Merdeka Itu!!!

What is The Freedom? The Freedom is? Wake Up Dreming is not in our Sleeping But when we are waking up Catch your Dream, Conquere The World! The Freedom is? A Cup of Coffee Refresh your Eyes and You Will be ready to face The Future The Freedom is Sharp Bamboo Sharpen and Plug to your heart To Love Republic Of Indonesia The Freedom is? Glue Glue Citizens of nation with Unity The Freedom is? Guitar Unite the tone Create Harmony for Our Nation! The Freedom is? Gun Search Lock and Shoot! with your Achievement The Freedom is? Lamp Brigthen Indonesia with Sparkling of The Winners The Freedom is? Jacket Warm Companionship Without Comparing Tribe Religion Folk The Freedom is? Ironing Tidy up the nation for Corruptor! The freedeom is Flash Disk Save our Great Effort Hero of Indonesia Inside Your Heart Happy Independence day For Indonesia From KASSIND Don’t Forget To Subscribe! Like! Comment!

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