MEAN people who got what they deserve !

this video is gonna be by people who are powered tripping and sometimes karma happens to those people hey Rodriguez show MOT got off to a rocky start who talks to a judge like that I feel like I would be like yes sir the reason she's talking about jewelry because I was confused why they gave her bail and she's like I'm going a lot of jewelry meaning like she can afford it I can sell my jewelry and you know pay for my bill he's like wanna be sassy with me lady 10k instead of 5k yeah don't be don't be sassy with judges they got they got a lot of power they want a power trip they can power trip I mean I don't know if I consider this power trip and I said there's more like a clap back sure he's so savage okay I don't mess with this man look at his face really closely remember that face don't mess with this man oh girl that's gonna make things worse and the judge flipped I believe I heard you saying I did you say me did you say that or you did say that I find you like criminal contempt 30 days in the county jail CNN senior legal analyst Wow okay I don't even know what to say okay I'm struggling for words I'm at loss for words she's brave but also a little stupid because now there's no bail she's just in there for 30 days in jail like you could have just not been in jail and used your jewelry oh man I can't I can't we have a doctor here being a very rude to a patient another patient saw this happening and was like I'm assume this doctor and I'm gonna let the world know because you can't speak to a patient like that he's sick he's in the hospital for a reason if I could get up off this chair okay this this is what makes no sense to me you know you spend your life trying to become a doctor and why do you become a doctor you become a doctor because you want to help people right like you're there to help people get better to help people and this is a key word here help people not to be won't tell them sit up I know you can do it clearly she's in this for the wrong reasons sorry sure you were the least sick of all the people who are here who are dying you're only half dying so like leave we want people who are pretty much dead here in this hospital you still got a pulse leave like that's pretty much what she's saying please lady people don't need to be dying to be ill sir he was numb in extreme pain and having trouble breathing I just tried to inhale and I even told her I couldn't I don't understand you are breathing gently I have never seen anybody speak to somebody like this I don't even know what to say you're really in the wrong profession no you have changed your story just swearing at him in my mind I don't think she should be practicing medicine at all because if it's not a race thing and she treats everybody that way then that's a problem I agree with him it wasn't racing like shame on her because everybody deserves equal treatment and then if it's not still shame on her because how dare you talk to anybody like that like I'm literally my mind is blown and the CEO of the hospital group went on to say the doctor will never be allowed to work at any branches of the hospital like I would hate to say this like happy someone lost her job but damn like you don't deserve your job at that point I'm sorry this is what can happen when an overprotective dad when daddy is a cop most cops are cool but you know people are people and sometimes we got a rotten apple that spoils a bunch let's let's look at this rotten apple I don't understand this though because isn't this his dashboard camera like doesn't he know that it's on I play you know your cameras on and you're still like just Lucifer front of the camera like not really using your brain there officer the vehicle are his daughter I mean I understand that like you know you want to protect your daughter but like really you're gonna send someone to jail for it like how about just have like a man-to-man conversation and be like listen no I love my daughter I just want to make sure that you're taking care of her or I want to make sure no one's here then he puts his own daughter in the back of his cruiser really wrong Caitlin Kovac started dating Makai Coleman it's all like highschool lovers Caitlin's dad patrolman Jon Kovac of the Lorain Ohio Police Department disapproved of the relationship calling the boyfriend quote not a good person I mean that's fair that you don't want your daughter to date or not a good person but you're also not a good person for doing this I'm sure there's like different ways to deal with it then arresting them for not being a good person whatever not a good person means jail we'll make it up as we go he's just admitting the fact that he has no idea why he's arresting this boy good job good job good job yep he pulled over the young man and ordered him into the police cruiser only then he realized his daughter was in the back seat of the boyfriend's car this is kind of unrelated that's not really unrelated but why was she in the back seat of the car look it's like her her taxi driver that's a bit weird like usually when I'm riding with someone I ride in the seat next to them not behind them out of them that's just my opinion though the cop tells the boyfriend he can go by so they weren't Wow he didn't even know that they were together and he was just like this is my chance to arrest him and he'll never see my daughter again that's some evil stuff so basically guys the dad he lost his job he let emotions get in the way of his job so this this gentleman over here he is first in line to buy an iPhone number one number one number one there are those who try ok good for you look why why are you going in the news telling people this leg just flipping her money and buying $100,000 that's nice good for you nobody really cares thousand dollars and those who try to buy he's been here since six o clock in the mornings these people are lining up trying to get an iPhone and she wants to walk in before them and buy out all the iPhone so of hours waiting in line for 12 hours honestly I could never do that I can barely wait five minutes for food I'm impatient I can't but honestly I respect these people for being able to do that her smile like her steamer like mixi cringe minutes before the six o'clock launch after others spent hours waiting patiently this one rolled up with 16 grand in cash 16 grand I thought she said $100,000 well maybe the rest is just spending on credit card I guess I don't know about her she be lying and bought marks number one spot in line for 800 bucks oh this one makes me cringe so much money talks while investment she thought because yet when the door is finally opened yup she was first but maybe I'm first she should have stopped to read the rules her plan to buy out the store sorry ATT imposed a one phone one per customer so she just spent $800 to cut the line to get one phone her plan was to buy a hundred thousand dollars with the phones and then sell them on eBay for more money this is why the scam life is not the life make sure that they were enough to go around that's a serious bag he got an iPhone 8 and $800 this dude just won the day anyways guys I hope you enjoyed this video I love you so much stay awesome Spacely and forgiving each other

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