Mehman Aliyev: Freedom of Expression

You know, in recent years, many have wondered what is the cause of the crisis which has entered into different societies, including our country (Azerbaijan), which today is in a deep systemic and economic crisis. And people often, especially economists, look for answers in the mistakes of the government regarding decision-making, implementation of decisions and so on. We have come to a conclusion that the main reason that the state and society of Azerbaijan have fallen into the very deep systemic crisis is due to the fact that core values ​​are being violated, in particular the freedom of expression, the right of expression, and freedom of speech. And this has eventually led to the fact that society no longer has participation in decision-making, the implementation of decisions, and control over these decisions. That role was previous performed mainly by the media, civil society institutions and various social on-line communities, and others. Until this fundamental freedom is restored in Azerbaijan, as in other countries, I think our society will not be able to get out of the crisis. Thank you.

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