Meeting with MY PARENTS after 14 months in ISRAEL 🇮🇱

I will meet my parents after 14 months when I was leaving Czechia we didn’t had a clue to we would meet we have thought that we will see each other after 5 years or after I am back from this famous world trip by hitchhiking but it just happend like this that I am now in Israel and flights are quite cheap so we arranged it they have never travelled they were perhaps around Czechia maybe on holiday in Italy and they arrived to middle east that is crazy they are going to be freaking out here but I want to show it to them here so they can enjoy it and see the world that is the generatuion of people that couldn’t travel or didn’t want I welcome you in holy land here you have to be welcomed the most precious thing they have here dates these are dates, they are awesome this one is big one this is the biggest I have ever eaten this is Amit and Irena, hi how are you? thank you I am good to say hello you say “shalom” you know that already mum? I don’t have tie to rub my wet eyes how was you flight? good, beautiful, little bit turbulence sun was shining I didn’t know where to put my legs, but at least I was next to corridor well mum what is this bag here, tell me? I sewed it for trip to Israel the exact size of cabin lagguage 42 x 32 x 25 as it was written in the flight ticket? my daddy is going to withdraw money it is here even in Russian your request is…wait I am not filming now, now he puts a pin let’s get 200 shekel palm-trees this is not in Hlučín (my home town) you see there this is palms so this is date palm-tree or there is other kind? this is just palm-tree you see one is yellow and one is red this is different kind this ones are not ripe and I don’t know if this ones are getting ripe at all because there is not so much heat here you can try it cool it is date theoretically we can eat this on this one is quite dry, maybe too much it is is warm here, right? my friend was scraping car window off ice it was a bit freezing in Prague I think now is here like 25°C in Israel are 3 official languages it is Hebrew, Arabic and English my mum is still holding that date it is interesting fruit there is Arabic village and there you see minarets going out of the mosque yes I see it come on guys you are doing great this is old military bridge that was used before Golan Heights were occupied by Israel in 1973 this is Jordan river that flows to dead sea in Jordan Valley grows lots of different fruits and vegetables like figs, peaches, apples in Israel they grow all vegetables and fruits you can think of themselves my daddy adventurer, you can do it don’t shoot, don’t shoot it behind that hils is Lebanon these fences are around mine fields, nobody is supposed to go there on yellow sings is writted watch for mines here grow lemons that is great, and here is olive tree here is Amit renting flat in first floor there you will have balcony, and these windows is your bedroom lemon here they have some decoration from Africa I think so here you can sleep this is like in hotel that is yours and mum has more cosmetics the price will be like in hilton these are stones from Amit here is balcony here are figs, dried from treee if you wanna try a fig it is great because it got dried right on the tree young Israelis at the age of 18 go for military service both girl and boys after 3 years leave and go for the world trip from month to year then they get back at about age of 23 and then they go fo univeristy so they get experienced with both army and world so you brought me all this? here I have new cameras mosquito net, cool ok we go to eat hummus ohh yeah hey daddy how is your experience? now the food and then we will see we will see how much you like hummus, right? I struggle a bit with healthy eating at worst we will put some sausagge yeah a bit of smoked beacon this is new camera G7X from Canon it is cool gear -brought from Czechia here we can check synagogue if you want so this is synagogue here is mandarin from a tree mum -ohh wow how say thank you? here are skull-caps skull-caps have on believing Jews it wear it only man and it is some kind of barrier between you and God it shows respect to the God and believing woman cannot show hair so they eaither cover them or shave themselves and wear a wig Christians have new testament and Jews have old testament from bible now it’s empty so we can be here, but normally this are is only for man and woman is here behing this curtain mum, today you are privileged here eternal candle is to remember people that are deceased how do you feel? well… is it exciting? it is beautiful it smells so nice we have to leave here something for others rosemary it is good for memory just rub it this bananas are israeli from here as most of the fruits is from here radish here is hummus lets’s get it I will try it this bread is still warm this is hot green sauce this is non-alcoholic israeli black beer cheers to our meeting we have it with eggs so that is egg this is cheakpeas this is beans this white is tahina ie. sesame sauce Amit always put the hot green sauce and then he mixes all together so we ate it all how was your first hummus daddy? awesome but I cannot breathe it was awesome -are you happy? -sure he take it from pot to the blender this is tahina salt, water and that’s it this is his healthy store this is all organic these are sweet potatoes Amit’s father began by growing organic vegetables and then he opened this shop here they sell different kind of hummus with nuts or red pepper here is basic, 1kg for 4$, we don’t have that in Czechia so daddy is having for breakfast bread with marmelade me and my mum we have here chia seeds with cinnamon with goji berries and coconut milk and here we have dates and banana along with that peanut butter or tahina how do you feel? I am cool how was breakfast -great funny retired people -I will get that here we have Israeli pensioners I will get that when I retired, it is perfect hi, greetings to Czechia before Golan height were occupied they lived here like in medieval ages simple life here, it was always isolated here in moutains this one is firm, eaten up by birds there is more of them just grab some sour like red currants but good here they had horses in stables here is little one the are camouflaged here is some more here is fireplace this village is quite preserved you think that I can eat it? I have never eaten it. It is sold in Czechia it tastes good like red currant is it like red currant? I said the same really? here is dried well this was basic thing, in every village must have been a well there is many wells around Golan Heights and many of them work in many of them is water you can swim in it above the well grows fig tree nobody waters these trees thus the roots are 3 times longer than its trunk they need to find its way to water mum will take as souvenir eucalyptus here is some here is fig try it it is already quite late cold autunm they are not so sweet, the sweetest are already eaten look, here I have good hunt every fig is different, every has different sweetness this one is totally great this man is Druze from Golan Heights they grow lots of vegetables and fruits this is honey this is kaki here we come to village Masade it is one of the Druze villages everybody speaks Arabic and Hebrew under the tower it is the moutain Hermon that is covered by snow in winter and one can go skiing there ohh you are from Czechia hello, hi how are you? I am good thanks this is tahina with aubergine this is salat this is falafel these are some hot sauces bread here is another hummus hot chilli peppers here is hummus with meat falafel is hummus fried into little burger daddy is hummus with meat? well it is meat finally and how about you mum? I like falafel -ohh really? this is arabic coffe with cardamon it is like little turkish she said how come you take picture of me look at these waterpipes this is typical arabic shop water pipe, pipes do you ever want to return back to Israel? yes but only with you thank you so much daddy got it, we go to buy some salami well I couldn’t bear it anymore it was too much of healthy eating I think you will choose here daddy is now in paradise this one is half-dried here we have little Russia in Israel a Russian shop we have to appreciate, they have Kozel beer here can you drink alcohol in Israel? yes, Jews can drink alcohol like wine only Islam forbbids alcohol salami was great one so you are happy right? here we are in center of Katzrin which is the main town of Golan Heights here we have som art I wanted to say that something swims there these are golden fish and sometimes is some eaten by cat hi how are you? she said you are tall come in, keep you shoe on madame said you are sympatic madame said suggested the same, that I can speak Czech and English so I can translate they live here already 7 months that is short -he wil show you around let’s go he used to build houses from wood working and guest room don’t they mind walking in shoes here? here was a wall that he demolished and extended it here that is cool guys, that is cool here they prepare tea Israel is small country but has all kind of terrain desert, semi arid, green areas carob cookies cake prepared Clila, here is coffi and tea here my father has second hand T-shirt it is written there something about Kibbutz you shouldn’t go with that to Syria I thought so so we ate it all here and now we go to sleep she was happy to meet you may be one day she will come to Czechia she said we have awesome sons you can try it but they are not edible, they have to be soaked in salty water first at worst you spit it out it is soft, but the taste is bad today we go for trip to Safad city, it is kind of small Jerusalem where is very nice historical centre Safad town is one of the 4 most important holy town in Israel it is Jerusalem Hebron in West Bank Tiberias by Sea of Galilee here is pictured Jewish sabbath at Friday after sunset begins Jewish sabbath Sabbath basically means Saturday they lighten the candle say some prayers then they take bread and share it with everybody that sits around the table then everybody takes bread dip it into salt and eat it and then they flush it with wine by this begins Shabath and the say Shabbarth Shalom which means happpy Saturday or peaceful Saturday and Sabbath finishes at Saturday after sunset this is from old times when donkey was passing by and pulled vehicles through the old towns this is artistic street and every artists sell his own work we were taught to talk in Russian my wife speaks Russian ok so this blue paint on the wall is from Arabic-Jewish tradition and protects these house from devil before inception of Israeli state at 1948 in Safed live 50% of Jews and 50% of Arabs during the war around establishment of Israeli state Jews expelled all the Arabs from here the is one of the oldest Synagogue in Israel it was build 600 years ago one can find here book of old testament that was written 600 years ago in Spain by Jewish man that high platform is the only place where Rabba reads old testament at home they read book of prayers and book Jewish laws that seperated place for woman is up here when they come to Synagogue they have to clean their hands first they get water to jar that has 2 handles they have to clean their hands like this from outside and the second handle the same way my mummy got covered so we can go to mosque when they come they take theri shoes off here they get flip-flops and they are cleaned and go to mosque to pray and they clean be pure in front of the God here we enter mosque theyhave carpets like in Czechia so we take shoes off on this table we have 6 times for 6 prayers for sunna muslims so 4:45 is one hour before sunrise at 5:56 is Fajr meaning sunrise 11:22 is before midday it is called Duhur 14:24 is afternoon prayer called Asr 16:53 is sunset it is called Magreb 18:09 this is night it is called Aisha night prayer according to the clock they should stop eating at 5:56 and could start to eat 16:53 if it was ramadan and the were fasting, they wouldnt drink nor eat here come only man woman is the best to pray at home, not to be exposed much at public they put it like this the big difference between Islam and Christianity in islam it is frobbiden to display people or faces it is similary for Islam and Christianity this part of mosque is for woman to pray number women that go to pray to mosque is smaller so they have smaller place and here they hear prayer from Imam if you want to say thank it is “shukran” thank you here Israeli Arab has Czech Škoda SuperB this is Israeli ambulance and you can see they have David star instead of christian cross here at Arab restaurant we have some food here is some mixture of meat here is marinated meat here is schnitzel and french fries here is pickles and gherkins salad and onion so we ate it all we have full bellies hey mum how was it? yeah it was yummy how do you like Arabic music in background? well I am in Israel so we leave Katzrin and head for bus to Tiberias here grow bananas here promises to come to visit us -sure here Amits has popcorn thqt he likes don’t cry what do you think about Amit? ohh yeah cool chap we have little time so we go to explore market in Tiberas is it nice? what you think mum? it is cool here, I want market like this in my town here we have minibus to take us to Tel Aviv is it al good? -yeah sure here we are in Tel Aviv it is here busy what do you see there? well sewing machines they have the most famous branda here we found some park to take a rest here is some big residential building here we are in Carmel Market in Tel Aviv we go to explore it this is halawa, this is made from sesame seeds actually from tahina it will not be apparent on that video but it smells awesome it is like from some movie one shout over another one it is aweome, beautiful, colorful this bus is like in our town only I cannot read this signs here, it is like spilled tea here we are in Ramat Gan close to Tel Aviv and we go to our couchsurfing host hello, how are you? -good day here slept my mum and dad for couchsurfing first time in their life how was your couchsurfing experience? it is interesting I am not used to sleep in strage place you should have waited till it opens I got scared it took my ticket, well I was just shocked it was cultural shock you are already prefessional actors ok here they are, they are alredy leaving bye, take care, happy journey say hello to Amit my mum is crying, I was alredy crying too it will all good world is beautiful and safe well that is strong my mum is crying so bad it is not easy to trave around the world ohh shit my parents are more brave than me that they let me go I will only go around the world but they are brave ok life goes on I need to go around the world

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  • Je to tady! Vzalo mi to několik dnů a nocí a bonusová epizoda je na světě. Tahle ta je pouze v čestině. Setkání s rodičema se neobešlo bez emocí, radosti, stesku, vítaní a loučení. Tuhle tu si užijete. Moc prosím sdílejte můj příběh. S láskou Pavel 🙂

    Here we come! Encounter with my parents. It took me couple of days and nights and bonus episode is out. This one is only in Czech though. Encounter with parent did not do without emotion, joy, sadness, welcoming and farewelling. This one you will enjoy. Big please share my life story. Love you guys, Pavel 🙂

  • …..Pavle, mám tě rád……máš krásný vztah s rodiči… to Boží milost……že jste se mohli setkat…..vím, že Bůh hledí na tvé upřímné srdce…..a že tě bude všude provázet……prožíváš něco… se dá jen závidět…..já ti ale z upřímného srdce přeji…..ať se tvé touhy naplní až po okraj! …….Bůh ti žehnej na tvé cestě plné nádherných dobrodružství! ……halelujah!!!

  • Ahoj, tvoje videa jsou naprosto bomba. Ironicky me privedl tvuj mensi skandalek na Prima, kazdy muze v zivote zakopnout, nic si z toho nedelej. Clovek, kdyz te pozna z te druhe stranky, tak zjisti, ze vse je trochu jinak. Puvodne jsem si rikal omg to je debil, pak jsem pochopil, ze jsi to nemyslel spatne ( s tim ghi), pote jsem nasel tvuj kanal a tady uz hodiny zustal :)) Jsi nejvic v pohode, hodne stesti v tve zivotni ceste.

  • Nevěřitelně krásně udělané video. Zajímavé, poučné. Vyzařuje pohodu, lásku, balzám na uspěchanou dobu. Pavle jsi supr človíček, díky rodičům. S maminkou jste úplně stejní…. Moc jsem se pobavila i bulela, jako děcko. 😀

  • Pavel my friend I hope u know that zionist killing our people in palastian nd occupied our land since 1948 till now so pls don't be part of this ……I hope u read more about palastian

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