Messengers: A Podcast Documentary

Hhi I’m Chris Krimitsos, Executive Producer
of The Messengers:A Podcast Documentary and I’m Niel Guilarte, Director of the
Messengers. Now, a few years ago Neil and I were inspired by the people we met at
PodFest Multimedia Expo and we created this amazing movie about the world of
podcasting and what motivates people to get their message out there this year we
decided to take it off of the distribution and literally releasing it
free to the entire public public domain on international podcasting Day. Making this
film was so fun an amazing experience for both of us and I hope that you guys
enjoy it so get some popcorn sit back and relax and enjoy the messengers roll
it what’s amazing about podcasting is that
it is a chance for people to get their voice out there and it can every day I’m
amazed by the things that there are podcasts about so I haven’t ever thought
of it as like a big business thing or anything but here we are having events
about it people are lining up they’re selling out and I just want to
understand what what is the fascination with podcasts maybe it’ll help me be a
better salesman for what I do first of all why are you podcasting
that’s gotta be if you if you don’t know why you’re never gonna make it through
the how well I saw podcasting as an up-and-coming way to reach a niche I
think it makes people more confident it makes people better to communicate
and just I don’t know makes them feel good about themselves well and then I
can give other women who aren’t being interviewed on those business shows a
chance to tell their story as well I chose podcasting over other mediums
because I felt it was an opportunity to go a little deeper than most mediums of
de specially digital mediums so of course there’s blogging but blogging I
felt like it was kind of one-dimensional podcasting allows you just go deeper and
connect I think more intimately with with an audience it’s a cool medium if
you want to teach people stuff so it’s creative it’s nerdy and I can help
people done signed up ready to go it’s it’s really an adrenaline rush I would
say when I am podcasting and interviewing people and connecting to
people so it’s exciting it’s makes me a little nervous but mostly it just brings
me joy so you could ask 100 podcasters what do they think a podcast is and you
will get a different definition from each and every one of them from what I
understood is it’s anything related to a recording of audio or a video so YouTube
video can be considered a podcast and audio recording would be considered a
podcast anything informational that’s recorded and pretty much posted online
my grandmother calls it my broadcast she doesn’t and she thinks I’m
mispronouncing broadcast she just doesn’t think the podcast is a real word
it’s sort of kind of like a radio station but instead of listening to your
FM radio it’s online it’s radio but it goes through the internet and setteth
through the FM radio and people can listen to it on their phones and that’s
this seems to be a pretty easy way of getting the message across you always
feel better when you give something and and it helps make relationships and you
have to be careful how you approach a podcast if you’re approaching to sell
people are a lot more circumspect but if you’re giving something and you’re
genuine you do form relationships what’s great
about podcasting is everyone has a story to share and podcasting allows them to
get that story out in all different ways and what they find when they get their
story out is that there are so many people that share no matter how no
matter how unique no matter how distinct the topic is there are other people that
are interested in that topic I had an episode where I said don’t worry about
losing a hundred pounds focus on losing ten pounds and then do it ten times in
four months later I somebody said hey Dave I took your advice and I lost a
hundred pounds which was hilarious because I had not lost any weight at
that point and I was like I actually like it’s just me being silly into a
microphone and I actually impacted that person’s life and that’s when you kind
of have to go like this to keep the ego in check but it was like wow this is wow
this this is powerful stuff you got to be careful with this a lot of people
don’t like my definition but I think it’s a good one and it is you have to
have an RSS feed and your podcast has to be in iTunes and now people don’t like
the fact when I say you have to be in iTunes because it’s very specific but if
you’re not in iTunes then you’re not in overcast and you’re not in in stochastic
shift e-jelly podcast and podcast attic because all those podcast aggregators
out there pull from the iTunes public directory so by getting it into iTunes
you’re getting it into many different places and if you don’t have an RSS feed
you might as well call it a net cast because you’re not really podcasting for
sure my definition is it’s audio subscribe to
or stream through online that is episodic in nature the reason why I say
that is if once you save video everybody will say oh like a youtube channel it’s
a whole different definition so podcasting by and large is audio and by
and large the majority of individuals are consuming content at a record scale
via audio so that’s what I consider a podcast to be
so podcasting we are saying it originated in 2004 September 2004 by two
guys one guy’s name was dave winer who had created a specific code called RSS
version 2.0 and then the guy yes the guy from MTV adam curry with the big hair he
also worked with Dave I think in terms of how to get the file on to how to
transfer it basically to different locations so the two of them put their
ideas together because RSS wasn’t new people had blogs and you could you could
read a blog and have the blog come to you now we were having not just the blog
but actual the audio file the video file whatever you’re doing as well fast
forwarded that the big one was smartphones because now smartphones
there’s no more Wired synchronization don’t need that anymore but they’re
basically thinking in the background via Wi-Fi or whatever you’re using and
there’s thousands of more podcasts to listen to back then there were like 10
the first real inflection point of podcasting came in June of 2005 where
you didn’t have to get these strange third-party acts iTunes release version
4.9 of iTunes and that if you ever want to say there was a hockey stick moment
in podcasting that was it that was when it went from being Luber geeky you
really had a want consumer podcast to Apple supporting podcasting and that was
june 2005 release of iTunes version 4.9 that was the first inflection point the
second inflection point came two years later when the iPhone came out because
that’s when smartphones were really became mainstream and then then the next
inflection point was two years ago when iOS 8 came out and that’s when the
podcast app it became native in my opinion there’s not a very high tech way
to search for the content that you need there is this overabundance of content
under podcast and the one place that you have to surge is iTunes and that’s a
great way to search but there’s you know there’s there’s different ways that it
can be categorized and be talked about and and be put out there so people can
find all of this stuff so I think I think like I would say that new
technology will emerge to help people find podcasts and become familiar with
podcasts if all I could do was talk on a mic everyday and not have to do anything
else it would be heaven if I have to do anything else but shelf and
talking to Mike I get to interview some of the coolest people in the world in
our horse world and it’s just it’s exhilarating when you get to talk to
these people and they’re excited to talk to you that makes it really cool I always have this dream of being a
morning drive radio show host I’m a performer that’s what I do and whether
it’s selling ads or whatever I’m doing there it’s it’s performing that’s you’re
on stage and so I thought well radio is kind of cool I always want to get a
radio but it’s too hard and I was making more money there probably would have
made in radio so I that was out and then when we started talking about the horse
radio network I always said I’m gonna do a morning drive radio show live only
it’s gonna be about horse it’s gonna be funny it’s gonna be entertaining it’s
gonna be morning radio it’s just gonna be about horses I’m gonna do that at
some point when the technology caught catches up and I’m able to do it and we
did that was one of my bucket list goals was to do horses in the morning well Good Friday morning it’s freestyle
Friday and I am Glenda geek from Ocala Florida while you were out learning to
save people’s lives I cleaned my Mustang she’s for the first time I’ll bet go by
the way that was probably more dangerous than flying a jetliner it only deal
interests are sitting here wondering whether sheathe is right now they’re
they have no idea what we’re talking I watched my horse’s wiener gasps yes
what the heck’s our message Amy cleanliness apparently that’s all you
need to know about horses you’re good I come from a very conservative
background I went to Christian high school all my life when I go to high
school on my life but I would to Christian schools on my life went to
Christian college and you know definitely identify as a Christian but
I’m also gay and I also have a wife we’ve been together now for fourteen
going on 15 years and in South Carolina the way the law is right now a teacher
in South Carolina could lose their job because of their sexual orientation
regardless of how great of a teacher they are and that’s always one of those
things that kept us from really being out and open with people in a genuine
way where we could actually build relationships with people so I started
team podcast with an idea in December of 2014 and from there my first year in
business we hit six figures luckily I was able to kind of bootstrap the whole
thing and not have to go into a lot of debt to do that but we grew so fast and
the podcasting the amazing opportunity that I’ve been given through podcasting
is not just meeting other people building relationships but I can
actually work from my home I’ve been able to go anywhere I want I can travel
and still do my work and you know sometimes you want to have a vacation
where you don’t work but you know Here I am
living who knew I still drive around thinking I cannot believe I live in the
Florida Keys and this is my view from my backyard I mean this is well my backyard
is not backyard it’s water and so you know we’ve just now gotten a boat it’s
it’s so amazing that this life in a year-and-a-half essentially has been to
the point where now we can really live and do what we want to do but it was one
of those accidental discoveries that really changed my life
and I you know if I didn’t have podcasting I wouldn’t be where I am
today I think podcasting is very well
dominated by women and I wouldn’t say dominated by women but I think women
have a very strong presence in podcasting hey I’m Denise via Hilton and
I am the founder of the sisters of flow podcast where we go with the flow about
anything and everything minstrel cycles so welcome to my flow wasteth I love
love love podcasting about periods at Mestral cycles because it’s something
that people don’t talk about this is the flow podcast is where we really just go
with the flow about anything and everything minstrel cycles right and
what that means is it’s a platform that I’m able to actually raise awareness but
also we touch on all of the social aspects so that’s where the sisters of
flow began and that’s where we’re at right now I’m here to tell you that over
the time that I’ve been podcasting it’s just been open arms there are very
powerful women out there who are doing amazing things and making major
transformations just out there being themselves and doing their own thing and
I just love it my name is Katie cream it sews my podcast is biz women rock my
listeners are their business women who are in business our roadie they for the
most part there are some people who are still kind of touching their toes into
thinking about starting a business but for the most part of my listenership are
women they’re in business they’ve many of them have been in business for a long
time and they they just want to connect they want to hear that they’re not alone
so so my women are women who are in there they’re in the trenches of their
business they want to hear stories of how other women have done
it’s a women-specific show I interview women specifically who have been through
the gauntlet of business and they share authentic stories so the women listening
are very grateful that they get to hear somebody talk not just about this
success story but they really get to hear like what was it really like when
you had your first kid and how did you actually balance that and what was it
really like when you didn’t know how you were gonna be a payroll next week and
how did you actually make that happen so the women who are listening or very
they’re ready to take action and they want their proactive about growing their
business I chose podcasting because I wanted a
platform that could be global and I get like this fire in my gut about the fact
that I have the opportunity and I’m very humble about the fact that people
actually listen to me and they’re not in the room with me they’re somewhere in
another state in another city in another country in a completely different time
zone in a completely different lifestyle and they choose to listen to what I have
to say and what I’m presenting because they deem that valuable and that blows
my mind you guys are an unlikely pair how did you the two of you meet Oh a pod
fest actually last year and we met up and I don’t know why we like each other
because he likes this hip-hop music and I’ve never I hate Reggie’s and I like
country he hates cuz I don’t know why we even like each I think it was good green
eyes you guys to do more stuff together you know it’s starting I think they’re
starting now it will be we have an acronym yeah we how you guys doing hi
okay and I’m I’m Glenn geek what’s up homie Vicki knows more about horses than
I do now yeah I know about CD and that’s changed my life your co-host is the most
important thing you’re going to do if you have one in your podcast it has to
be somebody that you would go on a vacation with and enjoy every minute of
it if it’s not do not have them as your co-host because it will not work yeah
second I want continue to look at each other it’s it for
when it comes to mind your sexy man that’s disturbing so when I started
helping my wife with podcasting I never imagined that I would meet literally
hundreds upon hundreds of other podcasters and that they would become
part of my family and I’m not talking about podcasting family that’s how it
started I’m talking about like literally I will
call people up and say hey how are you doing what’s going on the interesting
thing is we listen to each other’s podcasts so we know what’s going on with
one another and then we also watch each other in social media so it’s a really
tight-knit community and I think there’s another thing that binds everybody
because all of us are compelled to share message to help others there’s a there’s
a thread there that all these amazing messengers have a like they got that
heart I want to give back I have stage 4 colon cancer and I’m a 5 year survivor
and I’m very involved in the largest national organization that supports
colon cancer awareness and education and research the colon cancer alliance
I served as a buddy volunteer so I have the opportunity to speak to other people
when they are diagnosed and share my story and provide some hope and
encouragement through these folks and I don’t recall who was speaking but the
whole idea just started to intrigue me and it hit me what if I could interview
other people like myself who are doing well were thriving themselves their
caregivers perhaps medical professionals all these ideas are running through my
head and I said this sounds like something I should consider doing so I
turned to a good friend Katie creme it’s those who’d been podcasting at that
point I think she’d been doing it’s about six months successfully and I said
Katie I’ve got this idea how am I out of my mind and she literally put one hand
on each solder look me in the eye and she said oh my
god you need to do this and that’s all I needed to hear
so while I have colon cancer I’m in the gym five morning’s a week I feel just as
healthy as you do and as most people walking down the street it’s being
managed and I look at it as a chronic condition right now and it but there’s
other people that are getting no hearing those three words you have cancer and
they need to hear from people like me that oh I heard that five years ago and
look at me the people don’t think this can happen this is their future and it
can be important for you I tell her you know from the heart okay
I couldn’t don’t know how I’d be here today without her and my father and my
mother said when you finished chemo we’re all gonna get the family together
I’m gonna have a big celebration dinner and they all did a toast to me but I
stood up and I did a toast to Linda and my family and I said because this all
happened as we just started seeing each other and got married and I said you
know what I meant this from the heart I would do all of it all over again to
have her about as well and that includes the surgery and the chemo all to have
this love I once walked into a bar in the
Philippines and I looked at the menu and a rum and coke is a dollar and a double
rum and coke is 75 cents a triple rum and coke is 50 Cent’s and so I’m
scratching my head and I asked a bartender I said how could a rum and
coke be a dollar and a double and a triple is less expensive very simple sir
she says to me here in the Philippines rum is cheaper than coke and so a lot of
times we have a perspective or perception of something that we want and
the value that we place on that is something completely different than what
somebody else places the value on so right now a lot of people are placing
their value in radio and I have a strong suspicion that that’s about to change
the difference is between radio and a podcast go both ways so radio people
have a lot to learn about podcasting podcasting people can learn a lot from
radio people when you’re listening to the radio
you may tune in at any time so every 30 seconds I have to say I’m sitting here
talking to so-and-so about whatever so we’re always resetting because we have a
new audience it’s almost like giving a speech to people in a hallway as they’re
walking by you have to keep reminding them of what you’re talking about
and so radio people get conditioned to be like that podcasting compared to
radio you have this opportunity to tell a story from beginning to end you have
an opportunity to tell the background to build characters to whatever it is
you’re doing whatever your your topic is you have that opportunity to have
somebody start listening at the beginning when you want them to start
and then they stop listening hopefully if they make it to the end and you don’t
have to just give little bits of information so you can go long-form
doesn’t mean it needs to be long it just means that you can go long form in your
presentation so when you look at things online the big buzzword is scale and
that’s why traditional radio broadcasters have had a hard time you
know if they don’t have stations around the country getting enough listenership
in terms of scale nationally somebody like Pandora has massive scale all over
the country and I think that’s a challenge
that radio has but what radio an advantage to the Localism that radio can
bring to the table is what’s going to keep it viable it’s just how they
deliver the information I think they’re rapidly trying to figure that out some
people in radio get podcasting and embrace it and Dave Ramsey great example
he’s Joyce Meyer another great example they’re all over the radio they’re
syndicated but they also have podcasts Dave Ramsey gets over 8 million
downloads a month to his podcast even though he’s on almost every radio
station he’s in a radio station every market in the US but he still get
another 8 million downloads a month on top of that so he embraced it he gets it
NPR obviously gets it right so but even NPR internally some people don’t get it
there was a memo inside NPR that said stop promoting podcasts on their air you
know and then then once that became public
there was a quick back echo we didn’t really mean that well you wrote a memo
yeah you did you just got caught now you’re backtracking so there are a lot
of people in pikey and radio still don’t get it and I think where a lot of them
don’t get it is from arrogance professional broadcasters have a
distinct advantage over amateur podcasters because we understand how to
communicate a message effectively and I know there are people who are doing
podcasts they’re amateurs and they’ve got a big audience or a very loyal
audience and they’re gonna argue at that point but you’ve got to remember a good
writer is still a good writer a good actor is still a good actor we have
YouTube but we’ve still got great actors who are out there doing fantastic things
because they know how to communicate they know how to evoke emotion there are
people in radio that think if you don’t have a call letter behind your name
you’re not good you don’t have that if you haven’t been on the air you’re not a
route you don’t have real talent which is total BS you have to understand radio
is a defined platform people know when to put advertising on podcasting is a
whole different format because it’s on demand content people are monetizing in
different ways people are utilizing podcast it’s almost like the golden era
of radio when Orson Welles and war of the
world’s all that stuff was experimentation back in the day where
people were creating fictional worlds and so that’s happening now again which
I think what happened was radio became too corporate it became too structured
and it didn’t allow for the creativity that now podcasting allows you can see
all sorts of podcasts that are able to be very successful produce great content
that never could have made it onto a radio station ten years ago anyone could
get behind a mic have or have their voice get their show out the thousands
of people that they never would have met otherwise
and it’s it’s still a great thing I’d like to think that radio is kind of
dealing with this identity crisis and now where we used to be the master new
bands would come they really wanted to get on the radio they don’t do that
anymore I’m no longer the master in the audio world now I’m the servant and I’ve
got to really measure up to compete with the masses or putting out great content
the beauty of podcasting is if you have talent you’ll do well there’s nothing
holding you back you don’t have to have been from a radio station to do well in
podcasting if your show is good it will rise nothing against professionals who
have been on the radio and TV and stuff like that but I don’t know I see
podcasting giving the regular Joe a shot to be behind the mic and be a star hi my
name is Lily Wong and I’m become a podcaster to it and happy years ago and
my podcast name is fly with Lily a meandering shading IO city and now I
have 19 million dollars 19 in hello in two and a half years thank you
yes I’m I’m originally from Taiwan but I moved to Shanghai because I I met my
husband there I started podcast at first he wasn’t
very supportive but I was really passionate about it so I start making
podcasts with them I involve him into making podcasts with me and as soon as
we started to do that and we see a lot of feedback that is really positive but
I was really really struggling with how to make money from my podcast I want to
be like more financially free I want to be able to see myself traveling the
world and then having my own business on the side and I was struggling with that
and I felt my husband was very supportive until like one day I
accidentally found out as a sex tape like sex video on his phone with another
woman that I also trust and in my house so that was really painful and then I I
kind of like passed my podcast because I was trying to heal my own pain because I
was I was always the girl that would want to express my happiness like how
wonderful my life is how wonderful that I was how happy I was with that person
but now the dream was all broken I packed my bags I was just like I’m done
and then now he’s not in the house I can pack my stuff so I left the house and I
told him that I’m not going to come back so far podcast is in five different
countries in 30 different cities I’ve been living out of my suitcases for nine
months I’m not like journalism student I am major in journalism but I was really
tired of writing people stories I always feel that I have better stories to tell
so I just figured this is the best way I try writing but not many people read my
stories by try podcasting I guess I was in the right moment but we we owned a big farm and we had
about 20 horses and 20 acres and 6,000 square-foot house all of that stuff and
then I got really sick with Lyme disease Lyme is very prevalent in the horse
world and I don’t know when I got it actually I had had it for a couple of
years before they diagnosed it I’d go into a dozen doctors been in the
hospital on and off for a year our business started to go down because I
couldn’t pay any attention to it and we got to the point where we said okay I
was in an animal hospital and spending weeks in the hospital the stroke like
symptoms they just couldn’t figure out what it was we also known an Acting
Company for 10 years we did Benny Hill versions of medieval feasts and I
actually credit the improvisational performing training I have for all our
successes today without that I wouldn’t be successful today that just gave me
the basis for selling and also for doing the shows and making it fun and
entertaining so I recommend everybody gets improvisational training acting
that is the best thing you can do for your business and especially if you’re a
podcaster we get a lot of mail now and I got this
one Sara sent this recently she said high-horse Radio Network crew I’ve been
listening to horses in the morning since December January when I finally
downloaded the podcast and figured out how to listen months later I am still
listening but I have moved back to Colorado to be closer to my family I
still struggle with psrp PTSD anxiety and disassociative identity disorder but
I’m starting to do better now I get up at four or five in the morning and I
love the client time in the dark I listen to the previous day’s episode
when I have my coffee and play fetch with my guide dog Fargo oh yeah I’m also
blind besides having mental health issues so Fargo listens to your show too it doesn’t get any better than that
that’s why we do it it’s why we do it this is why we do it we you know your
hope is to entertain but you’re also your hope is to affect people is to do
good for people and you know if we if we take a bad day and make it a brighter
day that’s what this is all about it’s why we get up every morning for how did the mobile pro net start huh
global Pro podcasting start this was never my vision it really came from this
mission here in Guatemala so we had a group of teenagers who came with us on
the mission that year and their parents weren’t coming they were coming with the
church group and you know there was low they’re a little nervous about their
their daughters and their sons coming to Guatemala and I thought you know I
really want to set the minds at ease of the parents of these kids and so how can
we communicate back home on a regular basis throughout the week that will just
let them know that their kids are fine everything’s safe they’re fine like what
if we could get pro audio clips from the team members here and communicate back
home on a regular basis throughout the week so this is it an iPhone and a
microphone maybe an interface and that’s it I finally cracked the code and I
started releasing training videos on how to do pro quality mobile podcasting from
anywhere because I’ve been doing it from here which is anywhere and actually on
the site and so uh at uh began mobile pro podcasting from anywhere
right here you know podcast needs like a superpower
to give us the ability to share with others from around the world our message
whatever our message might be you know podcasters have the ability to educate
entertain to inform to inspire they can garner laughter they can convert ears
and one of the one of the most powerful ways that I’ve witnessed podcasting
being used this is right here in Guatemala I started listening to podcasts back in
2006 when I wanted to learn other languages so I really wanted to hone in
on my Spanish skills – my wife and I had this crazy idea of moving international
so I started listing podcast as voraciously over the course of a couple
years it’s trying to pick up Spanish that was the first thing I did I just
into a podcast called coffee break Spanish I really want to learn about
entrepreneurship so I started listening to a lot of podcasts like that and I
figured you know what this is something really unique it seems like I’m at the
cusp of something huge and I wanted to be part of it when I first learned about podcasting I
didn’t get it when John Lee told me he was launching a podcast you know I
supported him a hundred percent I didn’t know what podcasting was I didn’t
understand what that could do I saw and watched John Lee build this audience and
share this message with people that was literally changing their lives so over
the first six months there was a struggle because Cait was working at her
job as an account executive I was just in this little bubble and this
podcasting bubble was really nobody that I could talk to you face-to-face of
course I had my mastermind and my mentor but that was all virtual like I needed
somebody that was in the flesh they could sit down that we could talk and so
when Kay joined the team six months into ego fire and changed everything my dad’s
a huge role model for me and I’ve always really looked up to him
and I remember very clearly making that phone call and saying dad I’m really in
like a strange spot right now a spot that I never thought that I’d be and I
have a great job and I’ve said that this is like the job that I want but John
started this podcast and you know I could come on board with him and do this
with him what do you think I should do and my dad was like what’s a podcast
again when I started doing the podcast and I started hearing all these comments
about you know Kate just sounds like she’s reading her posts and it’s so
scripted and I’m not listening to this podcast anymore I thought like I’ve got
to find a way to connect with my listeners the same way I was able to
connect with my readers and it’s at the point that I started getting listeners
reaching out to me and saying those same things I’m so glad that you talked about
this because I felt like you recorded this episode for me or I’m so glad that
you shared that you had that struggle because that’s what I’m going through
right now and that’s when I felt like I’ve finally found my voice I finally
get on the mic and I don’t feel like I need to read anything and I don’t feel
like I need to have this big agenda about what I’m out to do in this episode
it just started flowing you have to make your
your own because if it’s not it’s just gonna be inauthentic it’s just not going
to be as powerful as it would be if and when you find your own voice your own
brands the first dollar John made after he started podcasting was from a ebook
that he put on Amazon I think when people start a podcast and they think of
monetization they think I’ve got to get sponsors I have to figure out how to get
sponsors on my show because that’s how I’m gonna make money there are so many
other ways to generate revenue from a podcast I think what the key thing is
here is it’s not an instant monetization play for me I do build an audience for
six months now how did I build that audience I delivered free valuable and
consistent contents that process right there created an audience for me which
is Fire Nation that allowed me to reach out to my audience and say what are you
struggling with then they would tell me their pain points their obstacles their
challenges or problems that allowed me the person that they know like and trust
to turn on to create the solution for them in the form of a product a service
or a community the second dollar that he made after he launched the podcast was
coaching one-on-one coaching he established himself as an authority in a
niche and people wanted to learn from him because he was creating something
amazing they wanted that to what better to do then go to the person who’s
creating what you want and have them teach you how to do it so now I was
having these different revenue streams one-on-one mentoring memberships
membership masterminds as well as the sponsorships and that’s gonna allow me
to reach out to them and say okay now you guys have told me what you’re
struggling with what products you need what services do you need we want people
to see the success that we’ve had so they can emulate that success but we’re
also very nervous about all the failures that we have which are a lot so that
they can avoid those well podcasting has allowed me to build a
business where I can work from my home I am working one-on-one with members of my
community as a as a business coach and also facilitating paid masterminds so
it’s allowed me to to have a freedom a freedom business basically podcasting
has opened up like way too many doors like literally so many that I can’t go
through them all the biggest thing that podcasting day1 it immediately
legitimizes my business it makes you an expert in your field so if you’re
podcasting people seem to think that you’re an expert in what you’re doing
that’s why you’re behind the mic but I’ve gotten speaking opportunities out
of it I’ve been able to go on cruises and speak I’ve been able to talk about
more than just my show but also just how to do better video how to apply that to
your business how to expand so I think the biggest thing is done – is just kind
of make me realize that I was stuck in my little video production box and I
thought that that’s the only way I could help people was to give them better
visual tools but now through the podcast like we touch everybody in a thousand
different ways so I love it I’m not stopping any time soon so I feel like I
have become a lot more open-minded a lot less stereotypical I feel like I have
become a brand new person to be honest with you it’s totally changed my life I
feel like it’ll continue to grow that more and more even major news resource
stations and those platforms will pick it up you know we’re seeing it we are
seeing that more and more but at the same time the little guys if you will
the guys like Danny Pena who started out with a diss their own little recorder
and are now part of the CBS network that’s still going to be possible too my name is danny pena founder and goals
of gamertag radio I’m originally from New York City and I came to Miami in
1992 a month right after Hurricane Andrew down here and early 90s hip-hop
wasn’t that big so the only way we were getting music was our cousin’s was
sending us mixtapes from from New York City and then eventually they started
having like little hip-hop shows on Thursday nights or late Saturday nights
but eventually I started doing the mix tapes with my cousin hosting parties or
I was always on the mic and then we started promoting a lot locally in Miami
we got sole known that music labels was hitting me up DJs from here
so DJ Cali hit us up Wyclef some crew hit us up Karras won a bunch of other
like hip well-known hip hop artists contacted us just to be for us who like
start promoting their their music and stuff like that we inspire people to buy products by
games without visual strictly audio us talking about it they could tell that
we’re not faking it based on them take Simon that we have
welcome to gamer tag radio episode 575 does your daddy okay Godfrey and also
Paris calls me Danny for skew which technically I’m kind of correct no
you’re not actually I have the reason why you’re not we’ll talk about that
later that’s lazy I mean that’s Paris Paris I’m doing I’m good man but I have
a great team too you know Paris Peter they’ve been uh like Voltron to me we’re
late we’d get together and we work really really hard every week Pete Rock
in a house took us 11 years to get all this big opportunities but I was always
patient I was always focusing on working on our show and just meeting our
community engage with your relations super important I’m Yami I’m the publisher of 20 minute
dotnet the video game website I appreciate Danny Peter and Ferris
they’re as personalities I really respect them at and what they do the
fact that they can go and talk about video games in a positive light and to
do it consistently and to really care about their community it’s it shows like
how great they are I started in gaming and I didn’t know
anything I didn’t know what where to start what to do I’ll never forget that
we went to a Cuban coffee place and we sat down and we had some Cuban coffee
and basically just ran me through a bunch of contacts a bunch of ways that I
could get my name out there meant the world to me basically how much he helped
me with that um at e3 he uh every time he saw somebody that he knew he would
also say hey this is Yami she started a bidding insight she so it’s really like
he’s one of the few people that helped me get my name out there I got was so
people especially podcasters like you never know who’s listening you never
know and they’re your listeners the ones going to be spreading the word about you
your integrity was awesome everybody who works with him is awesome and it’s all about multiculturalism and all
about supporting people who don’t have a voice and like he’s given a voice to the
people that people who can’t express themselves and that’s Matt that’s like that’s that’s important and that’s what
we need that’s what we need so badly and he does such a fantastic job of that and
he’s my pretty woman that’s my three more right there black eyed willpower we
met one day it was like instantly good dude passionate about games passionate
about podcasting which at that time I was like clueless I remember he was one
of those first dudes that was on he was like podcasting he
was getting community together he was getting people passionate about games on
another level and I remember we did an early podcast we just basically just
chatting about games about our experiences on that visit and I was like
this is great people should do more of this the one time where I realized how
how big it actually was we were walking into a Cheesecake Factory and someone
held the door open for us as we walked in and when we went to set sit down
Danny showed me his Twitter feed and it was the guy that opened the door for us
and said oh my god I just held the door open for her Godfrey and I was like he
could have just said hi he didn’t have to like tweet that you know I just saw
him and not you know cuz I guess they feel like he’s not approachable but he
could have it was just for me it was really weird because I was like sheep
were tweeting about you you say I go you know the people are just tweeting about
you right he’s like yeah it happens all the time I’m like it happens all the
time I was getting inducted to the podcast Hall of Fame and the Miami
Herald interviewed me so they put me in front page of the newspaper talked about
our 10th anniversary the deer war and everything and I told my dad like dad
Bobby please go pick up the newspaper would like for you to check it out cuz
they interviewed me about the show and he he was like okay yes I guess went to
the store and there when I see my song they’re in first place I say wow I don’t
believe that you know and this is making me so proud
so you go to the store calls me crying and he say Danny I don’t know what you
do but I’m super proud of you super proud of you like little things like
that because I’ve been telling for years about the show he’s still don’t get it
you know I say wow I don’t even know what he’s doing
this is so good Wow but he’s he’s happy you know he’s always been supportive him
and my mom too so like little things like that it’s like very special to me
estoy muy orgulloso de mijo por que comenzó el Chiquito ah jugando con el
atari yahoo ganda corriendo a grabando eiffel mondo todo y ahora lo veo mijo lo
importante que esta hora es a Vista in todo e para Mesa Norbu you and more
gloomy grands where do I want podcasting to go I would like to see the
integration of more professional shows help weed out the crappy shows in other
words I think that there’s a lot of fear around the indie podcaster that if big
networks come in with their podcasts that they’re gonna eat our lunch so to
speak and I don’t necessarily think that’s true but what I hope happens is
that we are now going to be held to a higher standard of talent of audio of
humour of entertainment of content I would like to see less people thinking
that podcasting is a business because in my mind I don’t think podcasting is a
business I think that you have a successful business and you add to it
with the podcast the prediction to me is short term shows and seasonal shows I
honestly believe that the days of weekly shows or daily shows are coming to a
close people are getting busier and busier and I think it’s okay to take a
little time and instead of doing a weekly show I think
gonna see those short-term things launching a new product like a book or
we’re also gonna see a seasonal approach where you get 13 episodes like a movie
or a television show and you’re gonna see those 13 then take some weeks off
and then come back again with new content and different stories really
what I learn from podcasting a lot more than just it being the next evolution of
radio it’s just people coming together to make a passion that they have so
whether it be from talking about horses or they be about recipes or whether be
about wedding design podcasting has a niche for everybody
anybody can listen to it I think we’re just at the beginning I think that in
the future podcasting is just gonna go crazy but if you’re looking to start a
podcast I will say this do it in the niche niches are where the most money is
going to be made in podcasting the niche you’re the better my smallest show has
the most engaged audience and I make the most money on it that’s our driving
radio show it’s about carriage driving we have the smallest audience but they
are crazy for carriage driving and they will buy any product that we advertise
on the show that is our most profitable but it’s our smallest show the niches
are where the money is going to be in the future local and niches my biggest
advice to people is focus on a niche you know or a niche I where you want to say
it and get really honed in on a very specific tool because today’s listener
it’s starting to become really picky and so I want to find the podcast on how you
know raisin is used for wine and they want that specific show so if you’re a
specialist in something and it’s something that you love I would focus on
really honing in on a very specific part of it and you can have a better chance
at not only having a more interesting podcast that you’ll be able to also be a
better expert on other podcasts because you’re so focused and it’ll bring an
audience very specific to what you want and then I think it’ll be a better
experience for them so traditional radio so terrestrial radio stations are now
starting to launch their own podcasting networks they’re following you know the
footsteps of NPR and you’re gonna see a lot more radio stations get into
launching their own podcast networks which I think are going to
be tremendous for the medium as a whole and we’re gonna just see explosive
growth in the coming years I think the future would be more and more people
will know what it is I think a lot of people on the street right now if you
say what is podcasting then may or may not know some of the younger generation
would know but I think over time people are going to know I know what podcasting
is I love this show in fact and that is going to be a fun conversation to start
having with more everyday people that are in your community
I think podcasting is going to become a new form of social media as the barrier
to entry lowers I think more and more people are going to podcast as a way to
journal and as a way to get their thoughts out just like people had you
know basic blogspot you know blogs just like people use Facebook to share their
stories and their updates I think people are going to move towards podcasting as
a way to share their story and share their updates my grandma lived to be 95
she was born in 1899 so in the one day she said that was something I count she
goes Wow honey I was born in 1899 I’m like whoa grandma you’re older than dirt
and she in her age she saw things go from horse and buggy to the space
shuttle so I want to be that guy that looks back and when we’re consuming
podcasts in her head through the chip or whatever’s going on at the time and go
yeah I remember when there was no iTunes and when there was no Google and kind of
be able to hopefully help people you know eliminate some of the headaches and
things like that I’ll still be doing that my wife asked me when you’re gonna
stop podcasting I said the day you bury me the game share with us your most
embarrassing moment as a podcaster it’ll be better if I should just play it for
you you can hear it for yourself so this is four o’clock in the morning I’m
warming my voice up and this is what happened wasn’t pretty
now you’re gonna realize I deal with the private club is the most exclusive
properties across the country and they’re listening to me on my show with
doing this they forgot to edit it out from the top check us out my most interesting moment podcasting
has to be when we interview this guy who dribbles two basketballs throughout an
entire marathon for charity and he comes to our house with his balls and shows us
all kinds of crazy moves I’ve been podcasting for 12 years I’ve
been nominated for probably eight different awards haven’t won a single
one yet and then my cat wins an award before I do for best pet sidekick I mean
what think I got to do to get an award well what happens if all of a sudden you
have a big urge to pass gas and you’re you’re on you’re talking to your
interview of the doctor and you got that urge and it’s bad okay it’s so bad that
you don’t know if you’re going to pass gas are you going to poop that time all
right you know I’m talking about you know what I’m talking about
all right so you’re in a closet you guys so all right so now the only thing you
can do because you’re sitting at your computer is you have to stand up okay
because you have to squeeze your cheeks okay and it is so bad that you’re
literally almost dancing now because you got to do this gasps and you’re praying
to God is going to be the silent but deadly
not the you you

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  • Great documentary!
    I bought, downloaded and watched the whole thing a while ago but it's good to see it available for all to view for free.
    Thanks to Chris for agreeing to release it for the public domain!

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