MHC 2019 April | Sheriff Challenge | Day 8 | Freedom

Is there one more yeah. I hear it Oh, heh you scared me {laughing} running at me like that Alrighty hello everybody and welcome back to the Minecraft Hardcore Challenge for April. this is the Sheriff Challenge day eight – were we have nine Minecraft days to accomplish this month’s objectives. I am TheKernal and thank you so much for being here today. last time we expanded out just a bit and today we are going to do the same and probably start on a jail if we have enough material. so let’s get started alright lets quickly look around see where we’re at k and of course it’s day so we need to go ahead and get outside since our days are so short Let’s see how much material I got since I everything on me probably go ahead and grab a little bit more cobble since I got it down here anyway and it would be nice if I got a little bit more a iron for some bars but if I can’t have iron huh iron bars then I can uh always use wood fence gates for fences for the bars themselves OK and I want to get rid of that let’s go ahead and go head on up alrighty I hear my villagers at least slamming doors again and it looks like it’s raining alrighty I think I wanna probably put the jail over here over on this side alright Uh I see a spider. Is he angry? Looks like it he is a coming after me at least interesting anything else I don’t see creepers or anything I don’t see any skellies just an angry spider k I’m so lucky to have that anger spider and I would love to keep misplacing blocks alright alright let’s get our stone out build a little bit of a foundation k and of course it doesn’t have to be that big but uh let’s go ahead and make it one one bigger k and it’s just gonna be a a small jail cell if I have time later I can always add a uh an office of some sort of k uh and that’s it for my materials oh I got some andesite k let’s go ahead and put some torches down alrighty oh it’s sure is getting dark isn’t it? try and make some uh fences I keep hearing noises it’s making me nervous there’s a creeper just what I’ve always wanted creeper friend k alright let’s go ahead and shut this alright alright so I think we’re pretty much close enough to let them out but I will make one more check around k check up here I think I just placed a torch somewhere k have enough wood to make another door looks like so we are going to do it k huh they got out their so happy let’s see where they went did they go kill themselves already {chuckle} in there I guess ok and we are getting close to night alright I guess we might as well try to um do we have any steps? I can make some wooden steps it’s good enough there we go alright do we have any guys over here on this side yes we did let’s go ahead and let them out there’s our farmer alright OK and the nights upon us and let’s get rid of some of this stuff I don’t guess I need that I don’t need that although would of been nice to find a horse let’s get rid of that. Let’s go ahead and make our bread up k alright this is our deal here look at all those creepers out there alright and I did shut yeah I did shut things off I am going to go ahead and make a gate so that uh I can open up this place and I hear the phantom’s their are quick to get on my case k there it is oh I probably should get my shield on me there you go where’d you go – there you are – oh there is a couple of them huh – oh got a phantom membrane uh that one burned up {chuckle} there he is oh there’s two still so I killed two and there’s two oh I didn’t let it go down far enough ah well were going to need some more ah let me in bud cobble anyway to finish our jail so let’s go ahead and get some of that and some coal probably don’t need much coal though as much as I need the cobble k get at least a stack of this stuff alrighty oh there’s some iron we need that for sure k that gives us eight did I light up down there? Sure is dark – yeah those things when they make that one noise it sounds like they’re dying but their not alright I hear a – a zombie let’s make sure our guys are safe Ouch something hit me there’s ah enderman oh there we go is there one more yeah I hear it Oh, heh you scared me {laughing} running at me like that He ran at me right as I swung my sword there we go alright let’s eat go ahead and take care of these guys around the perimeter here alright is there any more k day’s almost done I guess he got scared got scared and ran alrighty looking pretty good I think we survived the night things are starting to burn up perimeters pretty secure alright yeah that’s it – that’s it. that’s day eight right there – let me get underneath at least here k alrighty that’s it for day eight thanks for joining on this adventure please leave a like if you enjoy what I’m doing and if you haven’t already please consider subscribing to my channel and check back as we try to make it through day nine thanks and good bye

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