Meet The Craziest People ALIVE!

oh man I better scared the shit out of you yeah I've invested in a morph suit unfortunately it's 1 4 5 foot for women but now I can go invisible you can't see shit Burke I'm a wizard I'm Harry Potter they don't even know I'm not wearing pants under here I'm gonna be honest it's very hot in this thing was it worth guys was it worth it I'm gonna need like a hundred thousand likes I don't think that was worth okay so that was an intro did I earn your subscription welcome to laser beam so it's weird subreddits extreme yeah subreddits holding my red bullets normally when we look at a sub reddits people failing stuff like people like writing into a wall we've seen what's of that but this is all this has got to be different this is extreme this is people with talent and coordination this is people pulling off the impossible that's why I got the green screen I was like I'm gonna Photoshop myself into it and maybe I can feel included but no it's too hot I'm not even athletic enough to wear the green screen stuff first post guy skydiving how's this going to end normally I would expect him splat on the ground but this has hold my red ball oh okay well he landed on a slip and slide at no point in my life am I gonna be that damn dope that I can skydive down onto a slip and slide no no no I'm just gonna be here in my bedroom getting tired from wearing a green screen yeah it's the thirst my life hold my redbull why I fly to the beach so if this was me right ready free spray oh shit I just crash through those people like I'm a bowling ball how do people get so athletic oh what's that they go to gym and actually train their bodies and put effort in I don't understand wait he's just drowning he's drowning three I've got to be honest was not expecting him to go from skateboarding to fishing how mainly do you have to be to just fall in the water and catch a giant fish hey guys today we're checking out the subreddit that will make you feel inadequate I hope you're having fun what what when did these become a thing when dear hoverboards become real how long has this been a thing why didn't no one tell me of this dope dope shit wait like do since when do we have this technology is this something only people with like mega six-packs and stuff can do where's my invitation we have not finalized the pricing but depending on quantity per unit cost will approximately cost two hundred forty thousand euros really superstar he's still down men that little shit is still gone the six-year-olds are outdoing me the six-year-olds are more impressive than me like I was honestly hoping he kind of fell off at the end not so we got hurt just so like cuz that way it'd be less impressive and I'd feel less bad hold my rebel while I do a backflip oh yes yes this is fantastic content already yes yes good post good post good post good post good post I'm sorry what were we doing wait what what are you doing here what am I doing here hold my Red Bull while I do a trick Oh what the hell what that doesn't make any scientifical sets my testicles cringed the entire time yes my testicles were shriveling up back into my body I need to describe this to you watching that my testicles went up inside my throat that's what this is that's my testicles right there they're very pointy and I only have one of them ah are you kayaking in a store right now why do you do it mate holy Sh boy he's absolutely flogging it oh my god this guy in bad it's gonna be tree it's gonna be a tree there's gonna be an alligator with its mouth open its camp there's gonna be a giant turd give me something bad night no no no I keep forgetting what subreddit I'm in of course he's gonna make it he's an absolute legend where does it end does it end at the beach ha ha ha dude that was sick yeah I was just waiting for the part where he like runs into a train or a pregnant woman it's always one of the other that's just guy surfing nothing too impressive bad bad dog assuming out oh oh oh just keeps God just just keeps getting bigger right oh it's just getting bigger oh that's the one of the biggest waves that they've seen that's freaking massive he's got he's gone no he's he's allof he's made it a big wave surf has always impressed me because like you see how it's barrel if you get if that hits you you you literally snap in half like water is heavy guys if a giant heavy thing crashes into your spine boom you're paralyzed on the spot and guess what you can't do when you're paralyzed swim so if you can't swim in the water one plus one what happens you drown yeah that's what happens snowboarding in Montreal Wow okay cool this isn't that impressive he's just like hey this is just like basic snowboarding there's nothing that cool here this is the first one I reckon I could do I have been snowboarding all over the world Australia Japan Canada I could do this there's nothing too complicated it's just going in Street lanes been a few aah he just did a backflip way to go and ruin it you dickhead I can't do a backflip I was so happy I could run into a moose ah see normally I'd say this is about to end bad and I'd be blurring it but no let's see what he can do he's gonna grow like a jet pack holy shit that's a long way dad can he swim what is he paralyzed it looks like he's moving but I can't be sure I hope you lived I guess it's amazing he can swim with the absolute testicles he needed to make that jump you must be the world's strongest swimmer yesterday I got two rolls of toilet paper down from the higher shelf in the closet and boasted to my fiance that I did it without a stepladder that might be the most impressive thing I've heard of so far it won't be long dude you're gonna get that Red Bull sponsorship soon something tells me I could lay on my belly and just slide down a man now stopping that might be the hard part but the gift doesn't include stopping so as far as I'm concerned I could do this one I'm an athlete I could totally do it all right boys and girls I hope you enjoyed three weird sub reddits edition some of you might think it's funnier for this bloke to run into say a tree ah that's what we'd normally expect but I hope you enjoyed this change of pace it's something a bit different you know seeing people succeed they'll deploy you like button make sure to subscribe if you want to see more stupid subreddit sells silly fellows later and as always jeez

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