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the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies offers for Master of Arts program I believe that the International Peace Studies program provides a very in-depth preparation of students to go out into the world and participate in the global agenda of conflict resolution and transformation another master's program is Master of Arts in peace education these program provides a critical understanding of the theoretical and conceptual foundations of peace education I think it is very important that young people and even adults need to go to a continuing education and how to build and maintain peace and we need to teach about peace the Master of Arts in gender and this building is a unique program in this university and throughout the world this would be a very rich program for all those who are interested in the intersection of gender and all the kinds of violence's and complex in the world the Master of Arts in media Peace and Conflict Studies enable students to engage with and understand contemporary trends in media and communication and the role of media and communication in social processes of peace and country you can come and choose your program and along the way if you want to mix and be interdisciplinary you have all the spaces to do that throughout the year that you are here at UT

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