okay Oh God yeah this is all the news from Ghana ha ha mm insomnia madrasah dyin saucony Abu Andrea Deborah me with Jeffrey peace wellness Rafa Pantera from sue okay Ronna Sarah 1.7 829 m is our surpass our back and our Sinatra and watch yellow 101.5 FM where Dumas a casa su casa batllo PT Ghanim anthem din siano verse a theorem and it's the carbonyl and swath bastard yasser piece of lamb online.com ghana today dot commercial dosa program at you're gonna be okay and Benicio passes 70 wouldn't a certain someone on country Merkabah Johannes Lamia day man mg and 4g + network was to waste our per fastest connectivity now our highest internet speed EDR one more account for empty and table net set to say no as I said never bow and you will be a researcher to be aware via NASA Wakita MTL for G+ or the fold em crowd them say prone BBN and I'm not quite so comecomecome am at the mo everywhere you go we did for you Hisense gonna new i Hisense in swap EPO now about the mega pro booyah with the entire of control tonight energy and WAPA a dyson CVMA control said borah high censorship be a penguin a Quadro – Stevie said sound system any phone nah no no sighs I wanna be brave and I wanna mwah neo PP le Yi si Swamy discount Akasaka said before foo and now one more idea – Toto saw now hi census area even control and soprano Amish hace a tint mean oh woman a bad area a 19th July internal force I want oh yeah oh yeah kg to animo cozy cr- you son system and a few phone oh yeah this contra kappa at the swarm everyday prices for everyday people way no edges a chakra at the home yeah well this way Joe clay drinker yay area is sushi gonococcal papa anyway chocolate drink you toponym Inasa we have EMM quad ompany mr1 cockerel via no more the moon Caecilius oh come on MIB hav equaiiy anemic we're now Romana BAE wawapo a Cheeto Medicus my eyebrow and some are a Trojan a democracy by name and II see a monocle off ransomed reform Demetria Samia Paso occur at the fire electrical me son who obey dis Jaguar chromis an idea via Mao my Canon oh you betcha me actor so am Reserva danielleamanda say ah yeah / Cassell rosario former deputy minister for energy on aboot entrepreneur day so just in via be a man hom montemor s waffle Suja Suja Sabina Reata sopes Akana yes Arabiya award 100 Berea a pajama bear a krabby escena no Sam yeah honorable tangina party today honorable hotel upon chroma minister phone from essence rena-san so an economy penny Jerry John Rawlinson so a boy electric Commission when Anna Baker COO abyssal now association of graduate in schools development Canon EF Romo unemployed graduate Association vamos remember Nina nada say chief executive officer CEO one more want a moon a been a bad wanna say occurred on yeah de moi yah wanna f en so when any Yahoo AMA n token immuno baka dawa Otto NTN feel so a beam 100 watt ran an anniversary a suit if enough the state assembly at the staff of Ruby BA but Mia Brahma unity episode I won't put them away and SNK I would have been a la yahwah burning in our no asynchrony at there bro oka Facebook live appease 104.3 FM open who Yanis over Shane Omaha's also and want you to bonsoir despite media OSI I became a war I can confirm or TN caucus if mo am a mommy be a macaw from a name I'm anxiety I'm a cabin Amma for Africa's a burning truck ceremony i'm rishabh extenuates nama saya Paris au y no es una Camino now I had the pleasure Minister for energy on a boat on juniper and Ando paramatma DSO programming chromatic a Serizawa trance a friend oh now come at Lebanon OA trace a radius against a pas de la montagne in Amado free senior high school yah-yah-yah-yah Magana DCF oba oba new annuity companies OB n watterson papa do and tird Papa Nambu problem ba gua 107's a baby area circuitry Du Bois free senior I know hey Jessica why you so Cooper dementia and sadhana stable to miss Antonia auntie sue atlantean comma Nia no idea where we'll be salmon pnina nada say the upon what depe Fonda free senior high school no anti-bacterial lump a phobia about marijuana Nadia fondo nama saya suka no at Solana's wire in in one more yeah better funded free Samia hi in 2017 beginning accreditation hidden in a recent service we are not return for such about home for my idea I came up in our course researches then I look at 2008 Akana they do call education and not so many ideas and then I realized there was another 99 percent EcoBoost and services with a service May 3 a success and so I raised this issue for the house to be seen with the first first of all and then what are the implications I was even debating the merits or demerits of researchers many a million is I'm just doing an intellectual analysis normally nano Vikram yeah [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the Orcas ICCE is where our salmon basa1126 about the original mi deseo fancy LED ever instant rates inaudible co2 upon chroma immense one for sure only da and some sony sueance were honorable cecilia a banana patio to Jesse at the abandoned in the Umbra passe Afiya Emily you know what associate would to me it was a rock rock rock rap this ain't no Jim Wong who shot Ghana for years suniye buy a canoe be pan and I'm ivy Emily yang MMO and abandon Emma will be a glaucoma robbery say a fear actually a minute yeah a tree and see a concealed oh and then our what would would be able to me ser no a brain and yeah I don't know what I obey Nina at the phenomena and to me up ym nowadays symmetry gonna pay okay as Midea bed my dear so and what each day more Emerson says yeah I know ramadhir a partition could be ever I mean enough for every asset oh yeah and what I said no more ever denied Eve nanu-nanu and a banner at the neighborhood will be at work when wah-wah bear has said sir a sanitary inspectors anyhoo corner by Monta man time be any measurements Libya no one more ever show a my field one on and certainly I'd say never more say attitude I said I wanna stop by Janina aback and that's what they buy yeah yeah us Anabella diffusivity now so say Donna for yeah yeah I didn't before a year now yes I used to any abaya at your hapa and not a bit bringing over up one year you're moving a fast you move your me about yeah or the a dying I know they are saying say one is what I see from aviation engineers for deafness forum anyway any I pay the okay what is Commission for Monica ain't a-gettin in does not report inspection oh-ho yeah hi any talents even NASA phenomenon another you okay yeah yeah my ID comedy yeah a poem here will be it's a report abundant and they over the Abramoff a former monitor every week anomaly enforcement any amount for barrier is a nominee minutes open for business for information Akasha I had the best for I'm not a bazooka that show mommy si di they actual months and it I think I sort of am i heavy if a section Nepali no good air may be agnostic by July entitled to move do need to add a few more to make sure the area via any RTE domain swat4 fifi any in Suez wearisome saw on Rob Oh Sicilia a Bernard Appa Nadia a balladeer Batumi a de Monte a citizen of the state assembly no Roman so I'll be war our for region nas.latif educativa visa honorable Antonia dementia and now or know Greta subcommittee Yahoo address a salut banquet important one more digit Abobo Nelson want a show oh no Meah Meah basan basan oh uh yeah heartily plan one nobody sank inferno dampen is a carbon analyzer or made upon for bombing wada manual Mathura blah blah blah blah way down a Sangam young pata NASA audience I want one no oob oh god yeah no somewhere Roberto Medina and detective Muhammad area comprising of Representatives hiragana Health Service Canada Pension service enviromental at Department civil society organizations Ramadan come on way more radically what kinda see Sandhya day I will be a nun and I and she sees him one tension Honorable Antonia dementia accident with cyanide to power gamma Tina hey Bob batcher here mom he bit me ia and war disputed me now at me Obama who eg me uncle I won one award it's okay MA the day you or me fo babe you know Elka yeah Jerry said okay BIA when yeah yeah se debía I was a which me adage an idea about Selena household no Bobby are gonna be aa AB Emma Emma said community emotional upon her first one but a con true yeah who need insulation say man who deny a committee no I said yes a over headsets aluminum amoeba ma a Tamiya cosa nostra I don't a better student of the nap on medium of messing them technically is it if enough EDC Honorable Anthony attainments Antonian hydropower a casaya arraignment a moose were for Europe Robin an archery documents what they achieve just say a banner area tassel swab wah I'm a-gonna yes Serbia I would one oh and watch me up it Jim Sandhya bay yeah I want to don't want any bad jihad now my bandsaw Johanna and I'm so and Jessica idea more men who Brad now aside u2j sssay attainment a move Gamasutra Adam SOPA a BA and Serbia I would run one more attempt I its enormous available from Libya idea Bassanio baya I'm sorry Baba Wawa taeman taeman one beep a Geum na and sorry and I saw awkward to me Abajo no – ah ah mo na and also to me a bra na AE a wound in Namibia and cell Friday bottom Atari montemor-o-novo no and santolina everyone who Roger Darko Edison Samia – JA a bra founding member see our dab promoting Africa tourist woman feel free I'm a I'm a man who was oh and one more advanced a chef and what raiment a more more and coordinating council and Obama banished a nano a new commodity immuno open you know adhiseshu Massa me Eddie so Julie if what you spend one in the western region so you can get opportunities to play golf see our market right bicycles come back and enjoy it a family festival so we can relax any can spend more time in the West region western region is also open for business it's also open for business we do a lot of oil and gas here we do a lot of agriculture like he said we have cocoa anniversary produces two percent of national cocoa production in the country so here is what da manhã photo almost more chocolate in sports to any part of the world we also have a helper any OTA man Thomas waffle Jakob la hora de commencer and Watchi and Africa Africa Nigeria and I think the press conference with you and ask for a person this is under control and that is important timely management of information is very important the two people need each other and you can see the benefits in economy and if you not we need to add more people to that relationship instead of dividing a very successful relationship some happy with the response by the Canadian government and later on when I was so going forward there will always be contention there are 200 million people in Nigeria 27 million people in Ghana where you have more than five people living in families there are issues it is how it is managed and yo te ARA akechi cuckoo yo a founding member that promotes in Africa by Africans are known now undergone some travel a mobile app also a situation of graduate in skills development a Canon EF revenue unemployed graduate Association quando ma area real support efia homina homina vomica omoi wa rahmat si por nada Doubront refer to America pony no vomiting Samba to dine on Oprah the Vockrodt I would one wha I didn't some clown Wahby a nawa mantra say yo wat wat gaan Umbra now equal president Desmond brass band a haka Sonia Nana boo boo ba ba da ba ba Akriti fought cancer Roma Paniagua da no man panino an Casa Grande bar John croman pass wanna say whoa mama de gente man Peninsula one mantle per day Attica wah wah macrosse1 1992 plans to say no ahsoka antipasti agua de pasar may say I don t know said in Kuala namu Bob our annual secrecy no crack habit sa low aperture so every year we ico a low forestry commission Remini Matsuoka Fatimah Lateef educativa visa Ghana industry award in cooperation Efrain is AG walk when Nene eyes across a man agenda rata tomorrow a refinery when Lily Antonini oh sorry Loretta Donna Ghana had service robbery sustained bottom and well cram Navotas who knows when Nene Quan was a prompt a I manage in Loretto group CEO a my boy why no super meanie everyone don't you know Benjamin problem wound up on chief executive offices repetitive etiquette of offices and pranam wah ba-bah in Annenberg toboggan but now and one want – a mortician Butler mommy bear mommy Cockrum dimensional one branch is preventable a moment a TV aunt Anita from gonna win ultimate ESO brassicas Appa anything for me at Sarah white at home 1 9 9 close one is a public service 70 60 years as a share of our retirement actually so Connie its Romano contract Emma would be five year contract 65 years oh my god almighty mamamoo mamamoo yoga nehemiah choir no source of advice motivation and inspiration for the nephews of the various uses [Applause] whereas my knee varnish watch my unimpressed one waka who and what the SME tada Ghana a Monty a knee tarantula Brockway Shivaji at nasiha can in my opinion his Excellency flights a lobster and Jerry John Rawlinson what boy electronic emission in pain you for a buzz saw said one more Edward to my PI if we Brady and you mention one more my idea what my boy Duma what my son woman yeah a dead woman is he from Pastor and from anemia a bit pursue or movie him Deborah damn now what did you judge him was solution and I wanna go boo – yeah a free black of freedom and watch you cry limited voter registrations I see a grocery and no Sousa one more up weapon and no HSA electric Commission one more a dance song cannon my penny Jerry John Rollins Edison see me at Suja neighbors to be bra or a DJ and Messiah or no an atrium city dielectric commissioner know when an impending homo a to animo incarnation sachet and Kahana machine now iam a median Mensa essentia Nvidia to form you arrest somebody tell y'all a in charge of operations and a dr. Eric bossman asari also nm share corporate services for one more eternity and woman in a casa and Sashi no one watch sa electric commissioners ya know it to sanam we send a bear one Bama woman EMI warmer yeah I will do in you now no woman to me I'm a bank gonna at this year in two hundred months in Whitney I can't I cry baby baby no net Sophie or namazi later commissioned been far back wall of a church I said you MIDI a moose is here at the axle then launch answer when she awoke Obama FSO and they actually think oh that's a hot one one more electron commissioner you know now one man who do Mesopotamia at that electric Commission I said no a so Kahneman been charged or alien society – – mo sa says he on awash electric Commission not want me to media wadiyan one about to be on babe you better find now and all superb wama kana your company can be a memoir hain jo ha sa ya know ya Sayyidi a one-man internal cry side of a fro a Cohiba am ia now a bob was so am a boon to occur so was I chuja extra Commission the same webinar on to Hanuman my beer Commission ya swab my mom to media to me a container or nor my pendant idea John Rollins why a cradle now just recently attend Castle Osmond away Anna Ackroyd Amasya DC Anna Padilla so funny oppressive or a DC na na na I devote myself kribo no trace a hideous F watch I do ammolite Iberia I'm a day palamoun Jessica Alba do chases can Adama Padilla so for n trauma status a you a moment okay people people people sadly oppressive hombre an oppressive robbery now Percy for Vienna for emotional on Monday – Tito an eID people people a Bama beeotch Lana baby BCD candidate RIA when you're a genius Rebecca common I gotcha gotcha gotcha gotcha – inquire sabe a st. Joseph was retriever go for Dia Monson a long grass a bikini on Libya cuando su cragwitch Normandy da in Corfu added a new economy and a B&O etre Nadia Sonia da da da da da me la Habana GUI in Romania yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah trelaina no hands i want me negotiate easy i tottaly l transphobia sua vadia be hospitable an incurable a kangaroo on Caguas abbiamo italia sumitra's roman t akka yemen P na EMA is ESA Aeneas Mella Michael a coefficient on consent reserve was with local food yonkoma say a Bronte and okra Italian I say entails wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah a DNA partial what the car I want men to entertain a Tijuana above already assumed income and comes from Kasongo cobbler Oh Bianca hey yeah by you our here appreciate you watching nya dc9 coach Rudy now our cookie and I said okay neoprene shower pan sois it sois who's to say I put the food they wanted to you I will do Master Cromwell EP being the constants and they put food in them nah Nestle a purely mom no cafes routine I know the son in any financial and say 1840 any means as I said meeting harmony for up edita nah which I mean I know wha-wha-wha Bernard a and I was her name or we use root to say don't we get in here they are with me a bunch about why Aaron services as much as i a sob yeah and welcome to massive kimono everything you see about Jennifer knows a take care of Corti now on over here Fisher and nine I say ability are all mostly Callaghan don't go with them Jessica Canada me home now assembly by by and a peer mentor who suffer with a very positive for enough in so many new homeowner bombers who methanol and I think and push I'm Amelia same Academy out of all excuses matches were a bus engine test room I firmly the area and only a a roots market a necessary offend you please I want you to call up a cinema but the whole suicide abdominal or chest a DC SME mm a diploma aunt Anna you charging me acumen and nine now the console almost ready Sigma Alpha that's all we know a cafe owner dynein linear barrier national almost BB I mean what that's not a rule payable Thank You Manny Amato know what Puma suppose it's returning this big of a deal over the Ottoman understand a camel a bear coming I'm polish a cation tomorrow none each engine is 6,500 are 80 and a yahoo assembly 2002 table no caffeine and speaker 4005 not easy to the roots hey dr. Duncan an advance I am friend of course it's a demo or loosening penalty deny 8,000 oh no sorry come on now we are and this is kind of a comment on a Janu Desai or neither pillows engines of a bias of yummy yet if I'm sure for dieter Johnny didn't in town versus them newcomer accountancy may not know why so much one of the theme not obvious on the casa da musica or what this morning's anti on the air them all for you uncle it's a snow emergency route give me a penny is an ad and if it's uncomfortable as you think about what you make it yeah this is definitely my debonair 4,600 me before I see you now see you 1980 table you reach an appalling my friend jalapeno NTNU be of it yeah it is have ended my di anyone to say I see if anyone obey my idea Miami free huh – um well – as a matter [Applause] or manymoon our than at the antenna watching or they were a try yeah and she up on with me I think one mama so it was adorable must me to another women feel sooo no evidence a visual analytic aboard on senator Elizabeth dryers have been a doctor for sure about fun terrible scene and enables an edema the Acharya a police force a beginning tomorrow Obama should know my transition at the Arsenal they wanted a predominately in Libya I don't report ready l demand police force nearby ah yes no famine but unusual new Yahoo hockety pockety Martha be awaiting you yes entry tonight yahoo for pneumonia boy Anna Odierno now Assam brahmam se hacen was the state or below is written Anna vamos a la muchacha fluke Ramadan so idiotic okay no oh yeah omotchama Samoa and to a big plan you know one conquer see I see a pious fi fluke Ramadan shoukata boo boo oh yeah nama one now presiding member I was in the restroom to cabinet Rumson any piece of Amanda masini problem be no a certain common waka say an hombre no say essenti Robin I be on bass wanna say before entering cuando una Bahia si suomi doko desuka no Munna sacado booyah bra no de Beaufort Manmohan hace en toda one more odyssia one Mindanao beer Sheila Matra ningún honest a prime na NT o most remember Nina nodded uncle cofre Guadagno Messi 2016 a chronic renewal ojou-sama CD body taught or any bussiness odyssia wati wati wati wati my Oh Bianca zoom into a Muslim Adama Ramadan show a new party boo boo crying idea aside to do religion assemblyman listener module Cassie and it's operative Megan Ammann thing in another dumb caucus Word Excel Mary more messy me at Ramos you in Catalan NASA people who possess a intimate rubber nipple new disapper Japan some as a foam can Brown what I am I so we sequence no but honey dance were a gyro ho simple sink agana guam you see who said ransom oh ho at the bottom i gonna wanna buy a determination of socrates working in an azeotrope a homonym SG saw a man an avocado NASA cinnamon cinnamon hi across a prodigious Manchester describe a budget directly about budgeting I don't cry in society by budgeting nyah dong goo da da dee da ba Dei qui m'a donne schwate beppu quantum prong Nadia come and you anon quanto the drop a person can tamper d3 r RN ceiebration the bi ba ba-gawk Tommaso Sakurada and apollo na na New York Asahi one moon and wa yeah presiding member and mustn't waste aura to cabinet Thomson Supreme Court judge justice alfred Binet jyotsna a German say Japan Yahoo Toby Annina a year year I offered I wish it were your man Nydia war monument to me and try to sell it once on ebay a coward or many 51 million Ghana Cedis near tree would you meet Jessica in floor – SEK a judgement day to be our chest say or what will may not a numeric where Munna if I were to construe atria at the map a NASA edge apathy agua I said one more enter now immediately Silvana young trainee friend Jessica a Beatrice aku yeah one cry huh a ferris Iowa office complex Baja and they are not to holdings and Austria compañía he referred by owe me an idea and no dieter saw a film you know whoever cut price and Ibaka saw a bill MP Nina our anchor ha Sansa and a mining paribas oh and also era for the pursuer you mean Nakia Nina quadrature said one montañosa a choppa de- a alpha and T Sam a connoisseur na1ss angel Padilla or Illuminati anon warmer tone tone cecum been y'know a a 20 million ganas de são Mateus a beta male Antechinus should be yeah I said between me ending in a few Hanuman nah oh my opinion only genome A&E n mo am a lawyer Deputy Attorney General Godfrey de bois de main editor judge team you say vamos a la mia dancey bah SSI jeopardy here alpha W me Akagi abou say yo UT Banco know what they Sen CNM wanna say Warner and logical otra Adele CBN Hermosa aunty Quattro it was similar area no one al Sentra for attrition currency Deputy Attorney General year ago Fred yeah bottom a minor chord indicator was actually pollution knowledge the judgment data to avoid a satisfaction or adjustment it and that's missing to make use of the signal transfer and that ability in the rule of law that indeed cannot police they deprive the state of us and then resort to all my nose touches just to avoid as a special attachment it's even I guess to be was long way for establishing and forgetting and also a shorted am for the fight any OTE a Deputy Attorney General go Fred yah dummy nah a teacher for Allah and conformity Sakura mochi Osama plan in a year and Twi acacia a cheetah for nahama Katya a Vostro Sansui my to Managua moyano xsrf where to myself with my pepper cause I'm poor I am poor dear oh dear Libya metaphors are no madam I wanna miss a respected teacher a new petrol baby I see be be on camera yeah yeah detainee Assam democratic issue energy tini tom comedy circuit ray wanna see a teeter-totter Chavo pro-union omoi o be to meet rapid a dia na Padano a been Eska a D etre teach any now at Radio City Tov am Papa et trois fois Drobo hablo region votre trainee by prominent wat et al Manac stress a mana no baby yes no wonder below and potato TSU the friend Okada Francis x-ray nyah say well yeah kidney transplant en casa da Gama Nadia any attitude asana Ohana Oh de un who BMO nah nettie Tazawa Roman Lagunitas a baby ah Quadra Francis Maslov titania watch grandpa daddy a comma comma au pistou one man opieop on TV 130,000 Ghana Cedis a Kalitta to 1.3 billion in tea tea Chaka boom baby woman play now Francis Steven yeah boy y-yes sir TJ need baby our trade Jana and one monsoon watch ready now only one wish I'd say oh mama teach anything I ran Francis a radius huge income I am and the same dianna again you didn't your boy asked availab what you will do you Stephanie and I do not know if I already have a dog perfume or a local pharmacy Oh mathematic rack and he or more a Manticore which was the world and crime their own economic weight you should know I equate city no actually no Nikki means nearly none no I want you to march into me and gentlemen no more be a pioneer women see a malaria no bio watch me unknown number more energy money transfer maybe I see a and it's a bitch over here transplant no oh I'm on it now also this a brunette IL dollars in he also is up for non-linearity car the bottom of $30,000 $30,000 not okay but then I became one anything to do it when I today ever 1.5 billion so it's a $150,000 book yeah chemin de leche sodium for media day – come on – agenda now grand pianos in a new year do much okay my back you know oh yes yeah yeah yeah yeah not before the area is now a CDN or content I see that's an awesome not hey now to do today the 1.15 million thousand five hundred Mouseketeer thank you know not to brush your hair boy a and also you cannot a song a song not sequester you know man that is another every dirty can impose yeah a the the Bryant is the idea echidna mere meaning in an ajumma – I was young for a branch to say yeah damn my ginger Monday ibaka subliminal yeah Bonnie Toto Toto today mm Oh nah I mean nah I do a free offer a sincere and Waseem I painted ah John Dramani Mahama not a so no oh you see Cano or the ccr dying aya sofya who drew suku occb brie wanna know more more Edmund oh so Jonah said we do know is another washing original ideas on our can Asano Branham Oh more power an idea and a moody voice econo-mode eh eh eh eh mama man punana – oh boy wanyan ajumma pneumonia in China named Oh No inserted well Philippa mosa Ghana for gamma man pnina addict ocupado an MPP aunty aunty see opposition forever Jomo EDA frequency Fester's and was saying a Heritage Fund yeah de sica a go Goomer yeah yeah yeah Dubois the sabia free education um and in Yamaha door empty say Sika Sika idea for terminally I be a Tijuana Messiah to encode an idea whose authority Rabia Edna ho lovely Acosta at way freakish wha and once a nd see Miss Rama Munna Commission Norman a new home Nellie draw commissioner oh boy – map I say sabe way nearby be Amasya and sign I am an acronym Zachariah de freitas Louis a walk Anna member needed Aurora's natural Kamisama new Nieman waaah heyyy ya di Biasi muah who present a playground Seneca rajma banya lot Rocco missin few or no mwah – a you pres eletric omission Oh madam Iowa moyano insane – messy banana inaudible en masse prison is messy amo me promoter cydia kidnappin se puso no NOS Ramone Simone Cassandra secret agency no no we improve our secret khakhra operand an eternal sin idea opium a linen ah whoa Sansa canapes no omoi doors open ah Casey a defile and obey us a a dental a minority floor no casa de la vecina has kanessa Hadassah Canada fania entry on Adia Odyssey Connie Nagano whadya say add a blog a la Fitte read Isaiah a dynamo casa na Bonnie a d'Afrique a sua en masse and is mahmoud ahmadinejad debía mo my opponent no n away upon our duty a vision yada yada Papa no I don t na mo Casa de niñas Omicron do our 2020 a bottom way no a test message is a Madonna Facebook – so a vamos a tibia bhajana mo na o pokey Emanuel Ax no hace NDC money money money Sika deer Inagua gusta bell peter annual say on yom kippur uncommon foster also di Biasi free hm IRA be and was a sanitation project and me support APPA yell from remote de Umbra is answer ghana if he MN am Kamina acidity the way free aphasia NYC free as such as no Mme ibaka todo ce que hace tiempo de manana appear at the ikkaku three SHSM Oh Farooq Tama an was my pnina knockoff a unicorn I dunno I'd share of my ganna Jomo Papa suffers a loss a non CI a Kiowa Festus test message is no more uncommon FASTA or no so the other by a kind of a diner oaken Daniken Suzy MPP and a common pnina not dunno size piece of ham on Yom Kippur Islam Appa nah nipple sue for fraud a coup or say oh so the idea back I don't know now now quite secrets and I see a no sock webinar oh boy – my PI just self neocons and you'll say it was sad gonna get Timmy ever say yeah but you see my friend it was Kamui antecessor can yet but – not yet d awareness I see a boat on the Akamai aboo-seer funny I didn't see addition to free senior high school movie I a benefit o BR and noelia path now Farouk tomorrow Sao you see Conway they ever free SHS no in it nano ampere pepper no coins wanna know and I'm Paul supper of choco and we'll see unions here and this mi you call me chili fries in your high school a feed my penance assess what a Bowman can be pepper be odd if I owned a beer Adam Neelam T and once a MPP a buying yes lama tsong khapa Chi Monson Komachi na young pegida gr f a base Magnolia Massimo I brought my Ortega and watch me remove free night maybe I'm alive a free UK [Laughter] [Applause] Johnson audience ooh naina a limited registration as the Taizo Election Commission and officials were in CGI nobody be a baby you know I'm open to my papa for Ghana Femina Ashley limit energy system exercise non-steady in people now 18 kind of incidents a sacrament Arsenal amadeus and coyote is facility at will you see any that you're avoiding that I know any real my elementary education as I thought let's our committee no Eddie you man yeah I think about why if since Ronnie you know more electron permission question in some car crash the infanticide I several difficulties and first below a movie and if I don't want and when to watch it therefore able to be a probable amazing enjoy a normal hospital a filling up one also and let's oppositional enemy identity on Oklahoma dear children and also find I'm important so far I will fight you saying a problem amongst a global people dielectric emission is electrical machine in the same anti-gamma and brass people said oh we for me happy prophecy und time on Youku low a Monday happen so all my friends and say that much yeah but the entropy into Pahoa on Sesame the ABM performance a baby acquired on who say electronic of experimentation a processing oxygen and one Cecilia and the Cabana sonically foul mood Ramu DVD that pass HR policy no air more pop lady I would so much run oh oh my oh my at the entrance routine a patent on a pnina and Sam I said it was wrongly they said no it's a business the difference with Amina Tomasino basically ponies almost a mr. servo sorry Gina I priority should identify possible and therefore me varieties and Okinawa and let's see what and to me I'm from among booty unconscionable coil on tycoon PFF comp residences so yo know if I let you listen for in Cracow it wouldn't camera or they entered through the Nina oh boy yeah and play I'm a policing for a while let me have Kapoor amplify ye up and so much baby sister and wasn't senior high and 100 more do say electrical missing a drama CD are compressed and forever I mean I meant to say yeah water over the past over there so fast explaining science Emily Dupree 9bw corner and then over there to do much in the sense I'm your mom pure gas today over the moon is there Papa yo let's run for Miss you know area said they pay out Ababa yeah when you poop on Iran over kaput here for possible it's Election Commission on up Wi-Fi or a on your militia not at me why about yourself as wah wah ba-bah epi' 2020 a Bible person also and be someone you could appear almost raucous people and yet they already went to China and am also miscible a monkey alcohol Isaac whammy Oh sue adidas a memory Alma back to an antenna so idea free yama yamaha bonus wanna sauna a brand CBA and in whom como si si I find the kidneys marina three years whenever fishy area Sammy you know a pie down 1.5 billion any actually nah yeah Papa Reverend doctor Oh sue vampa glorious word and ha ministry I will say or Bema ten thousand nine hundred million citizen like old cities behind sofa vampire oh my boy brands here not seven era ho 10,000 Ghana Cedis why I didn't see ya mean strano Papa baby I will be riding slow and say a young Americans would be bash I wanna only be ma Bravo young Cassius anyone now a parody slow Ostrom he better away so I make a CEO bonuses our cover Oh mr. cutie boo ha let me be right my wife will come any mercy on Moustakas antenna take it easy I also Wilfred oh how can I take it easy damn boo boo sound and my same and mikuni attack America I'm gonna company pretty much every show woman why me so I can we be bad no let me rule some in your back nah man but you know before your route and to get here and – say why let me draw a sort of our bottles what he calls it the página and they say it was a fire who da who is you cool gonna limited at aroma well give me stack you I panic or moody all means Chicano a saheba chemica I'm a pharmacy good Roswell Rock Oakland and a limited East look on a chopper injunction I'm Esther Fraser – four four one three nine one seven six I'm a zero two zero four one three nine one seven six thank you because Emma's a job I like fdhs I encourage you make a show know what you're talking about we found a scientific about clinic I said I want to say I'll come back but peri-peri ever when he saw HD war neo cool and you know we are Ankeny Oh burn up my power walk and r1k a green field will ultra-modern laboratory and if I was a machinist what is kinda human system what sites all at jihad Alec class to see immune system let's I am a people will flow scientific a pack ready Oh mornin where to go last of s attention press zero two four three nine eight three nine zero six another two six one six five one eight nine eight Branford God is our healer a baby about Roma district office name every june july 2019 women it is a man and a woman and I'm giving you money Dino from an original district offices gonna pass national ID card driver's license unanswered voter ID card adenine thiamine piano so I was often in Bamian or Macromedia watch all women with the data no matter wha mama drama Dean kayo said in Fortran oh yes a Cepheid wanna have until june ago Campostella 7 july 2019 fer Nakajima numinous and Libya may mean an equation ahsoka Trudy not wobba wobba – our next roaster is your power register to vote please – Nadine's Oh turn it up peace f10 and rip off the knob I will sell for casino SC a fair young man and someone took Johnny did more I could say a big company His Excellency Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rollins why boy electric Commission for Abbas Appa say a Dumas wah wah wah alien nonsense a German on one Batumi oh yeah a man wants a minority for adding some beer to a job honorable hotel upon chroma a day you 100 by Asha see a dynamic equation e Bella Afiya Eman eno kuba to me it was your craw craw mi na sama dama messia como los niños en nuestras aquamarin su algo con tiempo hace ahora vamos Abajo a PMO's o en ese in fear so a Benoit pursue jnana nada for a cocoon taqwa a mana dolphin a tube or a Bonamassa see wha – an anonymous said Rosario see me I see a war for my ear war a furnace Othman cinnamon na teacher Francisco daughter yeah what's Raja what Robert Moses in junior high kidney Manila in Edmond and to a Mia 150,000 ganas circulatory well pan fry billion IP software Oh Subin / TM 100 million Casa Bonita unconformity I am a mommy by omikami name a man sorry ma a dhama falaya demacia edema mt + 40 + mt + 40 + na ante avoid a plasma hey fastest Udo NC ce soir de ah da Khurana been teamö mi Owosso mi D&M Bronte wha-wha-wha active aging aqueous solution Oh Oh before we are empty and forty plus the fastest connectivity highest internet speed Hisense cana trivia near come upon a car down sci-fi intention to a baby Isis Ravana 100 don't suffer when we say ITV Liat yeah come a comecomecome a solid ever and yes Africa casaya papa and ii am a five-year warranty OB and one more hour this idea by mama it's unsaid what was in a woody yeah that's that's how that's how I would put it he believed himself rotten wood deeper Hisense TV air conditioned gas cooker and oMAFRA Jason Oh Nina hey papa cockadoodie this word chocolate drink Anamika and uncle phobias remote Raja Ampat quando acaba la mamma mia microphone runa Romania gee I started this way no sir and my oven on another yeah and once again DDB bridge when I'm not lyin Amin Amin Amin the swathi rest comecomecome quiet chatter chatter this way chakra drink coke or near my pet woman oh na na PD aniseh but he did not you only need what water and it's just a matter of sterling who Stella Stella Stella Serie one the Adama say I'm Mauna Kea is the miserable invisiblaster's beam piece F 10 rip off the Naz

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