Meet GreenPath: A National Non-Profit Helping People to Get Out of Debt

At GreenPath, our mission is to empower
people to lead financially healthy lives. We’re a national nonprofit focused on
financial health for everyone. We have an incredible team here at GreenPath. Our
team is courageous, they are creative, and they’re really empathetic. They really
care about what we do and they care about the people we serve. Well we’ve got
a bold vision and that is to remix the American dream so it works for everyone.
So what that means for us is that first of all, we have to listen to each person
who contacts GreenPath to understand what’s important to them because the
remix of the American Dream just means that it’s what’s important to each
individual. It’s not for us to decide what somebody’s dreams should be. And
then we want to make sure that we can be that guide to people, to be able to
achieve whatever their dreams are, so we really partner with each person who
contacts us to be there for them and help them achieve their dreams. We have
over 50 field offices in 20 states. Every year we help 22,000 families avoid
foreclosure. On average, we help 50,000 households pay two hundred million dollars in debt. Whatever you dream about accomplishing
in your life and whatever your financial situation may be, we are always here and
happy to the assist you. You are not alone, we are here for you, and it all starts with a conversation.

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