Mass Effect 3 – Peace between geth and quarians ( Renegade speech )

you know who I am and what if we don't let you continue I disagree and so do the billions that are rising up to resist you we might surprise you our orders with no solution you're just machines this time the organics are taking control they're doing fine you're the ones who should worry tell your friends were coming for them nevermind I'll tell them myself Shepard we can confirm that the Geth are no longer being directed by the old machines we are free every commander the gift only acted in defense after the creators attacked do we deserve death what are you suggesting not great with the old machine that we could upload them to all Gath without sacrificing their independence you want to upload the Reaper code that would make the gift as smart as when the Reaper was controlling them yes but with free will each GAF unit would be true intelligence we would be alive and we could help you our fleet is already attacking uploading the code would destroy us Shepard you can't choose the guess over my people do you remember the question to cost the creator's to attack us Tallis aura does this unit have a soul no I can't risk the Quarian fleet not to save the Geth Shepard with these upgrades our fleet could retake earth we could assist with the crucible please this is not justice tell with it Legion upload the code tele patch me in uploading 20% everyone listen up this is Shepherd if you don't want to be blown out of the sky in about half a minute stand down now this is Admiral Tully Sora Shepherd speaks with my authority 60% the Geth are about to return to full strength if you keep attacking they'll wipe you out a few years ago I saved you from the gaff at the Citadel just recently I helped you take out that dreadnought 80 percent but I'm through saving you if you keep attacking I will stand and watch while the gap lay you to waste it's your call Sheila's alive error copying code is insufficient direct personality dissemination required chevy commander I must go to them I am I'm sorry it's the only way Legion the answer to your question was yes I'm not telling thank you Kilis alliance commander Admiral run I heard your ship made a crash landing glad you got out in one piece I was listening over the radio if my girl hadn't stopped he did we have taken heavy losses I don't know if we can where I was it was gone you are welcome to return to Ranikhet Mehran with us region no I'm sorry commander leach have sacrificed itself to give us all intelligence it will be honored and we will honor Allegiance promise the GAF fleet will help you retake earth and our engineers will assist in building the crucible as with ours of course ever had you considered possible settlement sites we the southern continent had excellent farmland as I recall are you gonna be okay I believe so commander thank you chopping for another house Beach friends property blame it fast it's a buyers market you okay I know working with the Geth will be difficult I'm not staying I'm coming with you I thought your people needed you so so that's usually kind of a big deal for you I gave up my father for my people I gave up my freedom for an admiral position I didn't want I'm not giving up you tally I don't know how much time we have left I don't know if we can beat the Reapers but whatever happens I want to be with you then let's go make sure your new homeworld stays safe Thanks when this is all over when I know my world is safe then I can come bill to that house on the homeworld you've blown up more buildings than anyone I know it'll be interesting to what you try to build something it is beautiful though isn't it yeah it is it'll be years before we can live without our suits completely buzz right now right now I have this you said I love you and you said heal us alive at one time I know whatever happens I know

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