30 thoughts on “Michael Cohen speaks out after his sentencing: 'I have my freedom back'

  • This us not suppose to happen. Normally, the big fish will fall. In this case, little fish are falling in numbers, while the big fish laughs on his way to Deutsche Bank. True, believe it or not. The Dumbest fake president in US history continues to leech the system in plain sight!

  • If all true, being a "womanizer" pales in comparison to what Hitlery has done, and what she had planned for you, me, and millions on the planet. Do your research. Torturing a teen in Satanic ritual abuse, come on!!! It will all come out! Talk to the NYPD, if any are still alive after knowledge of her deep dark secret. What is her body count up to by now, even AFTER Seth Rich? Touching story about Cohen. But that's for going up against the real Deep State criminals. Oh, and selling Uranium to Russia, or all the other information secrets to China and elsewhere. The Deep State has been "colluding" to sell your country out from under you. Wake up! Cohen was meant to Scare and Silence Trump from proceeding with much larger truths. Trump's womanizing, if true pales in comparison to what is in Declassification.

  • To feel free when encarcerated. Wish the thousands of wrongly locked up minorites had this luxury. Instead, they're free to not be

  • trump is a double crosser just to get the monkey off his back on Putin Mueller's report and 2016 election of Barr lawyer these men's of trump administration cabinet also is kavanauh Popadaoupoul Manaford Session's

  • Kay UK……I feel sorry for him …..think Trump would have stuck by him if he hadn`t secretly recorded Trump to impress other people…I also think Trump listened to his lawyers whether that was right or wrong..I suspect Trump did not want to throw him under the bus as he liked him…Think Cohen should have not gone on the path of revenge…Then trump would have sorted it out for him as they were both involved……..

  • He made a big mistake but i hope he rebound and rebuilds his life after prison..he who is without sin casts the first stone..

  • You are a dirt bag ,a two faced jerk, nothing more nothing less ,oh and you are a liar and a bad one at that. You jerk.

  • But the real piece of shit is still in the White House.still deceiving his supporters.still brainwashing them.

  • Stress for all the lies that he now have to uncover, and the high price he has to pay. THREE years in prison is a high price to pay for a fucking ugly orange demon.

  • This guy wasn’t loyal … he did a lot of illegal things on his own all for money !! So he lied for money regularly!! This guy is a pathological liar 🤥

  • I am not sure if I heard correctly, but here this man has to report to prison in May? If this is correct what is the agenda here. Someone convicted of crimes have the option to be going around doing all these interviews and given an option to report at a certain time. Could this happen to the poor?

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