Maxime Bernier Opens Salim Mansur’s Campaign Office

My name is Robert Vaughan I’m Salim Mansur’s
campaign manager welcome you to the opening the official opening of Salim
Mansur’s campaign office glad you could be here Maxine Bernier has joined us
today to spend a lot of time in London meeting and greeting with the candidates
some of whom are here today Bela Kosoian for london Fanshawe Mike McMullen
London West Dan (*Dave) Wrobel Brantford-Brant long way to come Dave, Dave Wrobel and Rory Tekanoff from Perth-Wellington so without further ado
I would ask that Salim, Mary Lou Ambrosio who’s the office manager here
and has a much more important job than I have come up with me
Maxime if you would like to join me up here as well and Susan Stephenson is
the official agent for Salim Mansur and she takes all the responsibility she
signs the checks she’s the one whose life is on the line so Maxime would you
like to say a few words first before we open the office absolutely first of all thank you
very much and you know it is my best time in politics when we decided to
started the People’s Party of Canada a couple of months ago actually 12 months
next Saturday a lot of people were saying you know
this is a one-man show Bernier won’t be able to build a party ready for the next
election but today we are telling them that we are a real national political
party with candidates like Salim and all the team here all across the country
up to now we have 320 candidates selected and approved by
Elections Canada will have a full slate of candidates in a couple of the days from
now so yes we have great candidates and I’m very proud of that because when you
started a new party based on principles individual freedom personal
responsibility respect and fairness you know in the beginning I was looking I
said I hope I’ll be able to be successful but you helped me a lot
because after * rude interruption by an uncivilized and sadly misinformed person * I cannot I would answer the question we cannot be racist when we are Canadians and it’s
because we believe in this country we want this country to be like that in 25
years and you know we have candidates from different faiths from different
political backgrounds from different ethnicity and they all together because
they share our values yes respect fairness individual
freedom and personal responsibility and people who came in Canada to build this
country with Francophone Anglophone first nation they came here because they
wanted to share our Canadian values and speaking about Canadian values and
speaking about Canadian identity yes there’s a nation here in Canada Justin
Trudeau said we we are the first post national post what’s yeah
post national state yeah you know I can I cannot say that because it’s not true we are a nation and we are proud and we
want people that will come here share our values equality before the law
equality between men and women separation of religious and the state
respect tolerance pluralism and yes we want people will come here to be part of
our Canadian society and we want more economic immigrants so when I’m speaking
about economic immigrants it’s a person that come here because an entrepreneur
in this country will need that person for their skill or experience so we have
only now 26 percent of Canadians or foreigners that are coming to Canada
that are economic immigrants seventy-four percent of them are not
economic immigrants we must increase the ratio of economic immigrants and
we’ll do that with 50% of our newcomers will come here because they will have a
job and it will be easier for these people to integrate and be part of our
society when you have a job and so yes we have to look at what’s happening in
Quebec right now as you know at the Roxham Road in Quebec I think it is
unfair speaking about fairness that these fake refugees are crossing the
border and we want to help the real refugees that are waiting in other
country where their life is in danger so that’s why we have a very precise and
Canadian immigration policy our immigration system must be there to
fulfill our economic needs and it is not that right now I said that with 350,000
immigrants a year that’s mass immigration because after three years
you’ll have a million people it is the population of Nova Scotia and adding 350
thousand a year every year you know it would be too difficult for us to be sure
that these people would be well integrated in our society and will
participate in our society we we are very generous as Canadians and that’s
why we need to look at it and being sure that these people will be able to
participate in our society so that’s a position that we need to have
this debate with other political parties it’s too bad that we are the only one
who speak about it but 49% of Canadians are saying that you know they want fewer
immigrants only 6% are saying that they want more immigrants so that’s a
position that’s a position that’s why the People’s Party must be there to fight
for Canadians to fight for the people putting the people first and our country
first and that’s the principle of our of our foundation the foundation of our
Party so I’m very proud to fight with that with our candidates all across the
country and I can tell you that it’s only the beginning it’s only the
beginning I hope that we will be part of the national debate that will start we
will have the the answer about our participation next Monday I’m pretty
sure and I hope that it would be a positive answer for us because without
us it won’t be a debate Andrew Scheer and the Liberals and the NDP and the
Green they’re all the same about balancing the budget about immigration
about corporate welfare we have so many policies that are different we need to
be there to debates you know we think that it is unfair to tax a small
business entrepreneur here in London and forcing him to forcing him or her to pay
taxes and giving that to SNC- Lavalin or GM or Bombardier or so we need
to have a fair policy and that’s why we can save five billion dollars there and
we’ll have the flat tax for business that’s a fair policy so on every subject
they don’t have the courage to do the bold reforms that need to be done in
this country that’s important and for them you know not balancing the budget
it is not responsible and if you are real conservative person that believe in
fiscal responsible fiscal government you need to balance the budget in two years
Andrew Scheer said that he won’t be able to do that he will do that in five
years like Justin Trudeau it’s not conservative saying that you know under
Andrew Scheer the Conservative Party of Canada now it is not a conservative
party anymore it is a centrist and pragmatic political
party and Andrew Scheer said that himself a couple of
months ago they don’t have the courage to speak to Canadians about where we can
save money to balance the budget we can save money by cutting CBC Radio Canada
you know we’ll save a billion dollars there we can save money also by you know looking
at the the expenses in foreign aid you know we are generous Canadians we are
very generous we will be there if there is a humanitarian crisis or or an
environmental disaster we need to be there and we’ll be there but we don’t
have to be there with our money to fight climate change
in Africa Justin Trudeau will give 2.3 billion dollars to fight climate change
in Africa so we need to bring back that money and work for our country first and
that’s part of our proposal so that’s why we need to be in the debate and I
think the Commissioner Mr. Johnston will will see the light and invite us at the
debate and you can be sure that will be one of the first times in Canadian
politics when you will have a real debate when you’ll have a politician that
will answer the question and you’ll be able to understand because I’m speaking
like you you know I won’t use code language to no I’m telling I’m
speaking about what we believe in and I will be able to explain why we believe
in our Canadian values in our country and that would be very interesting but
I’m I want our candidates also to have some debates in the in the election and
be sure to look at our candidates because they will be on the stage and
they will be able to debate in their riding that will be interesting also
they will be great they will debate and we are starting something now but we
need you and I’ll close with that we need you help me to help you so we need
you to volunteer to give money to your candidate in your riding association
too at the same time also be very active on social media
to speak to your friends your family about our policy and to know our policy
also you know we have it’s all on our website
you can look at all our policies over there so be well inform help us and all
together I can tell you that we are starting the common-sense revolution in
this country thank you Thank You Maxime will do the official
opening of Salim Mansur’s campaign office now after which Salim would like to say
a few words so let’s just open it up Maxime, Salim 1, 2, 3 Salim Salim would you like to say a
few words well friends I want to thank all of you for coming out this morning
you know coming out for the opening coming out to great Maxime it is such a
privilege to have Maxime take the time from his very very busy schedule going
right across the country but finding a window for us in London to come down and not only come down to open this office with us but to spend pretty much the
whole day with us this is an immense gift isn’t it somehow in that situation which is
mysterious and in that sense sacred we are not going to get into analysis of
how it happened Maxime loves Londoners and Londoners love Maxime so thank you thank you my friends
and I would just say this to all that Maxime has said and maxim has much more
to say this evening and we are going to talk about it but I’ll say this
where we are where we are at this moment in our history in our lives in our
country is the trust is broken trust is broken and when trust is broken things
begin to fall apart and anarchy as the great poet Yeats says is let loose
however the remedy is also here the remedy is Maxime and the People’s Party of Canada and you and I the people we have to restore trust and the way we restore trust is that we break political correctness and
talk freely about our country about us about what we feel what we think and
once we do that we will again bring back Canada and make Canada once again the
most envied country in the world so thank you my friend thank you very much

100 thoughts on “Maxime Bernier Opens Salim Mansur’s Campaign Office

  • I guess SALIM is really white, he is just wearing a mask. LOL Telling a person of colour that they can't think for them self is racist. What is with these quacked out white women. It's sad. Just laugh at them. Laughing is fun. #ClownWorld🀑.

  • I want immigrants. I want new people to have a job waiting for them, instead of expecting the tax payer to care for them. Just look after yourself. I just do NOT want Mass Demographic replacement of the Canadian people. Our ancestor built Canada, or it would not have even excited if they hadn't. And they died in two world wars for this country and to keep it free and safe, for their great grandchildren, and their great, great, great grandchildren. Their inheritance, their birthright, must be protected, not given away.

  • Where did that uneducated woman come from? PPC has the most diverse party,and she uses the word racist to describe the party. This is exactly the problem all democratic societies face today. You have people who don't do their home work, but will regurgitate whatever they've heard from the media. People should have to pass some sort of test before they are given the right to cast their vote.

  • Make Canada sane again. Vote PPC 2019. The debates , a joke, they have no place for the truth, so that’s why they don’t want MAX there . πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ’ͺπŸ‘

  • Too bad people are so brainwashed by the media. It's so apparent no one is a racist in this party. She was sadly misinformed.

  • Right on .
    To bad the hate filled bigoted intolerant libtards had to show up . But great response on max's part .
    God Bless and peace

  • Finally a leader that speaks Canadian truth and Canadian values regardless of what others think or throw at him politically!

  • The PPC is a gladiator party fighting for the freedom of Canada and all Canadians. And our leader is the true Maximus Decimus Meridius!

  • Are you fkn kidding me!!! So there is an Islamic Muslim, the very fabric that we are fighting against , is now representing London North Center????
    ffs PPC…what are you thinking?

  • I believe there is going to be a good outcome from the election this October. But just the same we now have a political party who is going to put Canadians first.

  • Canadians as a whole have never been racist. Yes there are racist in Canada like any other countries in the world. Even in ethnic countries there are racist even against each other. The truth is it's the real racist who are the first to call others racist. Like some people of color who don't trust people who are not of color.

  • The PPC needs to hold its own "Peoples' Debate" with or without Trudeau, Sheer, and Bernier.

    But Maxime missed an opportunity:
    "…racist policies…"
    "Madam, please tell me what you mean by racist."
    "But everyone knows what racist means."
    "Madam, the word racist has been used so much that everyone now has their own understanding of what it means. I know what it means for me. I'd like to know what the word means for you."
    Woman stops and thinks for the first time since she began listening exclusively to Liberal media and an authentic dialogue begins.

    Ask them about their buzzwords, Max. "Climate denier" is another one.

  • How can I be a racist , I AM a CANADIAN , that was a beautiful response …………..This will be my #1 response when someone call me a racist now …………Before that , it was , once that they call me a racist , I would respond like this , SO , apparently only white people are racist , correct , so that must mean that you hate white people , is that correct , ….I get two responses , the smart ones say " nothing" and the other ones become violent …..Have a great day all ……….PPC To the MAX with MAX …..

  • "The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me. Old Stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable. And we will replace them".
    – Justin Trudeau

  • Canada has never used the word racist until the Justin Trudeau was elected four years ago, Now they make it known who they don’t agree with you’re racist. They use the news to push it.

  • The PPC has my vote! They have the most honest salt of the earth candidates and will save Canada. Maxime is such a strong leader that doesn't get phased by the lies some have decided to spew at good honest people.

  • Max Bernier is in no way a racist. He has wonderful people of many ethnicities joining the Party. Why would they even think of doing so if they didn't realize he is very welcoming to all who want to participate and share in the values he proposes. The foundation of Canadian life. She is obviously very narrow minded in her thinking and the reality in front of her. Simply put she is a hack.

  • This man WILL be amazing on the world stage and make Canada very proud. I believe other leaders will be honoured and work with him and our country I'll regain the respect we so deserve.

  • The patriotic party that Canadians are ravenous to vote for! They are collecting votes from classical liberals, real conservatives (not just in name!), libertarians, NDP (who were fans of Mulcair and Layton!) and non-voters who see the PPC as the only valuable voice for a Canada they grew up within and want to live within! I encourage all political backgrounds to vote differently this election to support the party for Canada! The PPC

  • I learned about the work of Salim Mansur when I was following Ricardo Duchesne's website ..

  • I was so lucky to get to go to one of the events in London. I was struck by what a smart, capable, knowledgeable person Max is… but also what a lovely person! He truly cared about all the people so excited to see him, was humble and friendly. We as Canadians would be so lucky having him as our Prime Minister and representative to the world. Wow!

  • drove across Canada on the 10th from Alberta to Ontario n only seen one PPC sign Come on people lets get the word out n show support for our beliefs

  • Maxime Bernier Of The People’s Party Of Canada for Prime Minister!

    Congrats Salim on the opening day for your campaign office.

    πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
    πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
    πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
    πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
    πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦2019

  • You are our only hope Max!! I love what the PPC stands for!! Thank you!!! You will win!!! I look forward to seeing you in Strathroy on Oct 1st!!

  • Beautiful comeback from the "racist" taunt. "How can we be racist when we are all Canadians?" The foundation of the PPC is "putting Canadians first"

  • Here's some very interesting information from CanadaPoli that helps the truth come to the surface ;

  • A million in three years that's an invasion way too many Canada does not have the services or infrastructure in place to deal with it the cops can't even deal with the crime let alone anything else

  • Common sense yes let's have that common sense says Trudeau should be in jail Max I hope that's the first order of business releasing the evidence to the RCMP to imprison trudeau

  • IMO ,if Maxime Bernier was a fake,he would have quit long ago,this man(Max),holds true to his convictions. God is surely directing his path,whether he(Max)is aware of this or not…Satan is losing ground day by day and knows it. To God,be the glory. πŸ™‚

  • London has a huge problem with mohameden communities…the city has gone downhill…crime rate has increased, attacks on non mohameden neighborhoods has escalated exponentially but nobody identifies the perpetrators….the media is complicit in the demise of our culture and society…London was once a strong and respected city. Now it has no business, high unemployment, graffiti everywhere, gangs running rampant, drugs at every corner, and the Canadian citizen lives in fear while the mohameden community continues to demand more….no, I cannot support even the moderate mohamedenism….that notion is a false statement. there is only one mohamedism, and they all follow it faithfully. It is not compatible with Canadian culture which is built on Catholicism, that which mohamedens hate deeply.

  • πŸ‘€βœ” our clown retarded total moron n canada's destroyer, returdeau, said that all will budget n debt would balance itself πŸ€£πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  • Mad Max 2019 !!! Finally someone that well do the right thing in politics!!!You got my VOTE PPC !!! Canada strong and FREE !!!!!

  • The only thing they are allowed to do is move to force inclusion….

    That means the bla** , Indian get a white gf. (There are almost no Arabs left alive…but they like to pretend there are millions ; these are almost all 'radicalized' Indians .(they brainwash them from infancy) ..the Arabs are the 'polythiests' they murdered off…)

    But the blacks are secretly destroyed.

    That's it people. It's ethnic genocide all the way . These are hopeless people and they refuse to change and to moralize….and actually develop a real economy (rather then pretend they have one …with sh*t like Dubai….rather then cleaning their rivers and actually working …and producing something …but currently they seem to simply buying made in China and sell it to us for exorbitant sums (kind of makes you think that Islam played a part in the Destruction of the Chinese people's real ancestral government ?)

  • LOVE IT!!
    We cannot be racist, when we are Canadians!!!
    Maxime Bernier
    Dr Mansur, I have always said, 'Adversity is very often a blessing in disguise!'
    We embrace you! We are so fortunate to have you, in the PPC family!
    May your success know no bounds!!!

  • Western civilization is based on the peaceful resolution of disputes. We are not going back to whipping for Molson Canadian, or amputation for stealing a chocolate bar, or stoning to death for adultery..

  • But yet those lefty parties and the conservatives call the PPC racist and nazis lmao this video shows no racism at all so those say us PPC supporters are racist and nazis this is what we call mirroring PPC 2019

  • Exactly!! We cannot be Racist IF we are CANADIANS!! You Tell 'em, Max!! PPC in 2019!!

    Socialists; Take you diversionary identity politics back to the hell holes it came from!

  • A lot of great candidates now in PPC. It is only ignorant people that accuse the PPC of being racist or Nazi's. It simply isn't true but the socialists are desperate in their name-calling. It is all they have. Well, that and the multi-billion dollar deficit they have rung up. I voted for Maxime to head the CPC. The majority chose wrong. They chose a liberal globalist who lacks the nads to take on the UN.

  • Unless people recognize the rot in the older parties and bring in the PPC this election I fear that this country will cease to exist.

  • Going back to The HARPER Years would be withholding 5 BILLION of borrowed Dept From the Canadian Peoples to GIVE To Trudeau to Spend on Bringing in Refugees to slaughter Animals in Our Streets

  • May Almighty GOD!! BLESS ALL The CONSERVATIVE-CANADIANS!!!–> w/VICTORY-in The ELECTION/SOON!!!!!………………Peoples Party!!! Of Canada!!!……

  • What a stupid cow look at who is standing in front of her this is why we need something new fo Canadians.Buy the way give her the boot!

  • It is funny white supremacist call Max racist, while refugees from Middle East like me are proud supporter of Maxime

  • Max if you want to win, get trudeau LAW BRAKING FACTS with links on trucks with billboards.
    Have the trucks in front of all his appearances. A simple large foldable plastic sign can be transported
    by pickup truck and taped to a rental truck at his next appearance. The truck can move when his
    2019 brown shirts appear .

  • Unbelievable this country Canada produces liberal hecklers. Trudeau you prick your flunky interrupter wasn't successful.🀣🀣🀣

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