Massive Abandoned Communist Monument | Buzludzha, Bulgaria 🇧🇬

we just came to the silicon Miami of food gear we didn't feel like going swimming that day so we just walked around the beach and then I suddenly felt keen to get myself a baby once I got myself a tan we're going to check out the nearby amusement park which seemed a little abandoned until we found this there's an opportunity to win a Pikachu right here we need to hit the balloons right there we have my boy max my boy max to help us out and give us topeka juices as a version one and ready to go max jelly just start okay nice nice bro watch me go oh oh oh what's popping the balloons are popping bro you wanna try oh do out of three down oh man what's happening dude where we're winning we're winning in life [Laughter] we'll get the Mario Kart Mario Mario Mario or Luigi Mario okay we'll put it in the car all of a sudden Mario made her two-man team into a three-man team and weakened any driving down south along the Bulgarian coasts eating way too much food on the way [Applause] until eventually we came to this next level beautiful island town called Nessebar are also known as the pearl of the blacks we finally made our way to the ancient town of nessebar it's one of the most popular parts in the whole Black Sea and it's also a very famous UNESCO heritage site that apparently is very very beautiful one of the coolest things about Nessebar is that it's actually an violet yo its it's just after 6:00 a.m. we are trying to wake up because we want to see this super big memorial to the Bulgarian Communist Party that sits high in the mountains of Bulgaria and it's just just just an incredible sight initially the weather seemed all the fright but the higher up the mountains we drove the colder it became when we finally reached the top of the mountain it was so cold we could hardly feel our fingertips and so we're here at the location we didn't get to see that sunrise kiss there's no sunrise we're completely surrounded by clouds however this only makes Mario look even better check it out you know the contours of it put its massive dude and it's black Wow there's absolutely no people in here the stairs aren't huge I had to put on all the clothes that I have and I'm still shivering that being said I'm pretty sure it's all gonna be worth it we began making the rounds around the building searching for all the access points our friends had told us about but even though we searched as diligently as we could we didn't find any of them and then we were discovered by a security guard who wasn't too happy about us sneaking around we're trying to say okay dude just like an hour ago how still sleeping in my cozy warm bed and now I can hardly feel my fingers Oh life is an interesting thing everything changes over perhaps we were really happy to be back in a warm travel car and suddenly found ourselves admiring the wonderfully beautiful ship come out and pass that reaches elevations of over 1,000 metres above sea level eventually we reached the most popular tourist spot in the whole mountain pass called ship c'mon it's very very very very cold here but the views around us are all worth it percent we just got a ticket for a one euro each and it turns out you cannot bring a gun inside I'm so happy we left our guns at the car bro what do you think yeah yes we were the first and probably the only customers to visit the monument that day but obviously one didn't mind that at all but in the sink in the toaster business year doc doc sure know it tak sure for you we let you know it we're finally in Google's up the stairs the security guard told us to do tak tak tak in every floor which is exactly what we're gonna be doing back back back no more attacks to be done we're almost at the top let's go watch laughs we learned that this monument was erected in memory of the fallen Bulgarian volunteers and Russian soldiers during the Shipka battles in 1877 which played a crucial role for the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman rule what happened next will stay with me forever we saw a true foodie my boy the pigeon who is having itself a bloody girl a hand sandwich no I'm not kidding see for yourself welcome to Turkey explore yer okay we weren't really in Turkey but we found ourselves in the city of flop which seemed to have tons of Turkish influence in the form of mosques and restaurants all around town there were tons of really beautiful places and plop that that we loved exploring but by far our favorite was this 11 meter left over from the Soviet Union another day in Bulgaria another opportunity to visit a leftover from the Soviet Union this is the very very top of club dip from where I can see literally the whole city that looks great and this statue was built a few years after World War two by the communist government to commemorate the the soldiers the Soviet soldiers who lost their lives fighting in World War two basically it's a really interesting site I guess there's even some flowers there and some Soviet symbols and stuff yeah which is interesting but but the views from here cool really cool dude this is devily the coolest hotel we've stayed in Bulgaria welcome home oh wow look at this dude the swimming pools are just there there's a huge grass field that's a massive lake with tons of mountains in the background have you seen anything better yes but yes me too but it's great for 25 euros oh my god oh yes that's perfect

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  • Hey there, you adventurous legend! Thanks for tuning in!

    I want to update you on our thoughts about this Bulgaria series — as you might already know, these Bulgaria videos are the very first videos we've ever produced together with Andriukas and even though I'm happy some of you guys liked them big-time, I completely understand why some of you didn't enjoy watching them as much.

    These are the three major criticisms we received:

    1. I'm not the "real me" – the things I say aren't always as honest/natural as they used to be and that's why it does't always feel like you guys are on the trip with me, more like you watch me present a TV series;
    2. We let ourselves be carried away by the whole cinematic feel, which is not my style. My style is fast-paced, funny and raw, which the current color-grading and music selection doesn't exactly represent;
    3. These videos are slower and include some shots that I would have cut out under normal circumstances, because we want to produce 1-2 vids/week as opposed to my usual 1 per month.

    First off I want to say that I completely agree with all of these three points. I guess every time you do something entirely new in your life, you can't exactly make it really good on the first try, as you simply don't have as much experience with it.

    That being said, me and Andrius have already discussed everything and decided on how we will make the Mexico series much much much better, so that all of you would find it interesting 🙂

    Thank you for giving us feedback and helping us grow. We will be better in the future, promise.

    Stay awesome! ❤️

  • Behind the so called Iron Curtain of the Eastern block was Bulgaria,and in socialism Bulgaria was a wonderful country for walking and exploration,it was extremely cheap, but there was not much choices for anything-typical communist country, at the border you were welcomed by a soldier with AK-47 and a bayonet, haha

  • I'm from italy and last year I did a Road trip to Albania and meanwhile we stopped at every city there is to get there.. it was the best trip ever and enjoyed every place and every minute of the journey. Visiting those places (slovenia, croazia, bosnia, montenegro…) and watching videos like yours it lit something inside me, like a love for east countries and to explore even more of those places! Love the history and the nature. Can't wait for the day It will happen again..

  • im actually know the Police officer in this video 😀😀 he is a good man. and yes all the entrances are closed because the roof of the building isn't very stable it can collapse​ and if there are ppl in…you know it will be not a good thing 😕. in a good weather there is an incredible view of the hole rose valley. its truly an incredible place!!! 😊😊

  • Damn I feel bad they didn't let you inside. I went to Buzludzha 3-4 years ago, before there were any policemen there and I gotta say – the inside is just as astonishing as the outside.

  • I was there On the star 🙂 its soo nice to climb up there… 5:25 But they are closing all the entryes becaouse of people like me 😀

  • You should explore Plovdiv but in summer time! I love all these drone shots and your editing skills are top notch! You both are super talented. I hope you liked your stay in Bulgaria.

  • it's funny how the guy thinks they're russians, 'tak'…if i am not mistaken this means 'thanks' in swedish too lol…

  • Great video and the cinematic moment impressed me a lot! I'm a new subscriber!
    I'm literally felt in love with the music (05:13) and I finally got its name, so I want to share it with those who were looking for. Go to the link in the description and type: New Land, Ian Post. Enjoy the listening!

  • Cool video but you guys got some things wrong
    1. It's not a monument, it's the former HQ of the Bulgarian communist party.
    2. Bulgaria was never a part of the Soviet Union

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