Miami “Anthem” – Leading With a Purpose – Chase

(Background Music) V/O: This is a story of partnership. V/O: The kind of partnership that’s happening in the places that define Miami’s culture. V/O: Like Panther Coffee, where a business built on coffee grounds is breaking new ground all over Miami. V/O: And Liberty City, where Florida International University and Miami Northwestern High School are finding new ways to inspire young minds. V/O: It’s the story of the kind of partnership that’s helping Habitat for Humanity build stronger communities… V/O: …and Rex Fabrics become part of the fabric of Little Havana. V/O: These are the places we meet. The places we learn. The places we grow. And the places we create. V/O: At JPMorgan Chase, we’re proud to be a small part of where this great city has been and where it’s going.

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