boys for charges I'm gonna try the opportunity my monocle to our assorted you aha remember Sammy I'm I would watch a dragon-cycle upon acceptance professor by a different way which every piece one is reverberant reference oh okay one is Row one base 1729 Miyazawa Tsubasa Beca Democrat and what's yellow Ranas Row one pen fancifully Dumas a castle advocacy where property got momentum Lindsay are no bass area units the promenade elsewhere bear said Lhasa piece of him online cognitive emotional so program it's love Robin gap youkai and penny said yes and a better look at them no one empty yeah well nice let me add a mile see n say said remark rocks which one were your day and their life or Facebook your life for YouTube we saw Piazza Navona speedily perdiana so funny here and once media browse it olya content someone na AMT and for g+ + C + 4g + 0 m our highest and fastest connectivity idea to D SATA Burnett browsin a Oedipa ante and 4g + an unknown now an unimaginative saying hebrew to me go home now I am she's alone ok so that's not even long BB r comma there so biter Hisense TV no Oh Monica see a cocina be a demolition encounter social often II am rapper also Sansa several firms vomit on tone knob USA moon were mothers consumer food F it Nkosi 18 July and furniture Hisense Ghana now commercial room a NASA game shop Papa George a Yemen chakra wahoo he across that's where chocolate drink and we also has to share first oceanic Eclair Dai liyan Tia wooden I know this women was sunny we are a non diary no opposition mojo am i ice cube Nadia King smoky Papa pioneer do we do here any sushi pay and summer la Morena evenly mentally I see a man a woman I saw a Western law firm fu cha cha from Yanina algebra Obama's on camera no I found for me answer a kadhai see addressed an anti baekje yes someone where you mean for not chitosan hospital now Kahuna here mu pain a Daruma say said yo man young man Casa oxygen plunge now Empire Debbie are not $12,000 cities and a a cowboy our oxygen heat and food are more question Yasukuni ba-da-da-da my opinion so defeat seniors Kaaba and it said wamba Bob rapper no I wish I was a man and Wakata my opinion and I'm the dark of riders and Adama I Bank ratchet peñitas my well my phone ID uncle Roman panel I know electro commission a poor man for cocoa saying Josh a teacher and I'm also know a new hairdo machiya let me tell registration your muchacho moody no yeah but your mom Obama quadruped if he said no more paranoid and the Avenue de Cali I will people in my shop Ibaka Chris you were African couple Oh Johnny pnina pnina as you from no no community no no Ghana Union of traders yeah yeah Goethe what with us what Matakana police service and when I walk my bunny I wanna do a Mufasa yeah sure a Greek officer be and walk also a fossil Nana banana sir or no nipper barking 9.5 billion old Ghana Cedis a funny sometimes and so because an area 100 apiece of em from – professor muscles to do I say yeah okay Instagram Iowa Orkut retire okay face bouquet over who call youtuber way off baby uncle for watching some beyond your troublesome Laura station baby baby Iowa or the I love you a piece 104.3 FM yeah Boris Evita now I didn't throw back to the Facebook whose trouble between a factor between there for you to sign up a Twitter fight zero five four four eight five three six zero zero so yes a Becca can cut the amount and you attract I said way more yummy or hidden under Kwame I'm Minnie oh no I'm on sorry I'm a cabin a mouthful and I nominate you a fake-ass eponymous any better a breaker Kravitz niconico furniture teaching hospital I also do cassia what may and she fear not sir Santi montemagno Wukong here here more oxygen and from Iwama dear Juma energy and if alcohol that brahmacari here here mu no not the basi communion or Mooji over 12,000 Ghana Cedis an American oxygen he'd be rama varma for my any iris-sama a year way am i are savvy annual que comienza a Mexican woman yo-yo Bernie friend no internally generated France among Walmart me a V and the epoxy oxygen plants many also model oxygen planter mm-wah mm-wah I warm Oh Nigel ideology for stuff mommy aku chef mo Perry and ideally mama would be a no or gesture Ghana by boat ans a upon D mahadeva drama for Bhagwan o na Ababa Modi Elmo Ezra sell beer in our cuckoo everywhere your walk or mindful forbidden and yet you're gonna say AHA no Bobby J Dilla West African seonhwa and no submits me a jabroni some oxygen plants in your name what would you suggest from 5.4 million Ghana Cedis and here majima I wish to use this opportunity to add other has ages and units to think outside the box in our drive to improve the quality of health care services and help make government's agenda of making Ghana a health tourism up in West Africa and reality where so much the state's institutions can do on their own but Sheldon the inertia and being proactive adopted and progressive in the orientation the government will continue to support such progressive minded state institutions to enabled and improve of the quality of service delivery to the public it is my fervent hope that corporate Ghana and other philanthropists especially those from this part of the country who are the major beneficiaries of the services from car will complement government's efforts at improving facilities in this hospital our particularly edge members of the public to support this hospital to further improve a scare but generously donating the widow's month to the recently established endowment fund chief of staff mami a Christian free more perineum on the hypothetical hae a dog so he never danced so wanna chief executive officer call furniture teaching hospital money boy yes sir Jenny Pena was sentimental moon Samson Kwami amici led by a what's enough oh yeah why he was originally say yeah I wanna cut off a flower what the hell is from we were in San Pablo a Duncan he and Lana to me moon flower mentally one self-assembly a woman Tim Nakamura mention I did see a non-criminal watch a lot for Casa Babli nah inferences a common like gym teacher named you know mashaykhina our session Coon disaster not just a what salafiyyah multiple family not some quantity neurontin okra onion and Samsa nama saya by Okhrana say what's enough man time chef for regular Minister Oh Raja do watch Charlotte rock radio come on local government minister haji ali muhammad ahmad Kurdish Arab origin yellow a funny deputy new deputy kettle nah what's a little jubilant that tosser dubaku Hama Hama Hama shop for your local government sir so no one can California the only deputy navigator or at the yellow our Regional Minister office one Telugu engineer sir Emma no well orphan in Yahoo inordinately just wanna know I said Tom and Jerry I said well Quadro be gay and one with the to our original Reggie Montalvo fire yeah I wasn't aware no I saw from you know H me and you're some Doddy it's my Brahma F an example from Abby Lee side you know BAM you know today weíll examine is a Maccabee bonanno's a sudden a Marat Safin in a temple nor – an ascension Nang WA what the charger Charlotte a coma Mahakali mama Hamas a warrior my friend in Winnetka such a well is entry number fan Watson or someone and I'm Sam Watson of Secretariat circuit Rojo Oh Rocco cosmos why Bob want Indian food trauma – you mean Regional Minister and in the deputy I did share whoa I'm on your warning for said what's my algebra antiserum Akane Padilla and you're wise enough man Tom O'Folliard gee a Bible move across 40 and mr. Uchiyama banty you know what a crabber Nina it was so modular Emre what is news nitrogen coming and saying some crabby about mountains and if Iran was not regional mister yeah a novel about hidden away in P my opinion also mention any you Alex today know so yeah deputy Regional Minister I was on say yay a container and Pina Sanka coffie Valentin mi arisen a minister Akuma Minister for local government yeah or novel idea Ali Mohammed son Sansa me am I show a young man fry or whatnot Linton amenity santanico social media I may be able to pass conferences each an onomatopoeia can consume in any a summer question am at the pepper me bucket – that's not a shame original I am nothing family to me say en Casa a man from Miami via antecessor be a senator karate Libya Benton was about one man so he he also is easy I mean gssapi a Babia say yeah banana go Antonia movie big one yes a Femina and movie on en painting for a hint word can be a family I was safe he I will need and this remain anonymous and in painful economy a man Yi to Yi K is academic Watson law Secretariat's Oaxaca cosmos no 1020 dear friends a massive demonstration be appalled so our some adversity and while western region Nagas Miami appeared on class one two American one convoy appeared on cloud to America for yeah i disabled welcome at some point while we are and wobbly table a table a raucous am enti sama dama yah wah wah ah ba-dee ah well see Eritrea area ha ha MA one more Dora Isaac bed Oh Ana vaca say when Thomas remember Nina nodded uncle afraid wada-san a doorman a bank Ranchi pena Dana Brunetti Aguas Amano Oh Nabu Joseph agua Oman pero en tu am Brahma funada anko na Santiago mom Pendennis a proper Diavik rat Akane yasuo's Yadier over law school anteus a marijuana mokra want now mm Aparna booyah yes local school fa a– ponte motta power to attract too busy for nothing big to home nothing where to pan so very much of a number Foreman saman so Tia a pass over Mena passes hacia premise eeeh avocado Capri and also a Naboo system and modality mo muto da Emmental quad a hospital product by benefit a Odysseus am an honorable real product yet near tilapia sebelum an ostrich fillet fa a– pyar na Sam f1 edifice and traumas remember nice a papaya mango canoe Lucia growls open language amiable and to a map a jung-hwa and sha-1 cassava tamaño add in weapon garages if I'm wrong Orin if you go to the DC the Santa ninja MA Orion wal Jamaa district no I'm gonna abandon it admin humble and I almost know patrilineal canary 2020 a billion dollar offer I assume 99 some oil tragic and so honest and ananka's were to which the Norden is not ruled out with all day why sure Oh Nina oh I Travis Elkins Louisiana as Arjun I am if you were known as summer BNI no report I'm a acts as a day smoker no co2 is Shama history tangkoko I don't wanna walk only by the moon confirm so when John water will go towards the me tomorrow no to the pure chime come on any party now on to more fun kaboom boom America's decision on party etiquette eaves on one has a Altamont Johanna balance is horrible for particles want to know from compartment all apart in the baby my assembly no Sonam baby not so to review know so yeah and zama abandoned oh oh yeah in Cabana bar also division SRAM I until moonshine and such if you finish tomorrow abilities assembly Hank Azaria Sesame you been about Aboriginal community center a banana bar was a football park never brain cultivation at the minimal inaudible Niska nominal score area one castle rotary player now kkona kkona wasa say ye NSmen Ankara hmm Concordia I was obviously a abou a Kosaku Jamal also common in Japan in the merch I am Chronicles capita or Vista Malaysia Malaysian phiiosophy my ocean in Diyala symposia kasi economist agua I'm prayin carryin a nanny piety Sawa Cassie yo Fredo or on a sick bed oh well yeah some remember war Abbate a mercy retro area awasum I wanna piss new CIO sister Sofia muah nth one among upon a bike ride Pena a tremendous service am an honorable yourself I'm gonna be sanctionable abandon you of antibodies rowana and watches were drama canina an okra Nyami Papa pony Anubis selfish interests and a panel over greediness and while my past when we did listed to know now I will control Anna my Cutler won't miss a summit Ian was a DC needy or Magua Hopi and war between your controllers that you know that the reason why I fancy a deformation for me personally you know in fact I decided say as word that our boat cots or for them to come and prove because it's a very serious a serious allegation say a diver cheap premise because privilege distribution of an annual so far it's a rare a Barnabas or a powerful formula G the barrack you see as a disease a diver to promotion a very serious offense not the probiem for permits in a landing beach committees norman a managing the sale of prints by orchestra and because of that enhance a early edition a mobile Island account many say yes title for my present for a brochure unfortunately eight years of NTC normal to me I am había we buy a mini MP eg1 a member in fact ampulla Obama dear William Chinese contractors beer CCR what money minister of felt a entity you know assembly we are limited world real construction revenue or a Ministry of Road knowledge Amir – Donna Harris and I abundance distress emblem a b-tree any filler words goodbye Effie diverse assembly nervously many matriarch and say at a Normandy Tommy an unchaste Ecco sometime back and they say Belushi loss Grampa the atypia back awkward to say the awoken unable to save my back atcha Pina with Rama de semana Western written on my robots work Jamarcus armor for my missile via Akasaka Coco's wanna pay limited registration I ya know any passive in on rebuilding chromium or many outfits Rudy and the one year and I wouldn't if you do watch it not so my Divya door Qi and I come at someone coco trauma team then so some who say and if anyone wanted a mobile said well if you don't watch it now so be there do media William nowaday acquire go through moody no no no – Madonna and while my officer or when your CF is a same digital world wynia one no and Nadia but resumable normal form ID not in an IR kisi gopi say no to Iijima naginata my LTTE I'm a new cornea Abdul Razak open no no no Anna said screw shout would be a war tank honest Tracy second escutcheon walk one Walker yeah sorry and this Concordia could you coma Weiss woman crying I'm a winner so DC idea by imprinting production or call banda my and Amanjit senior high school Lena our time for instance now our question when the school today attention come on I walk a chihuahua say Gambia nominee a job aqua Emma school karate Trina senior high school follow one more dancer alien Emma Mayen Porto supportively a gorilla new Benigno ellebra bunny into a trance a woman say one more – Mario ever woman oh my mom are you crying Emory a mature woman said Shamu a Bobbi ray woman one woman can touch her mother samo waffle McQueen woman come on Newton semester dane putra and yamaraja by FHA Rose flung poo or Abdul Razak Oprah attend Kassius Ohno say yes idiom una bella Marissa Francois Chico salmon was yeonggu no they are easy fun super llame una Casa manana open access articles and a friend cerebellum a moon in Libra any aqua man Polina not that I'm qualified to edit [Laughter] [Laughter] – let me tell resistance along and focus for our talk on confident be de Lima one peso mature moody be Sophia when you're a t-mobile Atsuko sir Alan when you're 18 was dying and I was a say 1 million your eggs in Omaha and provide some about that remedy no one can say when your heads in our throat is when you're a genius sad yet cigarettes I meant age I know West municipality our western region I think Sunday and will there be any permit a pop apart as e1 or 20 says yes damn well knows who are 21 and I think we all know are 19 years now what would a proper but Sunday no Martin wah wah wah I say a playable Sbisa when in tripod Raja Rajeshwari porny be sunny [Applause] Booya maybe tomorrow so I presume MP bukhara I'm a new ability big committee report is a South African Hina partner former a baby o.o Mesaba canoe bugera am i a swab everybody aboard now appeared on community and Juanita yourself is eBay to senior fishermen to change an como now and it will be the idea nature I forgot saw a war as soon a fond of mentioning among novice Roger and say agriculture Sacco ho l Kodama Papa Papa no Kwanzaa conscious of– a greek accession of a son guardian Kevin Yama one your audits report Roma Yaya minister food and a great Russia or the team area so no quasi Cardinal 9.5 billion Ghana Cedis vimana nambeesa we annex why they a balloon a theater treaty suppose ehm now personally I oppose a Cheney yeah it seemed you know yeah to say a forager a minister or mignon for in France Oh Paco BA kua no an assumed are my voice vocal casinos yeah Bachchan como el guamazo cacao bisagno le chameau Pitino via an essential no anaemia cappuccino Nausicaa no so hey Rebecca zebra be a no encanta la mina mi nu te llama de a chaser gotcha yes a well yeah a Greek officer a wall full of municipal assembly young commanders yourself a demon who say Allah attorney ma hang on a mo ba ba hello Debbie Allen Oh Melissa my papa yeah babe you say yebin young one okay manages a manwich chat room yes sir Vodafone for say Mohammed intimacy the first way I'm not certain about this Shawano to our local area minority ranking member bono committee of Arusha Tanzania otro es um so Samuel kojocho Abraham Rocka see now a cassava and come for a business wah Roberto my Pharaoh and Yonezawa Alabama upon takeoff at Rococo from PAH a cos Omega ta occurs oh yeah Cano ideas na surrogacy nah nah what Ramona say sir IVF in a surrogacy no another Pony as I said Ken Cochran hiya doc knee the newcomer Alicia and I FA occur – who Bert Luke Romulo at the American SEC am advocate and I asking ki UTA become another Bertram Okuda fish and a Gujarati Abbess would be a backhoe scientist wanna throw a bandsaw FFF through my german italian Inanna say never medically appropriate posture answer chamber minutiae l'm yadu's no Nadia Petrova moi Robin hoon na new question occupant anguish wrestling Nostradamus Iranian essay I will pass Julian Avenue now IVF and a surrogacy agency a an assembler code each applicati Team USA y por un po AB Agana MIP a mama for PE a Babinski Domino Asia Obama no raw material for Sal Khan and Salman Khan ABBA now a person a new question Vanessa and this aghanim funny before didn't we probably say yeah pass an inch and obey Jesus say Oh mom you Nina yeah yeah say yeah Ania Umbra I had a boy IVF and a surrogacy no yeah Papa human Santa Bella Journal came to Tennessee now I will be on fire yet to appear larger cry as if a miracle change from CB m AA cuatro yellow aqua dan y ahora no probable musician was watching ma on this idea you kotomi a disc animal chambre and this acaba de NOSSA Imran one ever Brahma IVF on a surrogacy Association's support news Mariusz etc to develop the media framework one event and comprehensive legislation this intervention is needed to mitigate anticipated crisis that will arise with the increasing number of fertility clinics and content we should also mr. speaker begin to sensitize our consumers on the benefits and challenges of assisted reproductive technologies to chocolate focus and then try to be fruitful and multiply in Genesis 1:28 from the psychological effects of societal pressure when there are actions however might be respected in the right up to our responsibilities as leaders to ensure that arrogance see and truly beneficial to all parties and the larger society somewhere locally to a block Watson and Colonel Samuel Worcester alumnus imagem Normandy assembly ah to persuade a assisted reproductive technologies guarantee I won't coalition Okafor we buy a no no Olivia no messengers workers oh that's all Toma de la Frank case a yeah pass Samuel Chavez awesome naba children Honorable dr. oku boy la Cucaracha by genuine example to our document and watch a mystery at the proper pioneers impart an assembler could could your job Lacroix a quarter my banner sir assisted reproductive technologies hey Harrison one Emunah IVF Lee surrogacy Namibian on Albania policy abandonment monosomy Yanomamo nina yet assisted reproductive technologies may be your pet not not not your Ghana cedi abaya a barber – nah wah wah wah wah wah wah mini bun well to me I and about commissioner oh yeah whoa Bama Asuna or no baisha abandon an S Pen name's sueleen on fluid not a banner we turn on her IV war by with you Adam happy damn I'm going to do an over to Roger oh no as a solution for a a piece of ham from Sbrocco see bunyoni by the magenta a trois vallées nassau honorable carbon atom and an album cover 90 acaba [Applause] more intima so we did because a woman everyone saw it as we know quest only good that you guys did Abajo man also Nevada I wanna as [Applause] my baby I don't women under you do magdalenka lengua didn't wanna know what was a Marine Division championship Oh Papa I mean okay oh yeah okay I'm Park Donna yeah person the Bible nobody Russell and I baboon on sheep ready no yeah they're all supported LT impact now by force I was if I had an atom I wouldn't try and sweet couple cuckoo I'm a comedian madam I see yes a I had Abbott area within cafe mo fo our no good until South Virginia United States of America no a mother somehow we see I had two minutes ago lyrica me in Juba and so Windham it's more than some Musa Muslim who seem insensitive very more young so much evidence so AHA untie my doorjamb Pompidou America maybe nobody done what to welcome today why yeah ba Baba home and then entrepreneurs are also upon with Reno Nevada oh that's wrong Naga daddy ope Enochian yeah oh yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yes I see enacted when you see an occasional boom oh yes panel fish no panel facing an African this will be to go now I build another dimension shaded by look at G I'm Anna did you see him Japan office area pray for that okay that's more kinda they are asking Adam professional challenge an aqua fun Kaka and their mind situations are become biology – efficient Ibaka to the winning and I see there 400 years Mabini what with McCarthy you pretend you can reach many acquaintance winching and what I know about LA or Miami Cooper when she won over some with you know soak up okay so I am going to open our by the weather blah blah I am into the one causing the problem related to the port and the oxen Africanism able to be able to enjoy Padma wty 73 in Nakano them all to defeat Oh governor power or your brand is really bad are you who cries okay I'm a scribble do the reverse way mudra lava Kusa yeah oh yeah our comedy concert a new comedy drama they do so you honorable and I see Oda Nobunaga in Minami 80 DB HL for the attending Kas Central Regional Minister honorable permanent yeah de medicina cakra-s was sumif a social media literally Facebook dno now grids nanyo David Hadassah Richard K gaba se Ghana simcha setosa gonna blast us yeah cotton Amenti aqua naina coach school Anna Yano and one inevitable attentive messages nah Papa knee and such as our life I was Susan Abby's in a piece of em and Iquique Nana cotton opinion no so cha-ching now you can check animal penny gm7 say I'm from Germany copper is another win away or karate data or B as well phone Qasim and on second furniture to generosity mu gamma mu team cause I'm walking somewhere moxa jump lunge am a Papa Papa and I was so beware just to be Sentinel see a bomb didn't work idea awaits with an insensitive workers say and PKA do a bit maybe a whopper moodini I want a candy not just a health infrastructure now confer Hodja for normal plenty oxygen plants in Quang Ninh a DISA in semi a room a Dancy I fell for Luke I watch Emma and I will say my panini a straight in Serbia not vigilantism known cos wanna cool it's Janna and no and Ababwa on my gonna digital Malan yoc do the Burnham say and at the end is bubonic rates Luton about misko's belicus also same say say idea propaganda vigilant change if we saw one village one Domini Valen for food and jobs are Sabha and no and I assure quite and one so any Asaka edward nerves or another social feeble Katanga new Moses identity gonna painting for one man pursue provision crass a a thermal energy T na a her noon and on a new suit and throw and such as our blood cells perform a z9k yeah now so john-boy much would be already Benedict was a crazy appear hey Cassiopeia so our initial surge when you saw a large lesson Glavine Ellen says he learns lives on cosmos Rajan initial uncanny long sleeves are special and I won't come Italia sighs hello hands i'm karina maker free facebook facebook whoa yeah by a enema kind no test message yeah monday a buncha in the atlantic mr. Annan oh yeah teach any awards again senior high school okay I will keep Cousteau was he led no your friend see mine and I might SCM and a bureau be a seaman as salmon and I was say Sammy know it that has a kunai sugar and not Spence nah this remember la gran would have followed in a brand-new Chakrapani I know it's an awareness Agana for your goods you knew what Shane ran away oh yeah aunty no Texas paper jams official PR now and run wobble and trainable Swee'Pea $30,000 yattaman is NDP no Appu a movie on Burma personal coaching na na da na judge I thought if you tell me by any animal question of Nicaea marina to me don't talk on a mobile Khun na Nana that have fun etting woman yeah de mañana mañana now because you watch it what if we sydney australia question and I gonna for the new crop corn awkwardly wake up well my caponata be my egg whatever you now qualify crime through cruising through Cowboys nice cool if you cry policy where you could switch it by Sarabeth's Roberto depressing Josh habitats and mercy sure what is that remember to Miami or manana God's plans for million gasps blonko Angie stacked owned enterprises low will be us yeah well my a young Kenya now Kobe Ryan Ethiopia Anita on Kenya we're all China bandages come from brown and soon it will tre what is you know I just you know why are one of us I didn't wanna see aa Brahma for the Olympic Kubrick na ya BA I was a cotton crop on eBay a good you Moo and semi football and adapt Ghana black Stas and your name beanie boy okay I see a battle cry Abba – yeah bah aw estimate Russell thank you would you let make a show know what you're talking about we found scientific about clinic I said I want to say I'm a Perry Perry everyone you saw actually wore me o cruel and you know me and Coburn AB my power walk and our one guy a green field will ultra-modern laboratory and it I was in Messina what is Connie Limon system what sites all at Jean hotel a class a boosts the immune system let's I am of the green floor scientific a back didn't wanna know where to go last of s attention press zero two four three nine eight eight a baby about to I didn't kill Troy I wore my district office near moon every edge wider 17 June ago p.m. Quesada 7 july 2019 and a br may be another question ahsoka it infiltrate Amidon anemia when I feared watching opinion and a woman have said watch a Abruzzo and I'm leaving so many intermediate not so much for being so needy no economy how else'd watch an episode in truck from meeow meeow meeow ASD so about Trudy baby opportunity and con original on our district offices my AB AB one action baby I did focus or indeed nurse Lavinia but one cryonics did you see uncle Ganapathy ah that's my ID card i agonic on our driver's license an answer voter ID card ah Oh maaaan entire bus movie on Osama was someone funny in Bamian or might roam with you about 12 women with the data no matter wha mama drama Dean Kyle said in Toronto yes a Sofia have until June ago people said are 7 july 2019 a free and open on swap imminence and libya mean ani haba to Nadine's Oh turn it up peace f10 and rip off the knob Oh Veda sama Papa hay viene al cabone Misawa non SI o essa a common convention panel Hwa Yong Yong Yong Yong Yong nee na bibim Vasya is ikkaku balsam ball acacia opposed to 2019 ye African Cup of Nations of Koh Samui ha ha ha Ezra Mangano says Asia Canada came now in Lebanon benefi a new Messiah Danielle cada Ghana for Sauceda cassiopea Quadrophenia manuel de half of rabbi shimon aquaphobia Korea as Debbie captain crevices and immunogenic option in a generation Bailey and the boy editions in the history of korean wife community Jennifer's country can see a good Kenya gossip or nothing and if I've millet to Konya saying I'm officer yes one moment when someone else mama give me some dinner boy I'm the best baby Jesse baby and I needed are you Sandra no I'll play da da ya boy never pursue Barnaby Petra Petra pitches are pain now whatta ya mean ya baba yaga suka suka Swarna joy than you and your formula while other super neat defendants are nor Jelena girl who is a Bao nanofy look a crab each other @y new phenyl and so much like i say is a benefit to wait and see a day before they were paraded before and I boy I wanna see us as a global Schoology john-boy claim is on the record free and yeah aah against loving and now putting my my Caputi may be a antique a near Teutonia deploy a be sad ganya Baba no trucker just immaculate as watchman buffer zone cabeza ghana former ABC a bishop on a truck on a be senators william a brazilian Casagrande marathi language anikanova todo se na Ghana for became an idea and remove nominate one so I started one on ideas smooth down behind the a busy but would be number one year fast you never wanted in a movie I fear I Fitness no nostril knock idea first master the game was a cardan Caio movie before quest beneath the incontinence coordinator point of view that's a lot of foreigners yeah again before game they are they go to my show and Cougars are more strength into Gaza Kassam Ultima or starts it born chakra oh yes my Hydra I mean Universal and now what you're holding over Shea and white idea Kakaako tonight not yet if I said no way no crazy dad I've already taken from what it second you wanna say one more bolt and we have button against level they capitalized on the ten against never know so much about Kakuna they only defeat EA mo zhee are there's no more back wanna watch a NEMA anatomies a pyro in a baby boy fishing Hong Kong confession or machinery to and so brazen woman were born and me I'm hoping say Shannon when we become Mickey I know Matt you know okay don't you read in the same number I bet you're both three one nine the koalas are for Sofia also your food no coach being a boy I bet you at any time I'm not sure what your changes among those who say please wear our drama bag stop really a job one Amba say yes this was a Santa forgot some money as some ways I I believe are true and they were custom everyone a caballo missile defense no I went to my mom a bomb attack has no ammo a nurse a philosopher my LTFS dona ii grew by an nary a sniper shot to one player he needed my few more of know some home coach innocent religious ideas emerge on a soccer girls are more vanillin super sure to impress me because show me a senior players opportunity [Laughter] Oh Susanna and Tim Cochran committee played cacophony said yeah maybe your mom places on normally I do but we shall completion the duration of the competition and we are going to promote about baby seven matches before you will be strana me internally some people to raise also my beams to clean tank so people like us imagine and then maybe Fujiyama every hour maybe five minutes Janka a blue moon soo a back in mediumistic a gram and i'm them to season my boy and of them say I'm what Nikita tema it was almost a my big watching them gonna get him a tribute amid such an interim in Sasebo national team gonna hit the mobile tomorrow 433 our boy ADA since emerge me why a hundred percent a a 4-4-2 90% air for five one he says it may go back to that system against Cameroon or maybe other boy Suki para cada I our options in the say that's a yabba dabba doo na na sacrificing play Abajo now in the unlikely event is a defender a banner record not with him no way HSN confer attacking midfielder BIA or your dribble ah emblems at the BIA open and Gintama an Arsenal defender for from place my whole pack animal so yeah oh but my boy I say depend on then you have other opportunities they may be back yeah the cases from one or more Bona there's nobody who can go and play position are john-boy bono tinnitus or any other options there was so much defendable would you not amenable engineers also sacrifice and then soda not a winger maybe I'm say player not a bad one also he internal and say that situation would be a was the right decision on to say maybe also apartments or maybe about university finds me at the defenders and that defender there you are possibly maybe a conventional Sudan as a winger let's say why Nevada no cockamamie cockatrice a Santoni James question yeah now we abandon say no or not much against Cameroon or more more day abundance a jumbo physical wah-wah-wah I get the background so me as much and so on the good demo met Romania Cantabria when we return on my word and I am gone bill over come on yah-yah-yah Leone James Cassiopeia against Cameroon Daniel mana will ya know against Bernie Anka William how will you approach that game one start that system Amanda going on and then Q maybe I'll go back to the photo through that I knows who that may be a move for efforts inside a back defenders know a bit map to show mobile because Mishima Moscow a more central defender soon they are very solid they are good in the area any balcony they are very solid yeah the case is a raucous night there's nobody Hamas's alerts me no more women able so now we have to play the ball on the ground that's another idea was a against came around to maybe what I'll do to our place from top and there maybe for Maryland and for bond so that I was able to possess the bomb on one were able to do that yeah sure say I make him agree again Cameroonian but it's not going to be easy so because they show imagine a very solid try a defensible but since we may need a they are very fast as you are being Ghana against Cameroon demons I in silver Mina also go for another draw and then see what will happen between I gave Ghana which is gonna be stars here we had them we can qualify until empty Anna Church in kimono and Newcombe nawafil my baby sir I'm not because at the Perignon so soon Enya of it is a tea party one has one combination now and fine art on boys your surname yeah anyway coming up you're not your problem Nina yet left it's no honor left foot back on ya know what really show me boys I mean I wanna Nina grab a media es en casa umoja Bunty media before now they're men country alcazaba no moon say a dynamic can say yes we undergone a me Antigone and to mistake yeah I'm not chop-chop survey and said hey has he not seen feature on our channel won't be a Jamaican to joseline yeah see yeah see what Casa we are bad citizen Jo crew and Nadia I'm a number of your Cassandra idibia for another shampoo yeah Mon number Miami by sadness maximum wall mubaru mistakes no number correct see now for me attendant to me I'm officially old attic and to me Amara this woodland Wonka see a very important when Tim young Commission SEC 1 when you're more plants oxygen plunge ok Simeon new second whadda ya know a 5.4 million gamma city's internally generated funds server yeah it'd like squalus important Yannick atanga lions feminine and how come I'm million ohm I'm anxiety anima for Talal nah nah nah nah MC MSM 24 G + mi international the economy reinterpret a ship in a bubble – sighs answer for maa TV sound system and a phone app wha mi it's me illness mathworld Nicole laughs Connie ganna be Asha disconsolate from a cozy night in July our CMO this word chocolate drink yo Yukawa and in sushi that amino acid

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