Medical Freedom for Every Texan

Medical cannabis isn’t legal for most Texans, and that’s just not right. I spend my time educating the public about medical cannabis. Medical freedom is important every Texan should be able to choose remedies that work for them. Not long ago, I had the opportunity to live in a legal state and I discovered by daily use of medical cannabis that my quality of life improved dramatically. I’ve had a lot of physical jobs I’ve worked in the oil industry. I’ve worked in the renewable energy field. In many of these occupations you get repetitive stress injuries which is what I suffered from. At some point you start dealing with pain issues and that’s what I found myself dealing with. I got prescriptions from doctors They were typically opioid based prescriptions, but over time they were much less effective. So that’s when I started with researching cannabis. It’s important to understand that it really is a medicine. It’s a plant based medicine. I like to work outside. I like to be outdoors. I want to hunt, I want a fish. I like to be out on the farm. It truly improves my quality of life. There’s no reason that Texans shouldn’t enjoy that same quality of life. I’m simply speaking up for my fellow Texans. To learn more about medical cannabis, visit The Foundation for an Informed Texas at

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  • I love this video. Gets straight to the point and communicates qualitative and quantitative info in under 2 minutes. I also like that the speaker's message might connect with a broader audience because it's coming from someone who doesn't look like the stereotypical cannabis consumer. Thanks for getting the word out.

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