Mass Shooting in El Paso

>>Shooter wrote that manifesto and that this
was inspired by his hatred of people here in this community
>>That’s Beto O’Rourke showing just how horrified he was as many of us have been over the mass
shooting that took place in El Paso, Texas over the weekend. 20 people were killed and dozens more were
injured as a result of this shooting. It took place at a shopping center in El Paso. The shooter then went into a Walmart and continued
opening fire. Now, the authorities were able to apprehend
the gunmen, and he’s currently in custody. He’s a 21-year-old, who had posted an anti
immigrant manifesto online right before he committed this act of domestic terror. Law enforcement authorities have delved into
the background of 21-year-old Patrick Crusius, whom two officials identified as the suspect
who opened fire in El Paso. At this point everyone has identified him
as the shooter. What may have motivated the attacker remained
a focus of investigators, who have examined a manifesto posted online that included screeds
against immigrants. So the manifesto specifically referred to
migrants, specifically Mexicans, taking over the state of Texas. He also referred to it as an invasion, something
that we hear quite often from the likes of Donald Trump. He would refer to the migrant caravan as an
invasion. And he also talked about how this was what
he needed to do to essentially protect the country and protect the white race, which
he was concerned was being taken over by Latinos crossing the border. Now Sheriff Richard Wiles from El Paso said
quote, the Anglo man came here to kill Hispanics. I’m outraged and you should be too. This entire nation should be outraged. In this day and age, with all the serious
issues we face, we are still confronted with people who will kill another for the sole
reason of the color of their skin. And it shouldn’t really be shocking or surprising. We already had a giant issue with gun violence
in America. We already had a giant issue with mass shootings
in America. And then when you combine that with the rhetoric
that you hear from Donald Trump, this type of action shouldn’t be surprising. And it should be a moment of self reflection,
especially for Trump and the right wing. And Cenk, before you jump in, I just wanna
show you, compilation, just a few examples of what Donald Trump has said about immigrants.>>When Mexico sends its people, they’re not
sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems
and they’re bringing those problems with us. Illegal immigrants with criminal records ordered
deported from our country are tonight roaming free to threaten peaceful citizens. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists and some, I assume are good
people.>>President Trump today tweeting without
any evidence, criminals and unknown Middle Easterners are mixed in.>>Take your camera, go into the middle and
search. You’re gonna find MS13, you’re gonna find
Middle Eastern, you’re gonna find everything. This is an invasion, when you see these caravans
starting out with 20,000 people that’s an invasion. I was badly criticized for using the word
invasion. It’s an invasion and it’s also an invasion
of drugs coming in from Mexico, okay?>>So in the manifesto it talked about a Hispanic
invasion and it said send them back. And then it said that if the country falls
it will be because of the fault of the traitors. So all language that Donald Trump has used. If you can’t see the connection you’re trying
desperately not to see it. Either because you’re a right winger who wants
to protect the president under any circumstance. Or you’re the media and you like to do political
correctness cuz you don’t wanna be yelled at by Republicans. So you go, well, it could be that or could
be this. No, it can’t be of anything. So now if you wanna say, well, does that mean
Donald Trump is personally responsible for this? Well that’s an interesting conversation, that’s
more theoretical, what degree of culpability does he hold? But was the guy encouraged by Donald Trump’s
rhetoric? It seems plainly obvious. He’s saying the same exact things as Donald
Trump, a dawn, etc. Now, is that the only reason why this shooting
happened? Of course not, there’s a lot of people that
are angry in a lot of different countries, right wing borderline fascists in places like
Brazil, but they don’t have as much access to weapons in other countries. Brazil’s already bad enough with plenty of
weapons and a lot of violence, but not nearly as bad as us. Because we have 300 million guns. So are the guns a huge part of it? Obviously, look, anyone who says otherwise
is either lying or a moron. You can’t kill 22 people with a knife or a
rope, it’s super hard. So every once in a while there will be a rampage
with a car and somebody will be like aha! There’s one exception or two exceptions. No, the exception proves the rule, and over
90% of the time it’s a gun, and it causes mass damage that other weapons cannot cause
cuz it’s designed to kill people. And when you mix in the toxic stew of guns
which has been driving mass shootings for decades in America. In other countries that don’t have them. There aren’t mass shootings. It’s a fact, I don’t care how much the right
wing cries about it. They shouldn’t be crying and worried about
the actual people murdered. Instead, they turn around and they’re like
my beloved NRA, I have to go protect the NRA instead of protecting actual citizens. While they pretend to be pro-life. No, you sold out the pro-life movement for
the benefit of the NRA and so the gun manufacturers can make more money. So don’t ever call yourself pro-life, cuz
whenever this happens you make excuse after excuse after excuse for guns that are designed
to kill people and a lot of people. And then you put in the white supremacy and
the hatred and the demagoguery, and it becomes obvious. Do you know that there is a study done that
after Donald Trump gives a rally in a particular place, hate crimes go up by 226%. 226%, guess where Donald Trump had a rally
six months ago? El Paso, Texas.>>Yeah, exactly, and speaking of Texas, last
year in February, the Washington posted a breakdown and analysis of campaign contributions
given to Republic lawmakers, they’re mostly Republican lawmakers by the NRA. And what they found was a huge bulk of those
donations go toward lawmakers in the state of Texas. And so that’s the reason why Republican lawmakers
on one hand can protect the gun lobby and go against any and all common sense gun legislation. And at the same time, argue that they’re pro-life,
because they’re doing what’s convenient for them in any given situation for their own
political career. They want the NRA money. So they have to protect the gun manufacturers
they got to ensure that more guns are sold. So their solutions usually include let’s arm
more people, right? And then on the other hand when they’re confronted
with Evangelical voters, they pretend like they’re pro-life. They don’t stand for anything. They’re literally spineless hypocrites. Well, not literally, but I mean, they have
absolutely no courage, right? They have absolutely no real principles or
values. They’re driven by their own self enrichment,
their own political career, that’s it. That’s all that matters to them. They’re not interested in representing the
American people.>>Look, then there’s the Dayton shooting,
which we’re going to get into later. But in that case, Senator Rob Portman from
Ohio, how concerned he is, not that concerned, blocked any legislation on gun reform, why? Received $3 million in bribes from the NRA. Now they’re legalized bribes in our country. You could just give a politician $3 million
and he’s still fair and neutral. No, that money does not affect them, hilarious,
ridiculous. Mitch McConnell’s gotten over a million dollars,
Donald Trump’s gotten $30 million. That’s why after each one of these tragedies
he comes out and says, we’re gonna do something. And then he turns around a couple days later
saying just kidding, we’re not going to do anything. In fact, actually we are gonna do something,
we’re gonna sell more guns by arming teachers etc. So they’re never going to do anything about
it because they’re corrupt. And anyone who doesn’t call these politicians
corrupt is doing political correctness. I know Senator Portman or Senator McConell
and I run into them in the cocktail circuit, and so I feel a little uncomfortable calling
them corrupt. Or Republicans will yell at me, Fox News will
yell at me. Those are all excuses for why you lack courage,
but they’re not reality based. Everyone in the country, 96% of Americans
know that the politicians serve their donors and not their voters. You know what federal background checks poll
at? 97%, we still haven’t passed them.>>Exactly, and even if you look at various
recent polls, on whether Americans want stricter gun regulations, two different polls, one
of them is Reuter/Ipsos. Reuters/Ipsos and they found that around 60%
of Americans, this is polling both Democrats and Republicans, want stricter gun laws. So the narrative that you’re hearing from
these right wing lawmakers is a false narrative. This assumption that no Americans don’t want
gun control, this is a second amendment right. No these are talking points that are fed to
them by the NRA.>>And let me be super clear, the House has
already passed federal background checks, that’s the easiest, most mild form of gun
control. 60% of Americans say they want much more gun
control, okay? But 97% say at a bare minimum we’ve got to
do a background check in people buying guns to Democratic leaderships credit, which is
rare. They already passed it back in February. So the Senate has blocked it and Donald Trump
says he would veto it. So if you are looking for who’s politically
responsible for these shootings, it is definitely the Republican Party. 100%, so they didn’t pull the trigger and
there are a lot of different factors that go into why the shooting happened, as we just
explained. But if you’re looking for who’s politically
culpable, it is not 50-50. It is not even. Anyone who says it in the media is a liar
and are cowards. The party responsible for the mass shootings
and doing absolutely nothing about them politically is 100% the Republican Party. So if you like mass shootings keep voting
for Republicans. They literally say we will do absolutely nothing
about them. And you know why the reason is, everybody
in the country knows it, except the media who won’t report it as such, cuz, my God,
it would offend people. It’s because they take bribes. They take bribes from the NRA, which is run
by the gun manufacturers.>>I have to add one other thing, so since
we’re talking about Texas. The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott had of
course loosen some of the gun regulations in the state. And in announcing it, he decided to do this
like press conference at a gun range. He’s at the gun range, he’s shooting the target
sheet and then at one point, he essentially holds it up and says, I’m gonna carry this
with me in case I. And I’m paraphrasing, but essentially I’m
gonna carry this with me in case I come across any reporters. So not only do they serve as puppets for gun
manufacturers, they also incite violence and glorify violence against individuals they
simply don’t like. In this case, journalists, which by the way,
what does the First Amendment say? Right, the First Amendment, it comes before
the Second Amendment, talks about freedom of speech and freedom of the press. But these authoritarian zealots, don’t care
about any of that, they don’t. All they care about, at the end of the day,
they don’t even really care about protecting guns, they care about protecting their political
career, and that’s it.>>And today, Donald Trump did a tweet blaming
the media for this. In other words, you should be really angry
and go after the media. Well you already encouraged the guys to go
after immigrants, you already called the media the enemy of the state. So now your response to a mass shooting is
a basically threatened violence against the media. So, I mean, if anyone is having an honest
conversation about this, this is a no-brainer. There is one side constantly encouraging violence,
hatred, fear, and demagoguery. It is the Republican Party, if you say otherwise
you’re totally full of crap.

100 thoughts on “Mass Shooting in El Paso

  • Think about this: In terms of "incitement" of hatred and killing, Trump is Manson on steroids. And they are both at the head of "cult" movements..

  • Let's blame Trump and let's blame a right winger for Sandy Hook because Obama liked kids and the shooter hated Obama. Get over it folks this is mental illness and PC making people keeping there mouths shut.

  • When Trump says "When (X) country sends its people, they're not sending their best", it's SO childish and/or willfully ignorant. Since the days of the Irish potato famine, the people "sent" themselves out of pure desperation for something better. And I'm quite sure the desperate, fleeing masses weren't forced to take I.Q. or other "worthiness" tests at Ellis Island.

  • Two things… Trump had a rally where when Trump asked what to do about immigrants a person in the crowd yelled "shoot them" and he laughed it off and made a joke.

    Second they apprehended the shooter and took the mass murderer alive. I remember a while ago when there was a black man shot dead for being suspected in a mass shooting and turned out to be innocent. They never even tried to apprehend him.

    The problem is that our country is fundamentally flawed and unless we address this problem we have a legitimate hard look at ourselves we have no foot to stand on.

  • Why dosen't somebody mention the ANTIFA Liberal leftist progressive mindless shooter in Ohio, Connor Stephen Betts who was a Socialist Satan worshipper and wanted Liz Warren or Bernie Sanders to be president.

  • Black America has woken! They see these Radicalized “leftists” shifting their racism to Latino’s.
    Democrats/Socialist used to pretend to help African Americans now than the Majority of the “minority” voting block is Latino they have abandoned Chigaco, Detroit, ATL and many more.

    P.S. It’s a fact Dr’s, Lawyers, Highly successful people aren’t sneaking across the border. They file their paperwork and enter legally.

    Lmao, Short Dumb CenK said republicans enforce political correctness lol. Idiot.

  • You should be concerned about lives saved by Guns. Just this week in my town a rapist was shot by a 12 year old girl protecting her 9 year old sister. The rapist was on top of the 9 year old.

  • Unless he specifically encouraged targeting people or said to use violence, you cant put the blame on Trump, like you cant put the actions of radical Islamist terrorists on Islam or on the majority of Muslims. If Trump was the cause, mass shootings would be a new phenomena in the US, and its not; personally the one that especially shocked and disgusted me was the Sandy Hook massacre of 20 kids. If you didn't do something then, i dont think you ll ever will, because your second amendment is set in stone.

  • The guy who opened fire in Dayton Ohio was in favor of socialism and planned to vote for Elizabeth Warren. But let's completely ignore that so that we can disengeuously point fingers at Trump. TYT bias is as strong as ever.

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  • The other mindless shooter Connor Betts was a the crazed Liberal “progressive” ANTIFA fanatic from Ohio, who described himself on Twitter as a Pro-Satan leftist, anime fan, and metal-head who despised Donald Trump, was in favor of gun control, Socialism, and fully supported the demagogues Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

  • Anyone that actually thinks there's a logical and rational reason for everyday civilians to have guns that shoot more than six bullets is a goddamn crackpot.

  • Will 45 bring the family members of victims of El Paso to his Rally's like you did when he was campaigning… victims of white nationalist don't hold your breath on this one…

  • Cover the whole story and stop being so bias and disingenuous. Stop trying to suggest that Trump is responsible somehow for a lunatic killing people and having serious mental problems.

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  • For months that orange racist buffoon kept on attacking Islam, based on the attacks in San Bernardino and the gay club in LA, but crickets are chirping every time his deplorables cause domestic terrorist attacks.

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  • Trump seems to believe that being president means you instantly know everything about all professions. For example, he thinks he can diagnose the gunman's mental health without any medical or psychological training at all ( but the GOP has probably taught him a few mentalist tricks ). Donny boy saying it's a man with serious mental health problems ( negating the fact that he exacerbated the gunman's will to kill ) is not only improper judgement it's not his position to medically diagnose anyone. ergo he lied as well as stood on the feet of every psychologist in the country. This illegitimate rhetoric has been used by too many presidents and should be censored.


  • can someone tell me the statistics by gun murders by race please. i wanna see how violent these white nazis are.

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  • The only invasion I see is you the right this is our country I am Apache native American your the ones that need to leave we want our country and land back we didn't invite you we didn't ask you to come here for us you are responsible for the shooting in el Paso tx you killed those people Trump's hands and his family the Republicans hand's have the blood of all those people who where shot in there hand's

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    Black children with water pistols, skittles get blasted to death.
    Give me a break

  • At the end of the manifesto, it talks about how this guy does not like Trump, had his ideology before Trump, and the piece of crap that shot people said that the media would try to say Trump caused this shooting.

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    Trump 2020 and Pence 2024!

  • My ancestry in Texas goes all the way back before the Texas Revolution, in which my family helped women and children escape the Alamo before the battle (at the time, they didn't know the Mexican Army was going to spare the woman and children). Even then, they were still American immigrants who forefathers were European who ultimately came from Africa. Texas was apart of Mexico and, while now apart of the US, is still inspired by Mexican culture and heritage. This racist rhetoric shames all of us. Mexico used to our family, here on the border, and now its… its like another civil war… except Santa Anna didn't kill the innocent civilians.

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  • IDictionary – Infesation: (IN-fes-tashon') the state of being invaded or overrun by parasites
    Again, Trump correct…


  • The FBI at 8am last Sunday morning finally announced they opened up a Domestic terrorism investigation. That's exactly what it is terror, he was using a white sumpremecy manifesto and used violence to further push this manifesto. Must mention Alot of white sumpremecy ideology is mingled with Protestant Christianity. White sumpremecist many declare "wasp" w.a.s.p White Anglo Saxon Protestant to be involved.

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    U fuckin morons. Go back to turkey Where ERDOGAN IS!!!!!!!
    Lets see what happens….

  • It's trickling in, could be another antifa member, just like Dayton. If you folks weren't so anti anti-white, you could possibly have a decent video on occasion.

  • Using fresh dead people to push your Leftist agendas. Keep classy, Democrats, TYT and the major news networks.

  • This vid starts really strong then immediately goes in the ditch by directing viewers away from what should be the focus–the far-right's relentless encouragement of violence as a daily feature of its rhetoric–and toward the same tired old non-starter of gun-control. The bottom line on gun-control is that anything short of just flushing the 2nd Amendment entirely, making guns illegal and sending a Gestapo around to try to collect them won't have any meaningful impact and doing that wouldn't have any public support. If one has no concern for freedom at all, one could ban right-wing media outlets but that would be just as unconstitutional and unworkable and would just create a much worse problem. There's no perfect solution but the best starting place is to counter, scandalize and marginalize the rightist outlets that peddle this poison. They should, socially speaking, be treated as something akin to kiddie porn and run out of polite circles. I've followed and written about this problem my entire adult life–the American right descending into protofascism, sometimes full-blown fascism–and the problem gets worse every year. Every time an opportunity presents itself to really organize against what's driving it, it ends up squandered because people would rather pointlessly howl about guns.

  • I love hearing everyone spinning Trump's words into motivation for the shooter. Using a word like invasion isn't new. If you live in Texas, you have probably used the word yourself when you see how bad illegal immigration is. It isn't the crime so much as it is the people looking for work standing in front of pawn shops or wherever. My hometown used to not have Mexicans. Or at least you could count them on one hand. Now, it's like they've taken over!

    All that said, I bear no ill will towards the Hispanics. Most of my friends are Hispanic. Even other legal Hispanics don't like illegal ones. I knew a girl that snitch on her own COUSIN once. Got her fired. Didn't like having her attention stolen and being outshone. So trying to say the shooter used Trumps language is bullshit. They have been using that language a long time already. Trump finally said out loud on TV. The shooter's manifesto ends specifically saying that Trumps rhetoric DID NOT inspire him. Yet I have NOT heard ONE news organization mention that. I wonder why.

  • it does not matter if he was actually a racist or if he just used this as a justification for what he was going to do anyway, the fact is he did it and he did it with an easily obtainable gun.

  • i heard the dayton shooter was a tyt type, but how many democrat presidents did a little with illegal aliens invading the USA, about the same as republican presidents and Trump is picking up where they left off. zero effect by tyt, again! and tyt still batting .1000% on no solution. and if voting democrat is the answer cenk, then your on borrowed time, dickless!

  • Trump should be strapped to the Electric chair and then hung, drawn and quartered. His supporters should be put in a jail run by MS13.

  • The media is making up peoples minds for them. I read the manifesto. He said the shooting was in response to the invasion of illegals. That is why he let black people leave without killing them. He is wrong about what he did not question, but stop trying to rewrite history with this propaganda. These white people are going to continue doing this as long as you allow illegals in the country.

  • funny a black guy cant answer his cell phone without being shot 40 times but a Nazi can gun down dozens of ppl an there is no problem taking him in alive time and time again these mass Nazi shooters almost always get taken alive, hum why is that? I FCKING WONDER WHAT COULD BE THE REASON?????HUM

  • Luis Borges
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  • Put the blame where it lyes. The Democrat parties to blame for the shooting. The Dems are the ones who have been steering up hate and violence. Trump condemned hate groups and violent acts. I'm sure the only one to blame is the one that pulled the trigger, but you Dems had a contribution to it. Why didn't you just blame Obama when violent acts took place during his administration? Did you blame Obama for Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting? NO. Did you blame Obama for the Pulse Night Club shooting? NO. Did you blame Obama for the Charleston Church Shooting? NO. Not a single person blamed Obama for the 24 mass shootings which happened during his administration. I guess that's the difference between Republican's and Democrat's. Republican's don't point blame all over and start rioting while Corrupting people's minds. But the Socialist Democrats love this. You Dem's have a dark hidden past and the only way you can seem to cover it up is if you try to make the other party look bad. That's seem's to be the only way to get a person to vote Democrat as well. Just keep twisting the truth and maybe you Dem's may end up with may more more un-intelligent immigrants who know nothing about this Country, but any one who've lived in the US long enough with at least half a brain have or will figure it out sooner or later.

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