OHHHH I LIKE PEANUTS! they’re trying to get my door! they’re going for my door! they’re going for my door! Oh my gosh there’s three of them! it’s FGTEEV (ME:)) Give me back the minutes well Hey, I’ve escaped from Swindon and now it’s time [to] continue making frog park 3 Thank you, buddy [alright]. What’s up everybody is study back, and we’ve got more amazing frog for you I’ve escaped that of [swindon], and I still got my water pistol, and it looks like over here. There’s actually a button I’m not Gonna Lie So I’ve already tried this but I thought it’d be cool [to] do it together [this] right here is a button to open stand up to open the door So that way we can get back in without having to crawl through a little hole again and we found in the last video So I am going to attempt to Follow some roads because as you may remember [using] [the] last video going down the Grassy [Mountain] Didn’t work too. Well so we’ve got two ways here. All right and [a] left well Let’s see what this is this is slide to victory Well, there’s a cannon. Oh, I know swindon I remember that from last time nevermind okay, so let’s go this way this guy’s a crazy driver closer the bowler Look [again]. Wow. It looks like there’s nothing insane There’s just a bunch of pokemon over there whoa not for nothing. I would not mind like Buying a house right here and having that as my scenery, ooh But not not if I live next to this frog forget it. Oh, what is this a plateau Valley? No Whoa wall picking up speed? I’m going [really] fast all out that’s water. That’s [a] reflection was this science safe. What does it say? Hey, [Bree], Swindon on the sea where you can pee in the pool. Yes I finally knew I’d find a place that accepted me. I mean this frog Come on guys. [oh] my goodness. Is that jet ski no way Oh my goodness. We found in Ocean. There’s a bus. Oh my gosh. There’s other people here. Hey Now [it’s] six. [oh] no. Oh oh, we [can] miss nothing without casualties Oh, I only stopped right there that even the most epic Parking job ever that was not a good [that’s] not a good exit. Who are the [innocent] nude Beach? [oh]? Put your clothes on but to make it frogs walking around. I it is time to unholster Hosted my weapon, and I’m back to dude out. Let’s go squirt this cookie squirt the cookies screw that guy wait I’m gonna get in one of these days Future site of the swindon on sea of Swindon on see can we interact with a garbage can hello No, hello, so swindon on C. Must be like a new home that they’re trying to create. Oh, wait. [oh], I could talk guys I’m all about saving the environment I’m just kidding oh Leonard I mean Iii opposite of littered. I got confused. I saw the word litter I stopped someone from littering look he wants to push it down. Don’t do it I am cleaning up the beach who are these men oh my video camera? Excuse me Seth. How do you feel about locals being naked on the beach, sir sir hello. Yes you yes, you okay Hey, what’s so rude? I was actually gonna. Give me an interview. Well if you really forget you guys What is this here? 47 kilograms of Methane gas Why couldn’t I have a fire gun right now? throw that I think gas going oh oh Every time I pick up the gas dodo. I don’t wanna fall down there yet Yes, the gas is Gonna Roll into the ocean while the gas is polluting the ocean let’s go. Let’s go See there’s anything cool in this bus [oh] No [nevermind] get off the bus froggy. [oh] Hey, I got your [litter]. Hey, I got your litter watch this [aunt]. Oh There we [go]. [just] [smack] the litter [again] punching litter in the face. That’s how we save the world Who can we use this thing right here? Yeah? Okay, cool. Oh, I can just go in and I can’t turn sigh oh yeah, I get [turned] sideways, so we’ve got some cool Ramps or something there how much money does this cost I can’t quite see. Oh wait respawn point. I should probably Go in there, right? Don’t mind if I do I’m going in and oh You don’t want to go with her oh, I forgot We’re Sprint farting guys here. We go. [oh] I wonder why I was taking a look. What is this thing do? What is happening? [oh]? [oh], no, [wait]. Don’t throw me out, please don’t throw me out. Oh Scuba Scuba Steve Check out my awesome Scooby costume we have to go try this out excuse me, man. Put some clothes on. Thank you spread [full] Giving up my goodness. They have ski-doos down here, and what are all these frogs in the water doing I got I gotta check this out. Can I actually snorkel? Hey, just lost. Good show look at these guys. What are they doing? So oh, oh, I could see in the water. [oh] my goodness. That is on wait wait You’re this way turn around. [I] think I think I’m dead Hello Hello, oh Oh, oh, oh didn’t see that. [I] was just trying to focus. Oh wait wait wait, no Oh, no, no no How do I get here okay? [ah] [no] see your weapon unholster the weapon? I can’t I’m dead. Oh my goodness The [Sharks] got me [oh] my sharpness. Oh my goodness ah No, I don’t want to start back here Don’t you make me? I’ll kick you I’ll pinch you hello anybody oh Thank goodness. Put me up who pay up. Oh That is so cool. I did not know that there was Gonna be sharks there How come the sharks who only came in the water after me not after my friend? Weapons if I press [shift], I can’t really swim good. Oh No shark. No shark another shark. Go. Go go. Go sit up. No stand up go go. Oh You guys can’t reach me. Oh, they’re killing my friends. [oh] [let’s] dig through them. Oh my goodness are those bones the Froggie bones, ha ha ha This is scaring up know what how did you get out [of] there? Let me wait what I [would’ve] this works, and I am I’m stuck yes. Yes [ah] didn’t work Oh, he’s eating my phone look at my heart pump me out of my chest right now. Oh Get back in there [alright]. Oh, they’re all still there Now you guys listen to me know about [the] [hubble] Now oh my got it No, it’s not fair, and it’s not fair and not fair [Swift] Twitter the [proheat] suited to forget quick Green is wrong it. Yeah Yeah, and your face is it all of your faces that guys [do] in a clock dial. Oh my goodness That was so close. Oh my gosh. Hi guys you know, what wait my gun. It’s over there. How am I gonna get that? Okay, I’m trying sprinting Yes, okay? Yeah, so they’re following me no no question okay [han] and quick e quick eat it no, no [hahaha], never getting like Is it in my head is it Eli the shark nate like I’m all right [forget] [the] gun Forget teasing the [sharks] let’s see. Oh no no no no not again, okay? Yes, how am I gonna make it to the jet skis we [have] to Sprint far ready? Yeah? Yeah, go quick. Go quick [go] quick go quick. Go yeah, make it a getaway. I’m Gonna [kill] me There’s nobody that’s gonna stop me because I’m g V wilbur Jones, and I’m a frog I’m gonna picture fall. I’m Mr. Graham I’m Mission into [Rambis] all right. No. No you’re going that way gotta go that way Turn around oh No, no if the frog can get that it’s not even a fun game it is not Stop it. Stop. [that’s] not fair. I just gotta run. No way. I want land. Oh my goodness Where am I going looks fun looks real build this ramp here? Look look look and no no wait wait wait man, and come on go oh No, not upside down. I’m going [to] water [oh] [no], they’re closed what I’m invasive maneuvering. Oh my goodness where I go now ah they’re all following me Try to catch me shock ease. I have no idea Where to go look at those clowns back there? Why only sound like Shaggy look we’re sad missing on the clouds? High sadness sadness [actually] looks like she could be a frog there’s five sharks on my tail And I don’t even have a tail cuz I’m a frog I don’t think I’m supposed to be out this far. They’re gonna concert. They are so getting closer. Oh my goodness [I] do like a trick or a flip Gee why you I ke o lj mm hd g [v] dC? Z and x okay I’ve done everything. I’m not convinced. I’m supposed to go this far What would happen when I die? Find out next time which is right now Whoa, what’s happening? Okay? What was that? [I] think [a] nuclear what I? Think it nuclear bomb is going off when I see something all those jet skis civilization have a son named civilization civilization Where are you? I wonder if she’s with my civilization daughter. Oh, yes, I am supposed to be here [alright] and f run all night. Yeah, try to get me shot keys aha, you guys stay [there] Oh look. They’re sliding back. Yeah, there’s must be oil on this mountain alright, so the fact that there’s [seed] [is] they’ll ski-doos. No stop [Sprint] [falling]. We don’t have time for that now. [I] must get off this mountain Explorer [starting] um the fact that there’s a Seadoo ski, do you think me there that must mean that else? Civilization somewhere right above this mountain peak it sounds like a stop sprint farting and get to the top We shall check it out almost there. I could do this He’s fast in the middle of the screen slow on the left side of screen fast on the middle still a lip That’s in the middle slow today, okay here. We are here. We are here [ah] the trick there’s more mountains ah Getting to another peak Shall this be the Peak of revelation Show me thy cities of frog Are you serious there really is nothing else around? Where do I go? Hello Can you hear me? We are going through Sprint [fart] and Roll down the Martin and I’ve got her it’s gotta hurt. He’s you’re wiggly Oh, yes, jump jump jump [don’t] dick me my people want to jump jump you’re gonna. Make me lose my mind up in here Let’s go come on. We’re almost there Yes mini coopers and a pooper I am going in the [Porta] [potty] and I’m going to [resp] on Here I’m going [to] resp in here. Yes, shut the door. Oh, no. I’m going flying there we go Let’s go flying with this beautiful view All right, I’ve got the mini Cooper. Oh Bobby Hmm. [I] was a little steep. We’re going off-roading I guess Okay, wait. Oh, no. I have a thing. I’m going to bust up this car and Wait should I try to drive the car in the [wah-wah]? What’s this right here, okay? We’ve got a gorge. [oh] my goodness we have a gorge [a] Gorgeous scenery, [oh] we’re going into different terrain We’re getting into different terrain All right, come on. What do we do oh, I’m going off of this. I’m so going off. I don’t care. [yo] Don’t flip okay. All right. I I legit don’t even know at least we have a spawn point there. Oh my goodness Let’s see if there’s sharks on the side of the ocean Wow, they really should develop this area it would be high very highly visited tourist attraction [oh], [no], oh roll over, [wha] it’s actually not that scary I was hoping that be a little bit more epic, Er But it wasn’t what can I drive in the water go underneath? No sink sink sink, please sink Please see okay in real life when a car fills up with [Wawa] it goes down [oh], what is that? It’s a shark. [oh], yeah, come on. Let’s see if your I’m legit [Jess] and stuff come on sharky Oh my gosh. There’s two shark are that’s not fair one mini Cooper wants it oh You just hit my catalytic converter [now]. [it] smells like eggs. [oh] Honey can I don’t they’re going for my door [now]. Go really gone. Oh my gosh There’s three of them, but I think on it. They got me in the door. [oh] They got me in the door. [I’m] dead already [alright] well ladies and gentlemen I’ve had enough Shark killing bloodshed today That’s about it. We’re Gonna We’re gonna have to save some of this fun for the next episode if you guys want to see more of this then you know what to do thumbs down [and] Unsubscribe Chris kidding stop don’t do that. If you do that. I’ll delete the channel so don’t okay. I’m not kidding [I] am kidding about not kidding I was just kidding about that, okay but fertile though Like and subscribe and favorite and share and thumbs up and do all those other things that most youtubers say in every single video Whatever. They say just do it here [because] I usually don’t say that because y’all just awesome. You do it anyways, we’re done [I] had fun. [I] hope you had fun. Watching. I love this game [I] just [need] to find out where else to visit and I’ll check you next time Oh, you’re waiting for me to say okay be really bought by bots

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