Master and Learn Handgun Hunting

– Today on Cabela’s
Deer Gear TV, we’re diving into the
world of handgun hunting. From beginner tips
to veteran practices, we’ll show you the
necessary steps to become a handgun
hunting enthusiast. We’ve received many questions over the past year
about handgun hunting. How do I get started? Which handgun is right for me? What hunting situations am
I going to find myself in? So we thought we would
dedicate this episode to sharing our knowledge
of handgun hunting and helping you
get started in this exciting style of hunting. – I routinely get a
lot of questions when I’m out and about, about, taking up new means of
methods to go hunt with hunting in different
locations, different species, and one of those popular
questions I tend to get recently is handgun hunting. People come out and say,
“Man I saw you hunting “with that 460,” or, “You
were rattling this big deer “and the guy shot
it with a handgun.” And they’re like, “I wanna
learn how to do that, “I’m interested in that.” The first thing I
always tell them is, “Don’t be afraid to
take up handgun hunting. “Yes, its totally
different than hunting “with a rifle or muzzle
loader or any other “means of method that you’ve
ever hunted with before, “but its so much fun, it
opens up an entirely new way for you to go hunting.” The second this I tell them is, “Make sure and spend
some time studying “the locations that
you’re going to be hunting “and understanding what
calibers are probably “going to be the best
for that situation.” “You might not
necessarily need to go “grab the 460 or the
500’s and be able “to go out for some
big game, you might “only be hunting White-tail
in tight-end quarters “and there may be
another caliber, another frame that’ll be
perfect for you.” Taking up handgun
hunting and shooting big handguns like this
for the very first time could be a little intimidating. When you see this and grab it, you’re like,” Oh my
god! That thing is huge, “its gonna kick!” In my opinion, these big hunting handguns
from the Performance Center, they’re designed to be
able to work for you, designed to be able to perform
in such a great manner. From your cylinders,
to the barrels, to the weight of
it, to the grips. Everything is designed
to be able to have lower and less recoil
in comparison to what you think you
would be dealing with when you shoot
these big handguns. That’s not saying by any means there is not some kick to it and you don’t have to
control of this handgun, but the reality is
these are about as fun a firearm as I’ve taking
up shooting ever. I really, from the
first that I saw them, yes I was intimidated,
but then from the moment I began shooting
them, it became an addiction the learn
all the different calibers that are really
designed for hunting. – You know, handgun
hunting is becoming more and more
popular, and we’ve got a lot of different
products from the Performance Center
that could help you out on what you’re
looking for and what you’re gonna hunt with. The first gun up, is a model 629, which is a stainless
steel revolver and its really great for
North American hunting especially White-tail.
So if you want to hunt White-tail or
pigs, this would be a great opportunity
to use this gun. Its got integral rails
on it, muzzle brakes, Performance Center Tuned Action. This is a great gun,
especially if you just want to start off
with handgun hunting. Next up, is our 460. So, if you’re taking
about elk hunting, long range shooting,
this is something you might be interested. You can shoot three
calibers in this gun. .460, .454 Casull, or .45 Long Colt. So if you just
want to spend a day at the range, put .45 Long
Colt in it, its great. A lot less recoil, a
lot less than the 460. Muzzle brake, fiber optic
sight, integral rails, Performance Center
Tuned Action, great gun for North American hunting. You can hunt White-tail
as well as pigs and elk. – [Narrator] See the
full lineup of handguns from the Performance
Center at Don’t go anywhere. More handgun hunting tips when Cabela’s Deer Gear TV returns. Deer Gear is brought to you by, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s. “You’re adventure starts here.” Yamaha’s proven off-road ATV’s and side-by-side vehicles. Garmin Xero Bow Sight, “Leave the guess work behind.” Welcome back to
Cabela’s Deer Gear TV. We’ve talked about
getting started with handgun hunting,
and have gone over the various models that
the Performance Center has to offer. So now, let’s
talk about trigger pull. – Trigger pull and
the follow through in a hunting situation
with a handgun to me is, two really important things. They vastly differ
probably from your competitive shooters
and how they would focus on it and what they
would be thinking about, but in a hunting situation
for me, its one shot, one kill in a perfect world. And, that trigger pull
is something on a handgun that’s really different than
a rifle or your shotgun. Its a lot longer, its
a lot more drawn out, and staying through it,
for lack of a better word, is something I think
is really key in a hunting situation. I look at a lot of my
misses on the range and even bad shots when
I’ve been hunting. Its been a forced fast
pull of the trigger, a jerk, and you know,
in my mind with that small barrel, you’re
pulling everything left or down in a lot of
those situations. And I think that’s
what you want to avoid and obviously the way to
avoid that is practice and kind of concentrating
going through it. That motion and that
practice will pay off and I’ve really kind of,
even for me, began to focus on that after the
boom and staying down and through on that target and not
try to peek, unless I golf. When you peek, you
top the golf ball. If you peek right at
that moment of truth, when you’re expecting
that gun to go off, your aiming point
is gonna differ. So trigger pull, good
slow follow through in your mind, make it
all good one motion staying down on the target. I think it’d be a big
key thing for guys that are picking up
handgun hunting to help raise their success. – [Narrator] Another
thing to help raise your success is being
comfortable aiming. Whether its with open sights, red dot sights, or scopes. Let’s hear from
Wade on his opinion when it comes to
the different sights you can put on a handgun. – The thing about
hunting with anything nowadays, there is a
lot of different ways that you can aim. And by aim, I’m talking
about open sights, I’m talking about you
sights on your bow, I’m talking about your scopes. I mean, there is just
a lot of different styles out there available. And when it comes to handguns, you’ve got a wide range
of choices as well. And you, as the
hunter, need to find the ones that you
are going to be the most comfortable with. And that may mean a lot
of time on the range, shooting a borrowed
gun, or out in the field practicing with
each one of them. Open sights would be an option, a scope would be an option, a red or a green dot style scope would be another option. And each one of those provide a wide range of experiences and a wide range of options
for you as the hunter. I don’t there is
any one person that can sit here and say,
“This is the only “way to do it.” Because,
you as the hunter need to understand what
experience you’re looking for. For me, for instance,
I really got into hunting with open
sights a little bit, on some of the handguns. I just thought that
was a unique challenge and something different. Took me all the
way back to maybe shooting a BB gun as a
little kid or something. And I begin to talk to
some of my other friends about that. And they
really got into it as well. Since then there
several of us that have taken animals with open sights. I’ve also hunted with a scope and I’ve also
hunted with red dot. And each one of them,
I found to be exciting in their own means and methods. And I promise you
I will hunt with every one of them,
time and time again, because I really like this
handgun hunting experience. – [Narrator] Don’t go
anywhere. When we return, Wade will walk us
through his process on installing a red dot
sight on his handgun. And we’ll also take
you on a handgun hunt with our own Jeff
Reynolds. Stay tuned. – Is that not a beast? I mean… – [Narrator] Deer Gear
is brought to you by, Performance Center
by Smith and Wesson, “Performance when
it matters most.” HIVIZ, “See what
you’ve been missing.” Thompson/Center, “America’s
master gun maker.” Wiley X, “Absolute.
Premium. Protection.” Red dot sights have
become quite common in the handgun hunting world. Let’s join Wade at the range and see what his process
is when getting a new red dot. – Right now I wanna talk about setting up and using a red dot. Straight out of the
package most of them, it appears, are
pretty easy to use for your average hunter out there. And that’s who I’m
mostly talking to, the guy that’s gonna
set this up for hunting. Taking it down to the
range, spending some time, obviously getting
your first zero set up at a close distance
and then beginning to work backwards from there. Its interesting to me to talk to long-term handgun hunters that absolutely love the red dots
for a lot of their setups. They’re convinced
that it gives them the fastest target
acquisition and the best ability to shoot it at long distances and
short distances simply by, you know,
raising and lowering the gun and dialing it in.
They’ve got a lot of confidence in them,
but I promise you, one of the biggest
things they do is, they’ve shot, shot
more, and shot again to build that confidence level. So when it comes to
choosing a red dot, green dot, or one of
those types of setups, the biggest piece of
advice we’re gonna have, the biggest piece of advice
we’re gonna give to you is, you need to spend a
lot of time practicing. So we’re in the
process of basically putting this Trijicon
red dot on here and when you first
get one mounted, we’ve got it on our
460 Smith and Wesson Performance Center
Magnum handgun here, you’ll take your
first three shots, 15 to 25 yards, that’s
the recommended. And you want to get
a group and then when you get some
kind of a group you can be able to
move, shoot it again, move, and shoot it again. That’s also part
of the practicing scenarios that we
talk about so much. It allows you to work
on your trigger pull, it allows you to build
confidence in what’s going on, and build confidence
in the sight and how to acquire and
pick up the target, whether you’re shooting at paper or a big old White-tail buck. – [Narrator] Maybe open
sights are more your thing. HIVIZ sights is the industry
leader in fiber optic sights and they come in a
variety of colors. Let’s join Trevor
Young from HIVIZ sights as he shows how easy
it to switch out different color fiber optics to match your hunting situation. – For the handgun
hunter, we have calibers and models
that are really tailored to the
handgun hunter and calibers with energy
levels well beyond what we had, you
know, 20 years ago. Hi, I’m Trevor with
HIVIZ shooting systems. I have the Smith and Wesson
Performance Center XVR here, with a prototype rear-sight, with interchangeable
fiber optics. And I’d like to show
you a little bit about how it works and
how to change the fibers. The tool we use has a
small fin right here molded into the
side of the tool. And then we see a
locking groove in the center of the light pipe in this machine feature right here,
which locks the light pipe. So what we want to
do is insert this at a slight angle, and the angle follows the line right here on the tool, and push that fin into
the locking groove and the fiber, and
then twist backwards. As you put pressure and twist, you’ll see the
light pipe start to protrude out the
back of the sight. And then you can use, or I use this end of the tool,
just to push it out. To insert the fiber,
just guide it in place, push it in until it locks, and that’s how you
change the fibers. The rear-sight will
come with green, red, and black
fibers. And you can interchange and reuse them. – [Narrator] Check out
all the fiber optic sights that HIVIZ has to
offer at Let’s learn a few
more tips from Wade in regards to handgun
hunting scenarios that may get overlooked by
veterans and beginners alike. Something that I like
to really think about and practice in my
hunting world is, mimicking or
thinking about exact hunting situations and
how it may go down. If I know what stand
I’m hunting or a blind, I’m playing it in
my mind, sometimes weeks and months in
advance, what may happen. This could be the scenario
I think the deer is gonna come from my
left, he’s gonna come in and he’s gonna water
here or feed here, or maybe work a scrape
through here. How am I going to be
situated to take that shot? Am I going to be
shooting off of a tripod? Am I going to be leaning
up against a tree? Am I going have a
good solid rest or, I may be even shooting freehand. In any of those
situations, I want to spend time practicing for that. Whether I’m on the range,
sitting in a chair, sitting down on the
ground, whether I’m off of a bench,
whether I might even be shooting it freehand. Because the more time
I spend practicing and preparing for
the exact situations I may encounter in
the field, the better I’m gonna be prepared for that moment of truth when
I get that opportunity to harvest the
buck of a lifetime, or maybe its just a
doe for the freezer. Another scenario a lot
of people can’t control, that they don’t necessarily
think as much about is, their clothing in a
hunting situation. They’ve spent all
summer practicing at the range, in the
early fall, their wearing a light jacket, light clothing. And then, next thing
you know, they’re out in a hunting
situation, its cold, they’ve got tons of gear on, and they’ve put gloves
on for the first time. They’ve never pulled the
trigger with the gloves. They’ve never,
basically, raised their handgun into a
position to take a shot with all that clothes on and its binding and it
feels different and the entire summer
of practice, and the entire early
fall, it kind of goes out the window. I highly suggest
spending some time shooting with
gloves if you think you’re going to
be wearing gloves in a hunting situation. I know when its cold, I’m
gonna have my gloves on. Because the entire handgun
is going to feel different. From how you load it, to how the trigger feels, to
how you reload. Everything about it is gonna be a little more
cumbersome and you’re gonna feel like you’re
fumbling a little bit, so don’t forget to practice
with your gloves on. And if you’ll spend
some time preparing for that different
feel, it will pay off. You know, because
repetitive practice in anything, is gonna help
you be more successful. – [Narrator] Deer Gear
is brought to you by, Conquest Scents,
“Hunting and dog scents.” Engel Coolers, “A
legend in reliability.” TenPoint Crossbows,
“Perfection lives here.” – Its been really
cool to spend time down on the range, showing
them what I’ve learned, talking about the strategies of hunting with a
handgun, talking about the trigger pull,
talking about practicing, and then watching them,
grab a handgun and going out for the
very first time. And we’ve had some
success and we’ve had some misses out there,
but its been really fun to watch and
share that passion. That’s the cool thing
about handgun hunting, when I talk about
it, its infectious. Its addictive and once
you start shooting it, you’re gonna want to shoot more, you’re gonna want to do it more, and you’re gonna
have another means and methods to be able
to go hunting with. – [Narrator] One of the
people is Wade’s good friend, Jeff Reynolds, who is going out handgun hunting
for the first time. – Man, I’m pretty
excited about this, this is my first
time ever trying to hunt with a handgun. I’ve watched Wade, Tony do it, Michael has done
it. And I’ve got to see it done a lot,
but I’ve never really, I haven’t got into
shooting handguns, but I got to come
out to the range with Wade the
other day and shoot three or four times
just to kind of see what it was like. This gun I’m hunting with
is a powerful weapon. Its a Smith and Wesson 460
Performance Center pistol. Wade has given me a
chance to go hunt with it and I’m fixing to shoot
a couple more times on the range with it. Just to be sure I’m
confident, you know, I can make a good shot if
the opportunity comes up. But we’re going to
get our stuff ready and go see if we
can get it done. – [Narrator] After
a short while, a mature buck, hot on
the tail of two does, comes running out of the woods. (gun cocks) (gunshot) (gun cocks) – (whispering) Too
high, stay on him. (gunshot) (man exhales) (man laughs) (whispering) Man, I
don’t know what happened on the first shot. I thought I was right on him. (laughing quietly) But I
shot and he just stood there. I thought, “I’d
better shoot again.” (man exhales) (whispering) I’ll tell you what, that got me a little shook up. And I’ve seen, I knocked him down, he
was bleeding pretty good, I mean, I didn’t see nothing
on his opposite side, but its right in his shoulder. (man exhales) (laughs quietly) (whispering) I’m
gonna tell you what, I’ve shot several deer before, and I ain’t got shook up,
shaken up, shook up (laughs) like this in a long time. If you hadn’t ever tried
hunting with a handgun, you need to, it is a totally
different experience. You can see where
he was on his chest. There he is. (laughs) He didn’t go 30 yards. Just make sure. Oh yeah, he’s done. Look at here boys, Smith and Wesson
Performance Center 460… (exhales) Magnum, can’t forget
the magnum on there. What a thrill. I
couldn’t be more excited. This is definitely a thrill. He’s kind of a neat
deer, I mean, 6-point, but a cool looking rack. The way is horns laying forward, a mature deer, definitely
mature and he is rutted up, you can
smell him right now. Now we get to go back
and get to wolverine. Go back to camp and brag a little bit
about this one. My first handgun deer
and I am super excited. (electronic music) – So the bottom line,
when it comes to taking up handgun hunting is, don’t be afraid to try it, spend some time learning and understanding all of
the different calibers and the sizes of
revolvers out there and what each one of
them would go do, and then get out and enjoy it. I promise you, once
you start taking up handgun hunting, you’re
gonna have another means and methods
that gonna open up a lot of doors and
opportunities for you to find success in the field.

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