Memorable Moments created by Alessandra Armas and her team at Four Seasons Hotel Miami

My first job was actually at a dentist office,
being a receptionist and that’s where I first started interacting with people
and made people feel comfortable about
coming to the dentist. And I have just always heard about the Four Seasons
and one day I saw a positon open and I applied and I emailed the Director of HR like “I need to have this job!”
and I had a call an hour later and I got hired the next day. We start every shift with an exercise and a
sort of talk about what’s going on in the hotel, we stretch — I like to put music on and
then we head upstairs to wow our guests. How can we customize this experience towards you? What can we do for you to leave here and say
“Wow, I feel like they really knew who I was” or “They really went out of their way to do
this for me, this wasn’t just every average hotel”. I have had guests check out and say
“Thank you so much I’m going to remember this”. I have had guests ask me to take a picture with
them because I was part of their vacation. Moments like that are really special.

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