Meet Angleton’s Bayou Barbie

are you ready for some action on the gridiron it is Friday football frenzy that’s right our game of the week Westside taking on angleton Kathy Hernandez live at angle – good morning [Music] [Music] we’ve got spirit how about you Pete the self-proclaimed at Bayou Barbie I found my place I can be as loud as I want and I can happen and Here I am donnatella SEC moved to Angleton and has been a die-hard wildcat fan for nearly 10 years along with some friends she tears at Iman every Friday football game I’ve had people sit in front of me in the stands before poor people I don’t even know why they’re there Barbie comes with everything purple pom-poms blanket jewelry and her cowbell they gave me this because letting from Hurricane Harvey destroyed mrs. Donna’s homecoming mum she was planning on going to tonight’s game without one until we want to thank you for always supporting us and we heard you lost on to valuable in the floods on behalf of the hanger to walk as we’d like to give you these [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you guys guess what they say they believe they will take home the win coming tonight at KPRC channel 2 will be here back to you cowbell yes I need more cowbell always Thank You Cathy all right

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