Message from Jonathan Chase AUTHORity Coach at HypnoArts Books

Tim Box Author – I’m an expert on anxiety issues, but I’m not an expert on publishing books. – Hi, I’m Jonathan Chase,
Director and Loudmouth at HypnoArts. We help Entrepreneurs,
Experts, Executives, and Educators get
recognised as the AUTHORity your work deserves. Stick with us to the end of
this video and we’ll show you how easy it can be to turn
your expertise into a full body of work. We all want to feel recognised
and be of real value. Leaving a legacy is true recognition. With books and media your
work can live forever.
Sempré Vivá Paula Whitfield author – I came across HypnoArts
books from one of their early pdf books. I liked the style of writing. It really resonated
with the way I learned. – We believe information
should be accessible so that it’s installable,
recallable, and rewarding. To do that we’ve developed
a repurposing process that makes the delivery of
our author expert’s work easily digestible and
available to all styles of learning. Of course it makes it hypnotic. – I found the whole
process of working with Jane and Jon at HypnoArts, incredibly simple. I just genuinely cannot
overstate that enough. – It was as easy as literally
how I’m talking today. – We begin with a book
which, as a marketing mentor Alex Mandossian once said to
me, is the best business card you will ever have. When you’ve got that, people will buy it. People will put it on
display on their shelves. They’ll leave it on coffee
tables, put it in waiting rooms, dentists and doctors. People will beg, steal, and
borrow and ultimately read almost every word. They’ll buy it for presents
at Christmas and birthdays and they’ll take it on
the beach and read it. Of course, every time they
open your book in public they’re waving your flag. It’s also a legacy. This is going to be
here long after I’m not. And of course when people
are finished with it they give it away, sell it on eBay,
put it in a charity shop. They’ll even photocopy it
and put it on Bitstream. It will in fact, circulate forever. Jane Bregazzi – It’s an incredible feeling
when we get the proof copies of our Authors books. But the books are just the beginning. – Let me tell you about our
Foundation Focus workshop where we don’t just coach
you to produce that, we facilitate it. – The idea of producing
a book, writing a book, and then getting it out somewhere
was incredibly daunting. But Jane and John made in incredibly easy. – Didn’t even feel like
I was doing anything. It was just talking about
what I know, what I love. – Our Foundation Focus
is a simple and easy subconscious style
clarity catalyst workshop and interview process
that besides giving you our business WELL, and
Profit Pyramid models, helps you Bullseye
target your Best Budience, discover and design your
most brilliant Brand that becomes the bedrock of your work. It formulates a crystal
clear foundation of all your repurposing from writing your book to your products, classes, and seminars. Your speaker script, even your marketing. It even helps you discover
that all-elusive USP. – Without having to write
a word, it was so easy. – You just bring your
knowledge and they facilitate this interview that then
is transcribe into the body of this book. – We understand as a successful
expert you’re often time called, you know your stuff
but there’s never a time or maybe even the skill to write. – It didn’t take up any
extra time in my schedule. I was able to keep seeing my clients, keep running my workshops, and keep running my
practitioner trainings as well. – Often there’s just too
many things you could do and as a result you lack clarity
even though communication isn’t a problem. – I’ve given presentations
to hundreds and hundreds of people in the corporate world. I’ve also had face-to-face
meetings to promote my book from Hiblio TV, which is
the number one medium for the NHS, for educational
and awareness purposes in the whole of the United Kingdom. – I now can call myself
a best-selling author, which is something I
couldn’t put on my CV before. – Of course, beyond books
you’d love the freedom from passive profit media products. – Hello, I’m Jane
Bregazzi, CEO of HypnoArts. We publish and produce
fun, fast, effective, life-enhancing and
business-boosting, print, media, and events. – This has opened so many doors for me. – I would not hesitate to recommend it. – Call us today or fill in the
registration on HypnoArts.UK If this isn’t for you,
pass it on to someone else who’d benefit. And of course get them to
tell us who sent them. – We’re HypnoArts, welcome to our gang.

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