there's so much stuff to show you I don't even know where to start um hi everyone it's Kieran with thrifted living and thank you so much for tuning in to my channel today I am so excited to be sharing a video with you guys that I haven't been sharing with you in a while and that is a thrift haul I love thrifting you guys know that I love to go thrifting and garage saleing but I haven't been sharing a lot of those videos with you guys on my channel lately I've been focusing on Dollar Tree DIYs and shop with me and those types of videos so I haven't been sharing as many thrift hauls and garage sale hauls but I definitely want to give back into sharing those with you guys I love showing you everything that I find and I know that you guys love seeing everything that I find I have been doing a lot of garage saling and thrifting since I got out of school in June I haven't been doing as much as I usually do that's why I haven't really done like a weekly haul because I haven't been doing as much but I certainly have been going have just kind of collected this big haul to share with you guys and so I would like to share with you everything that I have been finding over the past several weeks this all is going to be a big one we will jump right into this haul how about we start with home decor and home items in classroom items so all of this stuff has come from a variety of locations some of it has come from thrift stores some of the stuff has come from garage sales and yard sales and rummage sales this really is a collective haul so let me just start with some of the items that I have for our home and for my classroom the first thing I would like to share with you is something that I found at a thrift store and it is called a cake which and it is a silicone bake pan and it is in this shape of a sandwich how fun is that I absolutely love it it was only two dollars at a local thrift store and I love peanut butter and jelly I actually love peanut butter like a lot I'm kind of obsessed with peanut butter and so I love the idea that I could like make myself a birthday cake or make a birthday cake for somebody and make it look like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich like I just think that's so stinkin sweet I really really love I think that they suggest that you use shortbread for like the bread on the sandwich they actually give you a recipe on the back for making it I just think it's really sweet and I'm kind of obsessed with peanut butter and jelly so that's why I picked this piece up the next thing I got at a garage sale and I did get it with something else but I don't know where that item is right now I'm really not quite sure it might be in my car but I picked this up at a garage sale and she just tossed this piece in for free and it is this like food warmer from what she said you can put like rolls or different things on there that you want to keep warm when you have like a buffet or something like that or a potluck and it was only $1 she actually gave it to me along with this thing that had like three compartments and you can put different sides in it also for a buffet and that was five dollars and she just tossed this in as well for free so I'm excited to be able to use this for a dinner or for the holidays I can't wait I love the holidays I love Thanksgiving I love Christmas so I'm excited to be able to use this then the next item is another item for our home and I actually got this quite a while ago and it is this like spice organizer and as you can see it spins like fat's made out of wood it has these little holes where you can put the little glass jars in and so it comes with these little glass jars I'll show you guys a little closer and it comes with these little glass jars that you can put spices in it has like a little like seal right there and it says on the bottom bottle made in Japan it seems to be really nice quality and then you just set them like this and then you can spin it and choose your spice I just think that's pretty cool so I picked that up at a rummage sale and at the sale it was everything that you could fit in a bag for a dollar so I was able to fit that entire set in a bag and I was also able to fit two other things in there that I will share with you a little later so another thing that I was able to fit in that bag is this right here and I've been seeing so many people haul marble and marble things like marble lazy susans or just like slabs of marble to use and decor or for like blog pictures and things like that and I've been so jealous I've been wanting to find something like that for my house and for my collection as well and so I did find a little piece of barbell I'm so excited so it is this like marble cheese plate I think that's what this is or like a cheese like cutter type thing it has like a wire right here that you can use to like cut the cheese and I just think it's really pretty I also love that the handle also is made out of marble it's super heavy so I was able to fit this in that bag with the spice organizer and one other thing and it was all a dollar so this was like a quarter like it really wasn't that expensive at all so I'm really excited to have this next item that I found for our home are these wire baskets I picked these up at the goodwill and I picked them up in two different sizes I have them in this size and then in a slightly bigger size and I have some really fun DIY like home decor projects using these and I will make sure to insert some pictures in the video or leave some links below so I've aboard on my Pinterest page so I will make sure to share some ideas of what I plan on doing with these I just love these little wire baskets I plan on using them in our master bedroom and I just really like the shape of them I plan on taking these like little plastic key things off or $1 9 for the smaller ones and then to 19 for the bigger ones and they were half off as well so I think that's a pretty good price and I actually plan on hanging them on our walls I can't wait to share that with you guys actually working on our master bedroom right now and I'm so excited to share that process with you guys we've been doing so many little projects I thought these were a pretty good price so the next item isn't a piece of home decor it's actually something that I'm going to be using like an accessory and I'm really excited that I found out I've been looking for something like this for a while and it's this really pretty like taupe nude bag and I like it because it's a lot bigger than the current bag I have right now like the bag I have right now I was like this size like it's super tiny but I do like it for what I use it for but I'm excited to have this because I think my computer is going to fit in here really nicely and sometimes during the school year or when I just have a lot of stuff to do I'll go to like Panera or somewhere that has Wi-Fi and just get some work done so I like that I have a bag that I can bring my computer in and it's sleek and it doesn't really look like a computer bag so I'm excited that I found this I got this at the Salvation Army and it was $5.99 but on the day that I got it it was pink pink was the color that was half off and so I got it for $3 and they're really like it's really big it has a little snap right here and just pull it right open like that and it's really really deep like my arm would look goes up to my elbow so I'm really excited that I found him for $3 I thought that was a really good deal the next items I would like to share with you or from my classroom and then after I share my classroom items with you I'm going to share some nostalgic items with you which I'm really really excited to share with you I love love love this I found this betien army it was $4.99 but again pink was half off so I got it for 250 and it is this really pretty metal sign like silver that says achieve I just think this is so pretty it's from Target because it says like home with the little target thing right there so as you can see it's from Target I just really really love how it's simple it looks and it I think it just looks so pretty I think it'll look really nice in my classroom maybe sitting near my leveled library maybe on my desk maybe on a windowsill I'm really not sure but I just like having like positive affirmations in my classroom for my kids to see and even if they can't read it they can also look at the letters and tell me which letters they are I just like having a little positive things in my classroom for my students but also for me as well the next item that I would like to share with you from my classroom is really big so I'm just gonna bring it over and show you guys it's pretty cool hold on just a second so this is the next item it is a book organizer with canvas and obviously it has the name Jeffrey right there and I don't have any students named Jeffrey and I'm not going to leave it saying Jeffrey I think I'm actually gonna pull the stitching out I'm going to be using this in a reading section in my classroom and I want to put like thematic books in here for like the seasons are for the holidays that when my students have like free reading time or it's their time to read independently or with a buddy that they can actually just pick a book from here I think it'll be really sweet I'm gonna take like a little thread ripper and try to rip that out if I do have some problems with it I might just put a patch on it instead and it was ten dollars and I know on that day it was not half off unfortunately but I still think that it's a pretty good investment I saw the brand it's from the brand KidKraft I'll show you guys it's from the brand KidKraft so I think that's a pretty good deal and I just wish it didn't say Jeffrey on it let me share with you how a book looks on it see look how cute that looks I think that looks so nice it's not too deep you can still see the top of it I really like that I think my kids are gonna really like having that in like a little reading section so I thought 10 bucks is a pretty good deal for this I realized I forgot to share one home item with you guys you are going to love love love this next thing and Shaun and I found it at the Salvation Army probably two weeks ago or so two and a half weeks ago and we plan on using it in the breezeway so let me share it with you so we found this absolutely beautiful pendant light isn't this so gorgeous like you just hang it like this I think it has a different name I can't remember what it's called and we have an outlet in our breezeway that's actually kind of high up near like the rafters so we are going to just plug it in and just kind of hang it across we will make sure that it's secured but I just think it's so pretty and like look at that like detail right there I just love it so we're really excited to have some more like centralized lighting in the breezeway because right now it's kind of just on the one side so we really really liked that it was $9.99 and I know on that day that it wasn't half off as well cuz we weren't really quite sure if we wanted to get it for that much I think it's a good investment before I jump into the nostalgic finds I do have a couple more things to share with you for my classroom and those are books let me share with you what I found for books for my classroom so I found most of these books with my mom and she actually took a lot of time and really looked through all the books to see which ones she thought would be good for my classroom so we picked out several different books at the Salvation Army and the first one is Arthur in New York I talked about how I do an author study and that our third the Arthur series is one of the series that we study and so I love this book by Mark Brown I don't have this one so I'm excited that I grabbed this one and it was there's no price on it I want to say books are like 29 cents at the Salvation Army so I picked up this one the next one I'm really excited for it is the night before Halloween and I have several different versions of like the night before books I've talked about these books a lot before on my channel and I just love the whole like taking the night before Christmas in like turning it into other holidays or other big events I just really like how the story's progressed and I think they're really sweet and I also really love being able to share a type of book with my students in one theme in one unit during our studies and then being able to you access a similar book in another unit so I really love this plus I'm a Halloween baby and I absolutely love everything Halloween this one again no price but I think it was 29 cents the next one is a Charlie Brown book a peanuts book you guys know my grandmother loves peanuts and so do I and this is a Charlie Brown Valentine again I really love having those thematic books we do a lot of studying in themes in my classroom and so I will be able to put this with the rest of my Valentines Day books it'll be perfect in that little organizer during the Valentine's Day season and this was only 79 cents here is another arthur book and I know that I don't have this one either it's Arthur's birthday and it looks like it's one of the older books in this series because he kind of like changed as the series went on like most characters do and this was only 49 cents I'm excited to be able to add this to my Arthur collection I should really see like how many there aren't in total so I can make sure that I don't get duplicates of anything the next one that I picked up I picked up for the important people unit that we do and we state like important historical figure she was born in a town that's very close to me and so I really like that like a local aspect to her story and being able to study what she did so we picked this one up as well and it was only 49 cents the last one that we picked up is a rose for Pinkerton by Steven Kellogg i haven't seen this book before i know he did the day that jimmy's boa ate the wash and several several other books I really love the illustrations in his stories but I had never seen this one before and I think it's really sweet it looks like a really fun story and look at that adorable picture on the back guys how cute is that so I'm going to add this to the Steven Kellogg collection that I have in my classroom so I'm pretty sure that that is everything that I want to share with you guys for home decor and for classroom items and for non nostalgia things I mean some of them are nostalgic to me but like things that I'm going to use everyday now the next section that I would like to share with you are all things that I have found that our nostalgic that bring back a lot of great memories and just make me feel all the field and I actually want to talk to you guys about something with these nostalgic finds so I have shared in a million videos that I love finding things that are nostalgic to me things are retro or vintage and I did a whole video recently about taking Happy Meal toys and turning them into Christmas ornaments so you guys know it's like my favorite thing one of my favorite things to find and somebody recently commented on one of my videos suggesting that I open left like an Etsy store or an eBay store for all of those like nostalgic vintage retro finds that I collect and I that was a really really good idea but I'm super nervous about it and I really don't know much about like opening up a store and so I wanted to ask you guys like do any of you guys sell on Etsy or eBay and if you do do you have any suggestions do you think I should do it do you think I shouldn't do it I'm also thinking about selling some of like my thrifty clothing that I don't really want anymore I'm just really not quite sure where to even start with it so if you guys have any suggestions of good places to start I would love your opinions and I would love your advice so please leave them in the comments below or you can even email me contact me on instagram send me a message on youtube I just need your help I'm really not sure how to even begin with this so everything else that I want to share with you are some fun nostalgic items so let's just jump right into it first thing that I found I found recently at the Salvation Army and it is this Crayola activity kit it was $2.99 and again it was half off and I absolutely love this this was made in 1997 and the best part about this is that it hasn't been open like it's completely sealed and I would like to possibly sell this I'm really not sure if anybody would even want something like this I think it's a really fun and unique find since it hasn't been opened and right here it even has like a free subscription to the Crayola magazine I wonder if I could redeem that and get that it would be pretty cool so I picked this up at the Salvation Army recently and this is something that I'm thinking about selling so the next item I was able to fit inside of that bag with the spice organizer and with that like cheese cutter plate and it is this you guys are gonna be so excited look at how adorable this little guy is do you remember it's a glowworm if you were a child of the 80s or even maybe the early 90s then you know this guy these are glowworms and they were absolutely adorable and I absolutely loved them when I was little so a funny story about glowworms is that when I was born I was actually five weeks early I was only like 5 pounds and so when I came home Kili saw me in the crib my older sister Keely saw me in the crib for the first time and she looked into the crib and said glowworm and she was so excited she thought I was a glower and so my mom and dad didn't actually wanted her to hold me for a while because they thought she might try to squeeze me to get my face to light up because if you don't know the whole thing with glowworms is that if you squeeze their stomachs their faces glow and so my parents were that she was going to try to squeeze me and get my face to light up not that she didn't try to do that as we got older oh I have a little special place in my heart for these little glow worms it's kind of been my nickname on and off throughout the years too so this little guy was 20 mark 25 cents but again he came as a bag for a dollar so this might be something I try to sell as well or maybe not I might keep him I don't know again I have a whole shelf of like nostalgic finds in my craft room and it is starting to fill up kind of quickly so I just think he's really sweet and a really fun fine now the next thing I didn't actually have when I was little Kili I actually had it and it is this set of 101 donation bed sheets I was so obsessed with these and so jealous when I was little because Kili had this on her bed and I think I had like Berenstain Bears or something like that which is still nice and I would love to have that now but I just think this is so cute so it is the fitted sheet the flat sheet and two pillowcases and I think that maybe this would be something I could sell online I know I've seen a lot of people take this and use it as fabric to make dresses or to make different costumes and some people even want it for the bed set don't have the comforter I know that I have seen the comforter semi recently and I wish I had picked it up but I think it's just really fun I got it for 450 at a thrift store and I'm really excited that I found it so this might be something that I try to sell as well on the day that I found that bed set I also found this berenstain bears puzzle guys isn't this amazing I saw this sitting in like a display and I knew I had to leave with it it was only a dollar and I can't remember I did look up the year I want to say it was like 1900 right here 1988 so I knew I had to leave with it I just think it's really fun I might try to sell this or I might keep this for our future children who knows and usually if it's something berenstain bears I have a really hard time not picking it up so for a dollar I thought that was a good deal so I do collect some things for our future children and I think I'm going to keep these things for when we have kids and I'm not sure I might end up selling them I found a bunch of little types things on the same day and the first thing I found is this right here it's like this little tykes dump truck or what is this thing called it's this little tikes how do you say this I remember it's this little types like excavator thing I don't remember what this thing is called I don't remember what this thing is called anyway so I found this I found this little type car thing and I think it's real funding was only 75 cents at a garage sale at that same garage sale I also found this this is a dump truck and I really love it I know we had this when I was little and it has the little back pops like that and this just brings back a lot of fun memories you put the little guys in there that have the little holes and then I might put those up for sale as well the next little tykes item that I found I don't think I will put up for sale though I really really love this next thing so it is this little tykes van this brings back so many memories to me I believe this one with a house like the little dollhouse and I have been obsessed with those I found one of them recently at a garage sale and I shared it on Instagram but I didn't pick it up but I haven't seen like the accessories that go with it so I've got really excited when I saw this it was at the Salvation Army it was only $0.99 and so I picked it up and I think I'm gonna keep this though for like our future kids that would be the same situation if I found the bus do you guys know what I'm talking about the bus that you put the little guys in I just love it so I picked this up I think I might try to sell those other two things but no I can't sell this one I just love this one too much the next the next two items that I found I can't share with you I'm just realizing because they are Christmas gifts so we need to set those to the side the next three items that I found I'm not totally in love with them and I kind of wish that I hadn't purchased them but they're these little Looney Toon mugs and I want to say they came from pizzas KFC during in what year KFC in 1994 and it looks like there were four of them all together there was also a Tasmanian Devil but I only have bugs and the coyote Wiley coyote & tweety tweety bird yeah Tweety Bird oh my gosh I wasn't I liked the Looney Tunes when I was little but I wasn't a huge fan but it looks like they it looks like they sell okay on eBay but I'm not quite sure if I'm going to sell them or not they were three four five so I also think that's kind of expensive but I don't know I find the nostalgic things that I can't pass them up so I wish I had asked for a little lower for that though the next items that I found I'm really excited about and it is this set of like stackable clowns they're kind of like creepy but cool at the same time so you like stack them up like that and I think there are 13 altogether I I did for a 13 all together there's one white one that goes on the top and it says building so I think they're called like building clowns or something like that so if you guys know anything about these let me know in the comments because I really don't know a ton about them but they look like they sell for like a decent price and I believe I paid a dollar for them so this will be something that I will put up as well whenever I figure out what site I want to sell Han and the next two things are like local vintage things and they are these little tumblers from a coffee place near us called uncommon grounds and we used to go there all the time when we lived in Albany which is the capital of New York and we would get breakfast sandwiches there and it was so delicious and so I think these look a little older I can't see a year but I think that these look a little older and we might try to sell them on like a local site and I just think they're really fun so I just think they're really fun so we picked these up they were 25 cents a piece there are a few more things I would like to share with you guys but it is starting to get a little dark out so I will just have to share it with you in another video I hope that you enjoyed seeing everything that I have been finding over the past few weeks I'm hoping to do more of these videos for you guys do not fear I have not stopped thrifting I have not stopped going to garage sales I just haven't been sharing as many of those videos with you guys but I will be getting back into those very soon don't forget to share with me any tips that you might have for selling online I would like to possibly start doing it but I'm not quite sure I'm nervous about it so if you have any tips I would greatly appreciate it don't forget to check out my blog at 50 living blog com also please make sure you follow me on instagram at thrifted living and if you don't have an Instagram but would like to stay up to date with what I'm doing you can follow me on Facebook at 50 living page please like subscribe and share thank you so much for watching bye


  • I’m newly subscribed to your channel, and I love it! I totally love your energy and personality.I’m a thrifter as well 🙂 if you are ever in North Carolina let me know and I’ll show you around the best thrifts stores in my area! Also, have you found the little tikes bus yet?! Because i have it!! I got it from a garage sale at my church for my twin boys, but they weren’t too into it.

  • Yes you should I love that scissors I can’t find the video you made that is my crappy I’m going to try to be there ✂️✂️✂️🧶

  • That adorable skinny spice rack would look cute white washed with tiny colored buttons and craft embellishments in the craft room. The wire baskets are awesome!!! If they stack great mitten storage.

  • I just started watching you. Are you selling on ebay yet, if not get back to me. I've been selling for years. I'd be glad to give you some tips that I've picked up.

  • I have been thrifting since 1983 (!) and if I saved all the food warmers that I have passed by- all in the original boxes– I could build a stairway to Mars and back. LOL. I'm a huge coward about plugging in old electric things as well.

  • Etsy is great for vintage items! So is ebay, and its not that hard! Just watch some youtube videos on the subject specially the shipping part. My tips for shipping is get a cheap digital scale and always have a box and packing material BEFORE listing your item if its over a pound.. So fun!

  • Hi!
    Great video.
    Selling venues:
    Marketplace on Facebook (if you're on there and in groups)
    Letgo (an app in Google play store)
    Offer Up (also in Google play store)
    Craigslist is also a good one (in Google play store) as well.
    Good luck!

    The little tikes "loader" thing is actually a bobcat.
    The dump truck is a Euk, it hauls lots more product than the regular dump truck.

  • That warming plate can be used in crafts.  Melt crayons on the warmer, different colors, and then drag paper through it and will stick to the paper.  Great for creating greeting cards, ATCs , tags.  It is so much fun the see the results.  Hint:  use metallic crayons with red or white or green for Christmas cards.  Have fun.

  • That food warmer is awesome! A lady at our church has a few, and they are amazing. She puts pans of food (think 9×13 pans) on there and they stay nice and warm for several hours! I have been keeping my eye out for one.
    Also, don't throw that cheese slicer out if the wire breaks. They're designed to have the wire replaced or tightened as nevessary.

  • Dont know what grade you teach but that old flat warming tray is super fun for melting crayon art! just lay your white paper on the warm tray and color

  • I did not read all the comments so I may be duplicating this idea about Jeffrey. Get some fabric that has a popular character that your kids like and if you don’t sew, turn the raw edges under and use fabric glue to attach it. Jeffrey gone!

  • You remind me of my 1st grade teacher I loved her so much and will never forget her!! I know your students will feel the same for you!!💕

  • your hauls are awesome! do you buy for other people, cause you said you are a big 80 and 90 fan, and I am a huge new kids on the block fan!!

  • Etsy is great for vintage or hand made. Post everyday even if just one. Is cheap to post. need paypal account. Cloths are better of ebay. Etsy says handmade and vintage.

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