Metal Detecting discovery confirms Secret Society existence

tough guys go to holder here I got an old house here we're in a new town if you can see the little circle sign down here the house was built in at least 1822 I was talking to the homeowner she thinks it might be built even older they got a decent sized front yard it's a little small through the street but they got a big backyard so we're gonna roll the dice and see how we do so we got on the first dig hopefully find some good stuff and I will catch you guys soon now what year was your dime modern 2000 I'm on my first haul today I went down there was a bottle cap and I was like oh that's a crappy start I rechecked the holder as more signals I pulled two nails out even more signals went down deeper and got this spoon bowl this was ultimately probably about maybe six inches down pretty cool just the bowl nothing too ornate or fancy on it but you know I do like that teaspoon size so like I said I'm just started in the front yard and the house goes back to uh was built in 1822 and it's got a good sized backyard too so hoping we'll find some good stuff today my second find of the day I'm right up through the street Kyle's up there the front yard like I said it's not huge so we're gonna knock that out and go to the back I got a key I can't imagine it's very old it's got some color up on the top see it's got some markings on there are you guys as cold I'm pretty cool I do like this soil though you can tell that this is not fill dirt this is original old soil so it's just a matter of in the coil over something good whole tree here the homeowner Jim is a civil war re-enactor he's getting ready to go to a thing today he's in the baby plays what did you call this one June over the shoulder bass sax boy and over the shoulder bass that's when I even play a few notes for me so awesome what are the odds of me knocking on someone's door who's a civil war re-enactor that's great me actually job thanks appreciate it I got something back my first decent coin I found a spill out front there's about eight pennies in it but they were all from the 70s this one I just dug down not that far to see the ground is kind of clumpy and it's hard to tell but it's a wheat penny it's still in the clump here I didn't break it out sometimes you find them cool like that I'm gonna bust it out don't so it's officially out and I was getting a weird signal there's a chance there could be more than one he said the house goes back to the 1820s looks like it's from the 40s 1940 something so I'll take it first wheat penny of the day we check the hold like I said the front yard was not very big here we knocked that out probably in like five minutes you know Kyle and I are gonna walk the back the backyard goes back pretty far and there's an old building over there too she told me I could do up against that building and of course I always ask oh you have any friends around here or any neighbors so hopefully they turn you on the other house if mal just walk and see that's what it is you get the one guys and start networking hopefully if this town works out well I'll come back here for a while – all right let's keep going I'm working away from the house it hasn't been a lot of funds yet but Kyle had a hey-hey because you you found one of these other JP Perkins a flower company yeah now uh your says Medford Oregon on it yeah remember to say in the back I guess it's the kind of rose into Rama yeah yours was like a UH can't mind much better garbage tell Kyle I think we're spoiled from the last time we were at even the garbage was good fines over there so uh it's gonna take me a while to get back to everyday houses but uh you know this house was built 1822 we've got a long way to go so I'm not giving up yet I'm just spoiled how good we have it for a while all right guys I didn't beat on I've been getting a lot of garbage in this yard I came around here this isn't a high 40s low 50s and I'm thinking you know what I'm just gonna dig it I puffed down was only about two inches down it's still in the clump look at that wow that a Masonic I think it's a Masonic ring they see if I can get some of the dirt out there you see the impression still on there wow that's nice it was not very deep where did that come up Kim low 50s high 40s and I was like I'm just gonna dig it and see I don't know if it's silver or just I mean the insides clean up pretty sharp off to look for a marking it is big I'm a pretty big guy I'm about 6-3 6-4 and it easily fits over my ring finger there's my middle I might not fit my middle finger look at that honking sucker yeah beautiful piece I'd best find of the day so far easily yeah awesome all right there it is up close I'm not sure I couldn't see what Kyle recorded or not in the middle of that Masonic is clearly the letter G I don't know if a letter G is on all the Masonic symbols or if it could be an initial for the person's name only take that sucker even I just dropped it also fine all right I might have found a little stretch I'm coming down I got the Masonic ring right here I filled it back in I swung over right here I had a really loud high tone I dug it down I didn't uncover it yet actually you know what I thought it was a coin it's a big giant button there's gonna be a big giant dandy button hang on let me clean this off and I'll be right back hey my college came over to help me here it is guys it is huge if it is a coin it would be really old you could see it's not quite even round anymore I can't tell if there's any markings on it from the side it sure looks like a coin it wouldn't be a slug if it is a coin it would be really really old but I just can't get any markings off it in the field and it was not deep maybe three inches deep right next door I got the Masonic ring so when it dries off completely I'll go at it with a toothpick and maybe get some detail but at the moment I'm just gonna say it all now all right let's keep on going we're both finding some decent stuff Kyle God like it looks like a decorative kind of decorative edge could be a maybe I'll clean it up and see what it is and then I just got this which i think is some sort of a quick but it looks like there's writing up on the top this came up in the low to mid 60's I knew it was gonna be something that brass category you see the top it says looks like er tll wasn't that a car like a toy car or herbal I don't know if it's a hook Erica not Arkell not like what was this catchphrase Urkel I do that but yeah I mean I don't know if it's a hook or some sort of a clip but there's clearly a name at the top so that's a cool relic I will totally take that seriously good that tiles curious and nothing wrong with that Imperial I think it says oh really baby Navy could be right hey good fine I'll take it ooh someone's some interesting relics now all right I'm gonna do a live one here this is very very shallow came up in 81 it's gonna be a dime most likely so maybe it'll be a silver even though it's shallow even though it's shallow this part of the yard it's knocking a lot of traffic oh did I just stop it I just stopped look at that oh it's got some markings on it I thought it was a dime of course this is not a dime look you could see the shape of it I don't know if it's off a piece of furniture it's really corroded over I don't know I'm gonna have to clean this up so uh it's a relic there's no idea the year or what the heck it is yet but uh pretty cool not that deep as you saw guys maybe two inches damn so cool fine now I just had Kyle come over I was digging another one here is iffy but it was in the low 60s you were too dug it I had a hard time finding it look at this reading I'm gonna show it to the world and you at the same time look at that if you can see it it is a guy riding a Griffin it's a flat button I just dropped it hold on it's a flat button you can see the shank on the back cool but it is a guy riding on a lion can you see that that is incredible he's got wings too might be an angel or something I'll clean it up better that is an incredible finds neat awesome oh man I love that I'm gonna marry this super happy with that hi guys I was just digging down I had another really good signal low 60s I was like what the heck and I just got a second of that same button and it's hard to see but you can see it there it's a guy back it's a guy riding on like a winged horse this is not the same one here's another one you know I got two of them clearly off the same outfit but it is like a winged man or a winged horse two buttons one the shank is straight up one the sheiks bent over awesome I love it not far from where I'd like the first one either I'm just kind of going along I'm approaching this old brick building on the side of her house it is totally abandoned I don't know what the heck it was I think she told me it was a pottery factory I'm working my way back kyle is somewhere way back there behind the I don't know where the heck Kylie but yeah in this little stretch here I won't say too much of the house but I got two of those super cool buttons could not be happier with them now I was really nervous about leaving our old town Kyle told me he wanted to try somewhere new I was like I don't know man we've been doing so good in this town and I'm so glad that we were able to kind of keep that momentum going I don't know how he went I haven't got a lot of coins today no Silver's but what a beautiful button all right got a lot of yard to go it's narrow but it's long so uh let's keep at it be back up next fine all right not a whole lot of coins today guys but uh I got my first silver 1943 Washington quarter it's a weird stain on it on the back – I'll say the back in a second there's the back I clean it already before I got the camera outfit weird half-circle stain don't know but I'll take it a lot of coins today whatsoever but uh that's a pretty one how you making out how you making out all right give me the shaking side-to-side head motion – Kyle was exploring over in the woods he found this really cool old tomb an axe aw I'm sorry so look at that let me see if I can distill some of the wood handle in there it's gotta be almost six feet long I'll call you Kyle five ten but it's long that is incredible I guess – guys we're making the tree like this and just eyeball fine obviously all right the signals have been few and far between this yard the nibblers still working we're trying to get this grass area are gonna get out of here soon I did just get another thimble I think that's two hunts in a row I got a thimble came up in the high 40s low 50s so it did not sound great it's not sterling or anything precious like that and it's got a big crack in it but uh I always liked finding thimbles no collection of them going that's a small one I like fit of my finger but pretty cool let's keep rolling a little bit of yard left and we're going to roll on out of here all right I know this looks like this plug is a little bit of a mess I have a hard time pinpointing it was pretty deep it was on edge I hid it in my shovel kind of flattened it out but it's in there it is a sulfur to my second silver today not many coins today it's a Mercury dime it's awesome I said it's been a rough coin day looks like maybe a 42 I'll clean it up later when I got my water on me I mean this one was hard to hear this middle dirt the things have been deep when I get over to that where there's no grass everything's been shallow so I pretty cool this was right in the middle all right let's keep rolling anything over there Kyle all right guys I just dug the Mercury dime in this exact hole I filled it back in and when I stood up I swung over it and I heard something else so I dug the same hole back up again I got this it's still in the clump and you can see the edge there this is probably gonna be a button it's very very small much smaller than a dime oh it's not it's a little washer nevermind it's a washer I thought it was gonna be a tiny button now I've got something going on I just found this little plate plate well not a plate you'll see it just read return to something and then up in the top you can see it says something about a vacuum I mean it's garbage look he sees his vacuum at the top and at the bottom it says return returns it looks like it's just a piece of junk but I just saw writing on it and listen just a nail in it to return if ring is blinking maybe it's off of a washing machine or something it's just something about a vacuum no no not exactly a treasure Kyle's fishing for something down there he is he's searching for gold if it's good I'll be back all right guys I'm gonna call it a day it's getting dark not my best yard ever it's been a it's been a tough week I mean a tough day here there was not a lot of signals for a house that goes back to 1822 just wasn't a lot of signals it was good to exploring around I did get a few silver coins I got some cool buttons I got that really awesome ring you know I can't complain I wish the nibbler got more I feel kind of bummed he didn't get a whole lot I asked myself what was the best thing you got today he said the flower tag so you know what happens I might have just had the hot side of the yard we did explore over in that abandoned building a little bit that was kind of cool but I'm gonna get out of here I'll do a little bit of the side on the way back up that nibbler did on the way down and I'm gonna call today all right guys see it the wrap-up unless I find something awesome later all right guys here's my wrap up from the 1822 house not a ton of fines but you know it goes that way sometimes a whole lot of trash probably three buckets full of trash and I got a little bit left I'm still straightening out top rows from garbage battery clamp a little thing a whole bunch of these toothpaste tubes I pull tabs through the decades what's that a year I got the cold key I guess the homeowner if it was her as it was not I got the broken spoon bow I got the thimble that broken half of my bag it was already badly cracked the caster awful maybe a piece of furniture or something this little flap it had some writing on it I just like things are writing return if ring is lifted maybe it was like a some sort of a flap off a dryer or something I don't know it's probably an altar they go in recycling the cool Imperial piece little hook it's got the two nail holes in the side I really like it it's very very thin and fragile so I pretty cool I got this piece that live dug and it looks like it's a pin or a brooch and it's very high relief on the front here I don't know if that's just corrosion or if there were some sort of a design so I might put it under electrolysis and see these something like this could be really old say a little mobile 2-piece button these I got two of them and you know I found them it look like this and when you find this it's but not very exciting but I started cleaning one and you can see underneath I mean it's a button of some sort it's the exact circumference as a penny if I put one over top of it I mean it's almost exact a little thinner but I'm going to clean it up and see if there's any markings on there I did get two of them so I know we'll see I got the two in credible buttons it is a guy riding on the like a Griffin like a winged lion beautiful shoe they're both one-piece buttons shanks in the back I don't see any markings but man I'm gonna try to see if I can figure out when these are from try to get a date but man I love them if you like buttons they are awesome and I got two of them how cool is that of course I got the ring the Masonic ring it's got the G on there like a little arrow I think design I checked it it's nothing precious there's no markings on the on the inside I did contact the homeowner and asked him if he wanted it I haven't heard back yet by that he wants it you know we can have it a couple bottles that were in the woods I don't know a lot about bottles I like the ones that just look cool I like soda bottles this was a dr. pepper I looked at the patent number at the bottom it's from 1961 I think 71 I'm sorry I got this Pepsi bottle it's a swirl and it's dated on the bottom 1959 the patent date and what's cool about this is up here on the logo on this side if you look in between Pepsi and Cola it's got two dots apparently that might be a rare one mostly it's usually one dot or later one's had a – but to have those two dots is a pretty scarce logo so pretty cool I'm gonna put this in my collection for sure I love old soda bottles so that's a nice one and let's get this giant old fruit jug and product in the garbage or something it's all glass just had a cool design coins I got 11 modern Memorial pennies I think the one was from 1959 things Adi so our first year Memorial pretty good to modern nickels for dimes three modern quarters I got this piece I put it next to the quarter for scale I don't know I can't make out much on if you look over my fingers you can almost see like a like an eight or a zero it's hard to see and I don't know if this is a slug or if it's a coin that maybe it was smushed it's still pretty thick I figure I'll show in case anybody out there could maybe figure out what the heck it is I don't know if it is a coin it seems like an old one it's not even round it's like kind of just a weird shaped but I thought that was awesome I get out of the ground but I'm not so sure I got four wheat pennies I don't know if any of them were really old forties fifties 50s and maybe I don't know and then two silvers 42 Mercury dime and a 43 Washington quarter six weeks in a row with a silver quarter that's got to be something record for me but that was my fine guys so a new town not bad I did decent I thought that bad for the nibbler he didn't get a whole lot I'm gonna just had the hot side of the yard that happens sometimes I'm sure he'll bounce back next time for anybody who cares usually this time of year I kind of go away from YouTube for a couple of months this is a busy time of year the kids with their sports and things are going on I usually take a few months off and then come back so I'm gonna stick around somewhat I won't post every Thursday but I'll be up sporadically and I will do the live streams probably every other week or something like that and then I'll come back in normal force around January February I'm gonna play it by ear it's just a lot of work in these videos done I don't have a lot of time this time of year but otherwise guys thanks a lot I appreciate you watching happy hunting I'll see you guys in the next one later

33 thoughts on “Metal Detecting discovery confirms Secret Society existence

  • I saw a video on cleaning copper, silver and steel items that are put some tiolet cleaner in a jar and pour about a quarter cup of cleaner into jar, put coindms in jar close it and let sit for a few minutes..shake the liquid in jar and the rust will come off..try it on some pennies or coins sometime.

  • Pros would use a drop cloth ,your still teaching poor digging habits . However I do like your videos .

  • I have seen that symbol on a tv show and yes it is a secret society, I don't no much about the society but I know that it is a very secret and protected society.

  • I know the ring of which you speak**
    Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
    Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
    Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
    One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
    In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
    One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
    One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them,
    In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

  • Dude to see you scraping that relic with that digging tool made my hart drop. You need to understand about colonial era stuff . It's so rare .

  • The unknown coin I believe is a quarter that was put on railroad tracks and a train went over it. People used to do that for fun

  • I personally find it interesting how happy people like him are when they find stuff dating back to the 1800's. Just imagine they'd dig up things in Europe dating back to the roman era or earlier, like 2000 or more years ago…

  • I knew a Freemason. 90 yr old gentleman. He was open on educating people about the Freemasons and Masonic Temple but would not tell any "secrets". Just things like women can't be freemasons but that there have been chapters that allowed women and you can't just join but someone can bring you in and it's not necessarily difficult to join. Any man can join no matter race or religious belief. The local Masonic Temple where I'm from was recently vandalized because the person thought it was a religious sect. From what I understand they do a lot of reading, studying, raise money and support my community and making sure history isn't forgotten. That's just scratching the surface of what I can remember. He would go to the temple at least once a week with his stepson who was also a member. He would often say he wanted to mc a meet on his 100th birthday.

  • The Imperial hook is a hook from overalls I believe. Not 100% on that, but it looks familiar to some overalls my grandmother had kept that had belonged to my grandfather. He was born in 1902 so that might indicate date. They were not adult sized.

  • If someone did metal detecting in my garden they'd go crazy digging up the whole garden. Some people who once lived in our house filled the garden with junk. There's a motor bike under there, a bed frame I think tons of random crap.

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