Meet Khudabaksh | Making of Thugs Of Hindostan | Chapter 9 | Amitabh Bachchan | Aamir Khan

Khudabaksh is the moral
spine of this film. Who embodies all the values
which are good, noble… …virtuous and selfless-
that’s the character. Betrayal is in my nature. And mine is to trust. The name itself describes
the nature and character. Khudabaksh means ‘a gift from God.’ He is a man of the soil and a wonderful
sentence that I read somewhere… …which describes somebody
of this nature; abrupt and angular… …but the very soul of
magnanimity and rectitude. I guess Khudabaksh
falls into that character. He is someone who is loyal,
who is very large-hearted… …he is someone who everyone
looks up to… …and he is someone
who is a father figure, a leader for the entire team. For Zafira, Khudabaksh is her father. He is Zafira’s strength,
she is emotionally dependent on him, she respects him, he was everything,
he was her pillar. A lot of us have grown up watching
Mr. Bachchan’s films. One of the big reasons perhaps… …that I’ve landed up in films,
I think, is him. My only conversation with Adi was
I said you know… …once I want to present Mr. Bachchan
the way we’ve seen… …and he was such a cracking
action star in his time. But to be able to put him in a position
in the film, in that costume, with two swords slashing people,
that was epic. This character has very
contrasting personalities; he is a fierce warrior and
he has the softness of a farmer. And he is the embodiment
of what India stands for… …and what freedom stands for. That spirit, to be turned into a costume
had to be larger than life. Mr. Bachchan has a very good
sense of his own tying of turban… …because I think there is something
that he really likes about it. He sort of dipped it on one side… …which made the character look
really, really cool… …which is something none of us
had thought. Prosthetics have a certain character… …and the have a certain discipline
that needs to be followed. You cant have it on for
a very long period of time… …because it destroys your skin… …and even while taking it
off you can’t just pull it off… …because you can pull
your entire skin off. And you have to have the patience
and give time to the makeup artist… …to spend that moment with you… …and with equal delicacy remove
everything that they’ve actually put on. So yes it used to be a good 3 hours
before the look used to be done. Another hour and a half-2 hours
at times to take it off… …and when all of this
is put together… …then all you have to do
is remember your lines. Strength doesn’t lie in a person,
but in his convictions. I have been such a big fan of
Mr. Bachchan all through my life… …because I’ve grown up
watching his films… …and I’ve been such a huge
fan of his and I still am. Well the first day of shooting
was in Malta with him… …and I was really nervous
working with him… …and what I realized is that
when he is on-set he rehearses a lot, so he’ll keep repeating his lines,
again and again, you know, 100 times, 200 times. I have to say that it’s been
a really enriching experience… …doing this film with him
and working with him. He’s got a great sense of humor… …and he keeps the mood
very alive when he’s working. You should drink in the morning.
Why do you drink at night? At the end of this film
I can say with complete honesty… …and total confidence… …that nobody else except Mr. Bachchan
can play Khudabaksh.

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