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For the past 3 years Meero has worked towards revolutionnizing the world of photography By giving the possibility to photographers of fully embracing their passion First by increasing their income, by giving them additionnal shoots responding to needs by 30,000 brands located in more than 100 countries. And secondly, by providing them the tools enabling them to lead a more efficient professional life. Today Meero, is the first online service platform for photography on demand in the world. But more importantly, it is also the leader in AI image software Today, there are more than 700 employees and hopefully before the end of the year we will be 1200 employees across all regions. My name is Thomas Rebaud, I am 32 years old and at the very beginning, I met a person evolving in the art industry, and I love to innovate, and I realised when searching further, and being surrounded by artists during a couple of years, that there were quite a few challenges and I wanted to try and find solutions At the beginning, it wasn’t dedicated to photography, but bit by bit I entered that area because this was what made the most sense so I launched myself in this project more than 3 and half – 4 years ago with the hope of improving a very traditionnal industry by inserting technology and in fine, of improving the life of all the different people implicated. How are we different than our competitors ? First, because we don’t really have a competitor, because we created in itself a job 3 years ago, so overall we are the only ones on the market However, there are specific local actors that are emerging, Australia the U.S…etc. for on demand photography, so you click on a dedicated app, and a photographer is available. Yet that’s not only what we do we are really trying to revolutionnize the world of photography in itself, the trade of photographers So we launched, and we are the first to do so, a series of tools & services like software for photographers, funds for visual arts, master class, documentaries…etc. And by doing this, by designing the photography trade, we really are the only ones on the market. There are two things, that make me extremely proud here at Meero Firstly, we have a mission that I find incredible, in the sense that yes we make money, but we are doing it by waking up in the morning with a purpose, by helping out a certain population: artists and improving their lives, in a wide range of ways and this is a real motivating factor for all of us here, and I am extremely proud And the second thing that makes me very proud, is that we raised a huge amound of money : 230 million dollars, But on top of that, a large part of that fundraising round was dedicated to financing areas that won’t have a return on investment. So by convincing investors, to finance things that would not have an immediate return on investment but that would bring a huge added value to the company down the road, and this enabled Meero to completely transform. There are 3 main company values, and to sum them up The first one : be ambitious Don’t go for 1 when you can do 5 or 10 Second: if you’re going to make a mistake, then do it, it doesn’t matter However, do it right with the right ressources, make a full mistake and know why before getting back up and moving on and starting again And thirdly: be passionate in what you do, have fun in your job, we call this : make, work, play Have fun at work, I think it is the best way to be more productive and good at your job.

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