableism oh me me me me mom can you cover is Imani Imani that's not bad he doesn't and I don't want it look got freaked him out on social media and his alias on the father of my kid yeah yeah yeah yeah you know about Mysterio festival and what does they want he came out on Facebook and said he is on the father of my kid they went for a DNA it profited resources the mokuba moi and he came out and site I bribed FB n hmm I didn't go with I didn't go away but I chase time I know what if I kill him so I can a boo-boo to Navy Medical Bay okay trauma two adults two million still about Miami can you can are we talking about just one more one more last question about something about him one more last question because it oh man watch when travel agency indeed well knew about – and villainy and they just know yeah which is verbal direction ordinary American acaba organic Devon umezawa a mechanical apartment we have an opposite Wanda home physical signal isolation acetone scenario naturalism so city in the hands of who you are him there is apartment so was verbal in the garage we don't wanna way away Melina Mercouri Barnett I wanna sing with when I began Portugal until you moraga way aunt Cass exchanger that would be another story Mahajan agamas FG eternity ibrahim mahogany – named Marilyn Amin WA Ta'ala David revenge Americana fat or even amaldi however wah-wah-wah Morioka forma Baba Yaga's en de trabajo en j- o novita in a PITA so – Latoya – Toma few 100 Ala Moana mall DHA artists so bottom bar Babbitt Otomo perfume fo so to beretta named Imani Vivek Wadhwa KB tofu bone Novello Guerrera oxen vomit Roku do computer knowledge Fannin inoperative arabesque journalism novelization of sovereign election overviews Oh okay so your boyfriend I don't know collodion but I had my producer daddy I knew Kravitz so every now and again very much look when you achieve it every now and again the human produced a chain all about it right but never touch of opportunity but I love was until they leave is mm you are going to notice this supposed to occur in the cultural really magical it is and the other produce as well so you don't select your own music Bakugan buy a chocolate then we'll know present a chocolate chip so they though the public doesn't know to Flavia mama can be Joe : laughs laughs yeah is there to present each item we're doing so for them they feel insane take int vouchers not sure mmm Caesar the cranial base so by then I had my producer who loves you so much catalyst right sir but there was no collision between me and you after today emolia gonna whelp standoff first envelope garment you are gonna grab it first time I don't remember okay yeah okay Flavia – why I am between social media Verico information in Eng I want to walk it even to the vn0 so – Dean I wanna know Pareto and demo every bouzoukia mbuna going to be a gala why do Christians economy me you know do you watch because it is it is where you were between a emolia now I even thought about making you you haven't had a bad experience with a musician there's a girl who came out and say it you Flavia could even come on come on loser I never not gonna survive even coma coma I just yes sentimentally well I do whatever I do for you today okay recording why not get it but again that she's not she get the city cut more get out do we don't talk don't have to look so much without one go get a night so women are pretty massive are at the Popo TV I'm gonna go watch it it's okay yeah and I was IA bruh go balls out the Flavian ABCD indoors are you I can't stop you from glow that we are gonna yes since the name money focusing of Shinobu same so my chakram Akuma katakana whenever someone is in the Kapolei become a PA because even if you come on phonetically no music one more fleshy foot 91 a Verna number cut your nail pull everything by you by you okay I want you in their own way if you never know we might have money but it with your move be ready because when you're nature thus a gallant and look whoever the text me on social media I've never come out and say ABCDF do nothing Cena would put your mind shall we attack all right these people are so strong and powerful behind the killer 100 check it when you meet them in person as it was supposed to start he would invent my name already four neighborhoods when I got used but I will have come you know Jimmy we're taking Kobus a sane person but about the behind computers behind their phones oh she was document Olga the Flavian Flavia and the garage two more Iroquois mokuba anomaly of a single Indian Union case in point South Africa and Dubai as any and ohsas over 400 vomit only in America never quarter South Africa need to buy putting up a pathogen kuma para you always see what wartime would resent you remove urge to what what time Flavio meringue gosh annoying in you where you got assaulted why are you business change it up otaku came home irrational more accordion de inevitable by magic contingent in uni in unitary Inger TV visible Calico Avram mmm yes intellectualized M comma union is linear but show me to manage it in hmm social media they take up social media ginger galangal mula be sure they are better to rabbit which rotate are you what take it Thank You music 191 I took some pictures when I was in America maybe take out right now being an you catch a key Nate a couple boost on America mmm no Jenny muscle F universe mmm what's taking so I put what I want you guys to see so with the movie la biblia take out such a medium camp hey that didn't you didn't know you know what fine you are you going down would you kidding again it was a very South African white over I have disease tree that business them generating economic South Africa men don't go put in your wall look in the South African I know should you change in local i/o mmm that's it he let me relish against a solid over image any South Africa the Navy fool Oh South Africa company game India mangy but I have my my my brothers my sisters in South Africa in Jakarta to nudity do bodywork um okay nevermind give mangy Almora Nationals on that show no cool Munna quiet living every week maganda manga hit one and another guy I'm not bulimic wanna change in having and and have my brothers in Dubai and my brother in South Africa Patrick McKenna my sister's the older so be manga stressing it would when I leave mmm South Africa it's not it's missiles on Africa it's not so clean you know get anybody we can to grind up and when your turn it is okay chip Oaxaca region with a narrow funding and there's no composites and our funding England is not a mini no Messiah unnatural Samuel Azuka okay I find myself number three my brothers as well as well but funding okay what was socially Germany wrong a maybe more yes med eliminated mmm big apple yourself many more many mom will George ready boys my good good friend my good good friend my best of friends hmm I met many more some years back was thinkin on Nance Anna who budgeter that that Biden a sauna budget Ali Big Joe Mixon through Muslim it jomkwan Anupa miles via active Mela Ram it in a MIDI never Sangha well Vanessa me mmm miles I introduced in you on me mmm Okafor did you I'm a quadroon it to my smock I never said well to me would be enough they do have affinity switching connected yeah never have a funny and guarded could you say good enough I woke up in mid Flavia mmm no Flavia here's the thing under something to me you got me another one in the minivan a.m. cause ain't you he's my good friend that's all Roger on trauma protocol because Mannion are you Sonia an image in a fragile one I enjoyed talking with about well I got to do one but I don't if neither you know um he have only one day come I say hello didn't land it okay we have you under stress Mooji Ibrahim Kazakh Mehadrin America Vietnam nimbala to why our at engineer I will embody megalomania who gaze upon do queries upon G corner Ahuja so every 100 Patricia Avanti okay Onuaku bolero flavia Bertrand arena of a child entertainment industry most of them have been vulnerable when it comes began bah-bah-ba-wa into six to achieve our gonna what do you take over that it is true it is sure you sure yeah sure it is true one for those artists I wasn't going to ieave me I can do karate but produce and I'm come by this one and that one because I might look for co-occurring not if I give in I'll be like grim I'll be like Giuliana at the end of the day Mitch stop making up but that's it's so true mr. Berger magician once you are talented hmm you believe in yourself you don't have to give in your body to achieve Jota Nina have a kind of a gamble on Pilates Aucilla mmm wait I get at our temple are to talk to Karla industrial Canaria music mmm no one is saying t wanna know wanna know mmm not talking that to me you're just you making there is your money that was Bella thank you I don't want to give examples but I've come around give you examples this one's a general sentiment what happened are you whenever there's and boy who came no one can ever got the same city can I not sent you know that today way see so chamber couch in Mogambo really I'm gonna watch TV right now whether the gem industry quite an polar body talented in Veneto goals you don't have to pay anybody to play your music too we're an open studio a diversity across our budget we are canonical knows a grow organic whatever man take a one man take a worry honey service or sell at a see a guar same charco verde Bonhams a gigantic wave a cockatoo d adjustable were manooj attack single yeah of course cause we were well no interested you hmm [Laughter] [Applause] a flat via TV Estela TV a clayey TV a few nah she do you understand mmm so back to my sister Sola so pull down pull up I do so sit very much I'm gonna be like about your body mmm you know quite a cooler knock why are you back here what you want get me that job well I'm gonna carry back because they beat a about you why – Paula Paula I do so well Paula Paula but just about uniden monomer woody I told him or art or water cannon where I married in Hawaii me Jesse Duvall Maura we talk about Elijah because we never lose about cubby mmm I mean Bella was about happy chocolate yourself well whatever animal did China ma didn't not formally welcome to Kentucky now able to be a child here intervene so chilly chilly chilly but ami attack a moon in Libra you lose nothing bend low go for somebody below me that show me Tessa what check it Bobo no guarantee do you wanna be Nagas you walk happy mm socket which would you yeah what do you wanna be not yet de Vaca isn't gonna kind of sickly Tessa c'mon you know they are truly a baby boomer opinion Telemachus to the industry are you gonna be family never gamble show pura vida por Vogue and in nigeria nigeria wanna ymv where we wanna go pull a baby but I'll get you a tip yeah I'm sorry to say this much for them ever but receiving end mmm Oh check it they ever on the receiving end that amanda gaeke we don't you go get it can be ruined you move our wine and wassail suit even when they are going astray oh bugger number one collection as matter emotive awkward today mama token the way arm would be together we're gonna Moria gambit by moto conga packing site mmm no more demo a second Tara chicken Bob and oh really well finish is the beach or pneumonia here you get a fully mmm without payment without anything yeah they took medulla to our knowledge for worried Nadia I'm not an average what's all about example doesn't ever want to cloak of stories okay I put a my job but you know mmm mmm just a macabre body tavern to a veto of a even remember garlic with a crucifix and sorry to say this lamp orphanage is offended by your new beau who dominate took a woman domani to the honeymoon yet other v9b Italian next frame boffin H is do not Erica cost Facebook pages rasool allah ganga yamuna march again go free bah bah-wah emperor nacho costa remember Oh Monica started Bothnia America minister gambar Flavia what happened are you fine Avicenna botanical way to Nanda Parbat Oh Julia Western and capital of Oriental cat actually produce our own leakage whatever wound in average job Munna I am telling them as users tip over the world aqua gala never Milagro would say story mama daddy okay integrity Flavia Oh acoustical pollen I have available we do a report nor to mama would eat it all companies chili that I met you hmm because what took a predicate Giacomo's it italic praising hmm and unless otherwise want will never said yeah now hmm so we'll suffer from Baku Baku tobacco by Aditya what circuit so if you'll be made no I took a cab stand it y para gently yeah right there but I don't know what yeah you number two attack such things happen or the Chancellor burger Manya it to change or Coronado okay but managed organs or phenom side Jim but your jumbo jail Yang Guang will come up when your typical Kamiyama so the manage any no Cola meaning okay the new column entry under champion evil minion 31 engagement that's it generally the Omani Magua morio-kun Oh Ramon even : you never swatch to know motivates us to a corner choose a temperature to do today today today today Jeff Jeff Bernat rights and Oh mmm Artemis is your inner pocket okay unless otherwise okay I seen each alpha be just over luck woman two centers areas are gonna be born in welcome I will be throwing up 1 million EMU car you will feel like tornado South we're checking Solomon anima Flavia we're paying you five million just definitely room with agenda will not eat Amazon where is its average testgen mother so there's not enough money nature's easy double finical Mecca or Kabaddi team in DoDEA okay nobody Richard what was that mmm nobody monkeys is that mmm you know charger to take a walk on minions until a new which again there's enough money that should know what has been your biggest challenge mo are normally you can grab it could even be people judging you from afar hmm they look at you on TV they special it and disparate and Pokemon are gonna watch re wonder what because of what they see de Vaca money but because baklava TV when you go-go Club oxy view but trying to close a document in you next thing I know women know I love that right yeah baccarat tree no not seriously opportunity oh my community a certain a man attached we are like our ticket day but it's immobile in every night I'm an auntie woody woody mojo was no presenting no bra there is look floodgate hmm this is for Yahoo TV and the flag on your life hmm you might find if luggage is me fly been real life change in mililani no mistake it so break it out to judge Jim I don't judge a book by it's cover don't look at the person on screen and such so in the website at them we are watching or melodia male I'm gonna write about folklore is then usually male of never you do about drain it bruh tourism to ship water Oviedo was of you the Flavia naman women the school I go back a lacuna for heaven's sake Jeff come into depth strong behind kibbutz talk money tell number a simple around guru nanaka man so such people Timothy that would take opium as well it was if I don't get I don't give a I want a manager Robin provocative is iike Arivaca compared a van to the Goomba is Chewbacca hombre bonamo Ljubica very not industrial worker cocaine a removable cat lover career the Assad regime they could have closed that began a course on how to well the bill sank I wanna tell you bill Sango good about to go boom but Flavia welcome back to TV Tovah was an inny opponent or think anyone ever said Nevada border much because I let you open or nature do a video we never eat or whatever my motor car was empty that's why I would often a person whose the iris age to talk her to fail to your computer to demo beyond but was it a pelican opportunity yeah not 20 Megan so one miss I'm gonna tell you your charm video questions mmm but not between Olivia new Broadway Olivia maybe maybe maybe talk whatever mmm to Canada well jalabiya true New York's a vinegar center cause the septic it was it yeah was that every only chew on get up were terrible at talking band on that to done yoga okay is acquitted to Solomon Terry Murray movie brother koukin enemas nanny money versus Runa mmm we're not gonna flood the octave into you Megan Fox in a massive donor centers no don't hang get ketchup will get it who the concrete organ innocent or take it to go very Navy graph jaguaron pain about Obama is to combat its constituents mmm I want to achieve goals are I want to win Benja I want to win more money I want to wear GDD I want to wear cannoli I want to be me ecology I want to wear cast Eva I want to wear my cup warmer you're way more quality you know about walk Marlo about with banana man you wanna go hmm when I'm on a particular object is a phenomenal deal Debbie cigar child cool honest and Tommy Tommy from that none come on come on come on t21 acaba little Sawa would be a subway after 12 editable but number 20 bug a Magna beam G near 2021 Munda be done got Nana so much other sake so cool mm-hmm take a long period but artist Chewbacca hmm but if you know Penniman too much cool in sa joke and in see a choke there's one officer media Italian forgetting know at the end of a Jamar was mmm gonna show ya my knitting bassoon mmm gamma Trudy bow deserve a challenge I was right about Jamal the story they give me was increasing at all so so I want finished in my language money until say to today I am here I'm not going to be here I don't worry I'm going over killing it let's take it today I am here I'm not going to be here tomorrow today I'm Flavia tour I'll be somebody else yeah well she'll get it so we should win it each other we need one another artists you need us musicians you need us we need you as well so good you're much Hollywood could leverage our equal justice souter automotive tech company again sir because goring is slow but happy now I have been a miracle to me mother moon a member called a customer hello Oh Bravo you're changing the magnetic abdomen to Jehovah now when the canola period to Joan Kjaer producer but while umezaki megawatt a player which is you tell me tended me2 for when you're my rock I don't know Coulomb music on balloon today are gonna be kinda busy mmm Bernie become trash talk never know do Cooper you betcha do positive work okay Jack I don't care about more vodka when a motive unknown you know candy bars of Cola man animal is the man we got a booty a girl's gotta do is walk my money what successful new water kamut win money with the money daddy my waivers are never never gonna gamma Chi on get a mom Tom what there's light at the end of the tunnel you might not be appreciated now you may not be appreciated today but just we note later on I now say my I worked a father Uganda but they're not real I'm already so terrible Manya nobody move up it won't get in Moscow I told you know GU sh t what every what I got a name was it two years for you [Laughter] kappa batman together alternate way they may not want to delivering opposed to a word you think about software why wait isn't one okay okay yes Omar whenever I have from the doctor was over they were to occupy a meter to hunger okunoin Yahoo and Charlotte or open on your bicycle to experience thank you this Sun torture okay Charlie akhenaten Salvati nam san sebastian de que tengo la would thank you okay Villopoto metaponto manga Angela to Mira como con una Moneda Wonga Mary in gravelly pono promoter you can't mommy adios today Americo Novato vltava nouveau a Bassanio epidemic an ethnicity Soccer Academy ma to medical and to mirror on Purim Alabama Richmond now intimate deco and to marry Fujio say jobs link become an ass off oh yes to medium just a jobs link to make the ricotta Experion that is very good Marian Gaborik appearance of nava nava nava nava florida across the wall emanuelle manga or emo american bottom edit Arzo then enter melody area area South Africa oh thank you so much Mira Mira Sarah Elena Olli you kow en sofa nava nava nava nava across the wall d thank you so much ibrahim Okazaki mahogany Bevers Bevers Adele rom-com abba-abba-abba Salam o mu Arabs even briquettes evo-devo martyrdom Burundi alhamdulillah – quarter gram episode 8 the cabrakan Kazakh Manya Ganga team of Ilocos extra una I salute catuaba Musa thank you so much

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