Master in Management, Organization & Society in Stockholm? Ask Kevin about it!

hi my name is Kevin Harland I'm from Netherlands and I have studied a master in business management at Stockholm University the reason for me to choose Stockholm was to get a bit more experience abroad after doing a master in engineering in the Netherlands I wanted to do more and learn more which is why I choose to do another master program since I'm half Norwegian I wanted to do a program in Scandinavia both me and my girlfriend wanted to have some more experience abroad and we both found something here in Stockholm we thought that Stockholm there would be a lot to do a lot to experience and it would be a great international school since the Stockholm University is ranked very high on the list of universities I chose for a master in business management because I thought it would be a great addition to my previous master in engineering since this would give me knowledge in both areas and it would enable me to work in places where it would be required to have an overview of things and manage more tasks study in Sweden has been a great experience I am so glad I had the opportunity to do this because I have learned so much about Swedish culture and there's so many new wonderful people and overall I think my network has really grown tremendously from being here it was also interesting to talk to all these international students and to learn about their backgrounds and their culture and I think that's really a unique experience from being abroad the program itself was very good the teachers they were highly knowledgeable and they really knew what they were talking about I've learned a great deal from this program and I also knows that all of my classmates I have were very driven and very passionate about what they were doing here and also the best thing about working in a multicultural team is that everyone brings a lot of different perspectives to the table because of their own experiences their background and their culture being in Stockholm has been great but there are some challenges to keep in mind when coming here one of the main problems I found was housing it can be very difficult to get a first-hand contract because most of the time they have a waiting list for several years so most of the time you will end up in a secondhand contract or you are renting from someone who has a contract their own another thing to take into consideration is how far you are willing to travel to school every day since apartments are very expensive here and they become even more expensive the closer you get to the city center one of the first things I would advise you to do as soon as you arrive in Stockholm is to apply for his personal number because this number is very important in Sweden and it is used for a lot of different services as soon as you get this personal number you can apply for a Swedish ID card which should be your next step when you finally get your ID card you can then apply for a phone plan and for a Swedish bank account but all in all my time here in Stockholm has really been great I have learned a lot from the program itself but I've also learned a lot from the people that I've worked together with besides my education I've also enjoyed being in Stockholm and experiencing the Swedish culture the extreme winters and also the extreme doctoring winters but especially the Swedish summers which are really great there's a lot of light and everyone is happy and they're all outdoors having a great time now that I'm done with my studies in Sweden I returned to to the Netherlands and have applied for several jobs I truly believe that doing this extra study here in Stockholm has really given me an advantage and especially when applying for management positions in the technical field but not only the education has helped me a lot also the whole experience of living abroad has been a crucial part of me getting job offers in the Netherlands now my plans for the future are working the blue ears in the Midlands and putting to work all my new knowledge and experience I've gained from this study

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