6 thoughts on “Member of Ivy League secret society speaks out

  • They brung him n for a reason to do just what he did ,Deception, My veil off I’m enlightened by the spirit can’t infiltrate and give me lying eyes any secret society is deceptive,conspiracies starters,Witches with power Destructive race for there own need of unlimited power wanting to be Higher than any man trying to be the most high no man nor organizations should have that much power over human form and civilization

  • We clearly see he's "African American" or "from the other side of the tracks". Why does he keep mentioning that? They chose him due to his skin color?

  • This is exactly why they brought him in. He would give his input for the level of information that they allowed him to be privy to. This happens alot. He only knows what he knows.

  • ALL “secret societies” worship satan as their “god.” Regardless if people do the research on the TRUTH about these “secret societies” before joining these satanic “clubs,” they MUST REPENT to Our Heavenly Father… or they are hell bound. “Secret societies” teach satan’s MYSTERY BABYLONIAN “religion.” ALL pagan “religions” [including the pagan unholy Roman Catholic (Universal) Church] worship satan as their “god.”

    Read/study the King James Bible, REPENT for your sins and start building a personal relationship with Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ through prayer before it is too late. The time is very short; the Tribulation period (as described in the KJV Book of Revelation) is coming very soon.🙏

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