3 thoughts on “Mesh world real… in honor… good will.. to JAY the man.. no homo

  • FYI I sent an email directly to Mr. Jay via Patreon. I support him there on a monthly basis and will continue to do so in return for the great lessons he's given me (via YouTube) for how to verbally spar with atheists, the majority "religion" in most metropolises, of which I am an inhabitant. I urged him to make an opportunity for you both to have a discussion/debate about these hotly contested subjects you have brought up. I also mentioned that I have been troubled by his continued berating of the RCC over the points you mention, but I have until now been silent about it. His fine debating skills have been a lesson to me for handling those pesky atheist/pagans, of which there are far more than there are Christians in my environment. He is a tremendous help to many good Christians and will continue to be. Anyway, he will certainly receive my email re debating you Mr. Luc. Whether he replies is another matter. I think that Patreon is one of those back channels where perhaps these things are worked out. We shall see. When Mr. Jay replies I will let you know. Have a great weekend. No whiskey before breakfast tomorrow. I've gotta keep you in top shape for this debate. No hangovers allowed. For all I know Jay might want to debate on a moments notice.

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