44 thoughts on “Meet the Jane Austen Society of Pakistan – BBC News

  • Lots of negatv commnts . But personally liked these ladies so some of our rich ladies do have reading hobbies too apart from fashion and glamour nd why would they make charity work. Alots of charity funds are not distributd to the right people but goes to the acounts of the owners .at least we have no hypocrisy here. And most and most of men and women speak up for poor and for the oppressed woman. I see no benefit and change by their speaking unless the gov takes serious action.

  • Dear Laaleen Sukhera, we, Brazilian women don´t have so many paralles between the Regency era and our society, but we have so few mr. Darcy, too!
    Raquel Sallaberry

  • aunties no one wana fuck. so they dress like that to be fucked up by handsome guys like me . i will masturbate fuck a gay watch porn kill myself rather then touch these aunties. they are disgrace to women race.

  • Why they got american accent…very fake jane austin was British…im from uk born and bred…and im glad im not like these bunch of idiots……

  • So you're telling me, these women enjoy an author so much that they immerse themselves in the mythology, dress up nicely, gather together and discuss about it over snacks, and even act out bit parts from the works, all while gaining their own personal lessons from the experience… and that's a bad thing?!

    LOL GTFOH, all you hypocrites are canceled from every Marvel movie ever!

  • on one side, the country drowned to neck by the burden of external debt of ~$90B, poverty, extremism and on the other side, you have this.

  • 1:35 what a bunch of bullshit, these women have more money than most girls in Miami to play dressup and sip on tea with $2000 tea cups.

  • WOW , what the Pakistan females are so pretty & educated as smarter as British females. thanks to BBC media that some rare events can be highlights so smartly. Otherwise Pak media & others displayed the ugly facts of Pakistan ever. Their camera always show the bombing events by AMAN PASAND FELLOW.,Dirty Ness of many Pakistani fellow & States.? I love only BBC media that found with hard works to display some beautiful things, beautiful matter etc. BBC media can understand the How save the Image of Pakistan & AMAN PASAND MULK.???

  • Useless women with no intelligence ,they are just bimbos .Women in Pakistan are suffering extremely due to oppression and torture and look at them,This is just when you have no financial worry of life you began wasting your time .

  • Give them a break dudes!
    They are happy with what they are doing. What makes us judge them?

    It was a bit awkward though 😛

  • Omg so much triggered people here. Let them do what they do. And actually you could go and read a book written by Jane Austen.

  • Would prefer Manto over Austen for 1000 times because I can't comprehend or even resonate or find any sort of affiliations or connection with Austen.
    On a serious note, only the haves can afford Austen.

  • If they are able to do this video they don't fit in the narrative of Pakistani women clearly because they are of elite class, so that the limitations she is bragging about..these women in video never even experienced it.
    Don't know about Regent England but these women have taken high doses of vintage colonial stuff that their lives are in eternal colonial hangover….
    Lastly they do this chutiyapa but don't engage with their sons and so Qandeel Baloch is the fact.

  • What the hell is this…I myself am from Lahore and went to probably one of the best schools in Pakistan yet never experienced any of this…their kids must be embarassed….

  • Very beautiful woman,buath kobsorrat yeh…where do you live maybe we can come visit you and have some fun…

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